Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal 2


Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal 2Judy didn’t bother putting on her underwear and just put her skirt and blouse on. She went over and gave Principal Jefferson a kiss goodbye. It was no simple kiss they were virtually going at it again. When they finished Judy took my hand and lead me toward the door, she turned back and said, “we’ll see you tomorrow night” Principal Jefferson just smiled back.We got into the car and it was now dark out and there was only one other car in the lot, which I assume was the principals. Before we could drive, Judy looked at me and smiled and said, “ I hope you enjoyed it, I’ve been hoping you would catch us for the last couple of months.” Judy knew I couldn’t lie about it so I smiled and said, “It made me very horny, how long has it been going on?” She smiled and said, “about 4 months.” She then went on and said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow night, and it’s the first time for you.” I looked at her and said, “what do you mean? What’s going to happen?” She laughed and told me I would have to wait to find out.Saturday afternoon Judy was walking around the house humming. Finally about 4pm she said time to start getting ready. She put some porn in the DVD and got naked. She hopped up on the kitchen table to she could see the TV and told me to start doing her toes. I carefully painted her toes and she smiled and said, “Ok your turn.” She told me to get undressed and I would get my toes done. The doorbell rang as I got naked and she walked back into the room with Barbie her stylist. Judy looked at Barbie and said, “we need to make him pretty for tonight.”Barbie first went to work on my feet and gave me a great pedicure with bright red polish. She actually made my feet look feminine. Judy pulled out some thigh high stockings for me and told me I had to wear them under my clothes tonight. We got dressed and left the house.We pulled up to Principal Jefferson’s house, which was good sized. The first thing I noticed was the eight-foot privacy fence around the house. We went to the door and a very pregnant woman who was naked opened it. Her nipples güvenilir bahis şirketleri were huge and her pussy was wet. She welcomed Judy with a hug and a kiss. I was kind of like an after thought. When we went in I asked if Judy knew her. She laughed and said, “that is Principal Jefferson’s wife. Christy. I was flabbergasted. Judy disappeared for about 10 minutes and when she came back in she had on higher heels than I had ever seen her in with thigh high stockings, crotch less panties and nippleless bra. I was floored and then Christy walked over and she started making out with Judy. It was getting me excited. I heard a voice behind me say, “enjoying the view, doctor.” It was Principal Jefferson, dressed in the skimpiest of briefs. He said, “Judy and Christy love playing with each other.” Judy and Christy eventually came over and started playing with Principal Jefferson. I kind of felt like the odd man out trying to figure out why I was there. At that point they asked Christy how she wanted to get fucked. She said I want anal while Judy is licking my pussy. Judy pointed at me and said, “is it ok if he watches?” Christy said she didn’t care as long as he undresses. Judy said, “go ahead and get undresses but leave the stockings on. I stripped and left on the stockings. I turned away while I got undressed and Christy goes, “he’s kind of modest isn’t he?” Judy just laughed. When I was done I turned around and Christy looked and said, “Judy you married a guy with a shrink dink?” I was embarrassed but it excited me as well and it started to get hard. Judy said, “forget about him, and let’s have fun.” With that Christy got on the bed on all her hands and knees, Judy positioned herself to eat her love box and Principal Jefferson started fucking his wife anally. It was fun watching and Christy was shrieking in delight. She must have cum 5 or 6 times. Her husband said he was getting close to and with that he exploded in and all over her ass. When he was done Judy looked at me and said go clean it up. I first went over and cleaned up Principal Jefferson’s canlı bahis throbbing cock and then when over and went to work on Christy’s ass. She was getting into it again and actually came as I was cleaning her up.With that the doorbell chimed and Christy says, “it must be the book club.” I was kind of dumbfounded as to why a book club? Judy said let’s move the backyard and set him up before we let them in. We went to the backyard and I saw a beautiful built-in pool, some magnificent lawn furniture and several bed type lounges. Judy brought me over to a chair that had restraints on it. She secured me and put a blindfold on me and said, “I hope you have lots of fun.”I heard voices coming in and Principal Jefferson goes I want to welcome everyone to this month’s book club meeting. I heard a bunch of voices murmur hello. The funny thing was all I heard was female voices. Next I hear Principal Jefferson say, “we have a special guest tonight, it’s Judy’s husband. He has a useless dick, but we can make use of. Please do whatever you want to him.” Someone walked over and touched my penis and said, “wow it really is small.” I already heard some grunting coming from the lounge to my left. One of the people moaning was Judy because I knew her moans anywhere.For the next three hours I heard fucking and moaning on each side of me. Occasionally people would come over and play with my nipples or pet my penis. I was enjoying myself immensely. At this point, Principal Jefferson announced there was going to be a contestand I was going to get to judge it. He came over and took the blindfold off. I looked around and counted six women. Principal Jefferson asked the women to come over one at a time and I would determine who was wettest and most sexed and they would get to be fucked by Principal Jefferson. He turned to me and said “and you can service one of these fine ladies with your tongue before some of them service you.”One by one the ladies came by so I could feel their wet snatches and smell the sex on them. He said I couldn’t judge Judy that she would güvenilir bahis get some play time anyway. One by one they came by and I got to feel, smell and taste them. Finally I picked one out, turns out her name was Betsy. She ran up and gave me a big kiss and a tweak of my nipple. He then asked who I would like to service and I pointed to his very pregnant wife. Christy went over to the bed and lay down and waved me over. When I got there she said, “my boobs need some relief so can you start there.” I did just that flicking my tongue across her swollen nipples and then gently massaging them with my tongue while gently sucking. Too my surprise milk started to ooze out and Christy must have enjoyed it as she was moaning and gently massaging her wet snatch. I moved my tongue down to her vagina and pretty soon she was moaning louder. A couple of the other ladies came over to work on her milk swollen titties. Pretty soon she was writing and begging me to lick faster and stick my tongue deeper. I could feel her love juices squirting all over me. She must have cum 4 or five times.When Christy done, Judy came over and had me lie and the lounge and she restrained me. She put the blindfold on me and said, “you can’t watch me get my prize.” With that Christy and a few of the other ladies came over and started playing with me. They were playing with my cock and commenting on how small and useless it was. I heard Judy grunt out that he loves to have his man tits played with. They started twisting and pulling on my man tits was one of them was massaging my cock. One of the ladies leaned down and said, “just so you know, your whore wife now has 11 inches of big black cock filling her love box and she is just moaning in joy.” As she kept telling me what Judy was doing the others were still pulling on my nipples and I was writhing in joy. After what must have been 30 or 4o minutes, Judy came over and told me it was time for me to clean her. With that she squatted over my face and I could feel the cum start to drip out of her pussy. With that she leaned her love box down over my tongue and told me to clean. There were some hands still pulling on my nipples. Judy came a couple of more times while I cleaned her out, she leaned down and kissed me and said, “I hope you had funds with my teaching friends.” “Next time we may even have you……….”

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