Meeting an Old Buddy After Becoming a Gurl


Meeting an Old Buddy After Becoming a GurlWhen I arrived at his house, he was waiting for me in the front yard. I was nice seeing Victor after all these years. His once huge afro is now gone, replaced with a glistening shaved head. His 6’6” frame is still in excellent shape plus a few pounds. Then I remembered how much I used to tease him because his was so dark, I called him “blue-black” but he looked good. Vic welcomed me in the house, and told me how embracing being a gurl suits me. Victor complimented me on my dress, my new feminine figure and how I was “thick” in all the right places. After a couple of drinks, he leads me further inside the house and we went into his dimly lit room, where the only source of light is a paused television. He sat on the bed and grabbed the remote control to un-pause what he is viewing and motions me to sit next to him. I took a seat at the edge of his bed and notice that he’s watching tranny porn. Oh boy. Patting the space next to him on the bed, I moved next to him and rested my head on his shoulder as I was getting more and more comfortable. Quietly we watch the video together, and looking down I can see his bulge begin to swell. He moves my hand from his lap to the growing lump in gaziosmanpaşa escort his pants, getting the hint I started rubbing his package. Eventually, he unziped and I watch his tool flop out. It’s thick 7.5″and uncut dick. I looked at Vic’s dick, and I looked at him. Grinning, Vic said “It’s all yours, Baby.” Coyly, I grabbed his manhood and massaged it as it grew. Stroking his dick slowly. I blushed thinking to myself that I am holding my old friend’s growing meat in my hand. We have known each other for years, but now I was stroking my friend’s cock. What was I supposed to do next?”Kiss me.” He said, and I closed my eyes, leaned over and kissed him like I was kissing someone for the first time. I brush my lips against his, and let him guide our make out session. Soon he’s sucking my lips and our tongues explore each other. I kept stroking him as we make out. Little moans escaping me as he kissed and nibbled on my neck. His beard stubble tickled, but it felt so manly on my soft skin. In the heat of the moment Vic removed his shirt and I start kissing his neck, licking his nipples and kissing his chest. I feel a pressure on my head and realize he has his zeytinburnu escort hand on the top of my head and he’s gently pushing me downwards. So, I kiss his fuzzy navel and hairy belly until I’m all the way down to his crotch. That is where I find his thick hard dick waiting for me. I looked into his eyes, and he looked into mine. In my softest girly voice, I jokingly ask “What do I do with it?! Am I supposed to put it in my mouth ?!” Looking in his eyes, he nods with approval. I grabbed his dick and licked little swirls on the tip.Right away he moaned and closed his eyes. Wanting to please Vic more, I enveloped his whole cockhead in my mouth and slowly start sucking his dick. He’s moaning, while he gently stroked my hair. My head was bobbing up and down between his legs, covering his cock inch by inch.Out of nowhere, he took his dick and slaps my face with it. “Now suck my balls.” Doing as told, I licked and kissed kiss his balls; I watched and loved seeing how his cock pulsed as I make love to his hairy ball sack. Within minutes, my tongue made its way down his balls, his taint and across his asshole. Vic pushes me back, sticks his hand up my skirt and sultangazi escort started pulling my panties down. For some reason when he touched me there, I immediately thought of him as an old drinking buddy again and grab his hand to stop. He’s stronger, and much bigger than I; and calmly says “Don’t be scared, its okay.” His smooth words remind me of why I am in the room with him, why I answered his email and agreed to meet him again. I relax and cooperate by lifting up and letting him remove my panties and skirt. I rolled over and straddle him as we start making out again, our cock and balls were rubbing together while we made out. It felt so good! I didn’t want that sensation to stop, but he slapped my ass and signaled for me to get up. “Lay back and raise your legs.” I do what he says while he grabbed some lube. He putting lube on his fingers and reaches down between my legs. I felt the cold goo as he rubs my tight little hole. He doesn’t penetrate me, he just rubs the lube around the rim. It’s cold, and it feels good. His fingers tracing my butthole feel so fucking good. I don’t want him to stop rubbing my hole. Grabbing my legs, he pushes them up against his shoulders. He leans forward and we’re facing each other. He’s staring at me intensely the whole time telling me “Don’t be scared, its okay.” He begins to press his cock against my hole. I feel the pressure, but I’m not sure he’s going to succeed in penetrating. I’m clenching hard. “Fuck, you’re tight.” He positioned his cock and then without warning he thrusted all in, balls deep. One hard thrust making me jump with

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