Masturbation Diaries: Caught!

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I was alone this summer Saturday morning.

My wife was out shopping with a friend while I caught up on some work cleaning out the store room in the garage. It was a very useful place to store crap, but all too handy and I finally realized I could hardly get into it let alone find what I needed like my golf clubs or softball gear. The space needed an overhaul.

After getting up late, eating more of a brunch than breakfast and getting dressed in shorts and a t-shirt I took a big breath and jumped right on in. I started with the empty boxes, large and small, collected over the last several years. You know what I’m talking about, all those electronics gadget boxes and such that you’ll never use again, but you keep just in case.

Soon piles of ‘keep’, ‘organize’ and ‘throw out’ began to grow.

After a couple of hours, after making decent headway and sweating profusely, I was ready for a short break. I went over to the refrigerator in the back of the garage and got a beer. I chugged down about half of it before I took another breath. Pulling up my t-shirt I wiped the rolling sweat from my face and looked over at the short stack of broken down boxes. I realized it would be a big recycling pick up for the guys that week.

I drank down the last of the first beer and reached in for a second bottle taking it back to the store room with me.

It was getting hotter by the minute in that enclosure. I swilled down another couple good slugs of beer then whipped off my shirt, wiped my face with it again and continued to work in just my shorts and old jogging shoes.

As I tossed another box out toward the door I missed and it rebounded back against the tool stand which rattled one of my old shovels and it fell over slamming against the cabinet hard enough to pop open the nearest compartment door. No sooner than the door opened than something familiar fell out onto the concrete floor.

A pair of my wife’s panties.

Well, I guess I need to explain here.

As you know by now if you’ve read more of my ‘Diaries’ I’m a fairly healthy and prolific masturbator. Although I’m sure I’m not the only husband that has used his wife’s underwear to play a little, I may be one of the few that takes them down to the garage clandestinely to rub out a good cum. Well, I had forgotten I’d left that pair of yellow panties in the cabinet a couple of weeks ago. I had brought them down to do my solo thing, but before I could get started a neighbor had come by and we ended up chatting for so long I was totally out of the mood. Plus by then my wife had found another chore for me upstairs.

Anyway, I had forgotten I’d stashed them there very abruptly before I was discovered with them.

When I picked up the dainty underwear, the touch of the silky material on my fingers immediately sent a tingle up my arm and through my body…coming to light a heated spark right between my legs. The image of my wife, Mary Ann and the last time I saw her wearing those yellow undies flashed across my mind. It was a month or so ago, a date night, when we had gone out for dinner and a movie. After we got home, we didn’t make it upstairs but undressed right in the living room. I remember rubbing my nose over that yellow silky material as she lay on the couch and then I nibbled her though them before I finally took them off and we made love.

Well, there I stood just inside the doorway of the store room, the open garage door on the other side of that door. It was the only thing between me, the driveway and our neighborhood beyond. I could feel the obvious hard-on stretching down my shorts.

The horny masturbator was back!

I knew it wasn’t the best time and place, but with a quick look out the door and then down at the serious tent made in my shorts by the boner I had…my mind was in only one place. I reached for the waistband of my shorts, took a deep breath and shoved them down to my knees. The images of that passionate night last month and my lovely naked wife filtered through my mind as I started to stroke my nearly fully erect manhood with her pretty yellow panties. A warm shiver took over my mostly naked body as I stroked my shaft slowly, up and down.

Suddenly I thought I heard something outside the garage. I stopped, my hand squeezing the soft panties around my hard cock as I leaned out to look and listen.

Nothing. The neighborhood was sunny and quiet.

I took a deep breath and eased back, closed my eyes and went back to a smooth stroking rhythm. It felt so good and I knew I was going to get close fairly quickly. As I remembered how wonderful that date night was again and how we ended up cumming together…I was about to cum again…

“Oh my gosh!” I heard the bahis firmaları shrill voice.

My eyes shot open and I found my wife standing there with a look of shock on her face.

My breathing stopped and so nearly did my heart. “Mary Ann!”

My wife looked down at my crotch and lifted a hand to her mouth then backed away.

“Oh my…wha-what are you doing in there?” Mary Ann gasped, her gaze alternating between the hard-on in my fist and I’m sure my beet-red face. I had been caught nearly cum-handed.

There was no instant explanation. I stood there naked with my cock in one hand and her panties in the other.

“What were you doing?” She asked again. “Were, were you…oh my gosh…”

“No, nothing, honest!” I stammered, staring off above her head.

“Don’t lie, I saw you. You were playing with yourself, weren’t you?”

I didn’t know what to do. How was I going to get out of this?

I took a step back further into the store room, her panties clutched over my crotch and my shorts now at my ankles.

“Were you really in there jerking off? And with my panties no less.”

“Yes,” I finally answered weakly.

“So this is what you do while I’m out shopping?” My wife said, only now I saw the smirk on her face. She looked from my face down to my still mostly hard cock, shaking her head, like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing but at the same time seemed to be enjoying having caught me in a most compromising position.

“Well what have you got to say for yourself?”

I went through the usual stages, despair that I had been caught, fright as to what would happen next and finally what would she think of me using her panties to masturbate with. She stood there scowling, legs staunch and slightly apart, arms crossed in front of her. “Well were you at least thinking about me while you were doing it?”

“Yes,” I said perfectly honestly.

“But how can I be sure you weren’t thinking of some young hot thing instead?”

“Believe me. I’m sorry…I was just…” I was feeling self-conscious, naturally, still naked and in front of her with no denying what I’d been up to.

“You’re not getting off that easy…literally!” She chuckled then looked down at my crotch again. “It looks like he’s still plenty eager. Did I catch you before you could squirt? Take away the panties and let me see all of him.”

My cock was still near a full erection, sticking straight out in front of me. Even I had to chuckle at my predicament by then. We both started turning red as we went into hysterics.

When we had both caught our breath Mary Ann took a step toward me.

“I’m going to be nice about this,” said Mary Ann. “You’re going to finish what you started. But I get to watch.”

“You can’t be for real?”

“I’m afraid I am.”

“What about just letting me off with a warning or something?” I pleaded.

Mary Ann shook her head. “The damage is already done. Backing out is no longer an option.”

“But, I can’t…” I stammered.

“Don’t interrupt. I’m explaining the rules. You can play with your thing wrapped in my panties, but I get to control when you’re going to cum.”

My cock actually twitched at her words. “But before you interrupted me I was close to cumming. I was almost ready to erupt. I may not be able to control it.”

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” said my wife. “You’re going to tug that naughty thing of yours and I’m going to stand here and watch you do it. If you get close to cumming, you’re going to stop and ask if it’s time. If I say no, you have to stop touching it until you’ve relaxed and ponder what you got caught doing here today. Cum before I give you the okay and I’ll put getting into my pants out of bounds for a month. Got that?”

I stood there in sheer amazement at what I was hearing. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or more anxious still.

“Got it?” She asked again.

“Got it.” I said and did as I was told. I slowly lowered my hands and glanced at my wife as she stood there in the doorway her arms crossed over her chest staring at me.

“Now, take it back in your hand and my panties. I am going to watch you play with yourself. Do it.” She as much as ordered.

I gripped my manhood with my empty hand and began a slow stroke. A generous drop of clear per-cum oozed out the tip right off. “I’m afraid it won’t be much of a show,” I paused looking to her for any reaction. “I really was so close before it won’t take much to get me there again. If it means anything I was doing it as I thought about the last time I took these panties off you.” I held up the dainty yellow underwear.

“I’m glad you were thinking of me,” Mary Ann smiled at first kaçak iddaa and then quickly dissolved it back to a more serious expression. “But I guess I’ll get what I get. Wouldn’t be the first time you popped off on me so quick.” Now her expression became a devilish smirk.

That quip hurt, but knowing I had done this to myself I stared at the floor as I held my penis.

Then I heard Mary Ann say, “Go ahead jack off with my panties.” She nodded at them in my other hand.

I still couldn’t believe I was doing this. I slowly raised my eyes to her look her in the face again, I’m sure a pleading look plastered across mine.

She repeated the order, “Go on jack off.”


“Damn it, Don, it’s not like it’s the first time you’ve done it in front of me. Remember you even jacked off for me on our first date, before we knew it was our first date.”

That actually elicited a smile from me as I had a flashback to the erotic encounter we’d had back in college in the campus library. Another surge of excitement flowed from my groin out through the renewed swollen again head of my cock. I finally raised my other hand and wrapped the cool pair of panties around it, then started stroking more fervently.

As I thought, I was quick to get back to the point of being ready to cum.

“Dear, I need to cum, please.” I looked out at my wife, who still held her pose, her arms still across her chest.

She just shook her head.

I groaned and immediately stopped my stroking.

After a few full and heavy breaths I slowly grasped my hard shaft and went back to more slowly rub her soft panties up and down its length.

Every time I came close to the brink of cumming, I’d ask ‘Is it time?’.

Each time she’d say a simple ‘Not yet’.

It successively got harder and harder to stop my impending orgasm. I had to buckle my knees and squeeze the base of my cock extra hard to stem the flow.

And of course my wife didn’t help matters any.

After about the fourth interruption Mary Ann stepped closer and leaned in until she breathed on my face before whispering, “What’s the matter? Is it starting to hurt? Are you thinking I may not let you cum after all?”

I let out a very strained groan as I squeezed that much harder on the root of my manhood. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.

“I can’t…I can’t stop from cumming!”

“Well you’d better stop, or I’ll make it three months you won’t get any of this,” and with that she actually stood there in our garage and ran her palm between her legs. She rubbed there a few seconds and looked at me with the hottest look I’d seen in years. “I think I like this little game.”

“You’re enjoying this entirely too much,” I said breathing hard.

She burst out laughing. “I am aren’t I?”

So here I was aroused beyond my immediate peril of having been caught and her face was radiantly happy looking down at my steel hard penis.

“This is so humiliating!” I called out. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.”

Mary Ann laughed heartily again.

I was getting even more turned on and ever more desperate than ever to cum.

“Look at your thing,” she said, reaching down with one hand and lightly tickling the shaft and head with her fingers. “It’s so sexy, isn’t it?”

Before I could even try to respond, Mary Ann abruptly stepped back and turned to face out toward the driveway.

“Oh hi Molly,” I heard my wife say.

“Hi Mary Ann,” I then heard our next door neighbor’s voice just outside the garage.

I about fell back into my golf clubs as I stumbled away from the door while trying to cover myself.

“Where’s your husband?!” asked Molly.

There was a silence and then I heard, “Oh, uh, he’s tied up doing something.”

I was leaning back against the cabinet, trying not to move or make any noise as to give myself away. The whole time I still had Mary Ann’s panties gripped around my cock, pre-cum drooling down over them.

“I just wanted to remind him he promised to come by today and install my knobs.” Molly added sounding as if she was right on the other side of the door about then.

“Your what?” I heard a chuckle catch in my wife’s throat.

“My knobs, my new kitchen cabinet knobs.”

Mary Ann cleared her throat, “Oh those. Uh, yes, I’ll remind him.”

“You know, Mary Ann, your husband is a good man. He is so good with his hands.”

I heard Mary Ann about choke, “Uh, yes he is, isn’t he.”

“If he wasn’t already married to you I might have to think about flirting my way into those hands.” I heard Molly give a nervous little laugh.

Something about that comment made me forget all about being kaçak bahis caught and I found myself stroking my hard cock while both women stood on the other side of that door. I rubbed slowly at first. The panties were no longer that cool softness, but were rather warm sliding up and down my stiff shaft as my own body heat had thoroughly warmed them.

It felt so good!

“Well, I’ll be sure to remind Don about your knobs.” I heard Mary Ann say and then saw her step back into my view, at least far enough that I could see her backside on this side of the open door.

That pretty sight only stoked my fire; I flexed my knees and started stroking my cock that much faster.

“See ya then.” I heard Molly’s voice as it faded down the driveway.

About then Mary Ann turned and looked at me. I was stroking in earnest now.

“Hmm, did almost getting caught again make you even more horny?” She walked closer and stood just outside the doorway now.

“I, I’m not going to stop…this time.” I stammered as I stroked still faster. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Mmmm, but I didn’t tell you that you could, my dear.”

“I…don’t care. I…have…to…cum.” I more groaned than spoke as I stroked.

“I’m almost sorry to say you are making me extremely horny, doing that now.” Then with those words, I watched as my lovely wife slid her hand back between her legs and rubbed down the crotch seam of her shorts.

I’m not sure I could have stroked any faster at that point, but my knees flexed just a bit more and my hips joined the game and began to jut forward, thrusting my hard cock further through my fist and into the almost thoroughly pre-cum dampened panties.

I heard Mary Ann let out a whispered moan as her lower lip curled under and her eyes squinted as she looked directly at what I was doing to her yellow underwear. I lowered my eyes back down from her beautiful face to her hand stroking the crotch of her shorts wondering just how damp the panties she had on were. The aching tightness of my balls clenched yet tighter, my climax building quickly. I started stroking for all I was worth.

“Yes, yes!” said Mary Ann, “Go you little pervert, go!”

I no longer cared I was standing naked in front of my wife, in the open door of our storage room, only that door between me and the neighbors.

I just wanted to cum! I needed to cum!

“Come on,” she said with a seductive, mock-pleading tone, “oh, baby don’t you want to cum? Hmmm?”

I’m sure Mary Ann intended it to be a rhetorical question as she knew from my scrunched up face, my heavy breathing and the pace at which I was jacking off for her I was almost there.

“You’re gonna cum so good aren’t you,” she taunted, caressing her own crotch ever faster and tighter. “Yeah…you know you can’t resist…the pleasure is growing inside of you, you feel it building up.”

I was stroking so fast now, I lost my grip on her panties and they fell to the concrete floor in a whisper. But I didn’t stop. If anything I rubbed more smoothly up and down my pre-cum coated shaft.

Mary Ann could see that I was there. She actually laughed as she reached out her free hand and held it just under my cock head. “Here give me some of that hot man-cum.”

No sooner than she’d said that and her warm palm touched my cock head than I lost it.

The first thick, very thrilling blast of my hot cum flew out toward my lovely wife overshooting her open hand. I immediately rose up on my tip toes, thrust my hips forward and my cock exploded with blast after blast of cum, shooting heated white streams out in front of me.

“Oh my gosh!” Mary Ann squealed as the splatters landed on her top, her shorts, down on her tennis shoes and even on her little white socks.

I collapsed to my knees, still slowly stroking my softening cock as my orgasm subsided.

Mary Ann giggled as the last of my cum dribbled out onto the concrete floor. “You better now?”

“Oh, yes,” I said with a smile, breathing hard.

She leaned back and grinned. “No more masturbating in the store room, okay?”

“Cross my heart,” I said, making the symbolic gesture over my left breast smearing a little of the cum from my finger on my skin. “From here on out, I’m a good boy.”

“I’ll say no more then.” With that she clapped her hands together. “Only I’m not done with you yet. But what happens the rest of the evening is between you and me, two very consenting adults. I have a need my masturbating won’t satisfy.” She grinned a new lusty grin as she ran her hand between her legs and along the seam of her shorts again. “Shall we go inside so you can take care of me now?”

She held out her hand. I took it and stepped out of the store room.

Mary Ann stopped suddenly and turned to me. “Don. I still love you.” Then she gave me gentle kiss on the cheek.

“And I love you, too.”

We proceeded to make love the rest of the night in our bed.

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