Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 2


Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 2It was a Friday night, rainy, when I had “accidently” bumped my hard cock into Laura, a preachers daughter and my friend Ray’s MILF wife. She is a hottie, pleasantly thick with curves in the right places, wonderful tits and ass, long sexy brown hair and pretty eyes. She has lips to cum over and a little mommy belly from having k**s. She is conservative and quite, but, damn I wanted to fuck her.I waited until I heard her up in the shower Saturday morning, she was the first one up. I watched her as she walked into the kitchen. She looked toward the sofa where I was, so, my morning wood was hard and I had slid it out of my boxers. I acted a asleep but could feel her eyes on me. I wondered what she was thinking. I rolled over onto my back and saw her dart away. I kept watching and a few minutes later she was looking around the corner. I took that minute to move enough pushing my cock upward she got a good look. This married preachers daughter, whom never watched porn was sneeking pics of my cock. I was hard as a rock.Then I heard Ray up so I covered up after she walked away. I got up and as he was in the shower, I walked into the kitchen wearing baggy sweat pants and a T-shirt. I leaned against her ass pressing canlı kaçak iddaa my hard cock against her and she froze, I reached around her and she gasped and held her breath, I innocently reached around her and took the coffee pot and a cup and stepped back I poured a cup and as I leaned to replace it I again pressed my hard cock against her ass.Laura acted angry, “are you doing this on purpose?” “What are you talking about?” I smiled.Laura said, “well, you are my husbands friend, a guest in our home, I am a married Christian wife and mother and I think you pressed into me on purpose” “Oh really?” I said and smiled.I then elaborated, “last night was a accident, but I admit I liked feeling your hot body against me and this morning I could have asked you to move — but wanted to press my cock against you — you have me so damn horny, sorry about that!” Laura turned red and before she could speak, I asked her, “did you like it?” Laura’s eyes flashed red and she turned red faced and her neck flushed — she did not answer me, she only said “YOU PERVERT!” I just smiled. I then told her, “well I hear the shower stopped, I am going to shower now before we all eat breakfast. I know I am terrible, I am Ray’s friend and it is so wrong — but güvenilir casino you are one hot MILF and it will be a long shower as I think about you as I jack off in your shower!” Laura coughed on her orange juice and turned even more red and looked at me as if she could not believe I said that to her. I turned and walked away. I did take a long shower and I painted their shower wall white with my cum I shot so hard. Before I left the bathroom in running shorts and muscle shirt, I rubbed my cock semi hard again and free balling walked into the kitchen. Laura was avoiding eye contact with me but over breakfast we made chit chat and she had too. Soon the k**s were up and she was getting their food and getting them watching Saturday morning cartoons. I dressed as did Ray and we went to town.I told Ray what had happened last night, this morning and that I had jacked off in their shower thinking about his wife. Ray was shocked but I noticed he was getting a hard on. He was smiling. I said, “you are the pervert dude — you are horny about me rubbing against and lusting after Laura!” He laughed and said, “well, it has its rewards. Usually Laura does not wake me up in the middle of the night to fuck and usually it is a reluctant blow job I get.” güvenilir casino I commented, “that’s too bad, sorry dude!” but to my surprise Ray explained, “NO MAN It is cool, last night after Laura went and got a drink of water she come into the bed room. She began rubbing on me, whispered for me to be still so you would not hear and she sucked me hard then crawled up and rode me, biting her lips. I cum real fast and she did too. You must have turned her on and I wonder if she was thinking about you cock?” I told Ray, “Awesome man, I hope she was!”I said to Ray,”listen man, when the rain clears some this afternoon, I want you to go for a ride on the bike, I will take the little one (your oldest) around the block and your house on my scoot and you need to talk Laura into going for a short ride with me. I want to see if the Harley vibrations, her legs spread and tits and pussy pressed against my back gets her hot and you get another good fucking.”Ray smiled and said, “OK Man”I said, “I want to fuck your wife man — you cool with that?”Ray said, “I don’t think she will and I don’t think you can — but if you do — I want to hear about it and would love pics!”We both laughed and I said, “you are a pervert too man — that’s why we get along”I then looked serious at him and said, “don’t get pissed, but with your help, I am going to fuck your old lady — and latter I have a plan where we both nail her together — if you are game?”Ray simply said, “go ahead man and if it happens, it happens!”

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