Marie by loyalsock


Marie by loyalsockI had noticed Marie at the market checkout line every time she had the warmest smile and always asked how I was doing. When I asked her age she said twenty five,which was fifteen years my junior. When asked if she had a boyfriend she laughed and said they had went separate ways.Being the only one in line I went on to ask if she would like to take in a movie after her shift ended.I would love to she smiled shyly.I’ll pick you up at eight then.As I drove out of the parking lot my mind drifted to her beautiful soft brown ebony skin and the luscious pair of 36C boobs with hard nipples that always seemed to stand at attention every time I saw her.She was waiting out front as I pulled into the lot.As she ambled up to the car I admired the way her sexy ass moved from side to side,as she stepped into the car she sighed and said her legs and bahis şirketleri feet were tired from the eight hour shift.I think you need a massage for those aching feet and legs I intoned… We can skip the movie and check out a DVD and make a nice dinner at my place.That sounds great she said.As we made our way back to my place I told her to take her shoes off and set the cruise control.Put your left foot up here I said as she rested it on my leg.I began slowly rubbing small circles in the arch of her foot.Oooh that feels sooo good she cooed as the tension began melting away,as I glanced over at her I couldn’t help but notice her nipples standing erect.Would you like me to turn down the air conditioning? Looks like your a little cold there.No no she stammered;)… just a little horny your touch is like magic to my aching feet!I reached bahis siteleri my right hand up and began rubbing her left breast that feels great.You know I have always fantasized about being with a white man she said as I wheeled into the driveway.I opened the door and told her to make herself comfortable on the couch as I returned from the kitchen with a couple cool drinks.To my delight Marie had already taken all her clothes off.I told her to lay on her stomach as I began massaging her feet working my way to her calves up to her thighs then her plump rounded ass cheeks.I instructed Marie to over the arm of the couch and open her mouth.I stood up and placed my now rock hard cock into her eager mouth as she slowly swallowed my pole all the way to my balls,I leaned forward and rubbed my chin in her coarse dark and güvenilir bahis licked her clit as I slid two fingers in her moist tight cunt… You’re gonna make me cum she wailed as my fingers sloshed in and out of her hot box as my thumb worked her hard clit.I want your white cock in my pussy now Marie exclaimed!!! I placed a pillow on the kitchen table and instructed Marie to bend over the table as I stood behind her and grabbed both ass cheeks she was now in the perfect position to receive the full thrusts of hard cock.I slid the head of my dick between the pink petals of her labia and began fucking her slow and deep… oooh ohhh that’s so nice she cooed! I put some lubricant on my finger and entered her tight sphincter as I pounded her pussy.Soon she was begging me to fuck her tight ass.With my cock now heavily coated with pussy cream I spread her cheeks wide and eased the mushroom head of my into her hershey highway,her ass felt unbelievably tight as it clamped down on hard cock… harder fuck me harder Marie wailed as I fell forward and filled her rectum with what seemed to be the biggest load of jizz ever!!!

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