marshaWife becomes submissive slut and has many adventures. ***Marsha and I married when we were both in our twenties. We lived in Chicago at the time, and were both employed by the same company. I was a stockbroker, and Marsha was a secretary. Marsha has dull red hair, is just slightly overweight (10 pounds) but has a very voluptuous body (big firm tits). Because she is 1/4 Indian, she has a very exotic look, with large (blowjob) lips. The other thing about Marsha’s looks that drove me wild was the small freckles all over her body. The freckles on her tits were fantastic.After 3 or 4 years of marriage, and 1 c***d, I started to get a bit bored with our sex life. Don’t get me wrong Marsha was great in bed. She did it all, from anal to oral to asslicking to everything. She was very submissive, and would do whatever I asked just to please me. I just craved some variety. Whenever the opportunity came up, I would screw around with someone new. Although it was easy to find other women, I couldn’t find any as accommodating as Marsha. It was at that time, about 4 years ago that I discovered the world of “Swinging”.When I told Marsha I was interested in sex with other couples, and orgies, she was not happy. I explained to her that this would bring heightened excitement to our marriage, and would help make it stronger. Marsha did not agree, but she did what told her, I found a couple through an ad on the Internet.I didn’t care what the guy looked like; I was interested in a blond cheerleader type before me. On this first encounter we met at a Hotel, and took a room with two twin beds. As I fucked Jane in one bed, Marsha was fucking Art on the next. It was fun; I enjoyed fucking, and watching Marsha get fucked.After it was over, I told Marsha I wanted to see her go down on Jane. She gave me a pathetic look, but did what I asked. After a while, I fucked her in the ass while she was eating Jane. Art got a blowjob from Jane while this was going on. The whole evening was a turn on to me, but what was most exciting was giving Marsha orders, and watching her perform. The next day when I asked Marsha if she liked our night, her response was that she enjoyed seeing me happy. She really is the perfect wife.It was a few weeks later that I found out about an orgy house where there were “couple only” parties. I had Marsha wear a loose dress with nothing on under it. I finger fucked her the entire drive to the house. Once inside, in the bar area, where most people were still clothed, I told Marsha to remove her dress.There she was nude for all to see. Three guys, and one woman came over and started to fondle and finger her. I was hard as I could be just watching. I took Marsha’s hand, and moved us all to one of the bedrooms. I sat back and watched as this group of four fucked and sucked my wife. Two of the guys came in her mouth in suck volume that cum dripped down to her chest.Although I fucked and was sucked by a number of different women that night, the best sex was watching Marsha get fucked. Marsha would only go to the rooms with me. I would point out someone, or bring people over to her, and the sex would start. If I did not set it up, Marsha would not approach anyone on her own.As we were leaving in the early hours of the morning, I looked into one of the bedrooms to bahis firmaları see two large black guys double-teaming a small blond. She had a dick in her mouth and cunt and was receiving a royal fuck. Right then I decided that on our next adventure, I wanted to see Marsha get fucked by some black guys.The first step was to meet with an interracial couple that ran a swingers ad on the Internet. Nate and Wanda were both beautiful, model types. He was 6′ 4″, she was 5′ 9″, and both looked like professional athletes. Wanda had jet-black hair, blue eyes, small tits, and the roundest firmest ass I’d ever seen. We started out by making out with each other. As I was fucking Wanda, I glanced over to see Marsha giving a deep-throat blowjob to Nate.I am well endowed (about 7 « inches), and although he was slightly thicker than me, it was not one of those 12-inch monsters you read about. As the night progressed, we all fucked in every way, and Nate and I got to lay back and watch Marsha do whatever I told her to do to Wanda. I had Wanda spit my cum into Marsha’s mouth after a blowjob. I had Marsha eat out Wanda’s ass after Nate had fucked it. It was a good night.The next night at home, as I thought about the previous night, I got so excited that I had Marsha give me 3 blowjobs before the Nightly News. Once in bed, I fucked her for hours. As I analyzed what turned me on so much, it was that my wife would do anything I asked. The idea of a Black man, or a woman, or a group was so foreign to her, that she would never do these things on her own. It was then that I decided it was more important for me to watch Marsha than to even get fucked myself. Now I still intended to get fucked, but I wanted to get Marsha into all sorts of situations, and make her do whatever I wanted.I found some ads for Dominating Men. I called a few on the phone and talked to them about the kind of things they did to woman. One guy, Master J said that I could bring Marsha over for a lesson in discipline. We went that Friday night. It turned out that Master J was a Black Guy.He greeted us at the door wearing Leather pants and vest with no shirt. He was a well-built guy. As he talked to me, he squeezed Marsha’s tits through her top. She just looked at me with a questioning face. I told Marsha that her jib tonight was to do whatever Master J told her to do without question. Before she could even speak, he slapped her face, pushed her to the ground, and stuck his dick in her mouth. Marsha gave oral for all she was worth.After he had come, Master J led us to a darkened room. In the room were 3 woman and 3 men all naked, and all handcuffed. He ripped Marsha’s clothes off, and put her in cuffs also. He told me to sit back in the dark and listen and learn. It turns out that the others three couples were paying clients of his. J started to walk around the room from person to person and softly hit them with a riding crop.He told them that there was a special treat tonight, and that they were all going to fuck his new fiend Marsha. I could see her quietly crying as he spoke. He had Marsha get on a pad in the middle of the floor, and yelled DO IT. The six were on her. As one guy fucked her face, another fucked her cunt. Two of the woman sucked and bit her tits. Since all were still handcuffed kaçak bahis they looked like fish in a feeding frenzy. After all had cum he told them to get back to their places.J told his group that he’d be back, and took Marsha by the hand, and roughly led her to another room. I followed. There Marsha was uncuffed, and told to stay quietly in a bed. J left. Marsha looked at me, and asked if we could go home soon. I told her that she could no longer ask me any questions, but would only do as she was told. J returned with this really weird looking guy. He left arm was shriveled and small, and he dragged his left leg as he walked. His face was hideous and ugly.J told Marsha that this was his friend Tom. He said that old Tom is so ugly that he never got laid. Tom had multiple birth defects, and the whole left side of his body was deformed. On closer look, you could see slobber dripping from the left side of his mouth. J told Marsha that Tom deserved a night of Passion. She was not to just fuck him, but to make love to him. I want you to make Tom feel like he’s Tom Fucking Cruise. Now do it.Tom dragged himself into bed with Marsha, and for the next hour they made love. Marsha let him fuck her, she sucked him off a few times, and she licked and kissed every inch of his deformed body. As J and I watched, he explained to me that the key was humiliation. Like me, his turn on involved not just dominating a woman, but making her do something that was against her nature. The great thing with my wife Marsha was that she would do anything I told her to do, just because she loved me. J opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.So this is what our life has developed into. I command Marsha to do all sorts of things that get me excited. Although I still fuck other woman when the mood hits me, most of my pleasure comes from watching her perform. It is Marsha’s duty in life to do what it takes to please me. And no matter how painful or humiliating it is to her, she does what I want done. I’ll give you some examples of some of our adventures as I now call them.For a two-week period, I took Marsha on a local Chicago bus that took teenagers home from school in a very rough Black section of the city. Marsha would always wear a white button in the front blouse, and a short black skirt. She never wore anything underneath. As the bus filled with k**s, she would stand in the back and rub against one or two of the boys.It never took long before there would be 12 to 15 guys around her all touching. She would have her blouse opened, and her tits felt and pinched by all. Her skirt would ride up, and guys would finger her ass and cunt. Sometimes she was forced to her knees and would blow a bunch of guys. Twice she was fucked right on the bus.Last year we took a trip to San Francisco with another couple. This was a couple that we swung with so I knew there would be a lot of fucking. This couple Manny and Diane were younger than us. Manny was about 50 pounds overweight, and had a shaved head. Diane was very slim, with brown hair, green eyes, and a model’s body. I had told Manny in advance that Marsha and I were into some new stuff, and he was very interested. The second night we went to a play. As we left there was a bunch of rough looking homeless people aggressively begging. kaçak iddaa It gave me an idea. We went to a coffee shop on that intersection. I pointed to a dirty looking black guy, with a beard, wearing a torn raincoat, and sitting on the corner. You could see that he had no teeth, as he yelled at people that did not put money into his cup. I told Marsha to go outside, sit next to him, and French kiss him. I told her to grope his dick, and try to jerk him off.I told her to let him touch her anyway and anywhere that he wanted. Marsha did not hesitate. She went outside, sat next to this screaming bum, and kissed him full on the lips. We could see her tongue dive into his mouth. It was only a few seconds before she had his dick out and was stroking it for all she was worth. He ripped her blouse and bra, and had two handfuls of tits. Once he came in her hand, she got up and came back into the coffee shop.This whole scene mesmerized Diane, sitting next to me. You should know that I was finger fucking her the entire time. Marsha squeezed in next to Manny and gave us all a shy smile. I asked Diane if she had ever been with a black guy. She had not. I then said to Manny wouldn’t you like to see Diane suck a black prick. He nodded yes, so I told him to take care of it now. We looked around and saw that the bus boy in the coffee shop was a tall black teenager. He looked to be about 18 years old, and was about 6’8″.Manny got up, said something to him, and we all headed out to the alley behind the shop. When this guy dropped his white pants, we saw a dick that was about 10 inches soft. Diane got on her knees, and took the whole thing in her mouth. As he became hard, it became thicker, but not really much longer. He was pinching Diane’s nipples as she deep throated him. Once he came, the overflow was so much that Diane’s whole chest was sticky wet. We had Marsha lick them both clean.During that San Francisco trip, we ended up frequenting a number of black clubs. We would have the girls dance with guys, and let them be fondled all over. Most nights ended with both of them getting fucked or blowing multiple guys. We even set up a sex show in a cheap motel and had Diane and Marsh performed for a whole group. After they had done each other for over an hour, we allowed the guys there to gangbang our wives.When I do bring other woman home, Marsha takes the position of fluff girl and cleaning woman. It is her job to suck my cock while I am making out with whomever I’ve brought home. She is also to go down on the other woman and get her nice and juicy for me. After I’ve fucked another woman, Marsha uses her tongue and mouth to clean us both. This includes the other woman’s ass if that’s where I fucked her. One of the things I like best is to watch Marsha and some strange woman send my cum back and forth from mouth to mouth.As I said, Marsha is the perfect wife. When we end the night, and finely go to bed, the position is always the same. I get comfortable for the night, and Marsha positions herself under the covers with my dick in her mouth. Her job is to suck it through the night like a baby sucks it’s thumb.Most nights I cum once and fall asleep, but many times I’ll wake up in the middle of the night get hard and cum again. I wake up almost every morning with my dick still firmly in Marsha’s mouth. I have even accidentally let a piss stream go before I could get out of bed to the bathroom in the morning.Yes, Marsha is the perfect “Yes Wife” for in all of our years together, she has never said NO.THE END

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