Mom and Aunt Meg


Mom and Aunt MegMom and Aunt MegMom and I were at her sister’s house; we were visiting to attend her daughters wedding. My cousin Lora was a whiny girl but had an exceptional body so I was not too surprised she had caught a good guy with a rich family.I had successfully avoided all the get togethers until the wedding reception but that one had good food and a good DJ so I was fine there. I did have to dance with every female in the family but I did not mind that too much.I was twenty-two years old and had just graduated from college. I would be staying at the house after everyone left and look for a job in the city. Mom was forty and her sister, Aunt Meg, was thirty-eight, both divorced. My two sisters and my youngest cousin were also in the house and I had just spent the last three nights sleeping on a couch in the den.Two nights before Lora, the bride-to-be, joined me on he couch and fucked the hell out of me, said thanks and returned to her room. The other three girls had watched.Apparently so had Mom and my Aunt Meg.I mentally shrugged and went to sleep.The previous night my youngest cousin Jen came to keep me company and we fucked twice. We saw several people walk by us to the kitchen and between fucks Mom walked past us and asked if we needed a drink. My cousin said, “Wine,” and when Mom looked at me I just nodded.When she bough our drinks to us she sat on the couch and asked my cousin where her girlfriend had been?“Basic training, she is in San Antonio. We have decided to allow our relationship to fade away.”“Oh, sorry to hear that. I liked her.”“Yes you did,” Jen said with a giggle.Mom pinched one of the girl’s nipples and said, “Behave. We have a wedding tomorrow so don’t stay up all night.”“Just one more.”“Right.”Mom left us and we fucked once more then she left the couch. I had no trouble sleeping.The wedding was nicely done and the reception was fun. My cousin introduced me to one of her friends and said, “I promised her you would fuck her, don’t disappoint us.”That night I had to fuck both of them I saw a man leave the room Mom and Aunt Meg were in. He looked exhausted.All of that had also happened when my twin sister married so I was neither surprised nor shocked. That came two nights later.All the guests were gone but Mom had stayed and had taken over the Jen’s room so I was still sleeping on the couch.Mom and my Aunt were adventuresome women and horny women. Mom would visit her about once a month and they would go out to get laid. Neither hid that was what their outings were for and often they fucked men on the same bed. They went out that night and came back with two men and were soon fucking them. Both had left the bedroom door open so I peeked for afyon escort a few moments on my way to take a leak. Both women were eminently fuckable I thought.I was still awake when the guys were escorted out and both women came and sat on the couch and told me they were going to make sandwiches and asked if I wanted one. I said sure and followed them to the kitchen. Both were still nude.By the time I sat at the kitchen table I had a prominent erection that both saw. They made three sandwiches and I devoured mine as I stared at their tits.I had already devoured my sandwich and was waiting on the women to give me an opportunity to escape but they were comparing notes on their fucks and had decided that they needed to switch. They were still in conversation when Aunt Meg sat on the table directly in front of me and presented her pussy to me. Her foot gently caressed my cock and it jumped out of my boxer shorts. A few short moments later I was licking and sucking her clit as Mom poured three glasses of wine. Aunt Meg groaned into orgasms so I sat back and took a sip of wine then resumed eating pussy. Aunt Meg, groaned again and Mom asked, “Damn, is he that good?”“As good as anyone and better than other men, he needs to do us.”“I will take that under advisement,” Mom said with a giggle.Aunt Meg urged me to stand and immediately pulled my cock into her pussy. I kissed her like a lover would and began a slow fuck with deep strokes. Aunt Meg groaned again.“Damn,” Mom said.“Three orgasms in less than ten minutes, I have to go to bed.”Aunt Meg slid my cock out of her pussy, kissed me the kissed Mom and staggered to her room. Mom stood there just staring at my still throbbing slick cock.“It’s late, we better get some sleep,” Mo said.We walked to the couch and she decided we needed to kiss. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and gave me a passionate kiss. She got up on her tiptoes apparently wanting to feel my cock on her pussy. I lifted her up and my cock was soon under her.She moaned and wrapped her legs around me as I held her up by her ass. She allowed my cock in and groaned into the kiss. I walked us to her bed and lay on my back, we were still kissing.We can’t, we shouldn’t,” she said as she began to fuck me.I held out until she had pretty much fucked herself out then I allowed myself to fill her pussy with my cum.A few moments later Mom slid off my body and was soon asleep. I covered her up and returned to the couch.I was in my suit drinking coffee when they came into the kitchen the next morning. Both were nude and each gave me lover’s kisses.From that moment on it was just Mom and Aunt Meg asking me where I was interviewing that day, if I needed money for escort afyon lunch and what I wanted for supper.I kissed them bye and went to three interviews, all seemed somewhat promising but all said they had several more interviews coming and promised to call me if they need to see me again or had made a decision.When I got home Mom asked, “Well?”“They went well but it is not time to make a decision yet. One of the companies may not have a position that needs filling and is just adding people to their resource list. Not a problem, I was prepared to go for a month here before I move to the capital and try there.”I was taking off my suit and getting ready to take a shower but Mom stayed with me and joined me in the shower. She began to soak me as she mentioned several places it would not hurt to check.She was suddenly silent; she was gently soaping my cock in her hands as her forehead was resting on my chest.“Son, last night was my best sex in ages. I had no intention of fucking you although I knew Meg was going to do so.We talked about it this morning and are hoping you would make love to us while you are here. You can just tell us when you need a break so it doesn’t need to be everyday. Please.”I kissed her and lifted her as I pressed her back to the shower wall and began to fuck her. Mom was moaning immediately and shuddered into orgasm soon. As soon as I allowed her to slide down Aunt Meg turned me to her and we fucked just as Mom and I had. After her orgasm I left both in the shower in a deep kiss and embrace.I had decided not to cum because I knew they were not done with me for the day. I wore boxer shorts to the kitchen and ate some leftover wedding cake as I drank a coke. They joined me wearing only towels around their head.“Dinner is in the oven, it will be ready in twenty minutes. Jen is coming over tonight and wants you so you will be sleeping in her bed,” Mom said. “I will be with Meg.”“You are not going out tonight? It’s Friday.”“Undecided but probably not. I will ask my daughter is she wants to fuck you on my bed so we can watch and we think that may have a fifty-fifty chance of happening even if not at first. Your twin sister told us you are able to hold back on your ejaculation forever so we hope you will be able to give all of us some.” Aunt Meg said.“So she talked to you about that?”“Yes, and we watched both of you fuck for hours before her wedding. She told me her husband has a small cock but that her wedding night was uncomfortable. Luckily he did not last long so she was fine. She has bragged that he is quickly become an expert pussy eater.”I did not know what to say so I just nodded as I placed Aunt Meg on the table and fucked her to a afyon escort bayan cum then put Mom on the table and fucked her to a cum.“When will Jen be here?”“Soon. Put your dick away and we will get t-shirts on.”My cock still had some rigidity when Jen came in and she was sitting at the table sucking my cock when our Moms came in. Each kissed her lips and my cock then got dinner served.Jen had her own apartment near downtown close to her work but spent many weekends at home. She was mostly a lesbian with heterosexual tendencies. I knew she had eaten every pussy on both families and all the women had eaten hers. “All of us on one bed could be fun,” I thought.Dinner was delicious and Jen hurried to take a shower as I helped the moms clean up in the kitchen.Aunt Meg then asked Mom, “Why don’t you join her in the shower and delay her a little?”Mom slapped her ass but hurried to the shower. Aunt Meg lifter her shirt and turned my chair then sank her pussy over my exposed and erect cock. She was fucking me hard from the start and was soon in mid-orgasm. She was still on my lap kissing me when the others came back.Jen pulled her mother off me than impaled herself on my cock and I was soon being fucked hard. As she recovered from her orgasm Mom lifted her off me then took her place. As opposed to the other two her fuck was intensely slow and her orgasms was intensely deep which made my cock erupt into her.After the other two saw Mom’s pussy oozing cum they both groaned in disappointment but Jen got back on and managed to get another orgasm before my cock deflated.Mom opened a bottle of wine and the four of us went to the couch. Aunt Meg knelt on the floor in front of Mom and began to lick my cum out of her pussy. Her daughter knelt next to her and sucked my cock. When Mom had an orgasm she and I knelt in front of mother and daughter and ate them to nice cums before we sat and sipped wine as we watched Taboo s*******n.I had tits in my mouth and fingers in pussy throughout the movie. I had an erection about forty-five minutes later so I lay on my back on the floor and each woman took a turn on my cock. Thirty minutes later each had had an orgasms except me so they took me to Aunt Meg’s bed and started again.They each had another turn and I lasted until Aunt Megs third turn. Mom and Jen took turns cleaning her pussy with their tongues. I took the opportunity to leave the lesbian mass and got to the other bed. I fell asleep and woke up briefly when Aunt Meg joined me.“They haven’t had each other in a while and I am done for the evening. Good night,” she said and we were both soon asleep.The next morning my cock was tender and the three women spent the day kissing it trying to make it well. I did manage to fuck each once but never managed to cum. Sunday after lunch Jen went back to her apartment after fucking Mom. I did not need to fuck any body all day and Monday morning I was again going out to find work.

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