Milwaukee Cuckhold


Milwaukee CuckholdOne Saturday morning I got an emergency call for a patient that lost a filling. She was a long time patient who I thought was kind of cute but always thought she was a lesbian. I made arrangements to meet her at the office in an hour. As I got off the couch Judy asked where I was going. I said I was going to the office to see a patient as she broke a tooth. usually I do not got see a female patient alone after hours but since I have known her for 20 plus years and thought she was a lesbian I had no problems going alone. Judy looked at me and said, “you’re not going to see a female patient alone.” I told her it was only Linda. She said well I like Linda so I’ll come with.We got to the office and Linda and Judy hugged each other. Linda thanked me a lot for coming in as she didn’t want to have any problems over the weekend. I smiled and said, “no problem, though rates double on the weekend.” she laughed and smiled and said, “don’t worry we’ll work it out.” I took her to the treatment room and got to work. Judy said, “if you need me call me.” I figured she was going to catch up on some of her work. Linda’s problem was simple and only took about 20 minutes. As we were finishing we heard some loud noises coming from one of the other treatment rooms. I started back to see what it was and Linda said, “I’m not staying alone”. As we got closer you could hear it was actually moaning. As I got just outside the room I could hear it was Judy moaning. As we stopped outside the door we could see that Judy had gotten completely undressed and was in the chair using one of her dildo’s working furiously on her pussy. I didn’t know what to say.We watched for a few minutes and Linda smiled and walked in and said, “looks like you need some help.” She dropped to her knees and took the dildo out of Judy’s hand and started canlı bahis siteleri licking furiously at Judy’s very moist crotch. She was really getting into licking Judy’s pussy and Judy was moving her hips up and down and grinding against Linda’s tongue. She started playing with her nipples and moaning louder. She grabbed Linda’s head and pushed it further into her pussy and said, “don’t stop I’m going to cum.” Two minutes later Judy just yells, “yyyyeeeessssss, I’mmmmm cccuuuuuummmminnng.” I hadn’t seen her cum like that in a while. Linda seemed to really being enjoying herself as well.Linda didn’t stop and Judy came 3 more times. When she was done she leaned down and started kissing Linda’s cum drenched face. They were groping each other like a couple of sex starved teens. Judy started to undress Linda and Linda says, “is it ok for him to watch?” Judy said, “don’t worry when it comes to sex he’s useless.” Judy continued to undress Linda and they started to go back at it. Before they got to far, Judy said, “You know we could have a lot more fun at the house.” They didn’t even get dressed and got into the back of my SUV and started going back at it. We only live four minutes from my office and we got home quickly.The two women hurried inside and weren’t even in sight when I got in. I went to check the phone for messages and all of a sudden Judy is calling for me. I went back to the bedroom and they were both naked. Linda had tits that were much bigger than Judy’s and nipples that were bigger and darker than any I have ever seen. It seemed like they stuck out almost an inch.Linda walked into the bathroom and Judy said, “Linda decided you were so nice to fix her tooth today that you could watch, but it has to be like you normally watch.” I looked and said, “what do you mean.” Judy said, “don’t tipobet worry she knows you are a cuck with a useless cock.” Judy had me get undressed and she tied me to the couch. Linda came out of the bathroom and looked and said,”wow that is a small dick.” Judy just laughed and said, “that’s why I have friends with benefits.” Linda said,” a useless dick and man tits what a combo.”They got onto the bed and started going at it again. They were going at it for quite a while using dildo’s and strap ons. They each came 6 or 7 times and were soaked with cum. After about three hours they lay there wrapped in each other arms and were talking and Linda said, “I can see why you have friends, but what does he get.” Judy laughed and said, “once in a while he gets to watch like today but usually he gets to hear about what I have done and I jerk him off once every couple of weeks.” Linda said, “wow and that is enough for him.” Judy said, “he loves to hear I do, and occasionaly I call him at the office and cum on the phone for him.” Linda smiled and said, “I know someone that can come over and play, why don’t we go in the other room and let him wonder.” Judy came over and with her cum filled face gave me a big kiss and said, “have fun, we’re going in the other room.” Linda walked over and rubbed her cum soaked face across mine and pinched my nipple.” I heard the door bell about 20 minutes later and then I heard them go into the bedroom next to the one I was in. For the next two hours I could hear moaning and voices yelling that they were cumming and not to stop. I was hornier than heck. It was getting dark outside and Judy came back into the room and it looked like she had sex for about 10 hours. She put a blindfold on me and said I can listen but not talk.I heard what sounded like 3 or 4 people walk into the room tipobet giriş and they got onto the bed and went to it again. I heard someone say “I can’t believe we’re doing it in front of her husband.” Linda, said, “Don’t worry this is his reward.” For the next two hours again they went at it and came and came.When they were done Judy said, “I think we should reward him by playing with him.” One voice said, “I don’t do penises.” Judy said, “He’s not going to fuck us, his cock is too small, we’re going to jerk him off.” With that she lead me to the bed and had me lay down and I hear, “wow that is a small cock.” Judy said, “let’s fill him in on what we did in the other room, while we jerk him off and play with his nipples, and don’t worry he likes his nipples pinched.”I felt hands all over my nipples pinching and tweaking and Judy’s hand was on my cock jerking me off. They started out taking about the things they did and who was able to take the most fingers in their vagina and one was even able to take a fist. Then they started asking Judy about me and how it got to this. Judy said we got together and she loved me even if the sex wasn’t great. She then recounted how she has always had friends and I didn’t mind at all in fact I loved hearing about her escapades and once in a while she let me watch. She even told them how much she enjoyed calling me at the office and cumming on the phone and telling me what she was doing knowing I could not respond because my staff or patients were around me.Judy kept telling me I couldn’t cum yet, so everyone could keep playing. One of the girls said, “maybe we could have him at one of your parties Linda. Since it is all just a bunch of women and he doesn’t have much of a dick and he does have boobs he could be the sideshow.” Judy said, “that could be a lot of fun.” That was just about too much and my cock exploded with cum just flying. Since I still had a blindfold on I wasn’t sure how far but I know it was all over me and one of the girls goes, “wow, it may be small but it just exploded……………………….

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