Midnight Diner


Midnight DinerHi there my name is Casey and I am a typical student, I work hard during the day studying and hard at night at an American diner in the local leisure park. I don’t mind the job, but it is definitely a sexist job, I am expected to wear bright red patent red high heels and a short red mini skirt that just covers my butt, the typical white shirt tied up across my chest showing off my flat stomach and shoulder length hair perfectly straightened with a little diner paper hat. Basically like a little tart, its so degrading waltzing around all the guys staring at your tits or arse always thinking they can grab you and touch you whenever they want.My boyfriend Jaime hates me working there which is why on the nights I am on lates and lock up duty he often comes down to shoot some pool with his buddies. Tonight was no different bang on 11 he pulled up on his motorbike. I loved watching him get of his bike he has the tightest arse when in his jeans and he always wears a tight white t-shirt to show of his strong upper body. He has the most gorgeous short floppy hair which feels amazing when you run your hands threw it in the heat of passion.As he came into the diner I was pouring a beer for the last group of lads on the end table, I glanced at him and smiled and he gave me a sexy little grin back and headed towards the pool table.Another half hour passed and I managed to get rid of the last table and flip the closed sign across, I walked over to Jaime at the pool table as he was setting up another rack.”Come on then Casey me and you, quick game before I run you home”I walked around the table in my heels and mini skirt flowing and stood in front of him, he was there in front of me solid as a rock holding his cue. I raised my right hand up and wrapped the fingers around the wood of the cue. My mouth inches away from his, my fingers started to slide up and down the cue as I looked at him.”I have a much, much better idea”Before he could speak I pushed my lips onto his and started to kiss him, our tongues massaged our mouths and our saliva slipped from mouth to mouth. We both dropped the cue and embraced each other. I felt his hand slide down my back and over my skirt, then I felt the heat of his hands on the back of by legs as he slipped it under my skirt and up onto my arse cheek. In exchange my right hand turned ran down his chest towards his groin, as my hand hit is trousers I could feel his semi hard cock growing in his trousers, I started to rub his cock as he gripped at my arse and we kissed. After a few more mins of frantic kissing and groping I pushed my self from his grasp then with both hands on his chest I gently lowered myself to my knees. He looked down at me to see my breasts heaving in my white top and my eyes staring up at him. My hands reached forward and started to undo his belt, güvenilir bahis şirketleri then his button and then his zipper, then there it was Jaime’s nicely cut cock just inches from my mouth. I pulled his jeans to the floor and left them around his ankles. I then ran my hands up the inside of his thighs before my right hand grabbed his cock. I started to wank him slowly his skin sliding up and down his shaft all the time just mm’s from my mouth. Then I kissed the base of his shaft and slide my tongue up its full length before kissing the tip. Then I slide his tip into my mouth, then inch by inch took his full 7inches in me. He was starting to grunt so I slipped my other hand underneath and grabbed his balls, he was so tight and clearly full of cum and ready for me.His excitement grew and his hand came down on the back of my head, I knew what this meant he was going to cum, but it also meant I could be hands free as he was in control. So as one hand teased his balls the other reached underneath me and started to pull my panties to one side so I could start to rub my pussy. Jaime was now really starting to fuck my mouth he was pounding me so much I knew he would be seconds away, then I felt his balls tighten and he started to judder. I rubbed my clit harder as I felt the first burst of hot spunk hit the back of my throat, then the rest jet after jet in my mouth across my tongue, he released the grip on the back of my head so I resumed control. I pulled my lips away and the cum dripped from my lips back onto his shaft I continued to rub his tip as I stuck the tip of my tongue out so he could see the last of his cum land on my tongue. Once I had squeezed the last drop out I swallowed it all down, and licked my lips. With his cock still in my hand I stood up and looked at him, he kissed me again and tasted a drop of his sweet juice in my mouth.As we lightly pecked at each other his hands were gently rubbing my breasts, which by now were as hard as nails. My hand was still stroking his shaft which had gone limp, but I knew my Jaime the first one was always a dress rehearsal and the real fun had yet to come….As we lightly pecked at each other, his hands were gently rubbing my breasts, which by now were as hard as nails. My hand was still stroking his shaft which had gone limp from just ejaculating in my mouth. But I knew my Jaime the first one was always a dress rehearsal and the real fun had yet to come……..I started to lift his t shirt up over his thin waist and expose his naked hard chest and pecks I dropped the shirt to the floor and grasped one of his tight buttocks in my hand as our tongues flicked gently into each others mouths, his arse was so tight and firm, was one of my favorite things about him and essential in all men. I felt Jaime fumble with the back of my tipobet güvenilir mi mini skirt and then the material fell past my legs to the floor. Jaime stopped kissing me and gently turned me around, he put his hands on my hips and lifted me onto the pool table there I was on all fours in front of him facing the wall, my back arched and my arse high in the air. I slowly parted my legs so my red and white chequered thong was clearly on show, and he started to gently kiss my cheeks, his hands were rubbing my buttocks as he started to nibble gently moving closer and closer to my pussy. I felt one of his fingers slide underneath the material and he pulled the panties up so that they slid deep into my pussy, I groaned arched my back and widened my legs further.Then I felt his tongue flicking gently against the lips of my pussy, as his hands stretched my cheeks further apart so he could see so much more. I found myself now balanced on my knees and one hand as the other was rubbing my right nipple threw my bra I felt so sexy and horny and such a bad girl. I could see my reflection in the shop window and we looked so hot together, I got even more aroused. I then felt the material slide out of my pussy and, the thong run down my legs as he started to take it off. Once off he pushed my legs further apart and started to rub my puffy lips with his hands, occasionally slipping a finger into my now very wet pussy. As the excitement grew inside me I found myself pushing my arse back onto his fingers, and as he slide the second one in, I was almost grinding his hand. I felt his hand leave me and looked over my shoulder, to see him climbing up onto the table behind me, his cock rock hard and throbbing, I moved further up the table and pushed the pool balls to one side and they bounced of the cushions, still on all fours I wiggled my arse at him and smiled gently bitting my bottom lip.”Come on Jaime, fuck me you know you want to fuck me “I arched and wiggled again. He was kneeling on all fours cock in hand I felt the tip of it rub up and down against my wet lips, god I wanted him.He pushed about an inch or 2 into me and I sighed with the feeling of his fat cock starting to stretch me, he left it there just teasing. That was it I could take no more I thrust my wet cunt hard back along the length of his shaft.”aaaarghhhh yes thats it now fuck me, fuck me hard”I felt his tough grip on my waist, as he started to thrust harder into me back and forth, our bodies slamming against each other. As he fucked me I felt his hand undo the clasp to my bra, and his left hand run round and grab my breast he squeezed it nice and hard making me push back and arch further.He was really fucking me, so hard so deep, I had reached under by now and was frantically rubbing at my clit.”jesus Jaime, my god your tipobet giriş so fucking deep””You like that babe, you like it when I fuck you hard hey,,,” He slapped my arse and I pushed back again, I did not think it was possible he could get any deeper but it felt like he did. I started to feel my chest get warm and my thighs start to tighten”My god Jaime, Im going to cum, I’m going to….arrggghhh”My finger rubbing hard and his cock pounding I felt myself cum, body shaking and jolting as his cock pushed hard and faster, my knees gave way with the pleasure and I felt his cock slide out of me.As I lay there I heard him drop of the table, then his hands on my ankles, I pushed myself up on my elbows and saw him smiling, he dragged me by the ankles down to the end of the table, my arms flapped out to the side and my body was knocking the pool balls all over. He closed my legs together and raised them in the air so both my legs were sitting on his left shoulder, all I had left on were my red high heels that looked so cute next to his stern face. He was looking down on my tits and I started to touch the nipples and smile at him, then I felt his cock push hard against me, as my legs were closed I was so much tighter and it felt so good as he pushed all the way in. Now long slow deep strokes, back and forth, he was slowly getting quicker with each stroke, he was kissing my ankles and my calfs, and my body was fully arched neck back and I was grabbing at my breasts pushing them together. His pace got faster and faster, he pulled me closer and was now fucking me for all his worth, beads of sweat running down is muscular body his arse clenching with each push.” cum for me baby, fill me up””Ahhh shit yeah I am so gonna cum””Cum in me this time please” I said as I tightened my walls “Cum in me now you bitch”His eyes opened and we glared at each other, I know thats his big green button was to call him a bitch and he explodes, he loves it.He grabbed one of my legs and and flipped in on his other shoulder, legs now apart he fucked me like a sledgehammer pounding away, he started to pant”yes yes im coming baby””just do it bitch” I said smilingThen I felt it, that last push the warm feeling inside my pussy of his hot spunk hitting my insides, he ws jerking hard and pumping and his cum was still shooting into me”Yes oh god Casey, yes your so damn sexy”As his last drop of cum hit me, my legs dropped to the sides, his cock slipped out of me with ease and he put his arms out. I grabbed them and he pulled me up. We kissed deeply and passionately for a few moments, both of us feeling so happy to have each other.We came to our senses and scrambled our clothes together giggling and laughing as we left the Diner and locked up. I climbed on to the back of his bike, and we headed home. The feeling of power as I held on to him and the bikes engine roaring between my legs I was so glad I had left my panties off as I could feel his cum running down on to my thigh and I smiled and squeezed him tighter.Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/JustKinky69 for live updates of stories and adult pics daily

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