Megan’s Mardi Gras Fantasy – Pt 8


Megan’s Mardi Gras Fantasy – Pt 8The next morning, I rolled over to find Megan wearing her sexiest white see through bra, sexy garter belt, and luscious brown nylon stockings! I grew hard just staring at her and then moved down between her legs!Instantly, Megan spread her gartered thighs and took him deep into her cunt! She winced momentarily, but then lubrication took over and she was soon hot as a pistol! In no time I arched and drove, spewing hot cum deep inside her! Afterwards, Megan awoke without the slightest recollection of her escapades! She didn’t remember anything after pulling up her dress at the old time photo shop! She asked why she was wearing lingerie and nylons and I explained.Briefly recounting the events of the previous evening, I showed her the photo and simply assured her that she had been just incredible! Finally, he explained, she had changed one last time as a special treat! Then he opened up the morning paper.Megan was famous! She made the headlines, including a full color picture that showed Megan with her dress unzipped and pulled up about her waist! Inside were more pictures! One caught the outline of her breasts just as the dress began to slip off her shoulders! Another showed her with the debutant! The girl’s dress was already off, displaying her sexy corset, garters, and sheer nylon stockings!The article recounted the story of the mystery woman who stripped in a local bar and had sex on a pool table! Then, it continued, she reappeared on the Bourbon Street later that night. There, she and several “accomplices” stripped and had sex with at least 150 men istanbul escort before police could regain control of the crowd! She had again escaped capture!But, the paper noted, the mystery woman apparently took on all comers voluntarily! Though police had eventually been alerted, they had been unable to break through the crowd to reach the women for almost twenty minutes! By that time, the woman had made good her escape.For once, Megan was stunned! She stared at the pictures and listened in disbelief as I read the article!”Yes, Hon! You did it big time last night!”The article went on to describe Megan’s antics with surprisingly graphic detail. “At one point, wearing only a black garter belt, black stockings, and high heel shoes, she dropped to her knees and was assaulted by three men at the same time!”A smile flickered across Megan’s face as I read that.”Sounds like I lived my own fantasy and didn’t even know it!”I chuckled and fondled her garters!”Sounds like you’ve BECOME your own fantasy,” he countered, “and now you DO know it!”Megan playfully pinched his cock!”Watch it or I’ll turn into a pumpkin and you won’t have anyone left to dress up for you!”I ordered breakfast and another newspaper. While we waited, Megan amused herself by teasing guys down on the street! He stood boldly by the window until she was noticed. Then she would show off her breasts and quickly duck away.After a bit, she would edge back into view and see if the guy was still there. At first, we always moved on, but then one hung around and caught sight of her again. In no time, zonguldak escort he spread the word and a group was gathered.”You know, Megan, all we need is for someone to recognize from the papers!” I joked. “You could get arrested right here in your room!”Just then, there was a knock at the door and Megan jumped a mile! Of course it was room service, but this time Megan put on a robe as she answered the door. Then recognizing the same waiter as before, she casually let her robe open up, completely forgetting that she wasn’t wearing any panties!I saw the waiter eyes furtively glance down between her gartered thighs as he set up the meal. Again, he refused any tip and smiled warmly when Megan pulled her robe wide open as if left!I grabbed the paper and found Megan similarly displayed with the headline, “Mystery Stripper Causes French Quarter Riot!” Again the story continued inside and carried some of the pictures as the other paper, with one notable exception!There was actually a picture, blacked out for modesty, that showed Megan kneeling, legs spread, and leaning toward a guy with her face and breasts smeared with cum! The man had his back to the camera, but it was obvious she was about to suck his cock!”Did I look like that?” Megan asked and I nodded.The article was quite explicit about Megan’s episode at the Irish Pub. “Stripping down to black lingerie and stockings, she challenged the crowd to take her and we did just that!””Did I act like that?” Megan asked and I nodded again.”Climbing onto the pool table,” the article continued, “the mystery escort bayan stripper proceeded to participate in oral, vaginal, and anal sex with anyone who wanted it!””Did I really DO that?” Megan asked once more and I nodded yet a third time.”No wonder I’m so sore!” she groaned. “Are you mad at me?””Hell, no!” I hugged her. “It was the most erotic night of my life. And by the way, you took very good care of me, too!”Then I remembered and told her about the money! I explained how she had gotten tips from the men and she wouldn’t believe how much. She mentioned $20 and he laughed. She said $1000 and he laughed again. Then he pulled open the drawer.Megan’s eyes popped out of her head! As I scooped them out onto the bed, there were literally hundreds of bills! You also got a $5,000 check from the No Name Bar for rights to your video tape that you apparently don’t remember. Trust me that it was worth it!Then we set to counting and after the No Name Bar contract payment, the total came to just under $10,000.00!”Oh, my God!” Megan whispered and I grinned at her.”Was I THAT good?” she recovered and grinned back at him!”Even better!” he said stroking her nipples through her bra.Megan slid her fingers down onto my cock and began stroking it gently to an erection. In return, I began fondling her until she was wet with excitement.”What do you want me to do?” she whispered and slid her head down.”Let’s stay another day and find another fantasy!” Megan shuddered with sudden excitement and smothered my cock with her lips! I arched my back and then pulled her up to a kneeling position, thrusting my cock deep into her mouth! Megan moaned and came down, deep throating me as she arched in growing passion. Megan pinched her tits and flaunted them for her pleasure as I forced my cock into her mouth! She swallowed me completely and I came, spewing a torrent of cum into her throat!

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