Megaton Meddlings [FM][Apocalyptic][Fallout][Fanfi


Megaton Meddlings [FM][Apocalyptic][Fallout][FanfiThe way to Megaton wasn’t far at all, but with how exhausted Jacob was each step felt like two. His thoughts were already circling around the question when he could make time to return, Amata’s voice and face still vivid in his memory.He gave the beggar a bottle of water, greeted a few Megaton citizens and heard the voices chattering around him, but his mind was only half there as he closed the door behind himself, eager to catch up on sleep and just do nothing but think for a while.Wadsworth was on the ground, deactivated like he had left him days ago to swap out a faulty switch that led to him telling the same joke over and over. And yet there was something in the house -someone – that didn’t belong.”Someone there?!” he called out, feeling stupid right away because it was his house and he had locked the door. To his surprise he immediately got an answer.”It’s me, I’m upstairs!” It didn’t take Jacob more than a second to put the voice as belonging to Moira, his heart making a little jump and sinking at the same time. He could already picture the cute weirdo sitting in one of his chairs sipping on his whiskey as if they all belonged to her while she was undoubtly coming up with more plans for the second edition of her Wasteland Survival Guide.He walked up, shaking his leather jacket off his shoulders and throwing it on the shelf before entering his room. There she was, dressed in her usual work clothes that emitted the faint but lovely smell of machine oil. It was a smell he could never get enough of, clear evidence of the hard work she put into everything she did, be it boiling coffee or building bottlecap mines.”What are you doing here?””Couldn’t sleep, thought I’d come over. You weren’t here so I made myself comfortable and waited. Now you are here.”That was all her, ending her sentences with these unnecessary and obvious illegal bahis remarks as if they needed to be said.”I am.” Two could play at that game he thought as he sat down on his bed.”You went over to the vault, didn’t you? Met that old flame of yours?”Now she was getting weird, but he couldn’t help but smile thinking back to the night.Moira apparently saw the glare in his eyes, “Oh.” being all she said for a second. He immediately felt bad, after all they had shared more than just one night in places all over the wasteland and now all he could think of was the spoiled vault brat that had never seen the wasteland so far.”I’m, I’m sorry.””No, why would you? I’m happy for you. However I came over here to have sex and you won’t weasel your way out.” While she said that she had already walked over to him and he noticed her shirt was already open, exposing that set of breasts he had grown to love so much.”What? No, Moira, we can’t…””Nuh-uh, I said you won’t weasel your way out of this. You men are all the same, acting all monogame and moralistic when all we need is half an hour of your attention.” She pressed a finger against his chest, playfully pushing him down before she was on top of him, shaking her shirt loose and locking his hands behind his head, forcing him to stare at those perfect tits of hers. “She doesn’t have to know, and if you bring her over I promise I won’t get in the way. I understand she has your heart, but she can’t be here all the time so you better don’t push your wasteland slut away now that she needs you.”He sighed. “You’re not just my…”Her finger on his lips stopped his sentence. “… But I want to be. I need you, you are the only one who doesn’t think I’m crazy and stays clear of me.””Sorry to tell you, but you are crazy.” He said it with a mocking smile, his gaze running down to her breasts and the hard nipples, enjoying the slight wiggle with illegal bahis siteleri each movement.”Completely nuts, eh?””Completely.””There was a time when you loved that about me.””Still do.””Well then, show me you’re still that guy walking through minefields, getting shot at by snipers and raiders in an old Super Duper Mart just to get in my pants.”Jacob wanted to complain that hadn’t been his main reason for helping her with the book, but then he sighed and admitted to himself that it had been.Moira sensed his resistance dwindling and smiled. “That’s more like it. I can’t believe I have to convince you to fuck me now.”She started pulling his clothes off, his old sweatshirt, the dusty tough pants and his underwear, then she got up, her ass turned in his direction so he could marvel at it while she pulled down her own pants. Then she was back on top of him, running her fingers over his dick that still had a hard time to get hard.”Hm, she really did a number on you, didn’t she?”It felt so weird that Moira knew he’d fucked someone else but rather than being angry she seemed to find it amusing, a little bit exciting even.The thought vanished when Jacob felt Moira’s lips on his dick, her tongue swirling around his tip while her hands slowly stroked his shaft. Their eyes met and he could see she smiled innerly, even though her lips were still locked around his now fully hard dick. She pulled back just a second, whispering: “She do this to you?” before getting back down, taking him as deep as she could.Jacob shook his head and that smile was back in her eyes as she left his dick to crawl up until she was on top of him, their lips meeting in a long kiss while her hips were grinding against him. Her lips by his ear now she whispered: “You are so cute with that confused boner and that look in your eyes.”Before he could answer her hand went down, guiding him into her and canlı bahis siteleri filling his mind with images of all the places they had seen together, broken places that contrasted so well with her pure beauty and played so well along with her impure demeanour.He grabbed and pulled her down, thrusting up his hips while pressing her ass down and watching her eyes take on that look of surprise he loved so much. It was like she never expected it to feel as good as it did, but then quickly embraced as soon memory of past times set in.She grew soft in his arms, letting herself fall and taking the thrusts as they came. He loved that as well, just like he trusted almost no one almost no one trusted him enough to be this relaxed with him. He held her close, let his fingers glide through her hair and down her back while they found their rhythm, a slow paced fuck that felt more like a massage they both desperately needed.Had he thought he wouldn’t be able to fuck again just hours earlier he now couldn’t get enough of it, of her beautiful ass and that cute face distorted by waves of pleasure and her warm breath on his face. He could feel her body tensing up, stiff in his grip and not dampening his thrusts anymore with her back straightened and the hungry look in her eyes replaced by a pleading one, silently begging Jacob not to stop.He didn’t, not when Moira’s head sunk against his shoulder, the shivers ran through her body and her muscles relaxed again. He was close himself, his whole body screaming at him to come already and get it the rest it so desperately needed. He rolled out from under Moira who simply sunk deeper into the bed and stroked his dick the three, four times it needed before his balls seemed to shrink up in an attempt to squeeze all cum still in them out. Still lying next to Moira Jacob shot his load all over her pale ass, draining his balls as much as what little energy he had still left in him before he rolled over to the side.Lazily turning their heads towards each other they smiled, renewing their alliance forged long ago.Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the read! I’m already working on Chapter 3 🙂

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