Married And On The Hunt


Married And On The Hunt
After thirty years of marriage I never thought she would ever want to try something like this.  I had even asked her and she always said ‘no way’ firmly.  She was totally committed to me.  But things have a way of happening in the moment.  We were at a busy bar on a Friday night.  Everyone was pumped up for the weekend.  We sat next to a table of guys and one of them started talking to her.  Carlos and her were having quite a good time.  I could tell by how she looked at him that she was smitten.  Maybe even attracted to the point of wanting him.  Carlos moved over to our table.  The alcohol played a critical role in how she became so flirtatious.  He charmed her and was very intent on wooing her despite me, her husband, being right there.  When Carlos got up to use the restroom I took the moment to weigh in. 
“He seems very nice.”
“Yes.  He is.  And good looking.”
“You want him?”
“Uh, no.”
“Yes you do.  Hey, if you do its okay.  I get it.”
“Well he is very attractive.  But don’t worry.  I’m with you.”
“What would you say if I told you it would be okay for you to take him home and have him tonight?”
“Are you crazy?”
“Not at all.  You can do that if you like.  I won’t mind.”
“You are crazy.  You know you would get jealous.”
“What if I promised not to?”
“Is that what you want?”
“I think it would be hot to watch you get fucked.”
“Oh my God!  You’re serious!”
Just then Carlos came back and they resumed their conversation.  I sat back and sipped my beer.  A song she liked came on and she grabbed my hand and pulled.  I refused and pointed to Carlos.  She grabbed Carlos’ hand and they went to dance.  They rubbed bodies together in a sort of casual way but I could see the sparks.  When they came back they were both giggling.  She leaned over to me and whispered,  “Are you sure?”
“Then let’s go.  He wants to.”
She rode in his car.  I thought that was kind of weird.  But then it almost seemed like they were on a date.  I guess you could say they were.  I began to get nervous wondering if I was ruining our marriage with this dumb idea. 
Back at the house I got Carlos a beer and she went back to her canlı bahis şirketleri bathroom.  When she came out she was wearing her black negligee’ sipping a glass of wine.  She looked stunning!  Everything was see through so Carlos got an eyeful of my sexy wife.  She sat next to him on the couch. 
She was five feet two and one hundred and forty pounds.  A bit chubby but all of it was in the right places.  Wide sexy hips and big natural breasts.  A small waist giving her a very hot hour glass body.  Her black bush was amazing.  Her dark areolas sported long erect nipples.  She was sexy as hell! 
“Are you sure you are okay with this Jack?” Carlos asked. 
“I’m fine with it.  In fact, I think it will be hot.  We’ve never done anything like it.  Time to try new things right honey?”
“Yep.”  Carlos kissed her long and wet and his hands began to roam.  She rubbed his crotch and soon they were getting heavy.  His hand slid into her top and he played with her big nipples.  Then he slid his hand into her panty bottom massaging her sweet hairy pussy.  She opened her legs for him and I could tell his finger was penetrating her cunt.  After few minutes Carlos stood up and began to undress.  We had laid a blanket down on the floor.  Once Carlos pulled down his underwear a big eight in cock sprung out.  “Oh my God!  That’s huge!”  Julie knelt down and began sucking on his cock.  He lifted her top up and over her head.  Her big tits flopped down as the garment cleared her chest.  She liked to handle his cock.  She held it out looking in amazement at its size and how it throbbed in her hand.  She slid her tongue around the big head and up and down his shaft relishing the moment.  She tried to take as much of him down and only got about half way before gagging.  When she pulled off pre-cum tethered her mouth to his cock head.  She slurped it and he moaned.  His cock was rock hard.  He told her to lay down.  She spread her legs watching his big cock the whole time.  I wondered how the hell she would take that big of a cock.  I was six inches and thick.  She always made a big deal about how big I was and she acted hurt every time canlı kaçak bahis I slid into her at first like my cock was too big.  Now she really had a big one. 
Carlos moved in and began licking her pussy.  “MMMMM sweet pussy.  So delicious!”  After licking her for five minutes he finally made her squirt.  Then the moment of truth came.  He moved up.  “Be careful.  Slide it in easy now.”  Carlos put the head of his cock onto her pussy lips.  I was leaning forward watching.  He rubbed the head around her lips.  Up and down, then rubbing her clit.  Smacking the head on her clit.  Smack, smack, smack!  He teased her.  She began to beg.  “Put it in baby!”  I was sure he would just plunge it in.  But he slowly pushed until the head popped into her pussy.  She gasped and her mouth opened wide as she moaned.  “Oh God!  Its so big!”  Her hand pushed against Carlos’ chiseled body as he began to move in and out.  Just half his cock was penetrating her pussy.  It looked amazing to me.  The girth of his cock made her pussy lips stretch tightly around his shaft.  I thought it was incredibly hot watching another man’s cock fucking into my wife’s pussy.  I loved it!  Her tits began to bounce as Carlos picked up the pace.  She began to moan loudly and sometimes scream.  As I watched his cock moving in and out it seemed that he was getting deeper and deeper.  Her screams were becoming primal and he went faster and faster.  I could hear her pussy squirt as she cried out in passion.  “That’s right baby.  You like this cock don’t you?”
“Yes!  Oh YES!  Baby!  Fuck me!  Fuck me good!”  He shoved hard and deep and she held on with all her might.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck as he pummeled her pussy.  Her hand was on the back of his head and they kissed deeply as she moaned.  She came again and again squirting all over the place.  Carlos had stamina and fucked her for over a half an hour before filling her pussy.  It was magnificent!  He hollered out.  “I’m coming baby!  Oh God!”
“Yes!  Yes!  Give it to me.”  Her hand caressed his face as he thrust his come deep inside her pussy.  Finally he collapsed onto bahis siteleri canlı her.
“Oh my God that was so hot!”  I said.  Julie laughed. 
“He fucked me so hard.  That cock is amazing!”
“So you liked it huh?”
“Hell yes!”
My cock was rock hard.  She could see my condition.  “I suppose you want some now?”
“Yes.”  Carlos rolled off.  She tried to get up but her legs were wobbly.  She came over to me as come dripped from her pussy.  It was all around her bush.   Her pussy was a mess.  She straddled me and slid down onto my cock.  Her pussy was warm wet and very slick with come up inside her.  I never had sloppy seconds before.  It felt mushy and so wet.  “I think he stretched my pussy out.  Your cock feels loose now.”
“Its okay.  It still feels good.”
“I’m glad you like his cock.  That was hot.  Maybe you’d like to do this more often?”
“Yes I would.”  She grinded into me and we fucked for awhile while Carlos rested watching her grind on me.
I came rather quickly as all the excitement had me turned on so much.  Carlos sat next to us and when I finished coming she sat back on his cock.  They grinded for almost an hour before getting exhausted.  Once we finished Carlos got dressed and left.  She managed to get his number and we agreed to do it again sometime soon. 
“So you did it.”
“Yes we did it.”
“Right.  That was hot.”
“He was amazing.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
“I want him again, and again.”
“Okay.  Are you going to rub it in now?”
“No.  Sorry.  Its just that he was so hot.”
“Maybe I am jealous now.  Fuck it!”
“Please don’t be.  I will always love you.  We don’t have to do it again.  I knew it would make you jealous.  Damn it!.”
“It made you so turned on didn’t it?”
“Well yea.”
“Then I am okay with you enjoying sex with another guy.  Maybe we should start swinging.”
“”So now you want another partner?”
“I thought it was so hot watching him fucking you.  How would you feel seeing me inside another woman’s pussy?”
“I don’t know.  I’d get jealous.”
“But if you had Carlos inside you how would you feel about it then?”
“Okay.  I suppose that would be different.”
“Exactly.  We should make that happen.”
“Okay.  But who are you going to get to go along with it?”
“I don’t know.” 
She grabbed my cock and pulled me into her.  We fucked awhile longer and then went to bed.
We left it right there.  Another chapter of our lives was opened and ready for more input.  Now it was time to go hunting.     

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