Maspalomas Nude Beach


Maspalomas Nude BeachWe have just returned from a holiday in Maspalomas. What a place. In the sand dunes all sorts of sex acts take place. This story relates to an incident that happened on the nudist beach.We were staying in Meloneras close to the lighthouse. Our hotel had a great view of the sand dunes. From the balcony of our hotel you could see many sexual encounters taking place. It was very horny to be able to sit and watch people having sex from a distance without them knowing they were being watched.Those who have read our stories know we enjoy flashing. However, we have never been naked on purpose in front of other people. That changed the day we decided to go the the nudist beach.As this was our first time we decided to sit on two sun beds in the back row furthest from the sea. To our left there were only two beds, one was empty and on the other there was a woman of about 30 who,was sunbathing in a bikini. There were three empty seats to our right and then another couple from the UK. The row of beds in front of had canlı bahis şirketleri a few people sunbathing naked but the two beds immediately on front of us were totally empty.Mr V was first to go naked. He felt more at ease once he realised not everybody on the beach had a 10 inch cock. Mrs V took a bit more time to get naked. She had removed her bikini top to reveal her tilts. The cool see breeze made her nipples stand out. Her tits looked superb. After about half an hour she removed her bikini bottoms. Her shaven pussy was now on view.We had not notice that a man had taken the two sun beds in the row in front of us. He was about 50. He was very tanned and clearly sunbathed naked on a regular basis. At first we paid little attention to him. However, Mr V noticed that he was constantly looking at Mrs V. Moving between the two sun beds he had booked to get a better view of Mrs V’s pussy.The man had been there about an hour when he got up and went for a walk towards the dunes that were behind us. He was canlı poker oyna gone for about 10 minutes. As he returned we could see his cock for the first time. Whilst it was not overly long it was very thick. Mrs V was lying on her stomach facing the dunes. The man walked past and stopped about a yard from her. He turned towards her and raised his arms above his head. His cock twitched and was no more than a yard from Mrs V’s mouth. Mrs V looked up. The stranger stood there for about 30 seconds before going back to his sun bed.When he returned to his sun bed he did not sit facing forward. He lowered the back of the sun bed and sat directly facing us. He started at Mrs V’s ass and pussy . His cock started to twitch and stiffen. Mr v whispered to Mrs V what was happening. mrs v told Mr V to get the sun cream and to start rubbing in onto het back, ass and legs. Mr V did as he was told. He slowly rubbed cream into Mrs V’s back. As he moved to her ass Mrs V slowly opened her legs to give Mr V greater access to her bahis siteleri inner thighs. This gave the stranger a full view of her soaking pussy. Mr V looked at the stranger. His cock was now rock hard. He was slowly masturbating. Mr V told his wife all about the stranger. “I’m going to make him cum” Mrs V said and with that she opened her legs wider and slipped a hand under her stomach and started to finger her pussy. The fact she was wanking and not looking at the stranger added to the excitement as Mr V was constantly telling her what was happening.The stranger started to increase the pace of his wanking. Mr V was also getting stiff. The stranger sat further forward on his sun bed. His thick cock looked superb. Mrs V then sat up and turned to face the stranger. She had one leg on the sun bed and one on the ground. Her pussy was on full show and her juices were flowing down her legs. Her fingers were working on her throbbing clitoris. The stranger lifted his sun glasses and stared at Mrs V. His face started to contort and he suddenly shot stream after stream of hot spunk into the sand. This was all Mrs V needed. Within seconds she reached an intense orgasm. By now Mr V was also wanking and he quickly emptied his balls all over Mrs V’s tits.What an encounter. Maspalomas rocks.

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