Milking Machine Alan


Milking Machine AlanMilking Machine AlanAlan had his sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole… his tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded his mouth and nose. His hands were sliding loose skin up and down a large shaft, milking it. The staff throbbed so hard it seemed to quiver. Vibrations from the special seat he was straddling sent shock waves all the way to his cute toes. Alan and his dad both panted. They both felt so lucky to be with each other.—Alan was a wonderful boy. Red-haired like the rest of the family but with the sweetness of an angel rather than hot tempered. His most startling physical feature was his face. Wide bright deep blue eyes with a small upturned nose. His lips were full and sensual. With his longish hair curling over his ears, Alan looked almost feminine rather than the mischievous boy he actually was. He sometimes wished he had a scar or tattoo or anything that would help him look older and tougher. But everybody loved little Alan just as he was. He got lots of family hugs and was welcome in everyone’s lap. He had just started to get erections and he found himself getting them at the oddest times. When one of his beautiful aunts hugged him, he could almost understand his little cocklet getting stiff, but why did one appear when he got hugs from his uncles?As he finished with daddy, his penis was stiff and felt as if it were on fire. Would he ever be able to fall asleep tonight, he wondered.He thought back to the day his big sister introduced him to this amazing experience with their daddy. It had been only a few months ago while he was in his room playing video games…—Holly: Hey, little brother. Could you pause that? I want to have a little chat with you.Alan: Hey, big s*s. What do you need?Holly: As you know I will be leaving for college in a few months and there are some family duties I need to pass on to you so you can do them while I am away.Alan: What kind of duties?Holly: You were so tiny when mom passed away… (Both started to tear up.) As the older sister, I had to take over some things for mom. Mom trained me to be her replacement and now I’m going to train you.Alan: To do what?Holly: Before I tell you exactly, you must promise me that you will never tell a soul. family secrets stay in the family. You can only talk about this to dad or me. Do you understand?Alan: Sure, but what if I forget and mention it to someone?Holly: Daddy will be taken away from us. Your little school buddy Sammy cries a lot, doesn’t he?Alan: Sammy cries all the time; he is so sad.Holly: Sammy’s parents were taken away and he is now with foster parents. They are mean to him. You don’t want to end up like Sammy, do you?Alan: OH, NO! I won’t tell anybody, s*s! I promise!Holly: The first thing to know is that daddy has something wonderful between his legs. Mommy used to take care of it every night, now it’s our turn. It went inside mom and made you and me.Alan: It did! How?Holly: Don’t worry about that now; I WILL tell everything but right now, dad is waiting for us. Time for your first lesson.Alan: Ok, but I am very nervous, s*s.Holly: We will go very slowly; if you need to take a short break at any time, just let me know.Holly took me by my hand and led me to daddy’s room. Daddy was sitting kırıkkale escort on the edge of his bed wearing his robe. He looked up at Holly.Ben: Does your brother understand?Holly: Yes, daddy. Alan is ready for his first lesson.Daddy removed his robe and sat on the bed with his legs spread. He was naked. Holly grabbed a pillow and dropped it between his feet and knelt on it. Ben: Come over here Alan and stand beside me. (Alan did.)Alan saw his sister pick up something the size of a hotdog from daddy’s lap. It was soft and floppy. Just below it was a small bag with two lumps inside. Holly: Alan, this is daddy’s staff-of-life; you can just call it his “staff” if you like. It is very soft at the moment. Before you can milk it, you will have to get it hard. Use your hands like this. (Holly began to slide both hands up and down the staff slowly.) Be very gentle. Use both hands sometimes or one hand and use the other to cup his balls (she demonstrated). He likes it when you gently blow on it and if you kiss and lick it. Using your mouth helps to get it harder faster. Just watch me for a few minutes.Holly continued for a while until daddy’s staff started getting stiff. Holly: Come here and take my place. Use your hands like I showed you.Alan knelt between his daddy’s feet and followed his big sister’s direction. Ben’s cock continued to erect until the head was higher than the top of Alan’s little head. Alan thought: Daddy’s staff is awesome. It is so long and thick. Much, much bigger than mine. I can’t get just one of my hands all the way around it. I need a two-handed grip to touch my fingers together. The end is the most awesome part; it is much bigger around than the rest of it. It reminds me of a lollipop; a g**** one, since the end is nearly purple. But it is a lot warmer than a lollipop; almost HOT! It is stiff inside but so very soft on the outside.Ben looked at Holly and Holly told Alan to stop so daddy could change position. Ben crawled onto the bed and got on all fours. He moved a pillow under his chest and spread his knees. In this position, his cock hung straight down. It resembled a giant milk teat hanging from a cow’s udder. His balls did not block much of the view since his ball sack was fairly short and his dick was very long. Holly put a towel on the bed under the cock head. Alan’s sister got behind her daddy and oiled up the shaft using some baby oil. She rubbed some on his balls and began stroking the staff with both hands. Up and down. When her hands reached the bottom, they were stopped by the oversize head. Up and down. She had Alan take her place after a few minutes. Up and down. Down and up. Alan concentrated so hard he started to bite his lower lip without even knowing it.Holly went to the dresser and got a plastic container of honey. While Alan milked and watched, Holly rubbed one of her fingers on Ben’s asshole and then inside. Holly squirted some honey on her finger and worked it deeply into dad’s asshole. Holly took over the milking motion on daddy’s staff. She leaned forward and licked her dad’s asshole. She made sure that Alan could see exactly what her tongue was doing. Holly stuck out her tongue and stiffened it. She pushed her tongue into daddy’s rear hole. Holly continued to milk his cock and tongue his ass. After a while, kırıkkale escort bayan Holly pulled out her tongue and turned her head toward Alan. She thrust her tongue slowly in and out of her mouth, then rapidly in and out, and then she did circles CW and CCW. Alan’s eyes lit up and he thought: Oh, I see. Holly is doing those thrusty and circley things with her tongue inside daddy. Holly stood up and had Alan take her place. Holly watched for a few minutes.Holly: Dad, is Alan doing OK?Ben: He’s a natural.Holly stayed right beside Alan, giving advice and directions.Holly: before you put your sweet tongue into daddy’s bottom, I want you to learn the best ways to please him with your hands.Alan: Tell me everything.Holly: One thing he likes is for you to quickly jerk your hands up and down just an inch or so. Do that 15 or 20 times in a row, then go back to the slow long strokes.Alan: Is this right?Holly: Listen to the sounds daddy is making.Ben was whimpering and grunting. He was moaning stuff that weren’t words, just sounds. He snorted a few times mixed into his other noises. Alan realized that his dad loved everything he did. Alan smiled while he pleasured his staff.Holly: Keep up the slow full milking but place each of your thumbs along the staff just on each side of the large vein running from top to bottom. Keep milking him slowly but now, kiss the vein between your thumbs. Now put your thumbs back around him and do the quick jerky motion. Now the slow milk… use your thumbs again. Kiss the vein. Lick the vein. Use one hand and put one of your fingers in daddy’s bottom. Slide your finger in-and-out of his hole very slowly. Do the jerky motion with the finger in his hole. Put that finger in your mouth. How does it taste?Alan: It tastes strong and wonderful… just like daddy!Holly: Put both hands back on his staff. Alternate everything I have shown you so far. Holly put her head near Alan’s shoulder so she could see everything. After a few more minutes while their dad continued to moan, Holly decided to add something.Holly: Keep your hands moving but reach up with your mouth and kiss daddy’s honey hole. Now lick it. Alternate between licking and kissing.A few minutes later…Holly: Now put your tongue inside him. Do the little tongue motions I showed you.Alan thrust and spun his tongue inside daddy’s warm hole. Holly: Keep doing everything just as I showed you. If you get tired of one thing, switch to something else. Just don’t stop!Holly could tell that dad was getting close so she had Alan stop and lean back.Holly: Daddy is going to give you his milk in a moment. See this hole at the end of his staff… the milk will spurt out there and end up on the towel. I want you to see it come out; I want you to taste a little of it too. When he yells “I’m Coming”; hold the staff so it is pointed at the towel. It will probably squirt four or five times. Once the squirts stop, daddy still has milk inside and you must get it all out. That’s very important. Move both hands to the top of the staff right below the balls. Squeeze firmly and move your hands downward toward the end. Some more milk will ooze out. Move your hands back to the top of the shaft and milk it again. Keep doing that until it is empty.Alan followed directions perfectly. When the milking was finished, escort kırıkkale daddy moved out of the way. Holly picked up some milk on the end of one finger and put it in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed it. Alan did the same. Holly brought her mouth to the mound of milk and licked and swallowed about half of it. Alan took the rest. Dad took his young son in his arms and gave Alan a warm kiss and hug. He brushed Holly’s shoulder and told her to come back in a few minutes. She nodded.Holly took Alan by the hand and returned him to his bedroom. Holly: Any questions?Alan: Did daddy like that?Holly: If he didn’t like it he wouldn’t have given his milk to you and he wouldn’t have given you a thank-you kiss at the end. Did you like it?Alan: It was amazing.Holly: We’ll give you some more training tomorrow.Alan: I can’t wait!Early the next morning, Holly went into Alan’s room carrying a bulky box. Alan watched as Holly unpacked this curved seat kind of thing and plugged it in. She attached a small two pronged plastic gismo to the top. Holly then sat down on it making sure one plastic thing went into her ass and the other went into her front hole. Holly then reached for a small box and turned it on. After a short demonstration ride, she helped Alan take her place. First she replaced the double pronged dildo with a small single one.Alan: OH, SHIT. OMG. Holly, turn it off! Please, it is shaking my insides. Oh, shit!Holly: Just calm down b*o. It’ll be better in a moment. It did feel better in a little bit. Holly sat beside him and held him upright. Holly rubbed Alan’s back and belly while Alan slowly dropped down further onto the small dildo. Alan had never had a vibrator in him before. His little asshole was sending powerful shocks to his brain. The vibrations caused his penis and balls to jiggle.After five minutes or so, Holly helped him stand. Alan’s legs were so weak, he nearly fell down.Holly: This machine will give you pleasure while you milk daddy. Here is the controller, I had it on “Low” but if you twist it to the right, it will vibrate faster. On “High” you will scream with pleasure, or at least, I do. Let me show you the other attachments. These are different sizes so you can slowly work up to this monster here. This other one has a rabbit feature. The end goes rapidly up and down. It will really stir up your insides. Alan: How deep should I take it?Holly: As deep as you want. Tonight, I need to show you some new things when we milk daddy but I want to do something now I have wanted to do for some time. Do you want to please me with something?Alan: Sure!Holly had Alan stretch out on the bed. Holly first kissed her little brother’s mouth and slowly kissed down his soft body. She stopped at her brother’s nipples and worked on one with her mouth while gently squeezing and pinching the other. Holly ran her tongue back and forth over each nipple until Alan cooed. Holly kissed down to her brother’s little penis. She licked it and sucked it. She tongued it until Alan jerked and thrashed about. By the time Holly left for college, the siblings had explored each other with tongues and fingers.That night Holly taught Alan to take blast after blast of their dad’s sweet milk directly into his mouth. Alan’s belly got so bloated with milk; he had to fall asleep on his back.By the time Holly returned for Christmas break, Alan was prepared.Alan: Are there other things you do for dad? Teach me.Holly: It will be my pleasure! While away at school, I purchased a strap-on for me.Alan: What is that?Holly: (Laughing…) you will find out tonight!The End

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