mistress saritas slave 9 (another slave)


mistress saritas slave 9 (another slave)it was a picnic at a frnd of mistress saras place it was weekend goddess hesitated to take me while mistress sara told her frnd had a slave too goddess agreed only difference was I had been hold captive and the other slave was being paid to be the slave..early morning I packed goddess luggage all the thing she needed then she made me wear black bra and panties a gutter belt a little girls dress and pantyhose then I was made to wear a baggy pant and loose tshirt so that people at the road doesn’t understand my hairs were pony tail and make up was on I look like a faggot ..we first went to mistress saras place there mistress sara joined us with her dog then we went out of town it was a village farm house there was boundary around the area total privacy after reaching there mistress payel was already there and frnd of mistress sara mastar remo he had a beautiful slave sissy standing beside him he was 5.8 inch tall black hair brown skin colour perfect feminine body black nailpolish wearing high hills red lipstick a yellow sholder exposed tshist her red bra strap was visible and a blue miniskirt with black pantyhose.. after we went in goddess made me strip the tshirt and pants exposing the girly dress master remo was impressed he still told my boobs didn’t match like girls my chest was to tight he commanded his slave to be topless..when he went topless he had a bit fat at the part of his nipples which looked gud when he wears bra master also recommended goddess some pill for boobs enlargement some ostrogen pills.then both of us were kept in a dog cage and mistress and master went for sight seeing they came back after a while all exhausted we were told to bring drinks after that for entertainment master commanded us to make out I was hesitating at first but the other slave didn’t show a bit hesitation he canlı bahis şirketleri stripped me and started sucking my nipples goddess gave me a angry look..I was scared and started doing what he was doing we kissed he was rubbing his cage against my cage goddess told make love like a lesbian sluts after thrusting his cage against me for a while they were dying in laughter .. we stopped when master blew whistle the slave ran towards him..it was lunch time after having lunch mistress sara told its my time .. I was tied with my hands apart on the chair and legs to my hands mistress creamed some dog food on my balls and ass and released her dog I scremed while goddess tapped my mouth I tought it was gona eat me but it licked my balls and ass hole it was a amazing feeling ..so awesome and felt so good I felt like cumming suddenly it went wild and putted its dick inside and started fucking me it was a thick and hairy dick it looked disgusting everyone was laughing and loving the view until the dog came inside me I was humiliated like anything master made his slave lick out the cum from my asshole..then mistress payel came front slapped me hard and ordered me to cuck her dick while master remo putted his dick in my asshole it was so big black almost 10 inch mistress palyel said don’t u dare take my dick off ur mouth while master remo was pleased he sapanked my ass few times then he moved goddess sarita released my chastity and tied my cock and balls in a fancy way .. she stared using her pink 7 inch dildo on my sore asshole it was quiet ok as I was used to but the torture began when mistress sara joined it felt like my hole was ripping apart with two strapons at a time when goddess pushed in mistress pulled out and vice verse while I was screaming master slapped me hard and his slave was on me..he putted his slave dick in canlı poker oyna my mouth while he was fucking the slaves ass and mistress paley fucking the mouth .. the pain was unbearable suddenly the slave came in my mouth it was horrible and a huge big load ..master was very disappointed and every1 stopped he was really angryhe tied his slave on a table stomach faching the table on standing position legs ties spread eagle and hands tied I was made to stand infront of him.. and he started sucking my dick .. ohh I was such a amazing feeling getting my dick sucked I was happy like anything until mater started beating him with a cane on his bare ass with each strike he was bitting my dick and I screamed in pain too goddess was holding me tight in position while everyone was pointing and laughing the session ended after 100 strokes .. and the slave had a bleeding ass I was made to lick his bleeding ass while he jst moned..master said party is jst starting they pyaled the music I was made to wear a sexy red bra and panties my body was covered with baby oil so it glaced and a dog collar on my neck they were dancing and I served the drinks all of a sudden master spanked my ass with his hand he was all drunk the party was downstairs and I was upstairs in the kitchen at that time he kicked me on the floor I tried to resist a bit when he ripped my panties and tied my hand with it my braa was ripped too and forced into my mouth .. he pulled my balls tellin come here sexy lady I was askin jst to leeve me I pleaded so much he was getting more excited hearing this..he took a stick and started hitting me hard I was crying and telling to stop ..he positioned me in a doggy style and sturted to fuck again while he slapped my bare ass cheeks every minute he was being so crazy he took some tomato sause and used it as a lubricant he poured some bahis siteleri chocolate sauce on me and was licking my nipples while he pulled the nipple pierce with his teeth it bleeded and hurt so bad I was brutally ****d .. when he was done he made me drink his cum and lick off the sauce from his dick ..after a while I was freashed up and goddess was smiling talking ti master reo this whole picnic plan was to please master reo as he was going to be related to goddess office works.. goddess asked me to clean the place the it was almost time to leave.. when mistress sara told for the final show.. I didn’t have any idea she laied me on the floor hands tied behind me and started to fuck with a strapon while she jerked my dick I was about to cum several times but she didn’t allow I begged to cum she said work for it.. you stop I stop her dog was infront of me mistress payel was adoring it its dick was putted in my mouth I would nevr want to suck it no matter wat its disgusting .. mistress stopped stroking and said suck or its gona b bad if u suck u can cum.. I sucked it without using my toung still the nasty thing came in my mouth and I vomited..mistress stopped at once leaving me on the floor I didn’t cum 4 so long my balls were blue and so many denials today my balls hurt..master said its not gud for my health as my veins on the ball sack was visible.. he flipped me and inserted a vibrator in my ass a ice bag was tied to my dick I was crying whilw goddess let me put my head on her lap and she was moving her figure through my hairs.. I pissed several times but the I saw it was not piss it was all cum and master stopped and made me drink everting inside the bag I was frustrated tired and feeling devastated .. I could barely walk goddess din order me anything I was putted at the back of the car every1 said there goodbyes and we came home .. that night goddess let me drink some liquid food putted back on my chastity and tide me for a good night sleep..PLZ LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND WRITE WHICH PART YOU DIDNOT OR DID LIKE IN THE STORY IT WOULD BE REALLY KIND OF YOU IF YOU DO THAT.. GODESS SARITAS SLAVE TINA

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