Mom In Need Found Her Son Indeed


Mom In Need Found Her Son IndeedMy mom and dad were very close to each other. Let alone fight, I never saw them even engaged in arguments. Losing a good companion was too much for my mom and she got into the habit of drinking. She never goes to bed without a minimum of two pegs.As I reached PUC, I started noticing her, or was she making sure that I notice her body? Wasn’t sure then. She always used to wear a bermuda and a t-shirt at home but due to my growing up, I also started to notice she doesn’t wear a bra while at home. Also, nowadays I feel she stares at me while I am busily engaged in some thoughts.Since the days, I started to take bath myself it was a norm for mom to bathe me once a week, after oiling my hair. This custom continued even when I got into college. But one Sunday it was different. While soaping me up, she rubbed my crotch above the underwear. I felt it unusual but before giving too much thought about it, I was semi-hard.Mom put out a laugh and said, “Oh, my boy has grown up”. bahis şirketleri I was too shy or confused to reply. But the moment didn’t last long, she just continued to wash out the soap massaging my head. And the day went on just like any other Sunday.But in the evening, she took out the glass and came near the TV. She usually drinks sitting in the hall. Generally while watching TV, my presence doesn’t matter much. She shall watch whatever channel I watch and only when I am not interested in anything, she watches her choices. She came in with drinks, glass, and chips and asked me to get ice for her.After taking a gulp, she asked: “So?”I looked at her with a curious face.“So, how is college going on?”“Good,” I replied.I got that she was in a good mood to talk. “So what do you think about changing the car?” I asked her.“Hmm. Yeah, thinking about it, need something really good this time.”She had actually test driven a couple of cars the weekend. She told me she doesn’t want a sedan or illegal bahis SUV, she needed a small car but powerful and packed with features. Our conversation went on for some time.Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me: “How often do you masturbate?” I was taken aback but it’s normal for me to expect the unexpected questions while she is drinking, but this one I felt too awkward to answer. I just looked blank at her.She continued, “I know you are grown up.” But being blank, I started to stare at her boobs. Her pointed nipples were visible even if you not wish to see. She looked down at what I was seeing and then looked up at me with a smile.“Wish to see my boobs?” without waiting for my answer she pulled the t-shirt from its neck onto the shoulders which made her right boob pop out. Her 39-year-old dusky boobs were nice and shapy, but I was somewhat confused to respond to her. She got up and came to my sofa and directly put her hands at my cock. My mom Lekha felt my cock over the night illegal bahis siteleri pant I was wearing, my underwear was holding it tight inside.“Mmm..” when I heard this murmuring from her, she had already put her hand inside my underwear holding and pressing my cock.I looked at her with an expression speaking what the hell are you doing. But she smiled and winked at me before taking my cock out.“Mmmm.. My boy is no more a boy” saying that she started to suck my manhood. It was very much unexpected. I was confused but also hard without any effort. So I just sat back and started to enjoy her tongue over my cock.Mom then went on to my balls and then when she tip-tongued me between my balls.“Woooow aaah” I almost shouted. She giggled and immediately took the head. Then rolling her eyes she gave me a slutty look, sucking my cock to its length in a very slow motion. She then increased the pace with her head moving up and down like a piston.I couldn’t remember how long she sucked me like that. Maybe for 10 minutes BUT for me, it felt like ages. Then I heard her moaning, “Hmmmm…. Mmmm.. Mmmmm” as soon as my loads started to hit her throat. I could feel that I Am being emptied with a 5 hp pump working inside me.Mom, sucking and drinking my cum, signaled

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