LunchI was over at Zana’s for lunch for the first time in six months. Her mother had come to stay with her and it made it harder to see her. So Zana’s mother had left the weekend before, and the following Tuesday I got a text in the morning from Zana inviting me for lunch.Zana only lives a few minutes away from my work so it is quick and easy to get there. I arrived a few minutes after 12. I knocked on the door and Zana opened up the door with a big smile on her face. She hugged me and told me it was so nice to see her.It was a long close hug. I felt her arms around my back and her big breast pressed into my chest.The thing is that Zana and I had a one time thing shortly after her mother had arrived. Zana texted me at work while driving back from the city. She was say more in her messages than normally. She soon moved the conversation into sex. That got hot really fast, I was getting hard sitting at my desk when Zana was telling me she was so horny and wet that she needed to be taken NOW!To make it back to the lunch story, I will only say that we ended up making love and I was smitten ever since. Zana have an amazing body, but I had never seen it without clothes before. Her ass was so sexy and hot that I keep tekirdağ escort thinking about it daily!We spoke after that encounter and Zana expressed regret over having had sex with me. She was afraid it would ruin our friendship!So I had no intentions to have anything more than lunch to eat when I came over to Zana’s house.She had set the table so nicely and made a beautiful lunch.We ate and had a very good time together.After we finished, I started to clean of the table. Zana said it was not necessary, she could clean after I left. She stood by the sink, with her back to me. I told her it was OK, I wanted to help.I watched Zana standing there in her little summer dress, showing a lot of legs and her butt looked so sexy in her dress. Zana lowered her head and her body looked sad.I put down the plates on the counter and walked up behind her. I hugged her from behind and asked what was wrong?She did not say anything, but she pressed back into my body. We stood there for a couple of minutes and did not move apart. It felt so good to be close to her. I started to kiss her neck and my hands rubbed her little belly. She pushed her ass into my groin and I could feel myself swell. Zana responded to my kisses tekirdağ escort bayan and touches with heavier breathing. I could see her hands gripping the kitchen counter so hard that her knuckles turned white as she slowly rubbed her ass over my hardening cock. I let my hands explore more of her body as she clearly was getting turned on.Oh my god, I was so turned on at this point. My cock was rock hard. My hands went down her legs and found her legs and started to rub her naked thighs. I moved up under the dress and found no panties. Instead I found a wet pussy as she spread her legs apart as I massaged her clit. She moaned and moaned even more when my other hand went up to her breast and started to play with her nipple as I kept massaging her clit. My cock felt so good against her butt and I loved the feeling of her getting so turned on. We stood in that position for a long time. I could feel Zana getting soaking wet and knew that I could easily slide into her with one single push, but my cock was still inside my jeans.I felt Zana getting closer and intensified my work on her clit. It did not take long for her to reach climax. She held on to the counter hard and started to grunt that she escort tekirdağ was cuming. I felt her legs getting weak and wobbly. I held her up with one arm around her waist as I kept massaging her clit.Zana came in a huge orgasm. I kissed her neck and smelled her hair as she enjoyed her orgasm.When she recovered the strength in the legs, I used my hand to open my jeans and let them fall to the floor around my ankles. I leaned Zana’s body over a bit so her ass was coming closer to me. I felt my cock against her smooth ass and the lowered my legs to aim my cock at her wetness.I rocked back and forth until I felt my cock slide into her heaven! It felt so fucking good to finally be back inside of this gorgeous woman. I started to fuck her slowly, but could not help it after a little while. I was so turned on by her orgasm and how her body had reacted to my touch, that I knew I was going to cum any second.I moaned that I would not last much longer.Zana called out, – Cum in me. please, cum in me……Oh, that is something that really turns me on, to hear my wonderful woman telling me to fill her up with my cum. I drove deep, held her hips tight to me, and then I let it go! I cum so fucking strong. It was difficult to keep standing as I pumped all my cum into to this amazingly beautiful woman!I could not believe it, I had come over for lunch and got to make love to my dream woman again. Only thing that I missed that I never got to taste her wetness before entering her!

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