Mama’s Boy Ch. 03

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Creampie Cleanup

This is a short portion of the story just meant to keep the narrative going and to get me back into writing after a long break. Hope you enjoy!

“Wh-… what do you mean?”

“Don’t even pretend like you didn’t hear me. I know what I saw and heard, you dirty fucker.” Kelly grinned maniacally down at me as she forced her pussy up and down on my cock. I tried to move her off but she was having none of it, pinning my arms back on the bed as she rode me.

“I… I don’t…”

“You fuck your own mother. You’re fucking sick. You know, Ashley said there was a weird vibe between you two and now I know exactly why.”

Kelly never stopped thrusting down on me as she spoke. I could do little but just lie there and take it as I processed my shock at being caught red-handed committing incest with my mother.

“I saw most of it through the door. I saw her take this fucking monster cock up her ass and from the looks of it she’s done it plenty of times before. She took this big dick like it was nothing… it made me so wet.”

“Wha-… what… it did?”

“Oh my God, of course! It was the hottest, dirtiest, nastiest thing I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t look away.”

Kelly climbed off of me and immediately moved down to engulf my cock with her mouth. She stared up at me as she took me in her throat as deep as she could, moaning into the engorged shaft as she sucked. Once my cock was nice and wet, she pulled off and proceeded to jack me with both hands.

“How long have you been doing it? Tell me.”

“A few years. Since like halfway through college.”

“Fuck that’s hot.” Kelly resumed sucking me once again for about a minute before she looked back at me with a mischievous grin.

“I want to meet her.”

“Tomorrow? Sure.”

“Right now.”

I didn’t know what to say. I tried to answer but nothing came out in response to what she was requesting. She continued to stroke my rigid shaft as she reveled in my confusion.

“I want to meet her right now. I know about your relationship and she obviously knows about me if she’s been upstairs the whole time. I want you to get her down here. Right now.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Do it or I tell everyone about exactly why you and your mom have such a unique relationship.”

Not seeing much of a way out, I grabbed my phone and texted Mom.

Still up?

Yes baby, what is it?

Long story. Kelly knows. She wants to meet you.

I kept trying to add more detail and kept deleting what I wrote. Mom still wasn’t responding and I was getting increasingly worried about how she would react. That is, until I heard her footsteps descending the stairs. Kelly licked her lips as she looked at me, still stroking my cock and keeping me fully hard.

Mom entered the room wearing her silky black nightgown. Rather than being confused or worried, her face was a mask of confidence and a little bit of lust. She bit her lip slightly, not saying a word to either of us as she slowly approached the bed.

“Um… hi Mom… this is Kelly. Kelly, this is my mom.”

“Hi there, Mrs.-“

“Please, call me Tracy,” said Mom, cutting her off. “It seems like we tuzla escort should be on a first name basis, given everything that you know about me now.”

Kelly smiled and moved to make a space on the bed.

“Sit, Tracy. Join us.”

I was still in shock from how rapidly things had progressed, but my cock remained almost fully hard. Mom’s gaze moved between it and Kelly as she lowered herself to the bed.

“I bet you want some more of that cock, don’t you?” said Kelly.

“You’ve experienced it; would you blame me?”

“Not at all. Show me how you suck is cock, right now. I want to watch.”

I expected Mom to protest, but we were past that point I guess. She crawled into position and immediately took me deep in her mouth. She bobbed up and down on my shaft just like she always did, as if things were totally normal and there weren’t a third person in the room with us.

“Beautiful. So fucking beautiful. Suck your son’s cock, Tracy. Show me how much you love that big piece of meat.” Kelly pressed Mom’s head down further as she encouraged her, causing Mom to gag and sputter the first time. She recovered quickly and resumed her work

“Does that feel good? You like when your mommy sucks your cock?” Kelly kissed me, not allowing me to answer immediately, but I nodded yes in response.

“Is she better than me?”

“Mommy is the best,” I admitted to Kelly. “No one sucks like she does.”

In between kisses, Kelly smiled.

“I’m perfectly fine as runner-up to such a sexy MILF.” Through all this she didn’t let up her pressure on the back of Mom’s head, making sure she took every inch of me. Mom sucked me with Kelly’s assistance for a few more minutes before she was unceremoniously yanked by the hair away from me. Mom wiped saliva from her mouth and smiled at both of us as she caught her breath.

“Bend over the bed, Tracy. I’m going to watch him fuck you. Up close this time.”

Turning to me, Kelly continued.

“I want to see you up her ass. I want to watch this big piece of meat slam this nasty MILF’s slutty little shithole.”

Mom moaned deeply as she rolled into position on the bed, while Kelly retrieved the lube from the nightstand. For the third time today, I was about to be up inside Mom’s sweet ass, but this time with the addition of a spectator. I had no complaints.

Kelly applied the lube liberally to Mom’s waiting hole, smiling at me the whole time. I moved behind Mom and pressed the head of my cock to her waiting backdoor.

“Be good to my asshole, baby.”

“Always, Mom.”

I pressed into my mother’s sweet ass, returning to the warm embrace of my favorite fuck hole. Being watched by another girl at the same time just made it even sweeter, if that was possible. Wanting Kelly to see how experienced Mom was, I shoved deep into her, all the way to the hilt. She grunted, but otherwise showed no signs of discomfort.

“Give a girl some warning, honey,” Mom casually said over her shoulder.

“I just know you can take it, Mom,” I answered as I started to thrust.

“How… how can you just take it like that?” Kelly asked incredulously, lowering herself for an up pendik escort close view of the anal penetration.

“Mmm… practice, sweetie. It’s all about… ugh, fuck… all about practice. Oh goddamn that’s so fucking good. Fuck… Kelly, we’re going to make sure you get to feel this too.”

Kelly bit her lip nervously as she watched mom take all of that cock meat up her ass.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to be fucked for a few minutes. Let me have it, baby.”

I followed Mom’s instructions and picked up the pace with my thrusts, letting her feel every bit of my passion for her. Everything else seemed to fade away as I repeatedly buried myself deep inside her. I was vaguely aware of her grunts and moans as I pounded her, but tunnel vision set in watching my cock pump in and out of her slippery, well-lubed asshole.

I don’t know how long I fucked her. Time became irrelevant. But soon, I was at the point of blowing my load.

“I feel you, baby. You’re almost there. I can feel it.”

“Cum in her ass. I want to see it,” Kelly added. She was furiously rubbing clit as she watched. “Pump her full.”

I was in no position to hold back, and my cock erupted deep into mom’s warm, waiting ass. It felt like an enormous amount of semen being pumped straight up my mother’s backdoor.

“Oh… oh… yes… fill it up… fill me up… that’s what I want…oh God it’s so much, so much… what a load, sweetie.”

Kelly leaned in close and watched in awe as my load overflowed around my cock in Mom’s ass.

“Baby…” Mom continued, mumbling into the pillow. “Baby… so much… fill mommy’s shithole with your cream. My tight little butthole… ugh, oh fuck yes, ugh… it’s your cum dump, baby… it’s just for you baby, just for your big loads of fucking cum… oh, that’s… so good… so perfect… mmmm…”

I carefully pulled out of Mom once I knew I was finished spurting. There was a wet pop as I exited her backdoor. I smiled on seeing the pool of cum formed in the opening of her ass.

“Feels like you came enough for two, baby,” Mom said, sounding impressed.

“It looks like it, too,” Kelly opined. “Can I… can I have a taste?”

“Of course, sweetie. Get in there,” Mom urged.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as Kelly bent down and spread Mom’s ass open, marveling at the quantity of semen deposited in her back passage. Kelly lowered her mouth to Mom’s waiting ass; Mom squealed in excitement as she felt Kelly’s tongue make contact with her.

“Dirty girl! That’s what I like for my boy!” Mom exclaimed, looking back over her shoulder. “Eat that ass. Taste my son’s cum and lick it all out.”

“He filled you up good, Tracy. So thick and creamy. Mmm… so good.” Kelly lapped at the cum in Mom’s ass, causing Mom to shudder with pleasure. “His cum tastes so good.”

“I know it does… that’s why I swallow so much of it. But now… oh yes, right there, fuck yes… mmm, I guess now I have to share his loads with you, huh?”

“Yes ma’am… I wouldn’t mind getting them like this every time.”

“Mmm… me either, baby. But…”

Trailing off, Mom got to her knees, depriving Kelly of aydınlı escort her creamy treat.

“There’s something else you need to do,” Mom continued. “Swallowing my son’s cum is one requirement that I have for his girlfriends, but there’s one that’s more important to me.”

“You mean…” Kelly began, knowing what Mom was getting at.

“Your ass. My son has a very special cock, and it needs to be in a woman’s ass whenever he wants. If you want my full approval…”

“I do. I want it. I want… everything. I’ll learn how to take his cock.”

Mom smiled and kissed Kelly softly, tenderly.

“Then you’ll get there. We’ll get there together. I’ll teach you everything. Hold your hand the whole way if you need me to.”

“I would love that, Tracy.”

“For now, there’s something else you can do. If I know my boy, he’s got one more load in him still. Drain him and then we need to get some rest.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kelly turned her eyes to my still-hard cock and immediately got to work.

She took me deep, always maintaining eye contact. Mom looked on with an appraising eye, making sure Kelly was pleasing me adequately. Soon Kelly pulled up and left only the head in her mouth, teasing me with her tongue.

“Mmm… Tracy… I’m tasting your ass on his cock.”

“Not for the last time.” Mom stroked her hair lovingly as she watched her return to sucking me.

“She’s good. I like her a lot,” Mom said, addressing me.

“Oh yeah… she’s… so good… so good.”

“I’m going to watch her swallow you. You know that makes me a little jealous, but I love seeing you getting the pleasure you deserve.” With this, Mom pushed Kelly down firmly on my cock, causing her to choke a little, but she quickly recovered and kept sucking.

“Oh… fuck… cumming soon…”

“Let it go, baby. Feed her. Your slut needs cum. Tomorrow you’ll put it in her ass.”

I lost all ability to hold back at that point, shooting yet another load, though nothing like the volume of the previous one. Kelly sucked until I was done shooting, then pulled up and showed the cum to Mom.

“Swallow,” Mom ordered sternly.

Kelly gulped obediently, never looking away from my mother.

They kissed softly, intimately, staring into one another’s eyes. Mom reached out a finger and wiped a gob of cum from Kelly’s chin. Kelly playfully grabbed her finger and pulled it into her mouth, sucking it clean.

“Dirty girl… I love it.”

Kelly smiled in response to Mom’s praise.

“You’re spending the day here tomorrow,” Mom continued. “Your anal training starts bright and early, so rest up.”

Mom stood up from the bed and made her way to the door before turning one last time.

“Good night. Sweet dreams.”

“You’re not spending the night with us, Mom?”

“You kids are too much for me. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything. See you in the morning.” With a suggestive wink, Mom left.

“What a night,” Kelly said with a heavy exhale.

“Hope you’re ready for more tomorrow. I know Mom can be pushy, so please just let me know if you’re not feeling up to it.”

“Are you kidding? I need more. I’m nervous but I can’t imagine passing up an opportunity like this.”

“Have I told you you’re perfect yet?”

“No, but keep it coming.”

We kissed and teased each other’s bodies for a bit, before drifting off to a much needed sleep.

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