Milwaukee Cuckokd and His sister-In-Laws


Milwaukee Cuckokd and His sister-In-LawsMilwaukee Cuckolds and his sister-in-law’sAfter Judy was the star at her sister’s party, she skyped me to show her cum filled body and tell me how much fun she had and thank me for having such a small cock. I asked when she was going to come home and she said she needed to sleep for a bit and then she would be home.About an hour later I got a call from my sister-in-law and she said, “I can’t believe what my sister did tonight. Did you know she was such a horny slut?” I didn’t answer and she said, “come on, you can tell me I sent you the pictures and kept you informed. I said, “yeah, we’ve been swinging for a while and Judy really enjoys it.” She said, “Is what Judy said about you true?” I said, “you need to talk to her about that?” She said, “don’t worry I well, make sure you ask her about the surprise, she should be home any minute.”About 5 minutes later, Judy walked in and took offer her coat and she was nude underneath her coat. I could still see cum matted all over her face and pussy and she came over by me and had me lay down on the couch. She squatted over me and buried her pussy in my face and told me to start cleaning. I could not believe how much cum was there and all of the different tastes. While I was cleaning, she started to tell me what happened.She said, “I can’t believe it but I fucked 27 different people and they all came in me and on me and some of them multiple times.” I started licking even faster as she started pinching my nipples. She was really grinding now and getting close to cumming telling me to lick faster. I did and her first orgasm she actually squirted, which she had never done before. She said, “wow someone taught me how to do that last night and it worked.” She was right it worked because I dug my tongue in even more and faster and she started yelling, “I’m cuuummmiinngg again.” She squirted again and didn’t slow down. She went on to say she must have cum 50 times from both men and women. She then said, “and they all know how small your cock is, I wish I had a picture to show them.” She managed to cum 2 more times and dug her nails into my nipples while cumming she said, “maybe I’ll let you cum later.” When she got up I started to get dressed and she said, “I think we should stay naked today.” I said what if the k**s come home, illegal bahis “She said don’t worry, they are gone for the weekend.”I said, “Was this the surprise, Sheri was talking about?” Judy said, “No, she’s going to tell us about that later.” The rest of the day, we stayed naked and Judy kept watching porn on her computer and making me lick her. She must have cum another 10 times during the day. We ordered a pizza to be delivered for dinner and I went to get dressed, Judy said, “don’t get dressed come here.” When I went over to her, she had me sit in one of the dining room chairs and she tied my ankles and wrists to the chair.She said, “don’t worry, I’ll get the door.” She went into the bathroom and cleaned up and about 10 minutes later came out and sat down. The doorbell rang and she turned to me and pinched her nipples and smiled. She went to the door and opened it and stood there in all her glory. The pizza delivery man looked her and just stammered. She took the pizzas and asked how much? She told him to come in while she gets her purse. She walked over to the table and grabbed her purse and went to pay him. He never took his eyes off her nude body, she went back to the door and handed him a $50 bill and he said he had no change for that, she said, “don’t worry keep it as part of your tip.” He said, “part of the tip?” With that Judy got down on her knees, undid his pants and took out his hard penis. It looked like a coke bottle and she started impaling her mouth on it. He started panting and moaning and pretty soon shot his load which seemed to fill her mouth. After he finished his pants were still around his ankles, she motioned for him to stay there and she walked over to me tied to the chair and fed me his cum from her mouth. I could not believe how much was there.She walked back over to the young delivery driver and whispered something to him. He looked at his watch and said, “Ok and does it matter how many?” Judy smile and said,”2 or 3.” He smiled and practically ran out of the house.I asked what she whispered to him and she said I would just have to wait to find out. She walked out of the room and went toward our bedroom. I heard her moving some things around in there and talking on the phone. After about thirty minutes she came back out and untied my wrists and ankles and took my illegal bahis siteleri hand and said, “follow me.” She took me to the bedroom and tied me to a chair that positioned in the corner but could see the entire room and then she also put a blindfold on me.About thirty minutes later the doorbell rang. I heard talking in the hallway. I could hear people walk into the bedroom and over by me. I heard a voice go, “wow that is a small cock.” And then a bunch of laughing. I realized it was her sister Sheri. Judy said, “another 10 minutes or so and they should be here.”The doorbell rang again and Sheri said to me, “so are you going to be lucky enough to watch the fuck fest?” I heard another voice say, “Judy may let him, but more important how much fun are we going to have?” I realized Judy’s sister Trish was there too. They talked a bit more about how small my cock was and how they couldn’t believe it. Sheri said, “we better get ready for when Judy and the others come back.”I could hear them undressing. Once they were undressed I heard them get on the bed. I started to here soft moaning sounds and I realized they were playing together. I was about to ask for someone to take the blindfold off of me but before I could I heard voices coming down the hall way.Judy came in the room and said, “wow, you guys couldn’t wait? Well I want you to meet Josh, Steve and Luke, they want to have some fun.” I was thinking she was going to come over and take off my blindfold but she didn’t.I heard clothes being shed and someone started kissing. I could only imagine what was going on. For the next 25 minutes I heard kissing noises, fucking noises and moaning. All of a sudden I heard what I thought was a banshee scream and realized it was sister-in-law and she was now moaning, “I’m going to cuuuuummmm, stick it deeper.” She started panting more and she must have taken 2 full minutes to cum. It only took her another three or four minutes to cum again. Evidently Trish and Judy didn’t want to feel left out because they came almost simultaneously. They all continued to play for the next 90 minutes. I couldn’t believe my married sister-in-law’s were such sluts. I think the women each came 7 or 8 times and listening to them cum made me rock hardToward the end Trish said, “I want to have every hole filled.” Judy came canlı bahis siteleri up to me and whispered in my ear, “I know you can’t see but Trish just took 7 inches in her ass, 8 inches in her pussy and 10 inches in her mouth.” “That 10 inches just split my pussy, wow does she have a smile on her face.” I assumed she did because she was grunting and groaning in ecstasy. Judy whispered back in my ear, “Trish is getting awfully red, I think she is about to have a major orgasm.” Judy laughed about two minutes later and said, “wow, she’s got cum all over her and leaking out of her mouth.” The guys had to get going and good byes were said. Trish said, “wow Judy, I’m glad you talked us into this it was one of the best things I ever did.” Sheri said, “I agree but doesn’t the dickless wonder deserve something?” Judy said, “I guess we could reward him.” She came over and under took me by the hand and led be to the bed. She had me later down and tied my wrists and ankles. She took the blindfold off and my eyes slowly adjusted to the light. I looked at the 3 cum covered women. Judy said, “anyone want to be cleaned to get rid of all of the evidence?” Trish raised her hand and said, “Me, I don’t want Peter to know what I do with my sisters.” Judy directed her to come over to the bed and helped her up. She had her squat over my face and told me to clean it all. I started cleaning all over the inside of her thighs and eventually started darting my tongue into her soaking wet cum filled pussy. She started to get into it evidently as she started grinding into my tongue and you could tell she was starting to get close to cumming with the little gasps she was making because all of a sudden, she screamed, “Oh my God don’t stop.” I didn’t stop and moved even faster. I think her orgasm took almost 3 minutes. She rolled off and laid there and finally said, “ok he has a tiny cock but a great tongue, I think he deserves a treat.” I finished cleaning all three of them and they each came two or three times. They then sat around me on the bed and took turns playing with my cock. Judy said, “when we play with the little smokie, he enjoys having his nipples played with and pinched. He also loves hearing what we have done, we just have to make sure he doesn’t cum for at least an hour.” For the next hour these three played, pinched and regaled me with their personal stories about their sexual escapades. At that time, I was so pent up that I came with force and actually managed to spurt all over them. They promised a repeat performance soon, and I for one couldn’t wait.

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