Lucy in the Sky


Lucy in the SkyIt was half past midnight at Club Sky; sweat was beginning to overpower the smell of cheap cologne and booze. On the dance floor what looked liked a large school of confused sardines, wriggled around to a rhythm.“It’s your round, bro.” Patrick asserted. “I’ve got two bids over there eyeing me in the corner. They’re looking a little thirsty—parched, if you will.”Gerald lifted his head over the crowd to catch a glance of the duo he was referring to.“What are you an ostrich?” Pat said, grabbing Gerald by his shoulders and forcing him down, “Don’t fuck my shit up—I got a good feeling about them. The Savage Belt is mine for the week.”The Savage Belt is a title belt that transfers between Gerald’s group of friends. Every Sunday night, members of the group share files that prove their weekly savagery. Members then vote for who they believe deserves the title for that given week.“Alright, John Cena—go get them before the Undertaker over there,” Gerald motioned at a massive mop-headed man coolly leaning against the edge of the counter at the end of the bar, “snatches them up.”Patrick took off, taking heed of his warning.“Four Vodka Redbulls, please,” Gerald ordered, with uncertainty in his voice. But what if they’re Jack and Coke kind of girls? it then occurred to him, noting that there was for an oddly profound divide in personality depending on the type of liquor an individual prefers. “Sorry—scratch that—two Vodka Redbulls and two Jack and Cokes.”Gerald took a sip of one of the Jack and Cokes and gagged. His internal narrator took on Patrick’s voice: What ladyboy country did you come from? “In America we drink bourbon,” he voiced, the dialogue accidentally becoming both external and physical as he puffed out his chest, jacked his shoulders up, and dropped an octave.A girl to the left of him snickered. The barman placed a glass of water in front of her. Then she turned to Gerald who dove into an empty glass, seeking solitude in the crevices between the ice cubes.In an effort to redeem himself he turned to her, stuck his hand out and said: “Hi, I’m Gerald.”“Elisia,” she smiled charmingly, feathering her soft thin hand in his palm.The bartender slid four drinks toward him. “Forty-five,” he commanded.Gerald slipped a credit card between his two fingers, attempting to suavely flick it at the barman. But the flick was too ambitious, his grip too weak as the card tomahawked over the counter, into a dark, scummy trench.Elisia now broke into full-fledged laughter. If it wasn’t for the lack of light, she would’ve seen the reddened pigment of Gerald’s cheeks.“You’re cute,” she smiled. Raising the glass of water, she continued, “I gotta go bring this to my friend—are you gonna be around?”“I gotta go bring these to my friend, but I’m sure I’ll be hovering around,” he said, smugly indifferent about the last bit.“Four drinks for one friend, huh. Well ok—maybe we’ll run into each other.”Before Gerald could explain, she was off.Shit! You could’ve at least asked for her number. You know how this goes—you’ll never find her.Gerald made eye contact with the bartender who shrugged, sighing as if sorry for him. Gerald mimicked the motion like a parrot, then walked away with the drinks. He raised his heels and stretched his neck out attempting to see if Patrick and the girls were conversing in the corner. Much to his prediction, they weren’t. The corner was now occupied by two different girls, equally as delectable and prey-like.But Patrick is not one to lose hope at the first taste of rejection. It’s not until last call, when he hears the fat man sing, “I love it when you call me Big Poppa,” and has no flesh to rub up on, does Pat call it quits.Regardless, Gerald dived into the sea of sweat hoping to find Patrick.Now dead center in this school of drunk fish, like a shark biting into a surfers dangling calf, a hand suddenly clasped Gerald’s ass, it’s fingers sinking deep into his glute.Gerald jolted forward, spilling practically the entirety of Patrick’s order all over Patrick himself, as well as the two female recipients first seen in the corner.“Dude, what the fuck—you wasted?” Patrick turned and said as a brasier-less girl in a white tank-top next to him pulled forward her now transparent shirt. The other female stepped in to shield her exposed friend.“We need to go, now—order us an Uber,” the shield snapped at Gerald.“I’m so sorry. Those were actually you’re drinks,” he replied.She turned to Pat. “Evelyna. Irene. Excuse him. He’s super drunk. Those drinks were for you. Let me get you new drinks.”Gerald opened up the app on his phone and asked what the drop-off address was.“Forty-four Mulberry Street,” Evelyna cawed, ignoring Pat.“We don’t need to do this,” Patrick interjected.“It’ll be here in five minutes. Sorry again,” Gerald replied.“Thanks bro,” Pat said, gripping Gerald’s shoulder, a murderous glare in his eyes. “Round of shots on me before you and Mrs. Spring Break have to leave?” he continued, rude without repercussion in the face of bleak odds. Evelyna burst into laughter. Patrick’s humor dampened the mood. Irene came out from behind Evelyna and beamed a look of illegal bahis scorn at Gerald. Her forearm shielded those sacred nipples.“We’re good with the shots,” Evelyna said, “but—”“Your chariot awaits,” Gerald interrupted.Irene grabbed Evelyna and started to machete her way through the crowd. Evelyna’s arm seemed to stretch like Elastigirl as she remained in place. She bore a bittersweet expression. A split second before her elasticity gave way, she grabbed Patrick’s forearm.As Patrick sped into uncharted waters, before losing Gerald to the horizon, he fired off a rapturous wink that read, “I don’t need it, but wish me luck bro!” Gerald stood for a moment, the way a younger sibling stands watching his enlisted brother depart on his first tour, dreading the loneliness that comes from the abrupt transition into a singleton.Gerald never fend well for himself alone. Without Pat he was like a sailor lost at sea, unable to secure provisions even though a plethora of hungry fish swam around him. He thought back to what had caused this incident. Swinging around to the source of this series of ambivalent events, a small female clad in a black, diamond encrusted bodycon mini dress, dove toward his face causing him to flinch.“Hiiiiiii,” she began. “You gots a cute butt mister.”Gerald, perplexed, simply smiled and said, “Thank you.”“My name is, Bay-be,” she slurred.“Nice to meet you, Baby—I’m Gerald,” he stuck his hand out. “That’s the first compliment I’ve received all night.”“No way. My name is, ‘Beck-ah, Rah-beck-ah.”“Well then, Rebecca it is.”“No—I’m just k**ding. My name is, Lu-see!”“Well it’s nice to meet you, Lucy,” Gerald said anxiously, with no end in sight.“Look at my diamonds.” She thrust her arm out, promoting a bracelet, which complemented her dress and flickered incessantly as the strobe lights coursed across the dance floor.“They’re beautiful, Lucy.”“Now look up!” She thrust her arm up and waved. The diamonds danced around her wrist.“Lucy in the sky with dia-munds,” she giggled. Gerald smirked gaily, the way she slurred her words was cute. Her inebriated innocence was only helping her cause. Infatuated by everything Lucy had done thus far, he began to worry that her actions lacked awareness and that he was falling in love with a facade.Lucy latched onto a clearing between the buttons on his short-sleeved dress shirt and yanked him near. With their bodies pressed together she looked up and said, “I’m Leaving today.”“Where are you going?”“Far away. Far—away. —Far away from you!” she pouted, crossing her arms and jerking her shoulders ninety degrees. Her sullen expression made Gerald aggressively benevolent as he snapped her shoulders back and in a determined tone asked Lucy what was wrong.Tears began to stream down her healthy sun-kissed cheeks, absorbed by Gerald’s shirt she now took refuge on.Gerald stroked her hair. A circumstance still undefined to him cast a dark shadow over her. Without context, he could only console her through cheap gestures.Suddenly a female perched her chin upon Lucy’s shoulder and spoke softly, “Is everything ok, babe?”Lucy detached her face from Gerald’s chest, looked up at him, a faint smile crossing her face, and nodded as if Gerald had commanded her to do so and she was happy to oblige. Unhooking her arms from his torso, she threw herself against Elisia and settled her chin upon her shoulder.“There, there,” Elisia said as she patted Lucy’s back. Looking up at Gerald, she continued, “I’m glad you two have met. This is the friend I referred to earlier—you’re gonna take care of her?”He hesitated for a moment, confused by the role he was being forced into and the responsibilities that went along with it. “Of course—but what’s wrong? She hasn’t told me.”Elisia shook her head, displeased but not surprised. “She’s going back home, this evening actually, to Italy. Her Student Visa expired and she couldn’t find a job here quick enough that would enable her stay.”“Ah—I understand. So last night together?”“Unfortunately.”Lucy whimpered into Elisia’s shoulder.“I’m gonna find our friend, Mark,” Elisia continued. “Then we’ll be heading out. Can I trust you with her? Lucy do you mind staying with Gerald for a bit?”Lucy fervently shook her head.Elisia drove off and like a magnet Lucy latched back onto Gerald, staring up at him with a bug-eyed gaze, a bittersweet smile crossing her face. The song “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap came on.As if a switch flipped inside of her, Lucy became ecstatic, a c***dlike excitement replaced former grief. “Dance with me! Dance with me! Dance with me!”Gerald, addled by the abrupt shift in her demeanor, was unsure how to proceed with this feverish dancing queen.Pressing her backside against his pelvis, she rubbed incessantly around the area with slow, smooth, intimate motions that would’ve left a series of figure-eights upon his crotch had the bristled end of a paintbrush stuck out her ass. She then slid down his trousers like a stripper using an amputee’s prosthetic as a pole. Gerald, unable to further contain his yearning for control grabbed her waist and began to paint his own figure eights.Gerald folded her upper illegal bahis siteleri body so it was flush against his own. It looked like they were to morph into one. Her eyes were closed, her fingers danced around him as if she was blind reading something erotic in braille. The environment, the alcohol, the sounds, and Gerald’s sudden bold controlling physical guidance emancipated her from inhibition. She was flying toward a less familiar, yet, more welcoming place than was on her itinerary.She spun and hooked her hands around Gerald’s nape. As if choreographed, she sprang up, locking her thighs around his waist. At the cusp of collapse he supported her thighs under his hands, heavy, but only till the muscles in his arms shriveled up like prunes would he let her go. Now level with him, she dove at his lips, intertwining her tongue with his own.Gerald’s knees went weak, a circumstance he hadn’t anticipated. The sea of clubbers parted as if a large man had stage-dove into the crowd unannounced. Lucy’s womanly mass crushed his lanky body.Her present position, sitting atop Gerald’s genitals, amplified her elation. She came down upon him, giggling and whispering fragmented thoughts into his ear, “I want…sex…take me…tie me…won’t go back…I won’t…promise.”She erected her torso and it was then that Gerald realized the true extent of her drunkenness. She went at him furiously, humping as if friction alone could set her bleak bidding aflame.Completely detached from the environment around her, she was either unbothered by or unaware of the audience that encircled them.Concerned owl-like faces darted looks of disgust at Gerald.Removing Lucy from his waist, he rose, helping her up in the process. “I’m sorry—I must be drunker than I thought. Are you ok?”“I’m ok,” she paused for a moment, clasping a hand over her mouth, giggling, “But you’re not.” A proud bulge looked like it was about to burst through his fly. Before he had time to react to this ambivalent circumstance, Lucy grabbed his triceps and reeled him towards her. “Gimmie,” she smiled with an inspired air.A sharp pain had coursed through Gerald from his tricep. He shuddered then twisted his arm around to reveal a shard of glass lodged into his skin. “You’re not ok—you’re not ok!” she said, horrified at the sight of her blood soaked hand. She grabbed his arm with her unstained hand and began to truck through the crowd.The line to the the bathroom was comparable to a consumer electronics store an hour from Black Friday. A group of girls at the front whispered something to themselves and giggled. Lucy stomped up to them and twisted Gerald’s arm around. Gasping, they nodded. Lucy pounded on the door. “Hurry up!”“Fuck off,” a male voice uttered dryly. Simultaneously, as Lucy kicked the door, the male behind had swung it open, knocking her to the ground. “Hey—hey!” Gerald exclaimed, sizing up to a pinkish man with pig-like nostrils, a bloated face, and hair that spiked up like grass greased with morning dew.“Who the fuck are you?” he said.“I’m Gerald—who the fuck are you?”“I’m Trevor. Why was she banging on the door like that?”“Because I’m bleeding.” Gerald revealed his wound.His eyes widened, “Shit—that’s your girl?” He asked as Gerald crouched in front of Lucy.“Yea—she’s my girl.” A quaint smile peaked through the disheveled strands of hair that stuck to her face as he responded“You except her to clean you up?”“Oh—I’ll clean him up,” she asserted, winking at Gerald.“Gerald—you sly bastard—”A group of five males approached Trevor. “What’s up bro—we’re thinking about going to Mickies—you in?” one of them interrupted. “ I’m Charlie,” he stuck out his hand.Gerald introduced himself and Lucy, then flipped his palm up to retrieve the handshake when he saw that the blood from the wound had reached his hand.“Oh shit—you good?” Charlie said.“She’s gonna clean him up,” Trevor broke in.The group of five looked at each other and in unison chimed, “Ohhh shit!”One of the girls from the whispering trio stepped in. “I’m using the bathroom,” she declared, visibly irritated.Trevor grabbed Gerald’s forearm and vigorously waved his bloody hand at her.“So go and don’t fucking stand around while there’s a line that’s going out the door,” she continued.“Calm your tit’s—”“Asshole.”“He’s going,” Trevor continued.And on queue Gerald stepped into the bathroom, Lucy following behind, slamming the door shut.“Are you k**ding me?” the girl said.Trevor ignored her comment. “Yea—let’s blow this popsicle stand, boys.”Gerald turned on the faucet and looked into the mirror. The bleeding had slowed. The blood was beginning to cake down his arm like a stream bed at the beginning of dry spell.“Baby, let me clean you up,” Lucy said, wriggling her hands in the hot air blown from the drier.“Don’t worry—I got it. You do you,” he replied, smiling because of her drunken senselessness.“No, no—I do you,” she grabbed a wet paper towel from his hand and began to dab at his forearm spiritedly.“Easy,” Gerald shuddered as she pressed down on the wound. She dropped the bloodied towed and wrapped her arms around his torso. “I don’t want to go!” she cried into canlı bahis siteleri his chest.“There, there. It’s okay—you’ll be back soon,” he said, brushing her hair.“But I don’t want to go back. Here is what I love—not there. My friends—they’re here. This is my home—not there. Home is where the heart is. This is where the heart is—not there.”“You’ll be back—I promise. I’ll fly you here.”“Really?”“Yes. But I’ll visit you first. I actually stayed in Florence for a month last winter studying abroad. Greatest trip of my life. I toured Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa—”“There’s nothing in Pisa—just Pisa,” she giggled.“Yea. It’s just the tower. Large and leaning.”“Like this?” she said, clasping his crotch.“Lucy—we can’t. There’s people waiting. You’re drunk.”“You’re drunk. You got hurt. I’m horny. You make me horny. You’re hard. I make you horny.”“What are you doing this afternoon?” he responded, laughing at the irrefutable points she brought up and the cuteness in her enunciation.“Hopefully the same thing we’re about to do,” she whispered into his ear, “and packing.”“Lucy—we can’t,” he repeated as she slowly slipped her hand into his pants and sunk her teeth into his neck.“Too late.” She crouched and with one swift motion brought both his pants and boxers down to his ankles, sucking down his cock like Kirby as it catapulted toward her face.“Oh sweet Jesus—you’re friends would castrate me if they found out.”She took one of his balls in her mouth, “Mhmmm.”“Enjoy while you can,” she continued, her speech now sounding sober after the mouthful.“Why your acknowledgment of my desecration is turning me on, I can’t say—but can I snap a pic? As your friends are hacking away at my balls I’d like to remind myself why it was worth it.”She stood up and walked into the stall. Hiking her dress up, she looked back at him while slowly peeling off a hot-pink g-string that her shea-butter lacquered ass had gobbled up. She then proceeded to lean forward, placing her hand against the tiled wall behind the piss-sprayed toilet. “Only if you fuck me.”“Sweet baby Jesus,” he repeated, waddling over to her, his pants around his ankles. His fingers skated around the surface of her pussy. Strings of wet excretions made it known that it was too late to turn back. She wiggled her ass in delight. “Stop teasing me, Gerald.”He crouched down and planted a kiss on her lower lips as he retrieved a condom from his pant pocket. She shuddered.“You need to put—”Suddenly she gasped; he drove his cock into her abruptly.“You were saying something?”She closed her eyes and coiled her face as he began to thrust. The rate and power of his thrusts gradually increased till he gripped her arms like reigns and reached max velocity.“Can you—” she interrupted herself with her own moaning, “—fit into a suitcase?”“Can my cock fit into your ass?”“Only if you make it—but not tonight.”“Why not?”“Gotta see if you can fit into my suitcase first.”Gerald removed his cock and rested it between her asscheeks. She bent her knees and proceeded to jiggle her ass so that his cock bounced against it like a basketball. “Cum on my ass, baby.”He stripped the condom off. “Don’t stop.”She continued till he collapsed against the tiled wall on his right. Thick, heavy semen spurted from his cock, glazing her shapely bottom.She rubbed the cum around the entirety of her backside as if it was lotion, including her soaking pussy, now glistening like porcelain.Gerald rested against the wall, panting heavily, trying to retrieve his breath. “Is your mother’s name Aphrodite?”She giggled, “Are you the son of Eros?”“Hope not—this would be i****t if that was so.”“Wouldn’t stop you.”“It’s all the same. My fate is fucked either way.”“True.”“This is all comical to you,” he sighed.“Aw, babe. Don’t worry. They’ll never know.”Something pounded at the door. “Shit—we need to leave,” Gerald said.Lucy, unaffected, leisurely pulled her panties up while Gerald frantically struggled to secure his pants. Despite his haste, he whipped his phone out, pointing it at Lucy. Once she realized what he was doing, she stuck her ass out further toward him, posing.“Perfect—now I’m all set to get castrated.” “Don’t worry. I’ll never let anything happen to my precious,” she said in a melancholic tone, clasping his crotch one last time.“That’s enough from you,” he smiled brightly.He ran the faucet and splashed his face. “Well, this has been the best night of my life—perhaps the last—but if I were to do this night over again, the only thing I would change is your employment status.”“You’re welcome,” her smile bittersweet.Stepping out, he noticed that the whispering trio wasn’t next in queue anymore. Instead Mark and Elisia stood at the foot of the door with their arms crossed, expressions uneasy. Lucy stumbled out of the bathroom after him, her dress still half up, just barely covering her pink panties.—————————————————————————Gerald retrieved consciousness in a stretcher that was wheeled by two nurses.“Are they off?” he sighed.“Is what off?” one of them replied.“My balls.”“Now, why would your balls be off?”“Because of what I did to Lucy—is everything good with her?”“Yes—she’s in the waiting room.”“She’s waiting for me? But she needs to pack for her flight.”“Don’t worry—she brought a suitcase.” ####Dear reader,All and any feedback is greatly appreciated.If you enjoyed this story please follow for more Best regards,Dirty Dom

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