Mom fucked hard by lover


Mom fucked hard by loverI remember a couple of years ago when I was home alone with my mom. My dad was gone for the evening, I cant remember why.My mom kept getting textmessages that she was trying to ignore. Suddenly her phone rang. My mom g****d it and went outside. Curious I opened the window slightly to listen to the conversation.”No, not tonight, Its too late” The window made a noise and my mom noticed me. “I got to go” she ended the call with.”was it dad” I asked, knowing that was not the case. “It was from work. Isnt it time for bed”I went to bed, but could not sleep. I kept thinking about the phonecall. All of the sudden the quiteness was broken by the sound of my moms heels against the floor. I opened my bedroom door and peeked down the stairs. At the end of stairs was the entrance door for the house, and I saw the bottomhalf of a man holding a bottle of wine. From this angle it was impossible to identify the man, but judging by the talk there was history between him and my mom.”I told you over the phone” she said. “If its because of last time I apologise, but lets sit down and talk about it”Finally she let him in. They went to the kitchen area, where it was hard for me to hear what they were saying. It sounded like mumbling, I guess on the count of not wanting to wake me up. I heard a pop from the winebottle, a little later som laughter. I was getting tired of standing in the same position, on the count of not wanting to make any noise. All of the sudden it went completely silent. I wondered if the man had left konya escort the house. All of the sudden i heard moaning. I had suspected the whole time that his was one of my moms lovers, but given the overheard conversation, something was not ok between them. That let me to believe that nothing was going to happen. Oh how wrong I was. But the moaning was not from my mom. I had overheard my mom with other men before, and knew every sound she would make. The moaning became louder and was interupted by the man saying “suck that big dick” I heard my mom shising him. And I knew at that moment my mom was sucking his dick. I began to go downstairs to have a look, but all of the sudden they started talking again, and their footsteps began coming closer to the stairs. My mom was still wearing her high heels but was not making so much sound walking with them as she usually did. I went back up the stairs afraid of being caught. they went into my parents bedroom (back when they still shared one) and the door was shut. I got very exited by the thought and also by the immense silence that followed. The silence kept on for a couple of minutes, it felt as a lifetime. Then light moaning began, I recognised the sound – It was coming from my mom. I considered going down the stairs for a while, and my peeping desires got the better of me.I went down the stairs, for every step my dick got harder. I arrived at the bedroom door, and now the moaning was very clear. I bent down and looked through the keywhole. What I saw was very erotic. escort konya My mom was layed down on her back with only her bra and higheels on, while her lover was licking her pussy. She was good looking for a 40 year old women, although I remember being embarrased by her big bush. But the guy certainly didnt mind it. “Give it to me” she said and the man stopped licking. He stood up and took his t-shirt off, and by shifting his postion a massive erection became visible. It must have been 9 inches, I remember being incredible ashamed by my size.He mounted my mom, and put his dick inside of her gently. She started to moan again while holding a hand over her mouth.”Not so hard this time, my son is upstairs” “Sure” he said smiling. 2 minutes later the bed was rocking against the wall and he clearly didnt care about my moms instructions. My mom was trying her best to keep down the noise, breathing into a pillow sometimes while holding her hand against her lovers stomach, almost trying to stop his fast pounding. Her lover shifted his postion again, still lying on top of her, but now penetrating harder. I saw a change in my mothers face and body language, She let go of the pillow and pulled her lover closer to her. He kept going hard and deep while he looked straight into my moms eyes. She came loud right then and there, and kept repeating “thats a big dick. thats a big dick….”I noticed that my moms bra now were down around her stomach because of the immense pounding she was receiving.My mom clearly didnt care about me konya escort bayan being in the house now. She must have known that it was impossible for anyone in that house not to hear her orgasms and the sound of the bed slamming against the wall.At this point I was so hard that it hurt. I had to jack off and I ejaculated against the door. I felt powerless in that moment.My moms lover was still going strong, still in missionairy – But he kept changing the angle every now and then, which clearly was to great satisfaction to my mom. I went to get a towel for the mess I had made on the door. I looked into my parents bedroom again, and at the same time my moms lover pulled his big dick out of her and exploded over my moms hairy pussy. Only then did it occure to me that he was not wearing a condom. I realised they were done and would be leaving the bedroom soon so I went upstairs again without making any noise. I realised when I was back in my room that I was holding the towel but forgot to clean the cum from the door. I heard noises from downstairs and it was to late to go down again.I went to bed thinking about my mom. She could be very strict and she always got her way with me and my dad. I couldnt help but amire her lover. Early in their conversation she refused his advances, but he changed her mind, and ended up getting what he came for. My moms pussy.Next morning my mom yelled from downstairs that breakfast was ready. I went down and when I came to my parents bedroom door I noticed it was open. The bed was all messy and my cum was almost part of the door now. My mom had showered and was glowing this morning. As we sat and ate our breakfast without speaking, I knew she knew I had heard her fucking with her lover. And in all honesty she did not care.

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