Missing You

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Bonnie hated it when Chris was gone, which seemed to be happening more and more. All she seemed to think about anymore was sex. The more he was gone the more she wanted his cock. At random times during the day she found herself daydreaming about all of their sexual escapades, past and future. She played it off like she was somewhat sweet and innocent, as innocent as one can be after all the things they had already done.

Finally, one night, when she was sick of being alone and horny, she decided to make him miss her. She knew he did already from how he acted when he was home; he was usually all over her, maybe that’s what makes her miss him so much, the lack of his touch. Even though she hated him being gone, the new found attention he gave her while home was nice. She decided to send him some naughty text messages, to see how he would react. She had never done anything like that before but had teased him that she was going to at inappropriate times, like when he was at work. She liked seeing him squirm when he thought she was going to make him hot when he was around other people.

“Hey baby” Bonnie texted him.

“What’s up hon?” Chris replied.

“Just missing you. What are you doing?”

“Just playing on the computer. Can’t seem to sleep.”

She knew how to make him tired.

“I sure wish you were home. I’ve been thinking about you all day long.”

“I wish I was home too, I will be soon.”

“You know what I would do to you if you were here?”

“Mmmm, what’s that?”

“Well, I would start by kissing your ear and neck, and maybe nibble a little bit.”

“I could handle that.”

Chris’ mind started to wander. She knew exactly bahis firmaları how to make things rise and she was doing a good job so far.

“So, what’s next?” He was eager to read her next message.

“My hand would slowly run down your chest till it reached the button on your jeans.” She broke off there for a second so he can think about it for a minute.

His mind started racing. He was glad she started texting him, he was thinking about her too but since he knew there was no way around being gone he didn’t want to make her feel bad.

“Oh hon, I sure wish I was home.”

“Mmmm, just wait, I’ll make sure you wish you were home.”

“Oh really?”

“Slowly I would undo your pants and start to rub your already hard cock.”

He was kinda surprised at all this, at home she didn’t talk to him like this.

By now he was hard and had undone his own pants, just waiting for what was coming next.

She was lying in bed, with nothing on, and her toys and phone next to her. She knew exactly where she was taking this and was prepared.

Bonnie decided since it was a camera phone and all, she would give him a small taste as to what may come next. She took a picture of her toys, just two vibrators, but they sure got the job done when he was gone. After she took the picture she sent it to him. He was really surprised to get that text.

“What are you doing to yourself?” he asked.

“Nothing yet, what do you want me to do?” She replied.

She sent him another text to get things moving again. “After I release your cock I slowly start to lick it. I start at the head and flick the tip with my tongue.”

The both were starting to get very kaçak iddaa hot. He started to slowly massage his throbbing member as she had started running her had across her hard nipples. He loved her breasts and really loved it when she would lick them; being 40D it wasn’t too hard.

“Mmmmm, I love it when you do that” he replied.

“I take your whole cock into my mouth and start to slowly fuck you with my mouth.”

Now he’s starting to get into it. “I move you around so I can reach your dripping pussy and start to finger you and play with your clit.”

At this point they were both playing with themselves. She had moved her hand down and started plunging 2 fingers into her dripping hole. He was stroking his cock faster and faster, trying not to cum till this enjoyable session was over.

“I start to kiss up your chest to your neck again since I want you to fuck me, hard.”

“Oooh, and I want to fuck you.”

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“Start playing with your toys so I can imagine you getting off.”

She had a better idea, why should he have to imagine when she had a camera at her fingertips. She laid back and started her favorite vibrator, the purple one. Slowly she ran it over her clit and shuddered at the pleasure. She slowly inched it into her hot hole, letting out a gasp of pleasure when it was in. She REALLY missed him now. As she started fucking herself with her vibrator she took a picture with her phone. “He’ll really like this text.” She thought.

He was already hot and stroking his cock as he opened the picture. That was all it took for him to get close to cumming. He thought he would return the favor and snapped a pic kaçak bahis of himself, enjoying her picture. They were both too busy to send anymore word texts, just pictures followed.

She had laid the phone next to her as she brought herself to climax the first time. Then she thought she would get her other toy and send him another picture. This one vibrated in two places, inside and on her clit. This one wasn’t her favorite but it gave her screaming orgasms. She slid the head in and turned on the vibrator. Slowly at first. She took another picture with it half in her.

He was going crazy by the time he got the next picture. He jerked his cock till he started spurting his milky white cum.

Now he decided he wanted to hear her voice after all this. He dialed her number. “Hey baby.” She murmured. He knew she was still having a good time.

“God hon, that was great! I can’t wait till I get home.” He said

He could hear her moaning and starting to cum again which was getting him hot again. He looked at the clock. “Oh baby, you make me soo hot, I have to get some sleep, it’s 1am and I have to be up in 4 hrs.”

“I know honey, I just miss you so much.” She said.

“I miss you too. Thank you for the fun tonight, I should actually be able to sleep now.”

“I hope so, dream of me.”

“Don’t worry, after all that there is no way I couldn’t.”

“Ok, love you!! Talk to you tomorrow.”

“I love you too, Bye.”


They hung up the phones and he drifted off to sleep. She thought about it before she went to sleep and hoped that tomorrow night they would have as good of a conversation. If they kept this up maybe she could handle him being gone so much. It was not anywhere as good as the real thing but it got the job done.

At 4am the phone rang. Bonnie answered it, “Ready for round two hon?” Chris’ voice said on the other end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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