Mom… Angel of Mercy


Mom… Angel of MercyMom… The Angel of Mercy: The Story of a Mother’s Unconditional Love.Another reality based fantasy from DizzyDThis story is meant to be fiction, and does not condone sexual activity with minors. However, these incidents do occur, and some parts of any fantasy may be based on actual occurrences.It happened not long after I had passed through puberty. I had never been so sick in my life. My mom had taken me to the doctor, and he diagnosed me with a severe case of the flu and prescribed an antibiotic and aspirin to reduce the fever. But the fever just wouldn’t go down. I felt horrible. Sometimes I’d get nauseous, and I was constantly thirsty. And I was so uncomfortable. If I was under the covers, I was burning up. If I kicked the covers off… I was freezing. In short, I was miserable.I could tell my mom was concerned too. She checked on me about every half hour, 24 hours a day for three days. My dad was working, and both of my older brothers had already moved out, so mom was my personal nurse. She was constantly giving me fluids, laying cool damp cloths on my forehead, and checking my temperature. She kept giving me the aspirin and the antibiotics as prescribed, but nothing seemed to work.On the third day, my fever spiked. My temperature was hovering in the 103 to 104 degree range. Mom called the doctor, and all he told her was to continue the medications. He also suggested that I take cool water baths to help lower the fever to a manageable degree. I found out later that he also told her that if my temperature rose to 105 or higher, that she should get me to the emergency room immediately.I was so hot that I was pretty much out of it… not delirious, but definitely not myself. I was lying in bed, feeling cold and clammy. Even though my temperature was almost through the roof, I wasn’t sweating, and as I would find out when I had my own k**, that’s not good. I wasn’t sweating out the fever… I was just burning up.Mom came into my room with another cool cloth. As she placed it across my forehead she whispered, “My poor baby.” Then she said, “I just talked to Doctor Reese and he said to have you take a cool bath, and that might help your fever go down.”With that, she left my room and then I heard the bath water running. After a few minutes, mom came back to my room and helped me out of bed. I was so weak that she had to support me as we walked to the bathroom. Luckily, we lived in a small ranch home so we didn’t have far to go. Plus, I wasn’t the biggest k** in the world, so mom didn’t struggle much.Once we were in the bathroom, mom lifted my tee shirt over my head. Then she tugged the sweat pants I was wearing down, supporting me as I lifted each foot out. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I was naked in a few seconds. I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, but as I would realize later, this was the first time mom had seen me naked in a few years. It’s not that we were prudes or anything, but since I was f******n now, there just wasn’t any reason for her to see me without clothes on.Mom held my arm as I stepped into the tub. I was so weak that my legs shook as I lowered myself into the water with her help. Once I was sitting in the cool water, mom started filling a sponge and then squeezing it over my shoulders, letting it run over my underdeveloped chest and down my skinny back. Even now, I can remember how good the cool water felt against my hot skin. Then mom put her hand behind my neck and lowered me back until I was lying in the tub, with just my head above the surface. Mom stayed with me as I lay in the water, dabbing my forehead with the wet sponge, and making sure that I didn’t slip under the karaman escort water in my weakened state. I’m not sure how long I was in the tub, since the fever was really messing with my head, but it seemed like a half a day. Then she lifted me into a sitting position before helping me out of the tub. As I stood in front of her, mom knelt down and dabbed the water from my skin. In that position she was probably eye-level with my crotch. But I really didn’t think about it, much less care considering the condition I was in.After I was dry, mom helped me back to my room. She didn’t even bother putting my sweats and shirt back on, and instead just helped me back into bed. Then she said, “Honey, your skin is so hot and dry, I’m going to get some of my moisturizer and put it on you.”Mom left my room, and then came back with a pump bottle of Noxema moisturizing lotion. I recognized the bottle because she kept it in the linen closet in the bathroom… and I had used it for lubrication when I jerked off. Yes… I loved to masturbate. I was a f******n year old boy who had discovered my dad’s porn collection a couple of years earlier, and since then had become almost obsessed with jerking off. This was before VCR’s and DVD’s, so dad had a few magazines, but mostly he had explicit novels that he traded off with the guys he worked with, so it seemed there were new ones every week. Anyway, mom sat down next to me on the bed and helped me roll over onto my stomach. Then she squirted some lotion onto her hands and then began rubbing it into my dry, burning skin. Even though I was near delirium from the fever, I had enough of my wits about me to know how good it felt. Mom’s hands felt great as she gently caressed my back. Then she massaged each arm. The fever was so severe that my muscles were actually aching, so everywhere she rubbed felt wonderful.Now before I go any further, let me tell you a little about my mom, who was thirty-eight when this happened. First, she was an amazing person. Everyone loved her because she was one of the sweetest, kindest, most gentle people in the world. If she was your friend, she would do anything for you… and if she was good as a friend, she was an even better mom. And was she ever cute! She was only about 5’ 2” with a petite build that she kept her entire life. She had an adorable face with auburn hair that she always kept stylishly short, and a cute little figure. In fact, many was the time that I tried to see her naked, and on the couple of occasions that I succeeded, I didn’t need my dad’s dirty books for inspiration during that week’s masturbation sessions.So there I was, lying on my stomach while mom rubbed the lotion into the backs of my legs. It was right then that my fogged mind processed that a woman was rubbing my naked body. Now I had just turned f******n, so I had little experience with girls. I had kissed and made out with one of the girls in the neighborhood, and another I went to school with… but that was the extent of my romantic life. But now here was a woman who I had fantasies about… even though she was my own mom, rubbing lotion on me while I was naked. And as she reached the backs of my thighs, I felt it happening… even being deathly ill, I was still getting an erection!My dick was getting so hard that I had to roll a little to let it grow against the mattress. Even though the fever hand my mind jumbled, I was coherent enough to know what was happening, but incoherent enough that I didn’t care. Just then I felt mom’s hands start rubbing my tight little ass cheeks. She actually giggled and then said, “Jeez honey, you have such a tiny little butt.” I just groaned in escort karaman response. Then, after rubbing the lotion in, she said, “Ok, let’s get you rolled over.”At that moment, I knew mom couldn’t help but see my erection. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying I’m hung like a horse, but the pale white limp little tube she had seen when she dried me off was now about six inches long, twice as thick, and hard as steel. But as I said, the fever had me to the point that I didn’t care that I had a hard on my mom was going to see… if anything, it seemed a little naughty!Once I was on my back, I looked up at mom’s face, and saw her eyes widen as she looked straight down at my hard dick as it lay against my belly. Mom usually playing things pretty cool, so I was a little surprised when she giggled and said, “Well, it looks like part of you is feeling better.”It took all my strength just to groan, “Sorry mom… it just happened.”She just smiled and said, “That’s ok, honey…. I understand.” And then, as she started rubbing lotion into my chest, she said, “My poor baby… you’re still so hot.”Even the cool bath hadn’t done anything to lower my temperature. I really felt like crap, even though you wouldn’t know it to see my young penis at full mast. Still, mom’s hands felt amazing as they moved from my chest to my belly. As she moved them lower, one actually bumped against the head of my hard cock. Then something I never expected happened when she said, “I need to move this little guy,” and then wrapped her hand around my shaft and lifted it out of the way.I let out an involuntary groan as she held my hard cock gently in one soft hand while using the other to rub lotion underneath it. Even in my near-delirious state, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. But if I was amazed that she lifted it so she could rub lotion where it had laid, I was shocked when she continued to hold it after she was done. Even though she didn’t need to hold it any longer, she still was. Then I felt something I would have never thought I’d feel in a million years… mom started to stroke my erect penis.As mom squeezed my shaft a little harder and began moving her hand up and down a little faster, I let out another groan. I looked up at her face, and saw she had almost a blank look in her eyes as she stared directly at my cock. Then her other hand slid between my thighs and gently cupped my balls… causing me to groan again. My face was already flushed from the fever, and now it felt as if my entire body was glowing as mom continued to stroke me. At first, my mind told me she was just rubbing lotion on me. But now there was no doubt… mom was giving me a hand job!I didn’t know what to think. I was stunned, excited, confused and ecstatic… all at the same time. As sick as I was, I couldn’t remember ever feeling anything as wonderful as what mom was doing. I looked down at my cock and saw the head was swollen and shiny, and the blood rushing to it had turned it from pale pink to dark purple. I could also see mom’s fingers wrapped around the shaft as she gently pumped her hand up and down. I still wasn’t quite sure that I wasn’t just imagining all of this, so I decided to ask if she was really doing what I thought she was doing. But just as I started to say, “M-mom… what are…” she pressed a finger to my lips and said, “Shhhh… quiet baby, mommy wants to make you feel better.”I looked back up at her face, and it looked almost as if she was having an out-of-body experience. She still had the blank expression on her face as she continued to stroke my cock and play with my balls. I could see she was breathing harder as she whispered, “Need to get karaman escort bayan the fever out of him,” and then I watched in stunned amazement as she leaned over and sucked my cock deep into her mouth!I groaned “Oh god mom,” as my hard dick disappeared into her soft, wet mouth. Her lips sealed tight around the shaft and then she began bobbing her head up and down. A dream fantasy was coming true… my beautiful mom was giving me my first blowjob.Mom started to move her body so she was kneeling between my legs… never letting my prick slip from between her lips. Then the most incredible thing happened. As she continued to bob her head up and down, I felt her tongue massaging the underside of my cock, just behind the head. I let out a loud cry as she began teasing the collection of nerves in that most sensitive spot. Almost immediately I felt the base of my cock begin to tighten… and I knew that was the first sign that I was going to cum soon.I was looking down now, watching mom’s mouth slide up and down on my cock again and again. She had wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft too, and was moving them in unison while her other hand rolled and caressed my balls in their smooth sack. I had been sick for a few days, and since I hadn’t jerked off for a while, I knew I was going to shoot quite a load. I was getting very close now, and I guess mom could tell because she began moving her mouth and hand even faster.The pressure deep in my groin had built to an almost unbearable level, and I could feel myself swelling as I got ready to shoot. I felt like I needed to let mom know, so I groaned, “Mom… I’m gonna, ummm… you know.”Mom lifted her mouth from my prick long enough to say, “I know baby… mommy’s gonna get all the fever out of you,” and then she took me in her mouth again.Was that what she was doing? Did mom actually believe she was taking my fever away? Well, to me it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that the most beautiful woman in the world, in my opinion, was sucking me to what I could tell was going to be the most amazing orgasm of my life. I could feel all the muscles from the tight ring of my asshole to the spot behind my balls tightening as mom’s hand and mouth pumped up and down on my cock. Mom must have felt it too, because just then she pressed a finger of her free hand against the spot where my prostate would be and started to massage it, and that was all I could take. I felt the base of my cock start to spasm uncontrollably, and as I screamed “Oh god mom… here it… aggghhh,” the first blast of cum rushed through my cock shaft and exploded into her mouth.I heard mom swallow hard as the first burst filled her waiting mouth. I grunted “Uhhh… uhhh… uhhh…” as each involuntary contraction caused a wave of indescribable pleasure, and propelled another spurt of cum down my mom’s throat. She never lost a drop as I pumped the biggest load of my life into her mouth. I heard her swallow again and again, as she made room for the next shot… until the orgasmic spasms stopped, and my young balls were empty.Once I stopped cumming, mom let my softening dick slip from between her lips. She gently held it in her hand as she licked the remnants of my orgasm from the shriveling shaft. Then she got up and helped me put my sweats and tee shirt back on. As she pulled the covers up, I realized that I was actually feeling better. Mom went to the kitchen to get me a glass of water. While she was gone, I wondered how we would talk about what had just happened. But when she came back, she never mentioned it. Instead, she just took my temperature… and it had actually dropped! And later that evening, my fever broke all together.The next day came, and mom never mentioned what had happened. Then days turned to weeks, and then months, and then years… and it was never repeated or mentioned again. Mom has since left this world, but I think about that day, and her all the time.

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