Mariu’s Red Rope


Mariu’s Red RopeMariu’s Red RopeMarius watched her.  The only door in the room was directly behind him and he was confident that she would not get past him.  He was confident that she would not be doing anything he didn’t want her to.Without a word, he approached her.  She was absorbed brushing her angelic hair and didn’t notice him until he was nearly close enough to touch her.  He stood there until she noticed him.  “Who the hell are you?” she asked, staring at him.  She had turned toward him and wasn’t even bothering to cover her soft innocent breasts.  She wasn’t scared – not yet at least – but she was shocked.  “This is my room,” she said, gesturing around her.  “You have no right to be here.  No right.  Now get the hell out!”  Her tone was demanding and it just made Marius smile, knowing what he had planned.He didn’t answer; instead he took another step toward her.  Marius had a red rope, brand new and made specially for this moment of a very strong but soft material. He tossed the red tope over her in a practiced gesture that succeeded as he had planned.  He yanked on the rope, tightening it around her and pulling her to the ground.  He continued wrapping the rope around her until her arms were pinned tightly at her sides.  He wound the rope around and around and around, wanting to make sure she could not free herself.“What the fuck are you doing?” Jenn asked.  Fear was beginning to creep into her voice, but anger was still her dominant emotion.“You talk too fucking much,” Marius said, strongly holding her face by her cheeks.  He pulled the ropes around her tighter, wanting to completely immobilize her. Jenn fought against Marius, but he was far too strong and he had come prepared.  He pinned her down and began to roughly fondle her exposed breasts.  “I am going to devour every inch of you!” he screamed, his fingers pinching her sensitive skin.Her body was light and even though he tried to kick him, her legs were too delicate so it produced only mor pleasure to him.  She knew she had an angelic venusian body; it was obvious in the way she displayed it.  Marius saw that angel in her and wanted to crush it.Marius ripped up pieces of her fine lingerie and shoved a piece of her panty into Jenn’s mouth.  He used her bra to aydın escort tie that into place, silencing Jenn’s threats.  “Shut up, slut” he said, lifting her violently.  Her arms were pinned to her side and he spread her legs wide, tying them to separate beams.  Trussed up and helpless suited her and he shaked her fragile body a couple time, just because he could.His hands were rough as he explored her.  He shoved two fingers roughly into her cunt.  “You’re wet, you virgin little cunt,” he said.  He pulled his fingers out, noticing how slimy and soaked his fingers were from her pussy.  He dismissively wiped them across her stomach and his cock wanted a turn at her wetness.He freed his cock from his pants, feelings it bulge as he neared her.  Jenn was fighting in her ropes, trying to free herself, screaming words of nonsense in her gag.  He knew that there was no one around, which made her feel free to ride topless.  There was no one around to come and untie her.Jenn couldn’t stop trying to free herself.  “Fuck you,” she yelled into her gag, but each word she spoke seemed to encourage him, egged him on as he shoved his cock into her with one hard movement.  He pushed her head down against the floor and she fought against him, but he was too strong.With his weight upon her, Jenn wasn’t able to move.  His cock was thick, tearing at her and she tried closing her legs, but there was way she could.  “Fucking cock tease,” he said as he fucked her, needing release, but also needing to hurt her.  Always riding her horse around half naked, just begging to be taken. He shoved his cock into her and Jenn grunted into the pantie gag.“Fuck you, fuck you,” she yelled again, the words getting muffled by the psntie gag.  She felt overwhelmed by the sensations.  She tried to keep herself calm, but he was hurting her.  She knew if she could just get a hand free, she would be able to fight back, though she was worried that he was so strong.  She tried to jerk her body away from him, but there was absolutely nowhere to go.  But the ropes held tightly.  “Go ahead and fight, cunt,” he told her, whispering the words into her ear.  “I like it when you fight.  Fight me.”  He was breathing harder, pushing into her as she cried out.  She was still escort aydın angry, but he didn’t want to kill that fire completely.  It excited him too much when she fought.He came inside her, spilling his warm semen deep inside her pussy.  His need momentarily sated, he turned to deal with his other needs.  Marius untied Jenn’s ankles and flipped her roughly onto her stomach.  He tied her legs apart again.Jenn struggled against the ropes, but they would not loosen at all.  She screamed into the gag, frustrated and angry, but she was feeling more fearful as well.  He wanted to draw that fear out.“You want it, don’t you lost princess?” he asked, pressing hard her long neck with his hand.  Jenn shook her head, bit her lips strongly signaling that she was ready for whatever he was going to do.  Her ass and her back felt as though they were on fire.  Her hands were numb from the tight ropes and she struggled to pull them free.She felt his hard cock against her ass and she shook her head more vigorously, which only made him laugh.  “It’s cute that you think you’re in control, cunt,” he said.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked hard as he pushed his cock into her tight little ass.Jenn screamed again, from the pain and humiliation.  “No, no,” she screamed.  He wasn’t listening to her and she needed to find a way to make him understand that he was hurting her.  She panicked again, trying to push away from him.He slammed into her, feeling her tight ass close around his hard cock.  She continued to fight and struggle and that made his cock harder.  Tears streaked her face and he placed his hand at her throat.  “I can do whatever I want, can’t I, bitch?” he asked, increasing the pressure at her throat.  Jenn nodded, fear flooding her system.  He tightened his grip on her and she was unable to breathe.  She tried to turn her hand, but his hand held her firmly and his cock continued to invade her ass.  She had never felt so utterly helpless in all her life.  There was literally nothing she could do and her life was in this stranger’s hand.  Even her ability to scream was cut off by the hand at her neck.Marius eased up on his grip and Jenn began sucking in all the air that she could.  She felt grateful for the air but she aydın escort bayan could not get used to the pain of the cock.  Tears streamed down her face as she felt her own helplessness.  He could do whatever he wanted to her.  He would do whatever he wanted to her.Marius squeezed again, feeling Jenn’s body tightened as he cut off her oxygen.  It was intoxicating, knowing the power he held over her.  Jenn whimpered, the only sound she could make, trying to free herself.  He felt her giving up, her eyes rolling back in her head and he released her throat, spilling his cum deep into her ass.Jenn felt Marius scr****g against every welt that the quirt had made.  The cock in her ass had been very painful, but his hands had been what frightened her most.  “Please,” she said into the gag, certain that he had to know she was begging.  She needed to get up and get out, but she was not able.Marius withdrew from her ass but he left her tied; he knew that he was going to have to use her again.  He had been watching her, but she had never been as beautiful as she was at this moment, lying on the ground and completely submissive.Her small divine breasts looked amazing pressed against the carpet and she was certain that her back and ass was going to be a mess of bruises.“You love my stiff falic organ, don’t you?” Marius asked and Jenn didn’t know how to respond to that.  She felt her whole body covered by lustful spasms, Marius could also feel her boy shaking.  Jenn’s angelic lust was filling up the room along with her intoxicating moaning.Jenn felt as though she was losing her mind.  She was so out of herself that she could barely stand it.  She felt the pain of lust that spread all through her.  “Remember this,” he said.  “You’re a worthless cunt and you’re lucky I found you.”  She nodded, a long air trapped moan came out of her mouth as he ejaculated all over her ass and back, marius semen looked like pearls on soft desert sand… Jenn’s perfect skin.Marius loosened the ropes enough to allow her to work her hands free and then he turned to walk out. The last image he saw was Jenn rolling on the carpet with ehr eyes closed and her hands near her face tied by the red rope.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Story by Jennifer B. as a result of the ultra sensual experience while being captured by Isabella’s magic lens.Visit Isabella’s Xhamster page at: stay tuned for our amazing collaboration coming VERY soon!!

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