lust and desire


lust and desirei have been with someone that i love and respect alot and we are together since i dont even remember ,someone that i see my self with under the same a futur husband, father ,life partner.but after years passing by i discovered that we dont have that sexual chemistry that i was looking for .maybe cz i am fucked up mentally ,maybe cz i have my own fetishes that my partner dont like..such as being a dominant tho i can go both ways dominant and a submissive .i met a guy over social media he’s cute,handsome,smart and young my age alsohe had something in him that intimidates me each time he talks to me,his ego ,his arrogance,his character i dont know but i like itand alot.and i knew the moment that i started talking to him that i’m in trouble …and after a short period of time , weeks of talking I started to desire him,fantasize about him but never showed him that. Until we met live.i was terrified that i will desire him more than usual . and my filthy dirty thoughts wont help me at someway he knew ,he was smart enough to figure it out..I like teasing and to be teased I never liked easy ways. even in bed.the lust in his eyes were too obvious and clear for me to understand that he desires me as wellbut no none of us had the power to confront or admit suchh bursa escort things , until the second time we decided to go out for a drinkhe was too handsome moree than my dirty mind could handle..we had few drinks,laughed,talked, it was a smooth night and things started to heat up..the way he looked at me,that lust in his eyes like a sin soon to be turned me on and kept imagining my self,my riding his facee ..rubbing my wet juicy pussy all over that cute face of his.i told him that we should leave with a lusty tone that i want him, NOW!!he managed to pay the check and we left. we arrived to his house and i told him that i want to do bad badddd things to youhe pushed me to the wall and kissed me aggressively .. and i said no we’ll do it my way.he agreed,,showed me where his bed is and i pushed him on the bed taking his clothes of slowly while looking at him with that bitchy look..i tied his hands over the bed and i blindfolded him ..took my dress off and ordered him to stuck his tongue out while i rided his face i rubbed my juiced my wetness all over his face and he was like a hungry a****l who didnt know where to start. and i moaned with happiness seeing that cute face being fucked by me..his tongue drived me crazy and he couldnt hide that erection..that hard bursa escort bayan cock of his keeps getting bigger and bigger while i kept teasing the hell out of him..i stood up licked his face sucked his tongue to taste my juices..i bited his lips ..i kissed them ,passed my tongue slowly from his lips to his ears ..breathing in his ears moaning slowly and kept going down slowly to his neck ,his chest,his nipples,,i licked them squeezed them.and kept going with that tongue of mine licking his belly,his hips,his V shape while hearing his heavy breathing feeling his rage ..he smiled out of pleasure i took his boxers off and skipped his private area to lick his thighs, going up again to his inner thighs till then his balls i licked them swallowed them sucked them wildly but without touching his cock yet.i stood up again kissed his lips with passion for a minute and i whispered in his ear that i will eat that hard cock of his if he begged me saying ma’am plz suck me i want u to suck that cock of mine. and ofcours he did,he begged and i got down and started teasing that cute pink dickhead with the tip of my tongue slowly and that drived him crazy then i slided that cock in my mouth ..all of it i sucked him with lust and pleasure ..i sucked him hard till he couldnt handle escort bursa it anymore and begged me to untie him but i refused..and he told me he wants to cum i instantly stopped ,stood up and left him for a couple of minutes to cool down while i smoked a cigarettes and poured myself a drink and watched him left alone with that erection hummm that was tempting.then i came back and i can feel how angry and mad he is for teasing him like that..i got on top of him again rubbing my pussy on his dick forward and backward while kissing him and telling him with that slow voice dont worry i want him inside me just be patient till i say otherwise and i can see the relief on his face again and he is still blindfolded tho ..after rubbing my pussy on his dick and feeling him getting hard again..i asked him do u want it inside me?he said yes and i made him begg again for it,,and when he did i untied his hands took that blindfold out of his eyesand i told him fuck me like an a****l and i can see that angry lusty look in his eyes that he will fuck the shit out of me cz of what i did.he slided that big hard cock in me slowly and took it off,and he slided it again and started to fuck me wildly looking at me straight in the eyes each time he hits me hard with that cock..and i told him before cumming to tell me, i want u to cum in my mouth i want to taste u.. he agreedand before cumming he took it off and i got on my knees sucked him a little bit and he cummed in my mouth with a big load of cum and i swallowed every single drip ..

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