Me and my step dad and my sister


Me and my step dad and my sisterI guess you know, I had sex with my step dad. I had a story about it. It is true, but some was made up. I decided to tell what happened and I guess why I still let him fuck me.My dad past away when I was 10. My mom met Mac a year later and soon they got married. Mom was happy again and Helen and I was happy as well.When I was 12, I use to play with the neighbor boy, he was 14. Jonny and I was good friends. We were at his house playing in his room. His dad was at work and his mom was home. Jonny’s mom popped in his room telling Jonny and I she had to run to the store to get something for dinner. So she left us alone. She was gone for about an hour, but within that hour something did happened.About 5 minutes after she left, Jonny asked if I want to try something new, I said sure, what. He took his pants off and his underwear. First time seeing a dick, other than my dad’s or step dad’s. He wanted me to touch it. I was curious so I did and he took my hand and had me stroke his cock. Jonny asked if he could see mine. I told him I don’t have a penis. He said he knows that, he wanted to see my vagina. I wasn’t sure, but he said, I showed you mine, its only fair if I see yours. So I took off my pants and panties and laid on the floor. I spread my legs open so he can see it. Jonny came over and touched it. He asked me if I play with my vagina, I told him no. I never knew you could have fun with your pussy before. He rubbed on it a little and he stuck his finger in me. I asked him what is he doing. He told me he saw his parents do this. It felt weird, I let him finger me some. After he was done fingering me, he got on top of me. I had no clue what he was doing. I felt something little bit bigger than a finger entering my pussy. I felt the head of his penis entering, I asked him to stop. He told me he saw his parents do this as well and wanted too see what the big deal was. I didn’t want him to do that. He put it in. I screamed, and told him to get off of me. He put his cock down in me and pop my cherry. It hurt and he wouldn’t stop. Since no one was in the house, they didn’t hear me scream or cry. I cried the whole time while he fucked me. Jonny kept asking me to stop crying. He told me he was almost done. He shot his load in me and told me he finished. He picked me up and took me over to his bed. He hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. After 15 minutes, I was feeling better and still half naked. He asked me why was I crying, I told him it hurt and wanted the pain to stop. He told me it shouldn’t hurt, it should feel good. He asked if he tried again. I told him no it would hurt. He said it won’t and he promise it won’t. I laid back down and let him try again, no clue why I did but I did. I guess I wasn’t that smart of a girl. It did feel little bit better round 2. I had my first orgasm with him. We heard his mom coming in from the store so we hurried up and got our underwear and pants back on and pretended like nothing happened. Jonny tossed some clothes on the floor where we fucked and I bleed there.Jonny wanted to fuck me every time he saw me. I told him no. We drifted apart, all he cared about was nailing me now and I just wanted us to be friends. Ever since we fucked, I have been rubbing my pussy. Helen and I shared a bedroom together, we had a two bedroom house. So I could only had fun when Helen wasn’t there or asleep. Helen walked in on me one day while I was masturbating. She turned her head and asked me to stop. It turns out she masturbates also. She told me she started doing that when she was 11. I asked her how it started for her. She told me she got the itch and it all started. I never knew she was active that young nor saw her having fun. Helen told me to use the blankets to cover up, if someone does walk in like me, you can stop quickly and no should know. Makes since, that’s how I never saw her doing it, do know what she is talking ödemiş escort about.I was 13, getting some hair down under, my tits getting a little bit bigger. Helen was 14, we were about a year apart. Mac worked durning the mornings and mom worked at night. They needed more night people so her company moved her to work 3pm to 11pm. Mac would get off at 2pm and be home after mom left for work.I remember one day, I was in the living room watching T.V., Helen went to our room, and not to long after Mac got up and left. I heard a scream so I went to look. I open the door to our room and saw Mac on top of Helen. He had her arm up and fucking her pussy. Mac saw me and yelled at me to get out and close the door. I did and stood there, I heard them. Helen kept telling Mac that he is hurting her and Mac kept going. I did her Helen moan. After Mac was done, I heard him tell Helen not to tell mom what happened her or else. He came out of the room, looked at me and told me that I saw nothing.I went in and close the door, Helen just laid there. She had Mac’s cum on her stomach, her pussy was stretch from his cock. I climbed in bed with her, asked what happened. She told me, when she went to our room, she was playing with herself, had the blanket on. Mac came in, I stopped and asked what he wanted. He closed the door and yanked the blanket off of me fast. He told me I should be playing with that and wanted to punish me. He took off his pants and got on top and told me to open my legs up.I grabbed her blanket and cover both of us up. Helen was shaken still. I put my hand over her pussy and I cuddle next to her. We both feel asleep, I woke up an hour later. Helen was still asleep, my hand was still over her pussy. I put my fingers inside her. I started finger fuck her and she woke up. She looked at me and asked what I was doing. I had no answer, I wasn’t even sure what I was doing. We got up, I went back out to the living room and watched some T.V. Helen stayed in the room.Next day, Helen was talking to me but not to Mac or mom. Mom asked me what was wrong with Helen, I was about to say something when I looked Helens face, like she was going to murder me if I said something. I told mom I have no clue.After school, the rest of the day was better. Helen never said anything about that day. We went to bed at our bedtime. I feel asleep around 10pm. I woke up half an hour later, I heard Helen moaning but it was low. I looked over and Mac had his hand over her mouth and he was fucking her again. Mac was fucking her hard this time, I can hear her bed making noise. Her moans was still coming out loud but not loud enough. Just enough to wake me up. All I could hear was Helen moans and the bed. Mac pulled out and I saw him aiming his cock and shooting his load on Helen’s stomach. Mac left, I looked over at Helen and she was naked this time. I asked her if she was ok, she told me she was, she said its getting easier by the day. No clue what that meant. I found out years later, Mac fucked Helen before. After they got married, I was at my grandparents house, Helen was at home with mom and Mac. Helen was 12. She told me how it happened, but I didn’t know she was talking about that happened when she was 12. It was only once at that point.Days went by, we were going on with our days. Nothing going on. I remember on a Friday, Helen said she was sleeping over at a friends house for the weekend. So I was home and Mac was there as well, mom was at work. I went and took a shower, got out, dried off, brush my teeth. I had the towel wrapped around me and headed to my room. I closed the door. I got horny so I took my towel off and I started playing with myself. I kept my moans low so no one can hear me. I guess when I came, I sorta had an orgasm. I got up and headed to my dresser to get some clothes. That’s when Mac came in. I cover up my tits and asked him what he wanted. He closed the door and went over ödemiş escort bayan to me. He told me to get in bed. I stood there. He took his pants off, he doesn’t wear underwear. His cock was hard, he had a 6 in or 6.5 in. cock. I refuse to get in my bed. He made me sit down on my bed, when I “talked back” he grabbed my hair, and he put his cock in my mouth. He pulled out and pushed me down. He got on top of me and told me, since I play with my pussy like a woman, I should be fucked liked one. Yeah I know, he is a pig. He shoved his cock in me and fucked me. I was freaked out about it and tried to fight him off. I relax some and started to moan. I thought Mac was little bit cute and I did seen his cock before and saw him fucking mom and my sister.He told me I have a tight pussy, unlike Helen and my mom. He came inside of me, he pulled out, cum started running out down my butt onto the bed. Mac went over to my face and stuck his cock back in my mouth. I think he had some left over cum, I could taste it and I know some of it dribble out. Saturday, mom was home, she didn’t work the weekend. Mom went outside to work on her flower bed. Mac took a risky chance but came in my bedroom. He didn’t even close the door. I was on my bed and he came over and asked me to suck on his cock again. I asked why, he told me that mom don’t suck him off. He begged for a blowjob. I found this very odd. Before he comes in and has his way without asking, and now he is asking. I told him ok I will. He took out his cock and I put my mouth on it. He left the door open so he can hear if mom came back in the house. I think he asked this time so I don’t yell for mom. At first I really didn’t like cock in my mouth. After a bit sucking on him, I started enjoying it. He enjoyed it as well, he came in my mouth. Some of it shot down my throat. I spit the rest out onto the floor. That night, I heard Mac and mom fucking. Mom was loud. Usually we don’t hear mom but tonight I surely did.Helen came back home on Sunday, she dragged me to our room and closed the door. She asked me if anything happened. I asked like what, she said, you know, with Mac. I lied and told her no. She said good, she was worried about me.Couple weeks went by. I woke up one night, close to 11pm. I had to use the bathroom. I noticed Helen wasn’t in bed. I went to the bathroom, used it and headed back to bed. I heard moaning from my parents room. I open the door quietly and saw Helen on top of Mac, riding him. She was naked on top of him. I heard Mac’s watch beep, it was 11pm. I heard Mac telling Helen she needs to hop off and go to bed. I went to bed and laid there. Helen comes in, she had a nightgown on. She gets in her bed. I told Helen I saw her fucking Mac. She said, so. I asked I thought you didn’t want him to fuck you. She told me to shut up and mind my own business. I told her she didn’t have to be mean about it. She flies out of bed into mine, grabs my arms and held them above my head. She sat on my hip and looked me in my eyes and told me to shut the fuck up.I noticed on the weekends Helen would go to her friend Sandy’s house. Over time seems like Helen stop caring about me and she was being aggressive towards me.One night Mom was working and the car broke down so Mac had to check out the car. I asked Helen why she is upset with me. She said she wasn’t, and told me to shut up. I got up from bed and said see, that’s what I’m talking about. Helen got and came over and shoved me some. We got into a fight, some slapping and hair pulling. I ripped Helen’s nightgown off, it was an old long shirt. Helen sat down and started crying. She told me that was dad’s shirt I just ripped. I had no clue. I just wanted to know why she was mad at me. Helen told me, she was confuse. When she goes over at Sandy’s house, they would make out and have oral sex. That’s why she is fucking Mac, she was confuse.I sat next to Helen, she cried on my escort ödemiş shoulder after a few minutes of crying, we started making out. I took off my shirt and shorts I wear to bed. We got in her bed and made out. Helen went down on me and ate my pussy out. I loved it, I came so hard. We traded spots and I ate her pussy out and she came. We laid there, I finger fucked Helen. I was making her moan when mom walked in. Yeah, got caught. We were both naked in Helens bed and my fingers up her pussy, don’t look too good. Mom yelled at us. Mac had to pull mom out of the room and Mac told us to get dress and get out of one bed.So when mom calm down, they talked to us in the living room how bad to be touching each other. I said quiet, Helen spoke up and said she was gay. Mom’s face was pail. They looked at me and asked if I was gay. I told them no. They asking if I was, because of what they saw, and I told them no multiple times. Helen told them about Sandy and mom was upset but later was ok with it.Two years past, I was 15 and Helen was 16. Helen had sex with men and woman and got knocked up by one of the guys she fucked. One summer day, mom was at her parents house, Helen was who knows. I was home in my room. Mac came home early from work. He knocked on my door and came in. I was just laying in bed reading a book. Mac asked me where mom went and I told him. Mac wanted to talk about stuff on his mind. One of them was Helen, he felt bad what he has done and he blames himself for messing her up. I never heard him admit that, I thought he would bottle it up and forget about it. I guess since she got knocked up, the guilt was coming out. He wanted to know if he messed me up. I told him I’ve been messed up before you did anything to me. I took Mac to his room and I took off my clothes. I got on all four and stuck my butt up. I asked him to fuck my ass. I never been anal fucked. I heard a girl at school got it up the ass. Mac took his pants off, he went to the bathroom and came back with some lube and lube up my ass. He put his cock in and slowly went in. Oh it hurt. He continue and slowly fucked my ass as he went in more. Once he was all the way in, he slowly fucked me. He has done anal in the past. When it felt ok, he fucked me harder. As he fucked my asshole, I finger my pussy, and it was getting very wet. I rubbed myself and moaned very loud. I had an orgasm and squirted some on there bed. Mac came in my ass, I enjoyed getting fucked back there.When I was 16, I had a boyfriend. We fucked in his car, he wore protection. I would let him fuck my ass with out the rubber on.We were at his house, it was me, Bobby my bf at the time and two of his friends. Steve and don’t remember the other guys name. We all hanged out in the basement, had a couch and a T.V., games. Bobby’s parents went out and the boys started talking. Bobby came over and asked if they could fuck me. I told him no, then I was being a smart ass and told Bobby why, because they don’t have a condom. Which was true, the two boys didn’t have a condom. Bobby went over and told I said no, then he comes back and asked if they can fuck my ass. I smack him gently on his chest, but he was serious. I asked him he really want his friends to fuck me. He said yes. I said yes, only in the ass. So Bobby told them that they could and boy did there shorts go flying off. I took off my shorts and panties and laid down on the couch. Bobby went first to get it wet, he spit on my asshole and licked it some. He put his cock in and started to fuck my ass. Bobby fucked me for a bit, got off and let the next guy fuck my ass. My ass was past around till all three boys came in my ass. Bobby told them it was ok to cum in my ass. Reason why I remember Steve’s name and not the other one, I sorta fucked Steve while dating Bobby. Steve’s cock was a bit bigger and he fucked my ass good. So I let him fuck my pussy, he made me moaned loudly. I even let him fuck my pussy without a condom. I was lucky I didn’t get pregnant, he shot his load in me. Bobby and I broke up because he found out, in a bad way. Bobby was fucking me at his house, I had an orgasm and called out Steve’s name. Whoops….

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