Masturbate Fantasy #134

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Masturbate Fantasy


Journal entry July 15th.

Very bright, sunny afternoon here in Charleston, South Carolina. The pool is a heavenly respite. Multiple laps keep me fit and energetic. Love weekends and the blue sky. Exiting onto warm tiles the water drips off. Soaking up the rays I gaze at the leafy pecan tree and the lengthy hammock in its shade. I see her. Sprawled facedown, asleep in the comfortable netting. Laurie’s halter top carelessly flung on the ground. Her long blonde hair is straight and wispy. She’s our lovely guest.

I close my eyes. Let it happen now.

He stood up. Don’s Speedo clings wetly to his genitals. The sun quickly warms, drying his skin. Laurie is truly a sight to behold. Her large teats hang and peek out between the square roped mesh. Staring at long brown nipples and areolae, Don’s penis stirs.

Movement to the right averts his ogling inspection. The wood door creaks and wife Rebecca emerges from the rustic bathhouse. Short hair with reddish ringlets frame a cute freckled face. The devout sun lover is bronzed. Her curvy breasts are capped with strawberry, pebble like nipples. 5’6″ of sexual dynamite. Plastered against a taut, white thong, the line of her slit is noticeable.

Hips swaying, she saunters towards him. “Done with your laps?”

“Mm-hmm. Laurie’s napping.”

Rebecca’s hazel eyes zero in on luscious hanging boobs. With a mischievous smile, she silently pads over, scampering under the netting. A fingertip tickled around one enormous areolae. Laurie squirmed to ward off the imaginary insect. Cautiously, Rebecca mouthed a protruding nipple, sucking as if to draw milk. Laurie rose up, resting on elbows.

“Oh. It’s you!” She smiled. Rebecca tumbled into the hammock. The girls giggled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to the swaying motion. Legs entwined, their tender lips brushed. Then passionately with wet kisses, tongues dueling. Laurie palmed an exposed derriere. Don heard the smacking of saliva. He moved closer, sat upon the canvas folding chair and remembered.

3 weeks ago Rebecca announced that former college roommate Laurie would be traveling through the area. She’d love to stay for a few days and visit.

That same evening Don lay naked and tethered to the four poster bed anticipating one of her patented, slow handjobs. Rebecca produced the scented oil with special, secret herbs. She anointed his cock and balls and quickly massaged him to an incredibly tall erection.

“Mmm. So big. Love your hard cock.” She whispered while rubbing a solitary finger up and down his frenulum.

“Would you enjoy a story my giant of a man?”

“Oh yes please.” Don loved her sultry voice and often raunchy verbage.

Rebecca told of the night she’d caught Laurie masturbating in their dorm room. Of her initial embarrassment. Causing the impetus to become true friends and…lovers. She detailed their Sapphic lusts while stroking his penis, continually stopping before orgasm.

“Laurie’s nectar is so sweet yet tangy. Mmm. I miss that. Would you like to taste her?”

“P-please. Please let me cum.” Don begged.

She did. He did. Voluminously.

Now the obvious aggressor, Rebecca in this pairing, grabbed Laurie’s hand and led them to a large cotton sheet spread over the soft grass. Rebecca knelt and kissed her quivering tummy. Knowing fingers pulled at the waistband and drew Laurie’s bikini bottom off. She is a true blonde. The initiator güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri smiled, admiring her nude charms.

“Lie down sweetie. Want to make love to your gorgeous body. It’s been so long. Yes. Like that.”

Watching the erotic scene, Don’s cock strained mightily against the confining material. He easily doffed the Speedo to free the enlarging, pink member.

Rebecca worked slowly. Lovingly. She nibbled earlobes and sensitive nipples. Her talented tongue laved armpits and left a moist trail across Laurie’s writhing nakedness. Her aroused skin glistened. She hefted a limpid leg up, licking the soft instep and suckled painted dark red toenails. The prone girl was putty. Rebecca raked fingernails along her exposed ribcage causing goose bumps. She tweaked Laurie’s stiff buds sensually. Admiring them.

“These are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. So fine.” She knelt between outstretched legs and gently pulled downy hairs. Enraptured by her dewy vulva.

“Such a pretty flower.” She leaned in to intimately kiss her core.

“Oh! Becca!” Laurie sighed, “Yes oh yes lover. Eat me.” Ever the tease, she broke off the kiss and lay on top of the aroused beauty. Rebecca pressed the small, triangular patch of cloth against Laurie’s mons. Grinding their pussies.

“If I had a cock, I’d fuck you hard.”

“I’m yours. All yours but…I. I want to see you now. Please? It has been too long.” She whimpered, pleading.

The tip of Don’s massive erection was slick and shiny with pre-cum. He fondled his ball sack and eased the soft skin up and down. Rebecca peeled off the wedged thong, exposing her hairless vagina. Her labes were puffy and beautifully sculpted. She pirouetted gloriously and lowered herself güvenilir bahis şirketleri into the classic 69 position. Don gasped.

Laurie’s glassy eyes gazed at the closeness of Rebecca’s raw sex. Nostrils flaring at the near scent. Her mouth longed for the taste but Rebecca was much busier.

The wide mouth engulfed Laurie’s entire mound. Softly chewing. Rebecca’s stiff tongue eagerly stabbed inside Laurie’s coral passage. Knowing lips suckled her engorged pearl. Sweet juices ran and Rebecca swabbed at her anus then back to the clit.

“Don’t stop. Please. Suck. Suck her. Yes. Right there! Right…” Don watched mesmerized. His cock was steel. Laurie’s muscles stiffened. She yelped loudly, wordlessly as the powerful orgasm engulfed body and soul. Rebecca sucked at the flesh loudly until Laurie’s legs violently clamped shut. Like a pair of scissors.

Beyond horny, Don knelt behind his lovely wife. A dazed and satisfied Laurie felt the shadow and gaped at the monstrous cock sliding into Rebecca’s dripping cunt.

“Mmm-ph.” Rebecca moaned with newfound desire. The wide girth of Don’s spear neatly spread fleshy labia. Emerging from the thin hood, her stiff clitoris pulsed. Laurie lapped at the jewel, tasting her arousal.

Don thrust deeply, his slapping balls often contacting the swirling tongue below. Pursed lips eagerly suctioned Rebecca’s smooth pearl. She groaned gutterly, pushing back into the dual pleasure. Fully impaled and mouthed she came in an ecstatic rush.

Rebecca screamed into Laurie’s sticky pubic bush. She leaked a clear, feminine fluid. Don welcomed the wonderful deep fluttering and pressed a thumb into Rebecca’s tight, constricting asshole. His load of sperm erupted, painting her insides white. He shouted her name, fucking with pure abandon.

The trio silently collapsed like a house of cards, gasping upon the large cotton sheet spread over soft grass.

Later that evening, they would share the king sized bed. Their desires, variations of oral sex and intercourse. Perhaps a dildo. The possibilities seemed endless.

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