I was sitting at my desk proofreading the final version of a document Mr. Wasson needed. It was a case Mr. Wasson had an outside attorney handling locally for us involving an actress who had become pregnant. To the company, it was completely frivolous. If the script requires a visible creampie, of course there is going to be cum inside her, which is why all contracts not only require up-to-date STD exams but some form of pregnancy control “of her choice”, putting the responsibility squarely where it belonged.

Minutes ago, I had left a conference in Mr. Wasson’s office between he, the outside attorney (yes, another black man), and me. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize changes to the document. I made the rough changes from his computer as they indicated to me. Of course, after that I was asked to give them an impromptu, grinding, strip-tease to no music … amazing what a girl can learn to do when challenged. After that, I sucked both men to straining erections, and they gave me a rotating spit-roasted fucking as I was bent over a chair back. One would fuck me in the pussy for about a minute, then they would switch and the other man fucked me as I sucked a slimy cock with my own juices on it.

I was now redressed in the outfit Mr. Nolan selected for me this morning. Not only the office slut but mainly Mr. Nolan’s personal 24/7 slut, my dress and availability at the office is less for his enjoyment as it is for the other four executives and bonus incentive for others they choose to include during the day, like this outside attorney from L.A. Today, Mr. Nolan had chosen a colorful dress with floral print in the skirt with blue background and yellow, red, and green splashes of floral design and a solid blue attached top with a bare back and plunging neckline to the waist and consisting of a loop of material crossing at my neck and looping around it. The skirt was pleated and very short. Underneath I wore a sheer blue thong that right now was quite wet from the aftermath of the last fucking. My legs were bare but I wore the ever-present high heels, these were black. The skirt was short enough that I was sitting on my basically bare butt and when I got up would likely leave a ‘pussy kiss’ from my normally, now very, juicy pussy.

I heard the door to the hallway open and glanced up, seeing a very large black man enter, but my focus was on finishing the last sentence of a paragraph and highlighting it to mark my location. I then looked up with my professional receptionist/secretary smile and bright eyes to greet the visitor, when …

“TOMMY!” It was completely unexpected to see him at the executive offices and it was a split second between seeing and believing. I pushed my chair away and scrambled around the side of my reception desk and leapt unabashedly from several feet away into him. At 6’ 6” and 280 pounds, he was a mountain of a man compared to my 5’ 2” petite frame and he easily caught me, my legs and arms wrapping around him, though my ankles couldn’t quite lock on his massive, muscled body.

I kissed him with the passion I had come to honestly feel for him. When I came up for air, I asked, “What are you doing here?” I blushed and quickly added, “No, no … I just mean I’ve never seen you here before.”

He chuckled, “Hey, Lil One.” His hands were on my bare butt cheeks and easily hoisted me up to adjust his hold and allow my legs and arms a better hold. “I have a meeting with the boss.”

I tilted my head at him and ignored, for the moment, the last part of his comment. I gave him a peck of a kiss, my lips pressing quickly to his large lips. “I think I like that much better.”

He looked puzzled, then smiled teasingly, “You mean my hand on your almost bare butt?”

“No …”, I giggled, “… well, yea … I mean, you called me ‘Lil One’ instead of Ms. Collins.”

“I think that’s better, too, Tommy.” My back was to the voice but there was no mistaking the voice of the man I had given myself to.

Tommy turned us sideways so I could see Mr. Nolan, but did not put me down. “Sir, the meeting is not on your schedule …” He laughed as he closed the remaining distance between us and put his hand out to Tommy. They two men shook hands, Tommy shifting my weight to his left arm as he did. One of his fingers moved along the wetness of my thong and he commented on it. I smiled, my attention split between the two men and I quietly confessed, “You know what happens in the office.”

Mr. Nolan asked Tommy, “Ready, Tommy?”

“If you are, boss.”

Mr. Nolan looked at me in Tommy’s arms, my bare back, his hands holding my butt under my very short skirt, and added, “Bring her along. She’s part of this.”

Tommy didn’t put me down until we were in Mr. Nolan’s office where he actually placed me onto one of the chairs gently. Damn, the size and power of that man was like taking a sex-d**g! It felt like my arousal faucet was turned on in my pussy. As Tommy took the chair next to mine and patted my arm d****d along the arm rest, I looked across the desk in front of me at Mr. Nolan and the look of pleasure and amusement on his face as our eyes locked and it was as though I could feel my nipples harden in that instant. The impact Mr. Nolan had on me went straight to my soul.

Mr. Nolan’s demeanor shifted as he turned his attention from me to Tommy. He took a moment to appraise the man next to me, then began reciting something he was putting a lot of emotion into. He told Tommy how proud he was of the job he had done for the company and himself. How highly he was thought of by his team at the local club, how Mark Johnson couldn’t come up with enough positives to fully express how effective his group was performing. Mr. Nolan hesitated and when he continued, he was obviously emotional, something I had rarely seen from him show with another man.

“Tommy, I am always proud for anyone who excels to the extent you have, but, in your case, it feels more personal. I want to thank you. I am struggling with knowing how to fully express it, though.”

I looked to the side at Tommy. It was an amazing thing to watch happen between these two men I respected and admired over any others. To hear Mr. Nolan struggle with his emotions like this, to see this brute of a man blush and become uncomfortable from mere words, and to know the history between them … my eyes welled up and I fought to not let any fall. This was their moment not to be distracted by a reaction from me.

Tommy’s deep voice cracked, “Thank you, sir … I … I don’t know what to say … just … I hope you know I’ll never let you down.”

Mr. Nolan smiled, “From the start I never doubted that. Which is why I have a proposition for you …” My eyes flicked from one to the other like I was at a tennis match. I was watching something amazing happening, but I did wonder what it had to do with me, that this conversation might have been more comfortable without me. Mr. Nolan always has reasons and plans ahead, though. “Tommy, I want to promote you to an executive position to take over security of all our locations but especially the clubs. As you know, I was recently out visiting the other clubs. What I came back with was a realization that there is a need for best practices and common expectations. Your group is the only one I have not found issues with. Whatever you are doing here, I want done everywhere else.”

Tommy studied Mr. Nolan intensely, then, “Sir … thank you, but … I’m not an executive, hell, I don’t even like being a manager …”

Mr. Nolan chuckled, “Hell, I know that. There is an old management theory, the Peter Principal. It basically contends that many people in management are promoted because they do well in their jobs and end up in a position beyond their skill, then fail and everyone wonders why. I don’t intend to do that to you or the company.” Mr. Nolan then laid out what he was thinking for the position. Tommy would have dotted-line responsibility to the other locations, but the day-to-day management would still reside locally. He wanted Tommy to establish what works well at this location, evaluate what the other locations are doing, and determine what best practices could be spread throughout the organization. He would still have this club as his but to succeed he would need to find a way to get the other locations to respect and follow him the way they do here. He wanted Tommy to use the open office here to work with me in documenting those practices, procedures, and expectations. The pay, benefits, and privileges would all follow with the position. “Tommy, I know this might sound like a stretch to you, but I need this to happen and I really do believe you are the best man I could find for it. I’ll always be available if you need to bounce issues around, but you can lean on Megan, too. She’s amazing when it comes to taking ideas and thoughts and putting them into documents.”

Tommy looked at me and I beamed back at him and nodded. This was amazing. Now I understood why Mr. Nolan had acted the way he had earlier. From where Tommy came from and where he was now and was heading … he had proven himself to a very demanding executive. Tommy looked from me and my smiling, encouraging face and back to Mr. Nolan. “Sir … I … wow, I’m beyond knowing what to say …”

Mr. Nolan leaned back, “Well … you can say, yes, but … I’ll sweeten the offer.” He flicked his eyes to me briefly, then back to Tommy. “Megan.” Me? What about me? “Tommy, you’ve not only proven to me that I can completely trust you, but you have to Megan, too. Megan completely trusts you. She has no reservations about you. Tommy, I know her and that is huge.” I was still confused about what he meant by sweetening the offer with me. “You know what happens in the office with her. You’ll be a part of that, too, of course. But …” he looked at me, “… unlike the others, I can trust you with her away from the office … when I don’t need her.”

I still gave Tommy my full radiance of encouragement in my smiling face, but I was conflicted by what Mr. Nolan had just said. Tommy accepted, Mr. Nolan looked very relieved, and I stood to give Tommy a big hug. Mr. Nolan broke out his bourbon and we toasted Tommy and our new relationships.

Mr. Nolan suggested a demonstration of their new agreement to working closer together. He had that look in his eyes I have seen when he wanted to introduce me to something new in my slut learning. I couldn’t help but smile in anticipation of what that might be. He poured another splash of bourbon into our glasses and after another toast to our success, I enquired what kind of demonstration he had in mind.

“I was thinking that a DP would be very fitting for the three of us.”

I know my face sagged and mouth dropped. I looked at him, then at Tommy. I shook my head, not so much in immediate refusal but in disbelief. “With both of you?!?” I looked at Mr. Nolan and his expression hadn’t wavered. “You’re serious? You two at the same time might split me in two.”

Mr. Nolan shook his head sadly saying, “I guess you’re just aren’t slut enough …”

No fucking way was he getting away with that hanging out there. When I turned to respond, I say his mouth struggling to keep the corners from turning up. I rolled my eyes and smiled at being caught. He knew I would bahis firmaları do anything to satisfy him in whatever he wanted; I had turned into that kind of woman for him. And, it was for him that I put my energies into for these challenges he put before me. He knew I would do it despite my hesitation about how it would feel. God, Tommy stretched my pussy every single time we’ve fucked. And, Mr. Nolan … he was the other biggest cock I have known. How would this happen?

I sighed but my demeanor changed to determination. I reached to the back of my waist and released the clasp and zipper that held the whole outfit together, pulled the waist up to get the crossing straps over my head, then shimmied the dress over my hips. I pushed my sodden thong down and dropped both on the chair I had been sitting on. Both men smiled, relaxed and comfortable, pouring a bit more celebratory bourbon into their glasses as they leaned against the edge of the desk and I settled on my knees before them lowering and removing their shoes, pants, and underwear. I looked at the two flaccid cocks hanging from the two men I trusted and desired most. I pushed away thoughts of ‘how can I’ to be replaced by the many thoughts of the pleasures I have reaped with them inside my body.

I had been sucking, licking, and stroking both cocks for minutes when Mr. Nolan tapped me on the head and suggested that I get the tube of lubrication from my own desk. I looked up at him with my tongue glide up the length of Tommy’s massive cock. I knew he had a tube in his desk. I knew exactly where in his desk it was, just like where tubes of it were in each of the offices, the breakroom, and the conference room. He wanted me out in the main office naked knowing that Mr. Wasson still had the consulting attorney with him.

I stood, lightly stroking both cocks, and left them with a light kiss on the lips before turning and doing exactly as Mr. Nolan directed. Exhibitionism was just a part of my life, now. From being made naked in the office and at Mr. Nolan’s home to wearing absurdly exposing clothing and flashing my pussy or thong almost every time I got out of a car or sat in a chair if I wasn’t ever-vigilant by how I held my legs. It still sent a little shiver through me and an accompanying blush, which Mr. Nolan enjoyed seeing very much.

Still in my heels, I moved quickly to the door and closed it again behind me since the men were half naked. I just stepped behind my desk to open the upper right drawer where my tube of lubrication was located (for easy access) when Mr. Wasson and his guest came out of his office.

“There you are, Megan.” He didn’t even bat an eye when he encountered me naked, but his guest certainly did, despite the fact he and Mr. Wasson had spit-roast fucked me earlier. “How is that document coming? We’d like to get that finalized before he leaves.”

“Of course, sir. I am working on the last few paragraphs and it will be ready for you. Sorry, sir, I got sidetracked …”

He chuckled, “We can see that, Megan.”

I sat on my chair and scooted it up to the keyboard, jiggled the mouse to wake up the monitor, continued reviewing the last paragraphs from the place I had marked earlier when Tommy arrived. They both stood on the other side of the monitor watching as I completed my review. And, they weren’t watching the monitor from there. When I had completed my review, I sent a copy back to Mr. Wasson’s computer and set it to the main printer for two copies. I briskly walked in my heels back to the printer/copier room, retrieved the copies, and handed them to Mr. Wasson. His guest thanked me for the quick effort and put out his hand since he’d be leaving soon. It seemed so strange to be formally shaking his hand after having sucked his cock and while standing naked before him, but such was my office life.

When they turned to return to Mr. Wasson’s office, I quickly turned to Mr. Nolan’s office. I entered with an apology, “Sorry, sirs, I was asked by Mr. Wasson to finalize that document so …” Then I remembered, “Damn …” I spun around and returned to my desk and came back holding the tube in my hand and a blush spreading over my white body. They both chuckled.

Tommy chuckled, “An interesting office you run here, Lil One.” I smiled at hearing my new nickname. “I think I am going to enjoy stopping into the office more than I originally thought.” I smiled at him and looked at Mr. Nolan who was giving me an approving nod.

I spent more minutes returning their softened cocks to hardness. Then, I stood before them ready. But, how?

Tommy put his hands out toward me and I was relieved, I admit. I had not yet tried to get Tommy into my ass and I didn’t want this to be the first time during a DP. I kicked off my heels and stepped up to him and jumped. He caught me while my momentum was still upward and easily lifted me the rest of the way to be above his cock. I positioned it and slowly sank over the head.

I gasped and moaned with the head penetrating me and each inch of his cock as I worked it up and down to take more of his twelve-plus length. While I worked my pussy down over that magnificent cock, my mind had lost the presence of Mr. Nolan, something I didn’t know was possible for me, until I felt his fingers at my asshole with lubrication pressing against the tight opening. His single finger seemed tight as he pressed the gel into my ass, came out, and returned with two fingers and much more gel. He pressed one and two fingers through my opening, pushing the gel as far as his fingers would reach. I was clinging to Tommy’s neck with his hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart as he held me, and my pussy nearly fully impaled by his cock.

I felt Mr. Nolan’s hand on my back, then his lips as he kissed it. “You trust us?” I nodded back emphatically. Of course, I did. Both of them completely. “We’ll go slow. Tell us when to pause. Tell us when to fuck.” I nodded and buried my face into Tommy’s shoulder. I told myself I had to relax and help. I knew what to do for them. I just never imagined trying to do this with these two.

He pressed the head of his cock against my constricted asshole and it felt like there was no hole to push into. I consciously talked my way into relaxing, breathing, and pushing to assist in opening up for him. I could feel every micron of stretching as his cock pressed against my opening. Tommy had me already feeling so full … I breathed deep and slowly exhaled into Tommy neck and relaxed that hole. Unbelievably, the head popped through my sphincter. I cried out at the sudden penetration of another big cock. It felt like I was being torn apart. Anal with Mr. Nolan wasn’t new. We’d been doing it since the second weekend, but this … God, this was so much more. He never felt so big inside me, even the first time, at least by my memory. I put my hand back against him and he immediately stopped moving. I almost couldn’t catch my breath, it hurt so much combined with the fear from the sense of being torn apart.

I gasped and whimpered as I clutched to Tommy neck, my mouth pressed against his muscled, black shoulder. Tommy kissed my neck and softly asked, “You okay, Lil One?”

I gasped, “Okay? Okay … yes … no … yes … God … you … two … are … so … damn … big … yes …”

I pulled up slightly with my arms and felt Tommy’s cock slip in my pussy and Mr. Nolan’s in my ass slip to the edge of leaving. I gasped and mumbled, “More … more …” I dropped several inches and both sank back into me. I cried out, again, but now … now the searing, ripping feeling was subsiding. I raised up an inch and dropped several inches. I cried out, again.

With my face pressed into Tommy, I told Mr. Nolan, “Now, sir … now … bury … yourself … all of you.” He did. In the moment of my voice, he stood erect and thrust up and it felt like he buried his cock into my bowels. I cried out, again, but this time, “OH … FUCK, YES! Fuck me … you … two … please.” I gasped, panted, and grunted around increasing moans and groans. “Oh … yes … yes, yes, yes … I … I … I’m … there!” I erupted into orgasm. This time when I had the sense of splitting in two, it was from the delicious, overwhelming feeling of exploding. And, I did explode.

The men slowed as I quaked through my orgasm. When it slowed, I sagged back into Mr. Nolan gasping but my face was all smiles and exhaustion. I craned my head to reach Mr. Nolan and he kissed me hard and passionately. I then pulled up to Tommy and did the same with him. I was virtually sitting on two big, black cocks. I smiled a wicked smile and Tommy gave me a quizzical look and I heard Mr. Nolan ask, what?

I said, “Press your hips together.” They did despite the strange request. “Press hard and let me go.” I removed my arms from Tommy and they looked at each other questioningly. I felt their hands slowly leave my ass as they pressed together harder. I put my arms out, my legs still squeezing Tommy’s waist. I waved my arms and shimmied in place like I was dancing. I truly was sitting on cock, but it must have strained them. As they laughed at my antics, their hands grabbed me, again, and they resumed fucking my two holes with a greater sense of urgency. It wasn’t long before the three of us orgasmed close together.

I still marveled at the woman Mr. Nolan had enticed out of me. Mr. Nolan and Tommy weren’t the only fucks for me during the day, but it was definitely the most extreme. And, yet, when I leaned back at my desk to take a breath after completing the latest task, it gave me pause. I was fucked well several times and once extremely so and I am still able to switch gears and be a functioning secretary? It wasn’t that I turned on and off my appetite or willingness for sex. When I would hear one of the executives utter the words ‘Megan, do you have a minute?’, my nipples hardened and my pussy flooded. Even after when my mind and body were still buzzing, I would gather myself, cleanup in the restroom, and begin work. Even with my body buzzing with sexual adrenaline.

Maybe it was that thought that about mid-afternoon I realized I still hadn’t shaken a nagging feeling from the meeting with Mr. Nolan and Tommy. I wasn’t sure what had happened when Mr. Nolan essentially made Tommy a co-conspirator of my body. I was also sure I probably shouldn’t question it. I was his slut, after all. Part of being his slut was always clear to me that I would be shared with other men and I have been, the office being a prime situation, the VIP room entertainment, and certain of his friends. Why did that action from him feel different? Why was I putting emotional time into it?

I stood up from my desk, smoothed out my dress, which once again had taken a beating during the day. I walked the short hallway to Mr. Nolan’s office, leaned into the open door and knocked on the jam.

“Sir, do you have a minute?” I almost smiled at how familiar that sounded to me.

He looked up at the sound of my voice with a smile and, “Of course …”, when his eyes took in my slack face and slumped shoulders. “Something wrong, Megan?”

I stepped across his office to my usual location in front of his desk with my eyes down and focused on nothing but a spot on the desktop. “Sir … I … I don’t understand …” I looked up and he swiveled his chair to the side and tipobet güvenilir mi put his arm out for me. I had a totally inappropriate feeling of needing consolation from ‘daddy’. I sat across his lap and his response was interesting. He could never have avoided my bare thighs as the short skirt bunched up when I sat on him, but this time one arm was around my shoulder and the other securing me around my waist. He asked, again. “Sir … it’s probably inappropriate for me to question you but …” I took a breath, “You gave me away? Did I do something … or not do something?”

He chuckled and pulled me close, “Oh … that’s what this is. He kissed the side of my head. “My sweet, slut. That’s what this is about?” He pulled me tight to his strong body and gently stroked my bare upper arm. “My sweet slut, Megan. I’m not giving you away to anyone, I’m sharing you with the best man you know.”

“Not the best man, sir, that’s you.”

I felt his chuckled deep in his chest. “Thank you. I guess I can honestly say that because I know how much you think of Tommy and he you. I was the one who put you two together, remember? I had a feeling Tommy could take you over the top for you slut journey. I was right, too, wasn’t I, #EclipseGirl?” I giggled and nodded. He lifted me away from his body to look me in the eyes and I found a profound gentleness reflected there that gave me pause … a good kind of pause. “I wondered if I should have mentioned that to you ahead of time but …” He tilted my face up with a finger under my chin and kissed me softly on the lips. And, my pussy flooded. God, what a slut. I wanted to feel him inside me so badly. “I should have explained this before.” Actually, no. Actually, he didn’t, so … He shifted me off his lap and I looked down at him. “I have to stay for a conference call in an hour.” I nodded. It was on his schedule. “Call a cab and go home. We have plans tonight.” He smiled at me. “No, I didn’t put that on my schedule, either.” Surprises, today. “Before we left home this morning, I left some things for tonight in the bedroom for you. Shower and get ready, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” I looked at him puzzled. He swatted my butt to send me off. I smiled as I stepped out his door. Mr. Samuels saw me and distractedly returned the smile.

Once home, I took off my heels and raced upstairs to the master suite. There on the bed was a garment bag. On top of it was a new thong, a jewelry box, and new high heels. I quickly stripped out of the clothes I had taken off and put back on several times already today and jumped into the shower. I knew I had plenty of time to get ready and I used it. I cleaned myself outside and inside, made sure there was no remaining stubble of hair anywhere, then dried and began primping in front of the mirror, my eyes flicking to the open door and the garment bag … the long garment bag and the jewelry box.

I finished getting ready as he went into the shower. I was waiting downstairs when I heard his steps on the staircase. I met him at the bottom of the stairs and said, “Wow, you usually look good, sir, but … wow.” He was dressed in a black suite with white shirt and black tie under his jacket. He looked really good.

He chuckled, “You took the words out of my mouth, Megan. When I saw that dress, I knew it was you.” The gown he surprised me with was a Lindsey Gown of stretch red velvet with a wrap, floor-length skirt that had a split going up to my hip over my left leg, a beautiful open back, and a deep, plunging v-neckline. I saw in the mirror in the entryway that every stride of my left leg exposed me up to my hip. That explained why stocking were not included and the thong rode high on the sides of my hips. In the jewelry box was a string of pearls and matching earrings. I was stunned when I saw them and more so when I put it all on. He stepped up to me and carefully took me into his arms. When he parted to look at me, again, he was shaking his head. “I always thought you were beautiful … but … like you said, wow.”

I smiled and blushed. I never expected anything like this and still didn’t know what was happening. He insisted the evening would be better as a series of surprises. His phone buzzed and he took it from the inside pocket of his jacket. “Aw … the car is here.”

I was about to question that but he was already leading me to the front door. He opened the door for me, turned off the lights of the house, and offered his arm as we exited. Outside was a black, shiny limousine. The black (of course) driver was standing at the rear passenger door. As we approached, he nodded to me and opened the door. “Madam.”

Once I was seated and my gown safely inside the car, he gently closed the door and quickly moved to the other side to assist Mr. Nolan. The driver looked into the rearview mirror and asked, “Directly to the theater, sir?”

“Yes, please.” He turned partially to me. I was overwhelmed by it all and he chuckled. He leaned to me and whispered, “Tonight, dear, you will call me Terry. No sirs or misters.”

I felt like I needed to consciously make sure my mouth wasn’t hanging open. “Yes, sir … I mean … thank you.” I looked at the driver, the car, touched the velvet of my gown, and gaped at Mr. Nolan, “What … thank you for all this … but what …”

He chuckled, again. “I wanted you to know how much I think of you, Megan. I’ve had this planned for a while. I kept racking my brain for something special for this day to celebrate.” I was confused and it showed. “This day five months, ago.”

Still confused, then, “No! Really? The day I accepted to be your …” I glanced at the driver. “Oh my God.” I knew my mouth was hanging open then.

He smiled, apparently getting the reaction he had hoped for. “What do you know about the opera?” I confessed nothing at all. “Neither do I, but we are attending the opening of a very good one … or so I am told.”

The limousine pulled up to the front entrance to the theater as if we had arrived for a red-carpet entrance. Inside, women were all in formal gown like I was. The men were in formal suits like Mr. Nolan with a few tuxes to be seen. He led me by the arm to a VIP area where we were served champagne in flutes.

“Do you attend these things often …?” I was having trouble not saying ‘sir’ and ended up not saying anything.

“Some, I am afraid. But, now … with you, maybe it won’t be so bad.” He smiled and clicked my glass with his. “Most of these people would not approve mixing with someone like me … at least someone whose business is the business I have. Nonetheless, we are very successful, aren’t we? And, the bankers, lenders, and investors here are quite interested in the money aspects of our business. That is the reason I occasionally must find myself at these societal events.”

I hugged his arm with my free one. “There are some looking our way.”

He smiled, “Probably two reasons for that. One, those who know me have not seen you before. It seems to be a ‘thing’ at these fancy socials to know the details of partners and you are an unknown.”

“And let me guess … two, some who know you and what you do are appraising me in the context of ‘the image’ I promote with you.”

He turned to face me, “Megan, it is one thing for us … you … within our business world and our private life but … in this setting, these ‘proper people’, does it bother you … that some might see that image of the small, diminutive white woman and the power black man?”

I stepped up to him and gave him a peck on the lips. “Five months, ago, I accepted what this was. I have never looked back or questioned my decision to be yours … sir.”

This time he gave me a kiss, “See why I wanted to do something special?”

Just then, a tone resonated through the room. I looked up at him and he took my flute and handed it to a roaming server. “It’s time.”

At intermission, it was much the same. This time, however, several couples did approach to say hello to Mr. Nolan and introduction of partners were made. He was right in that success, even his success, drew people to the source. Several of the men were with partners who were much younger and quite attractive. I couldn’t help noticing the women eyeing Mr. Nolan and appraising me. I smiled pleasantly through it all. Interestingly, I didn’t feel threatened, though I couldn’t put my finger on the reason.

When we were alone, Mr. Nolan brought more champagne with a smile on his face I have come to know as the look he gets when his thoughts might not be quite kind. I merely raised my eyebrows and he confessed his thoughts as he led me a bit further from the others.

“Did you notice the looks you were getting from some of the women?” I nodded and almost said I noticed them looking at him, too, but he appeared to have something to say. “You are far too relaxed and comfortable with me for someone new in this circle.” I tilted my head questioningly. “You’re too natural. Surgery and Botox and implants are wonderful things for the woman seeking her prize companion or husband. But, then, they have to continue. They couldn’t see anything on you, yet you stood beside me as though you knew you belonged. Of course, you know that exactly but it isn’t what they think. And, you’ve done nothing to your face, nose, lips, or breasts to enhance your appeal. Except for the mature women here, and many of them are the same, you are an anomaly.”

I held up my flute of champagne, “Well, I’ve been called a lot of things in the past five months, but an anomaly is a new one.”

After the theater, the limousine took us to a very exclusive restaurant. I could tell it was ‘upper crust’ just from the outside. The way we were formally dressed for the theater was not out of place in this restaurant. It was a spectacular meal with wine at many of the courses. The service was such that it never seemed to interfere with our quiet conversation.

Toward the end of dinner, I reached across the table and he gave me his hand. I held it in both of mine. “This has been an amazing evening, sir … Terry. Thank you, for the evening and the sentiment behind it. I wish I had thought to give you something.”

He smiled that bad boy smile, “Oh, but you will.” I smiled back at him. There … he can be without the slut for only so long. And, that felt good, too.

Once back in the car, he turned toward me and we kissed. This wasn’t a peck or soft kiss. This was with the passion and earnestness we often share between us. He cupped my breast as we kissed and a moan escaped my lips. His hand slid down my gown and found the slit on my left thigh and he wormed his hand inside. I opened my legs. We had a lot of room in the back of the limousine so a little shifting was easy and his fingers found my wet thong and rubbed my pussy under it. He pulled inches away, “You’re wet.”

I looked him in the eye, “Always for you, sir.”

He looked at the driver and back to me, “Willing to have an exhibitionistic adventure?” I nodded. I was so turned-on; I’d have walked naked alongside the car if he asked. He turned his attention to the driver. “Robert, is there a time issue for your return?” He said, no. “Take the long way back. Maybe out through the islands. Drive slow.” Mr. Nolan kissed me passionately and his finger found its way under my thong. I moaned, again. “Robert, tipobet giriş are you offended by amorous passengers?” He chuckled and assured us it was not uncommon. Mr. Nolan thanked him and assured him he would make it worthwhile to him. I think Robert began protesting but Mr. Nolan was consuming my mouth and his finger entered my pussy.

He whispered into my ear, “Lean forward.”

I did without hesitation, scooting to the edge of the seat. His fingers worked the zipper at the back of my waist, then eased the straps of my dress off my shoulders, pushing the bodice to my waist. He cupped my breasts and resumed kissing me. The windows were tinted so there was little likelihood of being seen from the outside, but I was sure the driver was taking peeks through the mirror, especially since he had been forewarned. I relaxed back into the luxurious seat and gave Mr. Nolan whatever access he wanted as we kissed but knew the rest of the gown would impede his desires shortly. He fondled my breasts and rolled my nipples between fingers and his tongue came into my mouth like it was about to fuck me. Once again, he had me in a fever of lustful arousal and shortly came quickly as he pushed at the gown bundled at my waist. I raised my hips with my arm around his neck for support and my high heels firmly planted on the floor of the limo. He pushed the gown over my hips, then broke the kiss to pull it down my legs and off. He tossed it onto one of the other seats facing us behind the driver. His hand slid up the insides of my thighs as he knelt in front of me. I looked at him with eyes glazed with lust as I opened my thighs wide for him.

I glanced up at the mirror and saw the driver’s eyes move back to the traffic and road. I smiled as I dropped my gaze back to the approaching face of Mr. Nolan to my crotch. He kissed along my inner thighs to the edges of my very wet thong. His tongue came out to lick over my pussy lips under the thin, sheer material. I moaned and gasped.

“I love the taste of your pussy.” He looked up my body and found my eyes locked on his. “What are you, Megan?”

“Your slut, sir. I’m your cock-slut, your cum-slut, your whatever-you-want-slut.”

“Who else has you, slut?”

“Tommy … only Tommy … but always you first, sir.” He had made his point. I might have been given to Tommy as a slut, but I would always be Mr. Nolan’s slut, always first his. There would never be conflict about whose slut I really was. He dressed me up and pamper me, tonight. But I was still his slut. That’s what this was about. The gown, the opera, the dinner, and limousine were all wonderful, but this, his slut, was where I resided, where I was comfortable and secure. I raised my hips at the touch of his fingers at the waistband of my thong and he removed and discard it, his face returning to my crotch.

I knew my mouth was open as I looked down at this man between my legs. My big, strong, black sir in his fine black suite on his knees between my legs. It was enough to bring an orgasm but I held it back, it would be too quick. I loved the way his feasted at my pussy, his lips kissing and sucking the lips, on my clit, his teeth gently chewing on the lips, his tongue sliding between the lips and driving into the hole. It felt like his big tongue intended to fuck me like the cock I have come to nearly worship daily. My hips rose off the seat when I couldn’t resist the building orgasm any longer.


My naked body shook as wave after wave of delicious orgasmic wonder spread over me with his tongue and lips slowing to a gentle, soothing caress as if his intention was to lap up my flowing juices. When he pulled his shiny lips and mouth from my pussy, his hands slid up my body to fondle my breasts. If it is possible to stumble in merely shifting in a seat, that’s what I did. My body still reeling from the effects of the orgasm, I shifted to the side to take my place on my knees as he moved to sit.

“My turn, sir.” I said it with a wicked, lusty smile on my face and look in my eyes as if I wanted to devour him. In fact, that was my intention. As I began working his belt and slacks, I leaned up to kiss him and taste my juices on his lips and tongue. When I pulled his slacks and underwear down, I was greeted by a mostly hard cock of 10 inches, a cock I not only cherished to have on my tongue, in my mouth, but more so in my other two holes. Mr. Nolan first showed me what it was to be a slut for his cock and only after that to be a slut for other black cocks he presented to me. Of course, the best ‘other’ was Tommy’s. I smiled around his cock in my mouth with the thought, ‘but always Mr. Nolan first’.

I felt his cock throb and twitch, his balls swelling in my massaging hand. I wondered … maybe this was all he wanted … maybe just for me to suck and swallow … only a little exhibitionistic play for the driver. Then, he clarified his intention.

“Not your mouth … not now. Straddle me and face the driver.” He didn’t whisper it by leaning forward or softly say it. He pronounced it so the driver was sure to hear. I was on fire, again. I would follow any direction and this was minor to some of what I have done at the club in front of hundreds of people with pictures and short video appearing on the internet. This was in front of one man, one stranger.

I rose and crouched as best I could in the confines of the car and backed over his thighs. I reached between my legs for his cock when the dome light came on in front and above us. I saw Mr. Nolan’s hand move from the door armrest. He had turned the light on. He had turned the light on to give the driver a better view. I sensed the car slow a few miles an hour as I moved my drenched, drooling pussy hole over the head of the cock and slowly sank down over it, relishing the familiar feel of being stuffed with cock like nobody else but Tommy could match or exceed. As I slowly sank down his cock in one fluid motion, a long, continuous sighing, gasping, moan escaped my mouth as if the filling cock was pushing the air from my lungs.

When my thighs were resting on Mr. Nolan’s, I looked into the mirror and gave the watching driver a weak smile, his eyes flicking back and forth between the road and us. He then shifted the mirror to see lower.

I leaned back to lay on Mr. Nolan’s clothed chest and stomach while stuffed with hard cock. I turned my head and he captured my mouth with his, our tongues doing battle as his hands ravaged my breast, nipples and throbbing clit. I broke the kiss and leaned forward on his thighs, my hands braced on his knees, and began fucking up and down over his cock.

When we climaxed, it was on top of each other and our grunts, gasps, moans and cries filled the close space of the car. In the end, neither of us held back because of the presence of the driver and feeling Mr. Nolan release himself like that before a stranger was even more intoxicating for my release.

It didn’t take long after I cleaned his cock of our mixed juices for him to redress in a fashion of being presentable. Me … I remained naked, not having been instructed to do otherwise. And, I found out why …

“Robert, what is your gas situation?”

“Still a half tank, sir.”

Mr. Nolan smiled at me and a shiver of awareness went through me. “Let us fill it for you.” Robert tried to say it wasn’t necessary, but Mr. Nolan insisted and I think even Robert began to consider what might be coming up. Robert pulled into the Circle K after waiting for a gap in the approaching traffic. He maneuvered to a filling island that seemed furthest from the store entrance and stopped at the pumps. Robert indicated which pump to use after Mr. Nolan made it clear he would not be filling the tank. I shivered, again. As I opened the passenger side door, Mr. Nolan instructed, “Here’s a card to use. While it is filling, clean the windshield for Robert.”

I stepped out, walked as casually as I could muster around the back of the car, naked except for my heels and jewelry. I swiped the card, pressed the ‘credit’ key when questioned, and returned the card to Mr. Nolan who had lowered his window. He gave me an approving smile as I seemed calm about pulling the nozzle from the pump and inserting it into the car and locked the nozzle. I then moved to the squeegee, made sure it was plenty wet and grabbed several paper towels. Being short, I had to lean over the side of the car to reach the middle of the windshield. My naked breast pressed into the window as I pulled the squeegee back and forth, using the paper to wipe the squeegee blade to give a clean surface for Robert to see out of. The store door opened with a ‘ding, ding’ as I was standing at the nozzle as the tank filled. I looked up to find two young men, maybe high school seniors or a year older, stop in their tracks as one elbowed the other and indicated me with his extra-large drink container. I wanted to dive back into the car, but instead used my free hand to wave to them, pulled the nozzle and replaced it back in the pump before tightening the cap and closing the lid. I glanced in the direction of the young men as I rounded the back of the car to find them still standing gaping in the middle of the lot between the pumps and the store. As I opened the door, a smile spread over my face as I turned to fully face them and blew a kiss.

As the car left the lot, I gasped out finally, “I’ve never done anything like that!”

Mr. Nolan pulled me against him and kissed the top of my head, “You’re a natural exhibitionist, dear. That was perfect. What did you think, Robert?”

He chuckled, “That was lovely is what it was, sir … ma’am. Thank you, this has been a memorable assignment.”

When Robert stopped at the front door of the house, he moved quickly to open my door. I was still naked and I gave him an excellent view of my gaping, wet pussy as I stepped out. I reached up and gave the driver a kiss and thanked him. Mr. Nolan didn’t wait and exited the car with my gown on his arm. He stopped in front of Robert and I stepped next to him as he pulled his wallet out and removed two bills, one I recognized as a $50 bill. I knew the actual reported tip would be added to the billing later.

Mr. Nolan thanked Robert, then said, “I said we would take care of you for your discretion.” Robert thanked him, saying it was too much. Mr. Nolan just smiled and added, “Oh, no … besides, that’s just my thanks.” Without taking his eyes from Robert, “Dear, would you like to thank him, too?”

I smiled, stepped up to him and sank to my knees on the concrete surface of the drive. I put my hands on his belt and looked up at Robert and smiled hungrily, “I very much would like to thank you, too. May I?”

Robert looked to Mr. Nolan in shock, definitely not wanting to react wrongly. Finally, he agreed, probably after receiving a reassuring nod from Mr. Nolan. I loosened his pants and lowered them and his underwear to his knees. I looked at his hard cock and smiled, then looked up at him, “My God … I swear … do all black men have big cocks?” He gave an embarrassed smile but didn’t respond. After he came in my mouth after fucking him with my throat, I licked his cock clean and assisted him in redressing as I might do in the office. I retreated back to Mr. Nolan who wrapped an arm around my naked body. Robert handed Mr. Nolan his card and assured him he would make himself available any time he could with a little notice. I smiled. I bet he will.


* * As always, thanks for reading * *

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