Milwaukee Cuckold and the Babysitter 2


Milwaukee Cuckold and the Babysitter 2Milwaukee Cuckold’s Wife and the Babysitter Part 2They were going to punish me for cumming after only 40 minutes but Andrea said why don’t we wait a bit. They got off the bed leaving me with cum all over me and went over to sit on the couch. I asked, “when are the k**s going to be home?” Judy laughed and said, “they went with your parents to the Dell’s for the weekend, so we have 3 days to have fun.”They left me laying there for a while and when they came back in I asked them if they were going to untie me? They said no they had to get ready for the party that night. When I asked what party, they said I had to wait to find out. They didn’t get dressed but spent time taking out a lot of Judy’s toys and all the extra pillows from the bedroom and took them to the family room. Judy came back upstairs and turned on the video system so I could see the family room. They had several mattresses across the floor. She turned around and bounced out.Downstairs Judy and Andrea were setting things up can chatting. Still completely naked. Andrea with her perfect pointy tits that I know excited Judy. They stopped and kissed and Judy said, “I can’t say enough about what you have done for me the last few days.” Andrea laughed and said, “it’s been. I couldn’t believe I found those pictures and tapes. I never would have thought you were such a slut.” They finished getting ready and Judy came back upstairs. She made sure the cameras were on and I was securely tied when the doorbell rang. She pinched my nipple and said, “oh well off to have fun.”I saw Andrea enter the family room leading two guys and a woman. Judy walked into illegal bahis the room and Andrea introduced Judy to her sister, brother-in-law and a friend of hers. The doorbell rang again and Andrea came back with two other guys and there were more introductions. Andrea sat everyone down and told them I babysit for Judy’s k**s when she needs someone. While here recently I found Judy’s stash of her sex pictures and tapes. Turns out her husband has a tiny useless dick and Judy has cuckolded him for 20 years and has friends with benefits. They sat around and talked for 15-20minutes and Andrea said well I know everyone didn’t come here to talk we came here for fun. With that she walked up to Judy and started kissing and tonguing her. It didn’t take long until everyone was naked.Judy said something I didn’t hear and pretty soon one of the guys was on the floor and Judy mounted his cock and slowly started riding it. Another guy walked up behind her and lifted her hips in the air and slowly entered her ass. Judy let out a whoosh but was going with the flow. With each grind, you could tell Judy was getting off on it. Andrea went to stand in front of Judy and pulled her face up to her cunt and married Judy’s face into it. Judy suddenly moved her mouth away from Andrea’s vagina and yelled, “Oh my G-d) please don’t stop I’m going to cum. For the next 5 minutes Judy had several massive orgasms. Andrea helped her off and took her place. Over the next 3 hours They all fucked each other numerous times. Judy must have come 15 times and you could see cum all over her and in her. At that point, Andrea said, “we have a special surprise today for anyone that wants illegal bahis siteleri to be cleaned up. Judy’s husband who has a useless cock is tied up upstairs and anyone that wants to be cleaned can have it done.” The guy with the biggest cock raised his hand and said I could stand having my shaft cleaned.” Andrea laughed and said, “I’m not surprised that my gay brother is the first one that wants his shaft cleaned.” Andrea said, “follow Judy, she’s the only one that gets to watch right now.” Judy proceeded to bring him upstairs.She brought him into the bedroom and said, “time for cleanup duty. If you don’t do it good you will be punished.” She brought him over to the bed and said go ahead and make sure it is clean. I took the head of his penis in and then started going along the shaft and it grew into a 9-inch monster. Judy was rubbing my back and pinching my nipple and said, “enjoy and maybe you can have more.” His name was Bruce and you could hear him getting into it by the small grunts he was making. Judy encouraged me to do more and all of a sudden Bruce grabbed my head and pulled it more onto his cock and yelled, “keep sucking, I’m going to cum.” With that he exploded into my mouth, I have never felt so much cum, it almost gagged me.”Judy laughed and said, “Bruce, how did my little cocksucker do?” Bruce laughed and said, “that was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. I’d swear he was gay.” With that Judy pinched my nipple and her and Bruce walked out. They went back into the family room and everyone asked Bruce how it was. He told everyone it was one of the best he ever had and he could have sworn I was gay. Judy laughed canlı bahis siteleri and said, “I think he may be gay but he was trained to suck cock and lick pussy well. Maybe we’ll take someone else up later.” With that Andrea came over and started kissing Judy and pretty soon they were all going at it again. For the next 90 minutes, I heard more moaning and cumming than I have ever heard before. When they were done this time, Judy asked, “who wants to be cleaned next.” One of the woman who you could see drenched with cum raised her hand and Judy grabbed her hand and said, “let’s go.”Judy came into the room and introduced Lisa and said, “please clean her especially well.” With that she pulled Lisa in closer had her climb on the bed and told her to squat over my face and play with my tits. When Lisa got close I could smell the musty smell of her having had sex. Her pussy hair was drenched and matted. I slowly started dipping my tongue into her twat and she eventually started grinding. The entire time she is doing this she is playing roughly with my nipples. I could tell she was getting close because she pushed her pussy more into my face. Soon she was begging me to lick faster which I did and she came. She then yelled, “don’t stop I’m cumming again. So, I kept it going and she came almost continuously for about 3 minutes. She then said, “uh oh, don’t stop.” So, I didn’t and all of a sudden I felt warm liquid gushing out of her and all over me. Lisa started apologizing and Judy said, “don’t worry, it wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last, besides I think he likes it.”With that they went out of the room leaving me soaked with Lisa’s cum and pee. When they got back to the family room everyone asked Lisa how it was. Lisa laughed and said, “well if he is gay like Bruce thinks he can sure lick pussy. He got me like 4 times and then I got so excited I peed.” Everyone laughed and

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