Michelle and the Mistress


Michelle and the MistressGloria was on her hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor when her daughter, Mitch walked in. “Hey Mom where’s my knickers. ” Mitch said.Gloria squirmed as her mind flashed back to doing the laundry wash this morning. She had found a pair of Mitch’s cum soaked knickers in the basket as she sorted the dirty laundry in to piles. She had put the wet panties to her nose and sniffed. Oh the smell of teenage pussy. She had become moist between the legs, her nipples stiff, as she thought about licking the wet spots. Tentatively the tip of her tongue touched the wet spot. The sweat and pussy juice stained panties smelled like honey drawing her to her kinkiest thoughts. She had sat on the bench legs spread one hand holding the knickers to her face the other hand down her denim cut-offs rubbing her pussy until she had cum squirting in her own knickers. “The washing is hanging on the clothes line.” “Mom I don’t have any clean panties. Can I borrow a pair of yours?” Mitch asked mischievously. Gloria turned around to look at her daughter. She was shocked to find her 16 year old daughter standing there naked. The girl was an athlete with a firm lean muscular body, C cup breasts and neatly trimmed pubic strip above her clean cut pussy lips. She licked her lips. Mitch moved forward focusing on her mother licking her lips. Mitch knew what she wanted. Her mothers tongue on her pussy. “Mom? Please. I wanna wear the skirt and tank top I got the other day. ” Her mother had watched as she tried the clothes on in Kmart dressing room. The girl was either an innocent or a big flirt. She had turned away bent over as she had pushed the waist band of her knickers down her muscular thighs. The gusset had peeled slowly from her moist pussy lips exposing a glistening slit and little brown rose bud. Gloria had been horny as hell after Mitch had tried on 4 pairs of knickers repeating the same removal technique, making an pendik escort excuse to go to the toilet in the mall to rub one off while her daughter continued trying on clothes. “I can’t wear the short skirt without any knickers! What would the school mistress say.” Probably want to lick your slit like I do her mother thought. “Wear the black pair ” Gloria instructed. “Yes mom” Mitch responded. I will get the red thong she thought. Mitch had gone to school late of course and been texted to report to the school mistress, Mrs Sloan. Mitch pulled the front of her top down exposing more of her cleavage, pulled the skirt up until the hem line was just covered her red thong and walked in.”Sit down please Michelle. We need to talk about your tardiness” Mrs Sloan said as her eyes focussed on the young woman’s stiff nipples pressing against the taut fabric then drifted down between her legs seeing the gusset of the red panties. Mmm I would get on my knees and lick that pussy till the little tease screamed in orgasm thought Mrs Sloan. “Yes Mrs Sloan” Mitch sat down making sure to leave her legs spread wide enough to give a good view. You can come and eat my pussy Mistress then you can suck on my strap on dildo before I fuck your mature pussy for as long as I want she thought. Looking at her back pack. “Michelle please behave more lady like. Close your legs and pull your skirt down a bit. ” “Yes Mrs Sloan” Mitch stood with her feet together turned around and pushed her skirt to the floor as she bent over, her hands on the floor she then twerked her bubble butt. Looking through her legs she saw the teacher come round her desk. Time to take charge. She stood upright moved back to the desk , Mrs Sloan now stood facing her. Mitch reached out with both hands and ripped open the blouse that contained two deflated saggy 40year old breasts. “What are you doing?” “Shut up Mrs Sloan. Get on your knees and lick my young slit” Mitch escort pendik grabbed a handful of the neatly coiffed hair on top of Mrs Sloan’s head and pulled her face to her red panty covered pussy. Mrs Sloan did not protest. In fact she willing moved her head toward the young school girl’s slit, her long tongue coming out in anticipation. She had told her husband about this woman at school who she had dreamed about having sex. She did not say it was a student and that it was her who would be the submissive slut licking her pussy, sucking the big strap on dildo before impaling herself on it, as the girl sat in her chair giving her instructions. “Mrs Sloan. I will call you slut is that to your liking?” Mrs Sloan did not stop licking the young girl’s red panties. Michelle spread her legs wider. Watching as the mature woman nodded her head. “Pull my panties off with your teeth Slut.” Mrs Sloan moved her mouth to the waistband, Michelle assisted her by thumbing the band away from her flat six pack stomach, her teeth held the waistband of the red panties as she moved her head back, Michelle lifted her firm butt, watching her mothers panties go down her long legs. “Now did you do what the note said slut? Stand up remove your clothes.” “Yes Michelle” Mrs Sloan removed the ripped blouse then her knee length skirt. She stood in her pantyhose and high heels. “Where are they Slut?” Michelle demanded. The horny mature slut turned around with her back to Michelle and bent over her hands on her ankles. In her asshole was a little steel butt plug with a sparkling glass stone on the end. “Very nice Slut. Now where is the big strap on dildo.” Mrs Sloan some how knew to point to the drawer while still bent over exhibiting her big fat ass adorned with the sparkling butt plug. Michelle could not believe her luck with this mature woman as she pulled the drawer open to find the foot long life like dildo attached to a leather harness. pendik escort bayan “Slut you have done what I instructed.” Michelle said as she stepped in to the harness and adjusted the straps to fit snuggly on her taut figure. “Slut assume the position.” Mrs Sloan was bending over her desk with her hands pulling big ass cheeks apart with in seconds eager to please her young lover. Michelle put the gusset of the pantyhose between her thumb and index fingers of both hands and ripped a big hole in them for access to the prize. Michelle moved in behind her. Pressed the head against her pussy lips moving the head up and down the wet lips before pushing the large head in, parting the milf pussy lips. “Fuck your slut rough and hard Mitch” Mrs Sloan whimpered as she felt herself being impaled by the monster cock. Mitch grabbed the woman’s love handles and thrust the fake cock in up to the hilt. “Ommph. Fuck ..! ” Mitch withdrew the shaft until only the head stretched the slut’s flaps apart, rammed the cock all the way in, again and again. Her hands gripping the sluts flesh tightly as she fucked her hard and fast. The mistress moaned loudly as her trouble some student fucked her horny cunt. “Shut up Slut do you want the whole school to know your a submissive rug muncher?” “No Mitch.” After a few more thrusts Mrs Sloan was moaning loudly again. Mitch looked at her watch and saw that her appointed time was up. “”Times up.””Wha.. ! I was so close.” The mature slut protested. “Tough” Mitch pulled her skirt back on and tidied her top. “Come to my house slut we can carry on there.” “But what do I wear now? You ripped my blouse and stockings. ” reality hitting Mrs Sloan it was only 11am, what would she wear for the rest of the day. Mitch handed her the jacket that matched the skirt. “Remove the bra. Pull the skirt up to your waist I will put a clip in the back” Mitch ordered. She left the school mistress with her matching skirt and jacket with black high heels. Naked underneath with the plug in her butt. The strap on fake cock was now in Mitch’s back pack. She couldn’t wait to get home and try it on her mother.And what would happen when the slut knocked on the door?

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