Maya, my housekeeper


Maya, my housekeeperFor over the last two decades, I’ve had many housekeepers and cleaning ladies. Most of them working either part-time every day or just a couple of hours a week. My (now ex-) wife has never been aware of my mindset regarding the ladies. She’d even recruit them, most of the time. Not that I didn’t want to be part of the selection process but I just wanted to let odds decide, in a way. Did I treat the ladies wrong? Never. Did I pay them well? Always above market standards. But I did play a game with them. All of them. And that game was pretty simple: finding out what their sexual fantasies were and let things happen, if so, between two consenting adults…Many times I’ve failed and sometimes I’ve succeeded. A couple of times, the game went beyond my expectations. This is a report of one of my most successful games. Three years ago.This is a genuine, true story.The lady, let’s call her Maya, was in here mid-thirties; she was from Morocco and had emigrated 10 years before. She was a professional housekeeper, experienced and focused on her duties. She was working 5 days a week at home, taking care of the cleaning, the market shopping and even baby sitting at some point. She was married. At the time she was employed at our place, I was running a consulting business that would have me working from home most of the time apart from some meetings at customers. My wife was running a business downtown, not the usual 9 to 5 thing.During the first month, I didn’t try anything. I’d spend some time chatting with Maya, being nice and respectful, asking questions about her family and hobbies. She got comfortable with this and seemed to enjoy working here. When my wife told me she’d go away for three days on a business trip, I decided to put my first trick. A simple thing, just a couple of color pictures of women resembling Maya and either topless or in swimsuits, ‘hidden’ under the bed, in an envelope.Since Maya would clean the house according to a routine, I’d know when she’d do the bedroom, how long it’d take and how I’d schedule my time and absences from the house. Indeed, I’ve learned that you must be away to make sure she’d be relaxed and thus more open to her inner feelings and desires. For Maya, given her origins, it was critical to play things carefully and to consider that she probably had never been exposed to ‘indecent’ pictures, let alone porn of any kind. At least that was my assumption.After some research on the net, I’d found a good spy cam, with motion detection and enough storage capacity. It was embedded in an alarm clock and I had set it up carefully since the very beginning so that it was part of the landscape. That morning, I told Maya that I’d need to meet a customer some 50 miles away from home and that she should lock herself up in the house, for safety. Maya had helped my wife packing her stuff so she’d know she’d be alone for most of the day.I left home with limited expectations. After all, I had tried this trick in the past and had had no good reaction (which I only could check via audio recording since I had no spy cam back then). Anyways, around 3 pm I was back and I knew Maya was gone until the next day. I ran into the bedroom and checked under the bed: the envelope was still there. I plugged the memory card of the clock into my computer and opened the file. With the motion detection, two files had been generated: she had been in the bedroom twice; unusual. I loaded the first video file. I could see Maya doing her stuff and, at some point, moving the bed aside to vacuum; that’s when she noticed the envelope. She picked it up and looked around. I could see she was hesitating. She put the envelope on the bed and proceeded to finish the cleaning. Then she left. To come back about half an hour later. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened the envelope. She watched those pictures for at least a minute. At first, I noticed that she was a bit upset. Or at least puzzled. But fact is that she was looking at them and that she definitely was interested in what she was seeing; she stood up, picked up the pictures and walked to the big mirror in the dressing room just along the bedroom (the clock could capture it since there was no wall between both places). She turn aside, then more, until she could see her butt in the mirror, looked back at the pictures, then turn again, facing the mirror. She was obviously making comparisons. The rest of the video(s) wouldn’t provide anything more interesting apart from Maya putting the envelope back where it belonged.On my chair, I laid back and smiled. I remember telling myself that something promising could develop…The next day, Maya showed up on time, as usual. No mention of any issue, just her greeting me and asking me if I had a good evening. That day, I was so keen on trying the trick again but decided not to and instead opted for finding more pictures on the net, this time a bit more explicit… It didn’t take long before I had a good set from Tumblr. I had found women looking like Maya, the typical Arabic figure, long hair wrapped in a scarf, large breasts and a rounded ass and had picked stylish, black & white arty porn, the kind women like, I believe, with big cocks, great male bodies, a bit of lesbians and a set of female masturbation.Since my wife would come back from her business trip in a couple of days, I planned the next ‘session’ with Maya for the next morning. Same envelope, with a dozen pictures which I had printed on good quality photo paper, put at the same spot under the bed. I would use the same story about meeting with a customer. So, before Maya would leave in the afternoon, I told her that I wouldn’t be there the next day and that she should lock herself for safety and call me if there was anything unusual.The next day, I woke up early, checked the alarm clock angle, the envelope and intendedly left the hangings and curtains closed. I drove to the mall nearby and focused on being patient. Maya would only leave at 3pm… The last hour seemed like a week. I finally could drive back and check if something had happened.When I got into the bedroom, everything erzurum escort seemed normal, clean, fresh and neat. Except that the curtains were still closed. I picked the card in the clock, walked to my office and loaded the file.On my screen, I could see Maya entering the bedroom, putting the lights on and walking straight to the bed. She takes the envelope, opens it and pulls the pictures out of it. She starts spreading the pictures on the bed. My heart is pounding. She stands up and stares at them. One by one. It takes ages. The cam angle is just perfect as I can see her face, her expression, very well. A frown, a smile, lower lip biting, left hand touching her ear, playing with her hair. She’s still standing there and the timer on the video file shows more than 5 minutes already. She stretches her arm and picks up a picture showing one of those A&F model look-alike with a big dick in hand. Maya seems mesmerized. Again, she walks to the mirror and watches herself. She says something that I cannot understand, probably in Arabic. I’m taking notes. She walks back to the bed and sits down. She grabs a couple of other photos. The expression on her face is priceless to me: a mix of desire, it is so obvious, and around the eyes just like a glimpse of guilt. She sighs loudly, stands up and put the picture one by one back in the envelope and down under the bed. She then walks unusually slowly out of the bedroom, door open, lights on.Of course, she came back and did the job but that was less of an important matter that day, to me…It took another 3 weeks before my wife would travel again. Patience is a virtue as we all know, and this is especially true for voyeurs. In the meantime, I had worked on my relationship with Maya, being kind, attentive and caring. All in a perfectly normal way, of course. Sometimes, during our short conversations, I could notice that she was more sensual, wearing tighter clothes, using a bit of dark make up, but keeping the distance as a matter of fact. It was all very subtle and probably u*********s.The d-day finally arrived when my wife would travel again. And this time it was for a full week. When I got alone with Maya at lunchtime, we shared a cup of coffee and chatted about our families and aspirations. She was focused on having her two daughters with a high education and her husband was working hard and taking evening classes to upgrade his background. She was very busy and, as she would say, with limited time to relax. I concurred and spoke about my work and my wife’s business, which was picking up and would involve more and more travels. I was building the scenes and genuinely for the only purpose I explained at the beginning of this report.When waiting at the mall earlier, I had noticed a shop that was selling paramedic equipment. That afternoon, I drove there with an idea in mind… Once there, I ask the sales lady if she had any gear I could use to unflex my neck. She nodded and went to get a large box with a massager. I smiled to myself, paid, and drove back home.That evening, I called my wife and asked whether she’d like to have a piece of furniture to store books in the bedroom. I proposed to buy two night tables. She agreed and thanked me… It didn’t take me long to get them installed. Two fairly large tables, well more like small cupboards actually, with a locker and a key. Perfect.Maya had been off for two days, calling in sick days. I wasn’t particularly happy with it as I was running out of time again until my wife would fly back. Good thing is that I had had the time to set things up in the bedroom. Exit the envelope under the bed. Now I had a massager under the night table, locked and a key I could even ‘hide’ if I wanted to….Maya was there the next morning. I had prepared everything: massager and a new set of pictures. More explicit. I had found a series of Tumblr webpages focused on Arabic women and had downloaded additional ‘art porn’. Now the set was about 40 pages of letter-sized color pictures and a nice, big, massager.Since my office was located in the garden, about fifty yards away from the house, Maya wouldn’t see me that morning, except when she arrived and I greeted her. I couldn’t be disturbed I told her, being busy with lots of video conference calls until early in the afternoon.Of course, the alarm clock was set up and I had changed the memory card to a fat 32 Gb of storage capacity. The whole morning, I had focused on my work, with a lot of effort required, I must admit. Maya left around 4pm; I went to the bedroom: clean as a new pin. The key of the night stand had changed position. I had put it vertically and now it had some angle. I opened and both the envelope and the massager had been moved slightly. Once at my computer, I watched the video.Maya had done the routine first. Once all set, before leaving the bedroom, she opened the hanging and the curtains slightly; she was obviously checking if I was still in my office, which she could see from where she was standing. She checked under the bed, looked at the night stand and opened it without hesitation. She pulled the massager and had a close look at it. I had charged it. She touched the button and it started to vibrate. She had a shout and dropped the massager on the bed. It was humming and she looked panicked, not knowing what to do. Frantically, she touched the massager and eventually succeeded in stopping it. She put it back in the furniture together with the envelope, untouched for this time. She quickly left the room.I laid back in my chair and sighed. We’ll give it another try tomorrow but I will need to be away this time, for sure. It was Friday. Last day before my wife would come back. Early in the morning, I had written a note for Maya explaining that I would not be back before she’d leave, wishing her a great week-end and repeating the good old safety measure requirement: lock the door and don’t open to anybody.When I got back, later that day, I sat at my computer and had a strange feeling: I could sense that something had happened and I couldn’t tell why. When the clock video erzincan escort file was loaded, I would know.Maya entered the room and walked to the night stand. She opened the door and carefully took the massager and put it on the bed. She grabbed a chair, put it next to the bed, grabbed the envelope and opened it. I could see she was surprised to see that amount of pictures. Again, one by one, she started to watch them. It took her more than 20 minutes to view them all. Including the two last ones showing ladies using massage wands on their pussy… For some seconds, she stared at the massager, then at the pictures then again at the massager… Her face was red, her eyes dark as coal. This very moment has been unforgettable for me. I was trembling, hoping for… Suddenly, she stood up and grabbed the massager. The click was followed by the humming sound. She slowly put the massager between her legs and then on her twat. She was wearing a legging that she wouldn’t remove. The wand was on the clothes and that’s when I heard her shout out, like a squeak. No more than 10 seconds and she collapsed on the chair. Not that she fainted but she came, immediately, like that… I couldn’t believe my eyes.She recovered quickly. Very quickly, actually. 2 minutes later, everything was back on track and she was gone.I was very worried. I’d know that she wouldn’t say anything as she had trespassed the rules. The night stand was locked. She had opened it. No, I was worried she’d do a foolish thing like resigning…For the rest of the day, I kept on thinking about it. I decided to take action and called Mary. I asked her if she could come over on Saturday and prepare dinner so that I could spend more time working and have everything ready when my wife would arrive. She cheerfully agreed!Whew…She arrived at 9am. I had taken a shower and intendedly hadn’t dressed up. I was still in my bathrobe and walked down the stairs to greet her. She was dressed nicely, with tight clothes, again. Her big tits were stretching the fabric whilst I could see clearly she wasn’t wearing underpants; there was even a nice cameltoe…I apologized for still being in a bathrobe and offered some coffee. She smiled a bit shyly and asked what kind of dinner I’d want her to prepare. I proposed that she cook Moroccan; she looked surprised and happy as well. She said she’d go to the grocery store and get everything to cook. I left 100 bucks on the table and walked upstairs.Everything was fine, actually. And more, the relationship was getting even better. I was relieved.For the next month or two, my wife and I had been very busy. I had put my game on hold for a while, hiding the wand and the pictures in my office. Maya would clean it as well and I had bought another spy cam specifically for my office environment.I didn’t take long before Maya found the pictures and the massager. During that period, she’d regularly check for new pictures. I say that because I had noticed that once she had seen a set and saw no new stuff, she’d no longer look at them. Likewise for the massager. She’d use it in my office once or twice and then no more.It was time to move to the next level. Since Maya had been working for us, I had been working out more and more and going through a serious diet. My wife was so happy and would show her gratitude by doing the same… I was fit as a fiddle, with a lean and muscular body. I was motivated and wanted to assess how Maya was considering my progress… As expected, my wife was travelling extensively. I had times when she’d be away for up to 10 days. It is during one of those longer trips that things developed beyond expectations with Maya.Porn and vibrator was one thing. Showing her how I was looking like was a very different one. The cultural difference for Maya, the fact that some degree of interaction would arise, the unknown regarding her reactions, feelings, etc., all this was making the game more risky.So I planned things carefully.I changed the envelope for a bigger one, colored. I put it back in the night stand. No massager since Maya hadn’t been using it for a long time. The new picture set was hardcore. I had already printed some during previous ‘sessions’ and she had reacted very well to them. The bigger change was the selfies I made and that I included in the set. 5 of them with me half dressed up to dick in hand, hard as hell, jerking off either on the bed or in front of the big mirror.The game started on a Wednesday. Same configuration. I briefed her, left and would come back late in the afternoon. I had double checked the alarm clock as a couple of times before, it had stopped recording whilst Maya was still in the room.I was nervous, really. This time it was me on the pictures… Back at my computer at 4:30pm, I opened the file on the memory card. I noticed it was unusually long. I was trembling.On the screen, Maya enters the bedroom as usual. She cleans, vacuums and does all that needs to be done. She looks at the night stand. No key. She looks around and starts searching for it. And she finds it, hidden behind a stack of books. Housekeepers are smart, aren’t they? I expected that.She turns the envelope upside down and opens it, clumsily. The pictures fall on the ground. She picks them up. And then she sees me. She has this strange look, with a twisted smile on her face. She collects the five selfies and puts the other ones on the bed. She grabs the chair, sits down and starts looking at them. On the screen, I see her right hand holding the pictures whilst the left one slides under her trousers down between her legs. I see that hand slowly rubbing and sliding. I see her face; she is so turned on. One particular picture has all her attention: the one where I am standing and jerking in the bathroom. I’m rock hard. She speeds up and rubs her pussy for a minute or so and then comes, loudly.When she has recovered, she stands up, leaving all the material there. She walks to the big mirror and starts undressing. She’s chubby but by now she’s the most sexy woman in the world for me. She wriggles and rubs her body, playing with çeşme escort her tits and ass cheeks, mumbling in Arabic… She comes back to the bed, naked and lies down. She picks the selfies and looks at them, still mumbling… She takes one of them and drags the piece of paper along her body and them puts it on her pussy. Then she slides her hand on her twat and rubs herself again… For a couple of minutes until she comes, once again!I can clearly see her face, sweating. She lies there for a while. 5 maybe 10 minutes, as if she was having a nap. Then, with difficulty, she gets up, put everything back in place, dresses up and leaves the bedroom.I’m there, sitting at my desk, flabbergasted.I’m so tempted to fuck her right in the middle of the kitchen as soon as she shows up the next day! But I won’t. I will not. I’m going to do something else.The next day, Maya arrived a bit late. I greeted her and did as if nothing had happened. And so did she. Not the faintest hint. Nothing. She is totally natural. One exception though. Twice in a minute, she checked my crotch. I did as if I had not noticed it, of course. Instead, I told her that I had worked very late and that I wanted to sleep for a couple of hours and asked her to do the bedroom later in the day. She said no problem and proceeded to do other things.I walked upstairs and undressed. Naked, with the lights on, my body was forming a shadowy silhouette on the walls of the staircase, that could be seen from downstairs. I stood on the landing and slowly grabbed my cock, playing with it softly. Downstairs, I could hear Maya working. I was upstairs, maybe 10 yards away from her, naked and now hard, playing with my cock… Suddenly, it went silent downstairs except the tiny sound of careful steps getting closer. God, did she notice? Does she see me now? I couldn’t see her and had no way to check were she actually was. I turned aside and tried my best to position the silhouette so that it could be best seen on the wall. Slowly, I started to stroke my cock with long movements. On the wall, it was blatant. All silent downstairs. She was watching me, I was sure.A short cough. A whisper. She was there. Just below. And as strange as it may look, I left quickly and closed the bedroom door behind me. I was totally upside down, with conflicting thoughts and ideas. I wanted her, obviously and, at the same time, I was fighting against myself, knowing that anything could happen in case we would… whatever that was… But I was so aroused, I needed a relief! I laid down and jerked like a teen until I came. And I came very hard at that very moment…Days passed by and my relationship with Maya continued to be as courteous as could be and, also, totally bizarre. She didn’t know that I knew what she was doing but she had an insider view about me and she wouldn’t show it. Except that she kept on checking my crotch from time to time…Over time, with the picture trick, I learned that she liked lesbians as well. She probably hadn’t seen anything of that nature before she saw what was in the envelopes. I also discovered that she liked interracial and cum shots. In the end, I had been rewarded with what I wanted to know about her desires but there was something unfinished about us. Even the silhouette thing didn’t induce any negative consequences… Women are not as voyeur as men. But there are exceptions and Maya is one of them. And I learned something else, too.We were hitting summer and the weather was really warm. Maya had a lot of stuff to do in the house, especially after one of those parties that create legendary messes…. I had offered to help her cleaning the place and we laughed a lot about how men can drink beer, how they behave and how loud they can be. After almost 3 hours of hard work, I told her that I’d need a good shower. And I offered that she took one too. At first, she said no thanks but I insisted and said that I would be in my office while she’d shower. She finally accepted. Shower finished, I didn’t care to dress up and just put swimming trunks on. You know, those trunks which show more than they hide… I walked down the stairs and came across Maya. She looked at me intensely and, guess what, check my crotch… I was enjoying the game, really… While she was walking up the stairs, I turned around and told her that I’d forgotten to leave a dry towel for her. I ran up the stairs, took her over and grabbed a towel. I opened the bathroom door and put the towel in place. I apologized and let her in to close the door. I was tempted. Very tempted. And so I did it. Walking like a cat, on the tip of my toes, I walked to the bathroom, kneeled and looked through the keyhole. She had just started removing her clothes. She was in bra and leggings. Now that I was seeing her ‘live’ as opposed to on video, she looked even more sexy. And she turned her head towards the door. I tried to move away fast but my feet and knees were not well positioned. I saw her seeing my eye and… staring away as if she hadn’t noticed me. I did not move. She checked again and for sure she had remarked me. But then she stood there, facing the door and she started to remove her bra, slowly and her pants. She was standing there naked, in front of me, who I was watching through the keyhole. Surreal. She was putting a show…. She entered the shower closed the glass window and let the water pour. I was still watching. When she finished, she grabbed the towel and started to dry her body… Until her hand reached down her pussy. She started to rub it and rub it even more. Her body was shaking and her tits were bouncing. And suddenly she stopped. She turned around and got dressed. I stood up, very carefully and walked away to my bedroom. I left the door open. I heard the door of the bathroom opening up. I heard steps of someone who is barefoot coming in my direction.And then I saw her in the doorway, wrapped in the towel. She looked at me. I said, come on in. She dropped the towel and walked naked to the bed where I was waiting for her. She laid down and I took her in my arms.We fucked like a****ls for hours.Final note:First, apologies for the mistakes in English, I’m not a native speaker. Second, this did happen and exactly as described. Third, at no point and no moment did I do anything against her consent and never has she expressed any kind of regrets or disagreement. Lastly, Maya left to go back to her country with her husband and c***dren.

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