Me and chavvy bad lad Jay


Me and chavvy bad lad JayThis is a true story, although I have changed the names. Although my parents are encouraging me to do well and hang round with their sort of people i.e. snobs and goody goodys that read the Guardian I have been hanging round local bad boys . I was shagging this tosser called Mark whenever I could for about 4 weeks and we even said we were girlfriend and boyfriend although I hid it from my parents but I had an argument with Mark one evening cause he was acting like a complete jerk and for some reason I didn’t find it funny on that evening. He told me he was fucking off with his mates and he left me on my own in the pub. I was going to finish off my drink and go after him but I thought fuck it. I went over to this lad called Jay who was at the bar. I kind of knew him a bit from school He was in the year above me till he got excluded in Year 9 Jay is looking fucking fit in roughed up old adidas trackies, and fake lacoste top. By the end of the night a few beers had been sunk and he was telling me about all the times that him and his mates had broken into garages and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri nicked booze haha and it ended up with me and Jay downing a few shots and staggering out the pub. I asked if I could share a couple of spliffs at his place. I new the horny bastard would say yeah. So we is sat chatting and he’s going on about when he’s up in court and he’s got his hand down his trackies, I could see he was getting a semi which started to get me wet. I kissed him and felt his body over his clothes., before long I could see he was really stiff in those trackies and was playing with his cock. I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and sat in my bra and knickers with me hand down em playing with my shaved pussy. Jay commented on how fit I was. He’s a ripped fucker, nice six pack and firm chest with just a nice covering of dark hair leading down to a bulge. Following my lead he pulled off his trackies revealing some nice hairy legs. This is where it kicks off girls, I was stoned and pissed and thought fuck it, I just pulled off my knickers and shoved my fingers up my perabet pussy, next thing Jay stands up and pulls of his tight white Calvin boxers and a huge sweaty cock is standing there, he has black pubes and big bollocks. I said to him “that’s one fucking nice cock” “Cheers” he said get down and suck it then bitch. Next thing lads Im on me knees and he’s shoving his sweaty cock in my mouth and im swallowing to the back of my throat, sucking and licking his fat hard cock. He’s got hold of my head and the dirty cunt is face fucking me hard, Im choking but loving the taste and smell of this lads cock. He stinks a bit of sweat and piss and cum but I find I aint got no standards when I’m there with a fit lad with a big dick. His balls slapped against my face as he shoves it in, then fuck me if he don’t just cum in me gob. My mouth filled with his salty sticky cum. I had to swallow as it dribbled out of my mouth. As he pulled out and collapsed in the chair he said ” I always new you was a dirty little slag” This got me wet as fuck. But I wasn’t done with this dirty bastard perabet giriş and he new it. Still recovering from a face full of spunk I bent him over the sofa and licked all over his ball sack nibbling them , Fuck me if he didn’t get hard again. He tasted of sweaty chav, I could smell his dirty bollocks as I licked away at that hot cock, wanking him off and taking his balls in my mouth. Just when he was getting into it I pulled him up, through him on the sofa and sat my ass in his face. He new what he had to do and he was good, his tongue was up my shit hole and in my pussy and over my clit good and proper and made me feel amazing. He couldn’t get enough bum hole and pussy darting from one to the other. As he licked me out I played with his cock, wanking him hard and slow, pre cum oozing through my fingers. I new I had to have him fuck me after he had opened up my pussy with his tongue and fingers. Now im over the sofa his cock buried up to the balls in me and we are both sweating as he pounds my pussy with his fat large cock, he fucked me like a scally lad should fuck a slag and it was awesome I cummed a load over his dick inside me and soon after he pulled out and came over my face and in my mouth mmm it tasted strong and delicious, I could feel his spunk dripping down my bum crack. It was the dirtiest fuck I had had for a while and he will be back for more.

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