Mature Mom Starts a New Life (Part2)


Mature Mom Starts a New Life (Part2)I woke up late missed breakfast on my second day, I made my way to the shower cleaned Jake’s smell off my body, I dried myself off put on my new Blue Bikini and headed out for a different pool than yesterday. Not sure if I just wanted to stay away from Jake and his buddies or just wanted new adventure! Once I arrived I found a chair took my cover off and lay down. It was another glorious day the weather was sunny and hot. The woman next to me started a conversation with me asking if I was here alone, I said yes I am just here for a nice relaxing trip with some Fun and Adventure. She introduced herself as Shannon and her husband Dave they were on holidays, they were in their late 30’s or early 40’s Shannon was a beautiful tall woman about 5.10 , 170lbs. Big Firm Tits, short blond hair, she was wearing a very small red bikini and got away with it easily! Dave was about 6 ft., 240 lbs. longer black hair with hairy chest with I love. We chatted all day I was in and out of the pool we also took part in many of the activities another great day I was again feeling pretty good from all the drinks,Shannon and I were alone when she asked me how long I had been here, what have you done? I told her this was only my second day here I let it slip about taking Jake back to my room and having him Fuck the Shit out of me for hours, I was now a cougar! WOW she said after what you’ve been through in your life you deserve to have some good dirty fun! The day was winding down Shannon asked me what I was doing tonight I told her I don’t know, I was hungry I was going to have dinner then see where the night takes me. Shannon asked if I would join them for dinner they had reservations in one of the high end restaurants, I said sure sounds like fun I would see them there in a couple hours. I met up with them, we had dinner talking the entire time, we ended up in one of the quieter bars after had a few more drinks my mind was swirling again, the conversation was getting more open when Dave said, so Janet Shannon told me you were here alone looking for FUN? I replied YA making some changes in my life things have been boring and now it’s my time. Dave leaned over the table looked at me and said well we think your Hot as Hell! We would love for you to join us in our room for FUN! I looked back at both of them, said sure I’m up for that! We got another round of drinks to take with us as we walked up to their room. They’re room was a suite, much nicer than mine, I sat on the couch Shannon said we have an open relationship Janet we’re into many things, that”s when she leaned over planted a kiss on me, I never been with a woman I told her as she kept kissing & licking my neck, Shannon was working her way down to my tits as kıbrıs escort she released the top of my dress and bra. She now had both my tits in her hands paying very close attention to them Shannon looked up at me, you have beautiful Tits Baby! As all this was going on I could see Dave getting undressed he was now naked walking over to me, Shannon was still on my tits when Dave started feeding me his Cock, it was about 8″ long not too thick I took it all in sucking it I could taste some pre-cum as he grabbed my head to start fucking my mouth! By now Shannon had the rest of my dress off, she was fingering my Pussy under my panties, she was running her tongue down from my tits over my belly then down to my cunt, she grabbed both sides of my panties then pulled them down my legs, threw them across the room. She was now blowing on my bald pussy which was driving me crazy she kissed and licked the inside of my thighs all the while fingering my Pussy and Clit. I took Dave’s cock into my hand to start jerking it as I sucked it,he was enjoin it, Ya Baby Love that I’m gonna Fuck You Hard! Shannon was now finished the fore play, she opened up my cunt then dove into it Licking, Sucking uncontrollably I was starting to Cum Dave’s Cock still in my mouth I was now Bucking, Shaking as Shannon brought me to a HUGE ORGASM, Dave started Cumming, he had to hold me so I wouldn’t slide off the couch and exploded in my mouth I swallowed what I could the excess spilling out the side of my mouth all over my chest and tits. Dave pulled his Dick from my mouth then left for the bathroom I lay there a sweaty cum soaked mess, Shannon was rubbing my still shaking body she came up rubbed and licked her husbands Cum from my Chest and Tits, then kissed me a gain I could taste myself and Dave’s Cum off her tongue, we got up off the sofa and made our way to the bedroom.Dave was already laying on the bed when we came in, he looked over said Hey Ladies I would Love to watch you two come over here and lets give Janet the Fun she wants! We joined him on the KingSize bed Shannon looked at me and asked you’ve never been with a woman? I told her no, if you’re not comfortable with it that’s OK but know this I LOVE your Hot Body and I’m going to pleasure it for as long as you’re here! I looked into her eyes thought what the Hell I only live once I’m here and ready to go, I jumped over and started kissing Shannon my hands roaming all over her body, she was much skinnier than me no cellulite no belly hanging, her skin felt so good as I rubbed and kissed her Shannon’s hands were all over me I could see Dave out of the corner of my eye his cock was starting to grow again. Shannon looked into my eyes and said taste me Please I want to feel your tongue inside me I was now escort kıbrıs fingering her cunt as I made my way down to lick my first Pussy! I was now in between her legs Shannon spread open as far as she could I flicked her Clit, that sent shivers up her body, I started licking her slit hen buried my tongue inside her wet hole, Shannon was moaning telling me to suck her clit I took it into my mouth rubbing my tongue against it the started sucking on it like a nipple Shannon went NUTS, her body convulsing, shaking her cunt was leaking her woman juice all over my face, I was enjoying licking a woman it’s like it was so natural. I could feel Dave now behind me as I continued pleasuring his wife, he took my hips propped me up I knew what he was after I spread my legs apart to give him easy access, he was now behind me, he tapped my Ass and said hey Janet do you want me to wear a Rubber? I turned to him my face covered in his wife’s Cum and said I’m safe if you are, with that I planted my face back into Shannon’s Cunt, I could feel Dave easing his Dick into me OH GOOD I groaned FUCK ME DAVE FUCK ME HARD! Dave started his piston motion I could feel my juices flowing down the inside of my legs again he took hold of my LOVE HANDLES then really started Plowing my Hole Hard, I could feel my BELLY, TITS & ASS SHAKING with every Hard Thrust, I was now cumming while eating out Shannon Dave was Fucking me so hard my face would hit her Wet Cunt I would Lick her as Hard and Fast as I could, then Shannon’s Orgasm started, she Exploded all over I had never Squirted in my Life this release was incredible her cum was everywhere! Dave eased up on his pace now his thrusts were slower,once Shannon regained her senses she got up turned around beside me and told Dave I want some too! Dave then pulled out of my Hole to stick it into his Wife Cunt, he fucked her I looked over at Shannon started kissing her again as Dave Fucked her after a bit Dave pulled out and started Fucking me again Shannon turned over on her side now facing me my body was shaking with every thrust her husband gave me I could feel her playing with my TITS as they swayed she tweaked my nipples which only sent me off on another Orgasm I was Shaking Uncontrollably as Dave Fucked me harder again, I could feel Shannon’s hands all over my TITS & BELLY she came closer then whispered in my ear DAVE is gonna CUM inside you then I’m gonna clean it up! Shannon looked back at him and told him COME ON BABY give her your CUM I want to taste it inside her CUNT! She now got up crawled under me face up Shannon was now under my Cunt face up while Dave plowed it, she started to Lick Dave’s BALLS, once that happened I could feel he was gonna CUM then his pace picked up he FUCKED HARDER then he kıbrıs escort bayan let out a loud GROAN, I could feel his Sperm Shooting into me, once Dave was done he pulled out Shannon grabbed me flipped me over then licked my Cunt Sucking her husbands Cum from inside me. Dave come over to me then planted his WET COCK on my Lips I sucked it in WOW I never knew I LOVED the taste of me and a man’s Cum so much I greedily cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue. We lay there together for a while had a few more drinks, We FUCKED again a couple more times it was about 3 am now I got dressed Shannon and Dave were sleeping when I left to get back to my room. I was making my way back very tipsy from all the drinks I ran into a security guard who stopped me to ask if everything was OK I said was just trying to get back to my room, I’m sure he could smell the Sex Off my whole body he offered to help me get back I didn’t realize how much I was staggering he took my arm walked with me to my room once there I got out my key opened the door staggered in. My mind was in a haze I didn’t realize the security guy was also in the room and closed the door. I got scared at this point, I asked him what he was doing, he was standing there unzipped his shorts then took out his cock, I gasped at the size of it was had to be at least 12″ Long,as round as a pop can, he was a young black man shorter than me, probably in his early 30’s hair was in dreads, I don’t know why most likely curious but I dropped to my knees took what I could of his Dick into my mouth, I was amazed at how heavy his cock was wondered how he can even walk with this mass hanging between is legs I sucked and jerked it with two hands I could feel it getting harder after he was good and hard he told me to get up. I got up off my knees he untied the top of my dress, it fell to the floor I was stand there Naked since I didn’t put on my Bra & Panties when I left Dave & Shannon. I lay down on the bed got ready to be FUCKED by the BIGGEST COCK I’d ever seen or had he moved in standing at the foot of the bed took his cock in hand, guiding it into my WET CUNT, he eased it into me slowly I’d never felt so FULL of COCK in my life inch by inch he continued then after a minute or so I could feel his pelvis against me he had the entire Length and Girth inside my womb. I was Shaking as he started Fucking me in and out he was taking it very easy it felt so good as he gave me his full length with every thrust, he took my Hips spread my legs then picked up the pace I couldn’t believe it I was getting FUCKED by a stranger my First BBC, he continued plowing me harder and harder again I could feel my Fat TITS & BELLY Shaking he looked down at me I let out a moan then pulled out, I almost Passed Out when, he took his COCK in hand then Jerked it and Came all over my Belly & Tits, I was covered in his Sperm, He turned got his pants back on then left the room. HOLY SHIT I thought what else could happen! I’ve only been here 2 days! Tune in soon!

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