Martin: Seduction and Betrayal

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I recall a pleasant experience I had in the 90’s at a local gym which essentially changed my life. This gym also had a decent pool and hot tub so my wife and I used the facility quite often. Anyway one particular time, my wife was in the pool chatting with her friends and I was soaking in the hot tub. I felt totally relaxed when a man stepped in and rested close to me. I gave it no thought until I looked up and felt his piercing eyes looking at me. For some reason I was not uncomfortable but rather I smiled at him and realized that I was beginning to get hard. I waited a few moments before getting up to make sure I was not hard and then I headed to the showers. By this time, my admirer had disappeared and so I disrobed and turned on the hot water. It felt good and just at that moment my admirer stepped in the next stall and proceeded to shower. I was positioned directly across from him. Without any warning, I began to get hard. He looked at me and said that it was okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. I smiled and quickly finished my shower and made an exit for the lockers.

As I began to dress, my new friend stood next to me and introduced himself.

“Hi, my name is Martin and I find you extremely attractive.”

“Hi to you Martin. My name is Michael but I am not gay.”

“I never said you were but your cock tells a different story. Listen up. I am also married and recently divorced, but occasionally I play with men whom I find much more satisfying. So let’s stop playing games. Let’s get together soon.” He handed me a business card with his phone number. I took the card but told him not to expect a call. He smiled and said he would be waiting for my call. Before he left, he reached over and felt my cock which told a different story. I met my wife in the lobby and we then drove home. However all I could think about is my encounter with Martin. Could it be that I really was gay or perhaps bi. Finally, after some soul searching, I called the number he had given me.

“Hi Martin, this is Michael. Do you remember me?”

“Hello Michael. Of course I remember. Are you ready to meet? If so, there is a local motel that we could meet up.”

“Okay.” I trembled with excitement as I knew that I was ready for first time sex with a guy. The arrangements were made. I called my wife and told her I would be working late and not to wait up for me. It was kind of funny how she accepted my excuse without so much as a question. I met him in the parking lot of the motel. He went to the office and arranged for the room and so I walked with him to the room. Upon entering, he pulled me into him and proceeded to kiss me. All of a sudden I kissed him passionately. It was like I became insatiable. This was the first time that I had acted on my sexual impulse for man sex. At this point I realized that contrary to my alpha male status with women, now I needed to be dominated by a hot man and Martin became that man.

“I knew that you were a closeted gay from the moment I saw you. The fact that you are a submissive bottom is the icing on the cake. So let’s get it on!” Without any encouragement, we both removed all of our clothing and I waited patiently for his move. He sat on the bed with a hard cock karaman escort visible.

“Now get on your knees and suck my cock.” I needed no encouragement as I crawled over to the bed and began to suck his cock. I placed my hands on each leg as I positioned my mouth over his cock. I looked up at him and I could see that he was very happy with my response. I don’t think he expected me to be so submissive. Before I could go further on his cock, he told me to stop and hop on the bed with him. He positioned me in a 69 position with me on the bottom. He lifted his upper body up so that his ass was flush with my nose and mouth. I knew what he wanted. My tongue delved deep into his ass as my nose became intoxicated with his delicious smell. At the same time he was sucking my cock and playing with my ass using his fingers. This mutual operation continued until he got off of me and turned around and positioned his body so that his cock and balls were on my face. I could not move since his knees rested on my arms. I reached out with my tongue and lovingly caressed his mushroom head.

“You are a good cocksucker.” I swallowed inch by inch his cock until his balls rested on my chin. He increased the speed of his cock into my throat until I felt his cum exploding deep into my throat so much so that some of the cum dripped onto my chin. Finally, he finished cumming. He removed his cock from my mouth but before he got off of me, he slapped my face several times.

“You belong to me cocksucker! Now get your ass into the shower before we begin round 2.” I found myself obeying his commands. Up until this day, I knew I was not gay and yet today I found myself being dominated by a man. What was happening to me. After drying myself off, I left the bathroom and found myself walking to the bed where Martin lay naked. I should have resisted but instead I enthusiastically followed his instruction and sucked his cock while on my stomach. From this position I realized that as I sucked, his cock got harder. As I looked up, he seemed to smirk with the realization that he was owning my ass. “Enough with the games. Get your ass ready to be fucked by a real man.” I had never had sex with a man and now I was going to be fucked like a girl.

“Please Martin, I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Can I just continue to blow you?”

“First, from now on you will call me Sir or daddy and second, you have not choice. Do you want me to call your wife and tell her that her husband is a cocksucker?” To emphasize the point, he slapped me several times. Although in a previous life, I could have fought back, now I just acted very submissive.

“No Sir! I’m sorry. I belong to you.” And with that statement, I moved into position on the bed. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and proceeded to enter my man pussy. He must have sensed my nervousness but instead of comforting me, he slapped my face and ass.

“Keep quiet cunt and enjoy my cock!” I bit my tongue as his cock slowly entered my ass. I found that the pain became pleasure as he moved in and out. “That’s it cocksucker, move your ass to the rhythm of my cock.” Slowly I found myself in ecstasy as he moved faster and faster. He was all karaman escort bayan the way in and then he came in buckets in my body. Finally he pulled out. To be honest, at that moment I felt like a satisfied whore. I tried to hold on to him before he got off of me but he was stronger than me.

“Call your wife and tell her you won’t be coming home tonight. By the time we’re finished, your ass and jaw with be sore.” I followed his command and we spent the night fucking and sucking. Finally, in the early morning hours of the following morning he was ready to leave. But before he left he ordered me to meet him the next evening at 7:00pm in front of the motel. He said that he had a surprise for me.

I did not enjoy cheating on my wife but I couldn’t help myself. I told her that a project had come due and I needed to spend a significant amount of time away from home. She believed me which made me feet guilty but once again I couldn’t help myself! The next day I was on pins and needles so to speak. Finally I left my office and headed for the motel arriving a little before the scheduled time. I waited in my car and was rewarded with Martin knocking on my car window. I lowered the window and he said that room 302 on the third floor was paid for and that I should wait in the room. He handed me the card key and I opened the door of the room and waited inside. I lay on the bed and turned the TV on while waiting. Martin entered the room followed by two big black studs. I was taken back for a moment, not knowing what to expect but I did not have long to wait. I lay on the bed naked and the men surrounded the bed. As if in unit, they removed their clothes. My eyes focused on their cocks.

“Hope you like my surprise, slut. I’ll leave you with my buddies. Be nice and make sure you take care of them. I’ll be back in a few hours.” He left and I found myself alone with these studs. My legs were pulled toward the edge of the bed. The stud who pulled my legs then lifted my legs over his shoulders so that he had easy access to my man pussy. As his cock slowly entered my ass, the other man climbed onto the bed and positioned his body so that his cock and balls were lowered onto my mouth. So as one cock was delving deep into my ass, my tongue was working on lathering and licking cock, balls, and ass. I was like an animal in heat as my body moved of its own accord to meet the thrusts of two hot men. And then the men both came onto and into my body. After a few minutes, they got off of my body. I felt drained but satisfied.

“Martin was right. This cocksucker is like a tiger in heat. Okay faggot, off the bed and on your knees. Your job is to worship our bodies.” I followed his command and was soon on my knees and mouth open. The studs sandwiched me in between the two of them. Before I could begin the task of body worship, my hair was pulled back and my face was slapped. “Now listen up cunt. You better do a good job or you’ll suffer the consequences.” These studs were tough and definitely meant business. My cock got hard just thinking about them. I followed their command and began to worship their bodies, licking and kissing each delicious inch. I moved my head from escort karaman left to right, making sure that both men were satisfied, but every once in a while I felt a blow to my head.

“Listen up cocksucker! You need to step up your worship of our bodies.” I moved as quickly as possible and finally they ordered me on my hands and knees. In this position I was spit roasted. I truly felt like I was a cum slut whore. This degradation continued for some time. Both my holes were sore. After they abused my body, they got up and left me on the floor. Without so much as a thank you, they dressed and left the room. Shortly thereafter, Martin, my daddy, returned.

“So did you have fun faggot?”

“I had fun but please don’t call me a faggot.” In a flash, Martin slapped my face and my ass until tears came.

“From now on you will need to show respect to your master. You’ll be working for me. Let me know right now if that is a problem so I can meet with your wife and tell her what a cunt you are.”

“I’m really sorry sir. I’ll do whatever you want.” With some trepidation, I did my best to offer an apology because the reality was that I did enjoy being a sex slave to this man.

Martin undressed and ordered me on my knees to suck his cock. The only way I can describe our relationship was that for me, he was an aphrodisiac. I did not truly understand what was happening to me. I always considered myself an alpha male and yet here I was on my knees, a slave to a man’s cock. Without any hesitation, I dropped to my knees, opened my mouth and reached for his cock. My left hand caressed his balls while my tongue explored his rapidly growing cock. I felt his hands on my head as if I was a dog being petted. My own cock was hard and I knew that ecstasy was soon to be mine. I began to suck faster and harder as he pushed his cock all the way in my throat, so much so that his balls bounced against my chin. He held my mouth tight agains his cock and he exploded in my throat. I did my best to swallow all his cum but some liquid leaked down my chin.

“Don’t waste a drop scumbag. You best clean my cock because I have another surprise for you.” I thought that the evening was full of surprises, all very pleasant up until now. There was a knock on the door. Martin opened the door and to my shock, in walked my wife.

“My lover Martin was right. You are a cocksucker!” I was ashamed, embarrassed, and betrayed. And yet it was almost a relief to unburden myself of the unvarnished truth. I am a submissive bottom cocksucker!

“Add cuckold to the list of disgusting things that you are. I’m going to fuck your wife right now and you are going to watch.” And so Martin pulled my wife on the bed and proceeded to fuck her. I watched as my wife took Martin’s cock deep into her pussy. When they finished fucking, Martin ordered me to lick her pussy and clean her out. While I complied, Martin slapped my ass.

“When you finish licking my lover, get on your knees and clean me. Make sure all of my cum is cleaned out.” I followed his instruction as my wife looked on.

“From now on scumbag, you will be serving both of us.”

And so began the next phase of my life as a cum slut whore. We returned to our home which was no longer mine and I became a slave to both my masters, male and female. Truly, I enjoyed my new role. Of course I understood that this scenario could not last forever and I understood that I would be kicked out as soon as they tired of me but that was okay since I kind of enjoyed being a cum slut.

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