Mandy (Part 1)


Mandy (Part 1)He saw her as soon as he turned the corner…yes, it was definitely her, he couldn’t quite believe it. She was almost as he remembered her, all those years before.As she drew nearer he racked his brains for some sort of introduction: would she remember him if he just said “Hello”, should he say something else…?They were almost ‘level’, he had to act NOW or it would be too late!”Hi!” he said as they drew abreast. “How are you doing, I haven’t seen you for years?” He eyed her as though he’d only just recognised her.She stopped and stared up at him. “Oh, hi!” she responded with a large, pretty smile. “Christ, it IS years! How are you?”Well, she seemed to remember him! “Fine,” he replied, briefly appraising her. Yes, she still looked the same, just a little older, as indeed did he. “You?””I’m okay…” she smiled at him sexily.It was almost as though the years were mere weeks, he mused, how strange to finally see her again…and in almost the same spot as their last encounter.”Do you remember the last time we bumped into each other?” he asked her.”Yes, it was just over there, wasn’t it…?” She pointed across the road.He nodded, rather surprised she’d remembered. “I…””You said ‘Hello’,” she interrupted, “and we chatted for a moment…”He nodded again.”And I asked if you lived local…”He accepted the intended mild rebuke and jumped in. “Listen, I’m sorry I didn’t invite you round for a coffee or something, but I was still with my ex-wife then and I don’t think she’d have appreciated it, you know…””That’s okay. I was a little bit disappointed though,” she added, after a moment.”Not as much as me!” he thought, recalling the many times he’d regretted not being able to invite her home. If only they’d ran into each other a couple of weeks later, when his ‘ex’ had gone away on holiday with her mother…”So, you’re not together any more?” she continued.”No…” He was determined not to miss out for a second time, if he could help it. “I was only thinking about you the other day,” he ventured quite truthfully.She smiled as though she understood. “Oh yes…””Yes…where have you been today?””Just left a friend’s…””Where are you off to now?””I was thinking of going home…?” she smiled. “Both answers the same as last time!” he mused to himself. He jumped in. “Fancy popping round for a coffee?”She stared up at him for a brief moment. “Okay…”He lead the bolu escort way back to his flat, passing one of his ‘neighbours’ who nodded a greeting while staring in some surprise at the rather ‘distinctive’ woman accompanying him. “Bet this will get some tongues wagging!” he smiled to himself.He motioned for her to climb the stairs first, his eyes on her slim, shapely legs as he followed. She still wore her ‘uniform’ of black, leather miniskirt, ‘fishnet’-stockings and high-heeled shoes, and still had the figure to do so…He unlocked his front door and they moved inside. “That’s the bathroom , that’s the living room, that’s the bedroom…” He indicated the rooms radiating from the hallway. “Where do you fancy?”She shrugged, and he recalled how ‘submissive’ he’d been told she was. “It’s up to you.” “Okay, why not the bedroom…” She walked into it. “Coffee…?”She was sitting on his bed with her legs crossed when he brought in their drinks.”You can take your coat off if you want,” he smiled, discreetly appraising her. Leaning forward slightly she removed her leather jacket, while he ‘took in’ her breasts, taut against her t-shirt. Then handing her a cup he sat down beside her. “So, what have you been up to…?”He half-listened as she responded, but after a short time could wait no longer and during a pause asked, “Is your hair a bit longer than it was?”She briefly ran her hand through her pink-ish, ‘punk-ish’, hairstyle. “I don’t think so, maybe…””I really like it…” He ran his own hand through it, and finding no ‘resistance’ began to gently stroke it. “You’re still really gorgeous,” he ventured.She smiled but said nothing, and leaning forward he kissed her on the lips. The second time he did she responded, and placing his coffee cup on the floor he ran his hand lightly along her thigh… He continued to kiss and caress for a short time, before deciding to risk her being possibly ‘put off’ him, in order to hopefully fulfill his fantasies. Standing up he appraised her. “Sit back a bit…”Obediently she sat further back on the bed, then after a moment half-laid back, resting on one arm and looking up at him. She smiled, fully aware of the effect this was having.He took-in every inch of her. “Christ, you really are so fucking gorgeous!” he informed her rather charmlessly. “Lay on your side a moment.”She lay on her side, her hair brushing the bed.”I’ve always escort bolu wondered how you’d look kneeling on my bed,” he then said, growing ever bolder. Without a moment’s hesitation she obliged. “Lift your bottom up a little…”She moved slightly forward, then after a moment slid her face down onto the bed so that her bottom was poking up into the air. She smiled most sexily up at him.He eyed her with lust, before moving to stand almost ‘behind’ her. Her short skirt had risen to the top of her stockings, revealing two inches of bare, slim thighs. “That is lovely!” he muttered transfixed. “Raise your skirt a little bit more…”She raised her skirt slightly, her pert, firm bottom coming into view, and his eyes on the thong barely covering her parts. Taking hold of the edge of her skirt he wriggled it up even higher, then after a moment up onto her back…After eyeing her from several angles he moved to stand ‘beside’ her again. He ran his fingers lightly round her lower back, then moved them down and beneath her thong, his middle finger tracing the edge of her pussy. She spread her legs slightly and he eased it inside- she was wet but tight, all that he’d imagined. She groaned as he explored her, adding another and then another finger, her legs opening even wider as he pushed the fourth inside. Reaching up she ‘freed’ his throbbing penis and began to gently manipulate him as he frigged and fingered her lustfully.After a short time he whispered, “I want to taste you,” and moved behind her once more. He eased the thong down to her knees and slid it beneath them, exposing her totally shaved vagina. Leaving the thong on one ankle he moved into position, opening her bottom cheeks wide.His tongue pushed straight inside her, tasting her juices before flicking her clitoris. She groaned in her pleasure, reaching behind to assist with her fingers, while he licked and tongued her furiously. “Hold yourself open!” he suddenly gasped, and while she did he tongued her deeply, his hands reaching around and inside her t-shirt, ‘cupping’ and caressing her her lovely, firm breasts. He lapped at her pussy while holding her breasts, forcing his tongue in as far as possible, loving the taste while she fingered her clitoris…Moving back to stand beside her he eased a finger back inside her while she leaned towards his penis. “Your turn,” she murmured, and closed her mouth bolu escort bayan around it. He shuddered, as with both her hands still on the bed she sucked him while he fingered her. With just her mouth she took him in ‘to the hilt’, smiling at him as she slid back to the tip. She flicked her tongue all around then took him in to her throat once more. He groaned in sheer pleasure, it was all he’d imagined, then taking a hand she wanked him as well, licking and sucking his rock-hard, large member. He forced his entire hand deep inside her, then with his other made her ‘deep-throat’ him again, her showing no signs of objection whatsoever…After a time he moved onto the bed and slid himself underneath her. Opening her wide he continued to tongue her, while she did likewise to him. He then rolled her over onto her side and, after a short time, on to her back. He began to slowly fuck her mouth, gently at first, then increasing the speed when encountering no resistance.He fucked it ‘to the hilt’ before deciding, “I want to fuck you properly now!” Moving around he entered her pussy and started thrusting in and out, french-kissed her and gasped, “Show me your tits!”She obliged, raising her top to reveal them to him, then wrapped her legs around his back. He fucked her ever faster and deeper, probed his tongue inside her mouth, then moved his hands to hold her breasts. After a time he turned her over and, lifting her up and onto her knees, entered her from behind. Holding her by her breasts again he fucked her wet, tight pussy deeply, before easing her back down and flat on the bed.He fucked her in this position, her finger busy with her clit, while her other hand reached around and behind her. She began to also finger her bottom, using one, then two, then three, then four. After a short time she removed them and, taking this as an invitation, he eased his penis against her opening…Again, finding no resistance, he gently pushed himself into her bottom, increasing the speed as she moaned in both pain and sheer pleasure. He fucked her anus equally furiously, forcing himself right in to the hilt, until he was just about to ejaculate.”I’m going to cum!” he gasped in her ear, pulling himself from her and moving to stand at her side once more. She quickly lifted her face from the bed and lay there with her mouth wide open, just as the first spurt of semen flew from the tip of his penis. He ejaculated straight into her waiting mouth, pushing inside as it filled with his fluid. He held her head while groaning, “Swallow…”She closed her eyes and gladly did, before licking and sucking his penis dry.

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