Masturbation Series Story 2


Masturbation Series Story 2Hello, my freaks, this is a masturbation series of multiple stories I am currently putting together. This is the 2nd story in that series. There are a few more, they are all mix and match. Those of you reading thank you and please stay freaky.Ford Pick Up Truck and a Milk Shake:At a beachfront resort, a somewhat slow very slow kind of night.. I am once again as a Sgt Vehicle Patrol of the property. I am one of the only female officers on the night shift and a supervisor as well. I have a good group assigned to me. So it makes my job easier, I just need to worried about the legal part and all the report writings. On this night, is very slow one of those really slow nights you almost wish something would happen so you have something to do. Yeah, I am bored. I am on vehicle patrol around the perimeter area. Just made it back from picking up my double mocha expresso bean milkshake at the nearby StarBucks, need something to keep me up this night. As I am patrolling around I start to check all my hot spots. Just as I am about to go over a little hiding spot is a small area where, well is isolated, well cover and unless you know how to get there is the perfect spot of midnight lovers. I always catch a couple in midway or mid-action. I drove past it about 40 mins ago doubt there is anything but as I pull up my vehicle and hits the lights, I am surprised. Two pendik escort very well looking males, both white one slightly taller dirty blondish hair green eyes the other just a few inches shorter and more built looking leaning up on the back of the bed of a ford pick up truck. I guess I caught them on their acted red-handed. By just looking at them you would never guess neither one is gay and is hard to tell who the top and the bottom. I am very surprised this is something a little more different than the norm male and female couple. I must admit I am a little excited. I love my switch gay males they can be fun. (HEY GUYS LOVE YA) As they both look at each other trying to zip themselves and looking guilty.“CARRY ON” I order over the vehicle microphone. They both look at the car and look at each other confused and completely stunned.“GO ON” they stared blank dazed not sure what was going on“YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES GET DETAINED OR CARRY ON” I make sure they heard me. Loud and clear.The tall blond one pulls his pants back down while he looked at his partner and dropped his pants down and let his long dick, I will say about a good 8 inches slightly hard(think I may have interrupted it from fully) His partner the shorter one drop back down to his knees, and took the dick and stroked it a few times with his hand and stuck it in his mouth sucking it. His hand and facing throbbing back escort pendik and forth his panter kept looking down at him every now and here. Glancing over to my vehicle. I left the overhead bright light on for a few and later shut it off. Turning on the dim lights on not as bright but enough that I can see them perfectly. The one on his knees kept sucking that dick and started stroking it slightly. By this time it appears as if they even forgot about my presences there. He was taking that dick and sucking it from the tip of the head all the way up at one point he even took his balls inside his mouth sucking it. Which made his partner slightly off balance as he was holding from the side of the truck.“STOP” I orderThe one that was standing had to tap his partner’s head a few time and step back to pull out of his mouth pointing back at my car. The tall one is now fully erect and you can tell he wants more.“stop, he said, to stop” I hear him tell him. As his partner looks up at him and then turns to look over at my vehicle.“OPEN THE BED OF THE TRUCK AND GET ON IT “ I instructed them.They looked at each puzzle the taller one pops up the back door of the truck the short one pops up followed by the tall one sitting next to each other. Both looking at the vehicle.Laid down in the horizontal so I can see you, place yourself in a 69 position and carry on” I instructed detailed them. pendik escort bayan They do as follow the short one kinds of smiles at the other.They both laid down facing each other’s dick. The short one immediately just goes right into it and takes his dick and strokes it in his mouth. Picking up right where he left up earlier. The tall one strokes it a few time pushing back the extra skin around the tip and takes it slowly inside his mouth and starts stroking it sucking it while massing his balls. Within a few minutes both lovers are so deep into each other dicks and sucking each other, one is trying to outdo the other, as they both are getting their mouth filled with exploding cum, both sucking it down. Both are exploding with shooting cum inside their mouths. Their mouths filled as they both are trying to suck it, filling it up both, lovers stroking and thrusting each other’s faces. They both flip one on top of the other taking turns being on top thrusting hard while sucking even harder. I am in my patrolled vehicle gently sucking on my milkshake, (what I am trying to make a joke) After what seems like 10 full mins and each one rolling one after the other one on top and over going from the one end of the truck to the other side and rolling back just before they are about to literally fall off the bed they both explode violently causing each other to back away. Both their dick pull back, still shooting cum all over the place as they look at one another stroking each other while they kissing. Zip ZIP ZIP sss ssss sssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm slushing like sounds, mmmm time for a new milkshake.

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