Mistis’ Adventures Part 71


Mistis’ Adventures Part 71
The Goodrich’s came over and the whole crew welcomed them in royal style. They visited for a while, then ate, and visited some more, everybody sharing stories of their families, and of days gone by. They had called it an evening at around 11:00 that night.

The “Town Folks” had also retired, as Sharon was feeling a little more tired than William wanted her to be, Misti was also a bit tired, but, had decided that she was more than a little curious about Rick. She had started talking to him, with many smiles, and innuendos. He was no dummy, and recognized an invitation when he saw it. They had asked which bedroom they were to use, and retired.

Cathy was also determined to have Michael. He was the only member of what they referred to as “the gang,” to NOT have had her in bed. They had discussed it and he was equally curious about her. They also retired to a bedroom.

Rick was using the same bedroom that Gail and Abe had been using. They were going to Dave and Carol’s house for the night. Barb, at Sharon’s insistence had gone to her and William’s home for the night, letting the others know that, if it was needed or wanted, they would be most welcome to stay with them.

Misti had led Rick up the stairs, suggesting that she, also, was more than able to care for his leg, and had enough medical training to make him more than comfortable. He had heard many stories about this little exotic lady in his short time home. He had sampled the delights of Thailand several times on shore leave, and had a good idea of what was in store for him. One of the things she had queried him about was where he had gone, and what had he seen in her country. He told of visiting Bangkok, Pattya Beach, and a few other places that she was familiar with. He had told her about one club he had visited, and its location. She had laughed, puzzling him. She explained to him. “That is where I used to work. I was working there when I met Michael. I danced three sets a night, 6 nights a week. When I finished my sets, I would sit with customers of my bosses choosing, completely naked, and, if they wanted, let them fuck me. It was part of my job. The boss fucked me the first day, along with 2 of his bodyguards. They fucked me 7 or 8 times, between them. I was hired, and the next day the boss took me to buy a whole new wardrobe to wear at work. I worked there for 4 years, and loved it. I loved Michael more, and when he asked me to marry him, I said “Yes,” but told him I was going to continue to work. He agreed, and even brought friends to visit me, allowing the ones who wanted to fuck me while he watched. We all enjoyed that. We have seen, here, and in Germany, several of the “old” friends.”

Rick, as most were, was surprised that she so freely admitted to being a prostitute. She surprised him one more time. “I have been completely open to all kinds of sex from the very beginning. My parents invited the boy next door to us, to come over one afternoon, when I was 14, and take my virginity. I knew absolutely nothing about men and women, then. They put us in their bed, after telling us to strip naked, and sat on either side of us while he did everything to me. My Mother held my hand when he ate my pussy, and my head was in my Father’s lap when he took me the first time in my life. We both enjoyed it so much. My Mother taught me how to give pleasure to other women, and my Father invited his friends to take me when they visited. Mother taught me the way to clean my partners correctly, when we were finished. They were what we call here, “swingers.” Friends came to our house, or we went to their homes, and had parties. Ladies would put on shows for the men to get them in the mood, and I found that I enjoyed women as much as I enjoyed men. The only thing I don’t enjoy is being taken in my ass. I enjoy how it feels, but when it happens, I always poop when the man pulls out of me. I have tried everything to stop it, but no matter what I do, it still happens. I wish it weren’t so, because it feels so good to me, but, it’s something I can’t stop. The only man to pop my hienie here is your Father. We visited last summer for 4 days. While we were swimming, he fucked my ass while we were in the water. He said it didn’t matter if I pooped there. The water would take care of us. It felt wonderful. We both enjoyed it so much, we did it 3 more times. I loved the feeling of his cum shooting into my asshole. It was so warm in the cool water.

Their conversation was had in the shower. Misti had unwrapped Rick’s leg, and illegal bahis siteleri had suggested a few things for him to do to ease the irritation, and speed the healing. She had told him of her past as she scrubbed him first, the he scrubbing her. She hadn’t shaved her pussy in nearly a month, so her hair had grown out completely. He had, as he washed her, openly admired the appearance of her having hair on her pussy. It was just as straight and silky as it had ever been. He had referred to it as “Asian Pussy Hair.” He had told her that Oriental women were the only ones he had seen with straight hair on their pussies. All others had curly, or wavy hair on them. Many women, now, were shaving their pussy hair off. It was nice, especially if they had a large mons, but, to him, the straight hair was beautiful. He had seen it in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand, but the Filipina women had been mixed with other races until it had almost disappeared there. At least HE had never seen it there.

All their talk had excited them both. Misti was surprised at Rick sharing his observations with her, and comparing her so favorably with all the women he had known, and Rick had been surprised at Misti sharing so many intimate details of HER life, with HIM.

They dried themselves off and went to the bed, where Misti turned down the covers for them, and took a towel for them to use later. One of the damp towels had been placed in the floor in easy reach. She replaced his bandage, but in a much different way. It was much more comfortable. She had told him to remain seated when she finished. She placed the wrappings on the dresser, adjusted the mirror, and knelt in front of him. She admired his “twist,” stating that it looked just right to give a woman a little added pleasure. She had been the first to compliment him on it. The end was twisted up and to the left from his otherwise straight 9 inch pecker. It was about the same length as Mike’s, but not as thick. She asked him how long it had been since he had had sex before. He told her it had been the night before. She thanked him, and began to suck him. She gave him a few licks, and pushed him to lay flat on the bed, and spread his knees a bit more. She began to lick his balls, and up from the base of his dick to the end, coating it with her saliva, and fucking him with her lips. She felt him starting to get too excited, and turned loose, at his insistence, to lay so he could taste her “Oriental Delights” in return. He discovered what the others had already found. She had a unique taste. A flavor all her own. It was not only yummy, and exciting. It was also intoxicating. It also contained an aroma that was almost as heady. It was as if he were a virgin, having his very first woman. The excitement of her presence, and her naturally sweet personality, along with her fascinating beauty, and sexiness, topped off by her willingness to please, were almost more than he could stand. His family had written about her in their letters, arousing his curiosity. Now he was in her presence. For tonight, she was HIS. She had, during the evening, assured him that she could be had by him, at any time he wanted her.

They enjoyed going 69 for a while, but he was nearing a critical stage, where it would be impossible to hold his cum any longer. She had climaxed almost from his first touch. Her whole body shook when she came, and her back arched as she tried to pull his head inside of her. Almost everything he touched seemed to excite her even more.

She turned as he tugged on her body, and lifted her bottom as he placed a pillow under her. Her tummy was a tiny bit bigger, but, she WAS carrying twins into her third month, he had been told. He would have to be gentle with her. He knelt between her open thighs, and kissed her on her hipbones, working down to her mons from either side, and licking her tiny slit. He had always thought Carol was tiny, but Misti was even smaller than she was. If that was any indication, he had better be VERY careful not to hurt her.

She was breathing like she had described when she was dancing, and was moaning for him to take her. He positioned himself and began to push, as she guided him to the most advantageous spot. He felt himself sliding into her, as she cupped her hands around his butt, and tried to pull him in faster. He resisted as she whimpered in frustration. at his slow pace. He stopped now and again to let her adjust to his size. Finally he was completely engulfed inside her. She was writhing in passion, before canlı bahis siteleri he could start to pump into her. She came several more times. She was using his cock to pleasure herself. He began pumping into her and it only seemed to encourage her to move faster, and in different directions. She was begging him to “PLEASE! PLEASE! FUCK ME HARDER!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!! He sped up his pace, trying to keep up with her. She arched her back. “I’M COMING! I’M COMING!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! PLEASE, FUCK ME!!! OOOHHHH MMMYYYY GGGOOOOODDDD!!! GIVE IT TO MMMEEEEEE!!!

They heard giggles behind them, but were too busy to look to see who it was. Rick pushed inside her and spurted his seed deep within her. She had locked her arms and legs around him and lifted her ass to hold him as close as she could. He came so much it was running freely down the crack of her ass. They were both exhausted. He remembered to roll off of her, and Cathy came over to wipe her clean. He shook his head at her. HE wanted to clean her by eating the cream pie from her. It was something he always enjoyed. She smiled at him and nodded, understanding what her big brother meant. She also enjoyed his eating her creamy pussy. She wouldn’t deprive Misti of that pleasure. Mike also knew what he was going to do. He and Cathy were just getting ready to go do the same thing. He had seen Cathy naked a few times, and thought she was a little doll, but he had never had sex with her, YET!!!
Now he was going to enjoy her for the first time. Billy and Robbi were already in the other room, going at it like they knew what they were doing. Both were moaning to beat the band. He and Cathy had watched them go 69, and had watched him slipping his meat to her, but had heard the fuss from Misti, and came to see what was making her squall like that. He found out that Rick was making her go crazy, so they decided to stay for a bit.

The eroticism they had both witnessed from their husband/wife, had inspired them both to even greater heights than they had realized. They could hardly contain themselves long enough to get into another bedroom. Not wanting to waste time Cathy didn’t even turn the covers back, first, she turned and kissed Mike as hard as she knew how. She only paused long enough to see that the jar of Vaseline was on the nightstand. She almost ripped his pants in her haste to pull them off. Mike had much less difficulty with her attire. After the Goodrich’s left she had changed to a long tailed T-shirt, with nothing underneath, except her. The shirt was long enough to reach a little less than half-way between her pussy and her knees, and thin enough to plainly see her nipples, and, if she had a light behind her, her entire body outline. She was almost whimpering with the frustration of not being able to get his clothes off faster. He had simply grabbed the tail of her shirt and flipped it over her head. She did the same with the hoodie he was wearing, but almost knocked him down trying to get his pants and underwear off. He turned and sat on the edge of the bed, and she ripped them free of his feet, and knocked him backwards. They didn’t take the time for foreplay, or the kissing and cuddling they both usually looked forward to. MIke was on his back, and Cathy dropped on top of him. Luckily, her aim was true, and she was so worked up that she had him all the way inside of her in an instant. She was already soaking wet, to the point that her pussy juice was running down the insides of her legs. Even if she had tried, she wouldn’t remember a time when she had been so horney. The anticipation of having Mike inside of her, and watching first Robbi, and Billy, then Misti and Rick, had made her completely wanton. She was like an addict in search of a fix. She sat on Mike’s stomach and ground her pussy into him, mercilessly. He wasn’t any better, either. His dick was as hard as it had EVER been, and his balls were begging for release. They both exploded almost as soon as they had coupled. He shot her full of cum, and she screamed from the most intense orgasm she could remember having. This time it was HER that collapsed on top of HIM. She was sobbing from the intensity of her climax.

All they could do for a long while was lay there and enjoy the last of their spasms. They were too weak to move. Finally, though. They regained their strength. Cathy turned to clean him as he cleaned her, both relishing the flavor of their partner. A little more, and they could take a shower together, and see if they could manage a little bahis firmaları less urgency, this time. This had been fun, but, leisurely sex had its place, too.

They relaxed in each others arms for a bit more, and decided it was time for the shower part. Cathy took 2 towels from the closet, and hung them on the bar outside the shower door. The water was already warmed up, so all they had to do was make the final adjustments, and climb in.

They showered with more than ample kissing and cuddling, and dried off. The shower had refreshed them to a point where they were both more than ready for the second round of lovemaking. They made up, anew, for the foreplay they had skipped past the first time. They went 69 as usual with their partners, then Mike showed her how HE thought a woman SHOULD be eaten.

He licked her from her nipples to her belly button, and down across her clit to her anus. He nibbled at he pussy lips, and licked them inside VERY thoroughly, then invaded her inner sanctum with his tongue.sticking it in as far as he could manage. This had her thrashing around on the bed like a fish out of water. He had, at one point, had to hold her down. She was gasping for air and whimpering like a baby in need of its Mother’s teat.

She tried multiple times to speak, and was, at last, successful. “PLEASE, BABY! FUCK MY ASS FOR ME. i LOVE IT! THEN YOU CAN FUCK MY PUSSY, AND CUM IN ME. I LOVE BEING BUTT-FUCKED. PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!!! It had been many years since he had heard anything resembling her plea. He looked at the nightstand, and understood its significance. The much used jar of Vaseline took a whole new meaning. He couldn’t know it had only been used in the last 2 or 3 days. He reached over and took a healthy bit if the gooey stuff, and smeared it on his cock. He replaced the jar, and took a towel from the floor, where they had dropped it, and, folding it in half, placed it under her butt. He held her ankles as you would a baby, and smeared it around her butt hole, working some inside with the tip of his pinky. He lifted her, again, and placed a pillow under her to raise her a bit higher.

Satisfied with what he had done, he knelt between her thighs, and placed her legs over his shoulders. This opened her to where he could see what he was going for. He placed the head of his dick to her anus, and started to push gently, then more forcefully. He went in with just the head and kept the pressure as he slowly entered her. She was pushing back, trying to force him even deeper.

In he went, slower than he could imagine, but, finally he was inside of her as far as he could reach. He held his place, allowing her time to relax, and began to slowly pump in and out of her. She was gasping from another orgasm. This was something he had only heard of, but had never seen. She was coming from being butt-fucked. On impulse, he reached down and, using his thumb, began to jill her clitoris. She jumped as if hit with an electric shock, and screamed. Her whole body was shaking and quivering. He wet his thumb with some of the juice from her pussy, and repeated rubbing her. she went into another series of orgasms. He could hardly move, her ass was so tight, and when she came, it almost hurt. He kept up the massage on her clit as she came, and came, and came, again. Ten or more times. He felt himself quickly reaching his OWN limit, knowing he was going to blow his own load inside of her. He touched her one more time, and started to withdraw from her. She locked her ankles around his waist. “NO!” she demanded. “Put it up my ass this time. You can cum in my pussy the next time.”

He resumed his pumping. It had loosened up only a tiny bit, but, it was enough to allow him to fuck her as he should. He was going in and out of her as near to normal as he could manage. Suddenly he felt his gorge rising. He shoved in and she squeezed with her legs until it hurt. It was like being caught in a vise. His spunk shoot out inside of her, and she screamed once more. He felt her contracting as his sperm filled her. She had lifted herself and was having one spasm after another, refusing to release him. Finally, she was spent and collapsed back onto the pillow. Cum was running in a stream from her backside. Good thing he had put the towel under her.

She reached up and pulled him down to her. She kissed him so hard that he was sure his lips would be bruised, tomorrow. She held him in her arms, whispering in his ear, “Thank You, for fucking my ass so good. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass every time you get the chance. It feels so good when you play with my clitty and fuck my ass, together. I just can’t get enough of it. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!”

They relaxed until they could manage to get to the shower, again. There was still a lot of time left in this night.

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