Lucy a story of Submission


Lucy a story of SubmissionLucy’s eye’s flickered open, her brain booted up bringing her back to where she was and what had happened. She was laying on her back on the bed with her legs raised up and over her head, a cord was tied to her ankles and tethered to the corners of the top of the head-board of the bed. Her wrists were also tied with a cord and her arms outstretched were tethered to the sides of the bed. She felt a draft of cold air run across her wet pussy accentuating the tingles coming from there which were running up and down her body. The cog-wheels in her brain were searching for answers . . . . orgasm, that was an orgasm she suddenly realised, for the first time in her life she’d reached the pinnacle of pleasure and gone over the blissful edge. I must have blacked out she thought. Jack walked into the room, she watched his limp dick swing from side to side as he walked over to the bed and slid in alongside her. Nuzzling into her neck Jack’s tongue probed Lucy’s ear. Lucy’s nostrils flared as she strained to draw in the musky smell of Jack’s manhood as he nibbled at her ear. She was naked, tied to the bed, her sex totally exposed, totally open, she couldn’t do anything to stop anyone doing anything to her, and he, Jack, had done EVERYTHING to her . . . . .and that’s the way she liked it, that’s what she had wanted all these years. Finally she’d found a man who gave her what she needed. After years of frustrating failure and abuse of a kind that brought her nothing but disrespect from boys, boys not men, who didn’t know or didn’t care, she had finally found someone who knew what to do. Lucy turned her face to his, hoping he would touch her lips with his lips giving her some indication that she had pleased him. She looked into his eyes, her eyes pleading for some sign that she was worthy. She watched a smile form on Jack’s face. He brought his lips to hers, his tongue gently slipping between her lips. A warm glow covered her body like a soft blanket. The cord around her ankles was now starting to hurt but she didn’t care, she was more concerned to know whether that could happen again, was that orgasm a one off freak thing that happened to happen, what did Jack do that others had failed to do? Could he / would he do it again? Would he just use her and run off just like all the others? She looked at his face. He was a lot older than her, in fact he was old enough to be her father. She felt butterflies turn in her stomach – she started to doubt, he wouldn’t stay with her she thought, she was just a stupid young girl, he was a self assured mature man. He was also quite handsome, yes he was older but strong and handsome in a mature way.. Lucy had finally hooked up with Jack at the welcome meet and great function at the pub nearby their college. Jack had recently joined the staff on appointment as head of a faculty, Lucy was a research assistant at the college. She’d met Jack the previous week and she’d felt flattered when he’d flirted with her. They’d had coffee together a few times and chatted, he’d told her how he was attracted to her shy innocence. Lucy had always held her head low, she’d been raised that way.Lucy was the daughter of a Minister of the Church. She was an only c***d. Her father was very strict, both she and her mother didn’t question him, his word was law. Her father had paid her little attention until she reached puberty. As soon as her little titties started to bud she noticed a change in his manner, he was always angry but he seemed to get even angrier. One day Lucy’s mother summoned her and told her how her body was developing and how she needed to be careful not to do anything that might cause any boys including her father to have lustful thoughts. Her mother gave her the birds and bees talk but the central theme to the talk was that puberty was God’s test on girls and boys and that the throbbing itch that would surely come between her legs was God testing her resolve and that she must not be touched under pain of the fires of Hell. It was long after that talk that her father also took her to one side and instructed her that if she ever felt that throbbing itch and was tempted to touch it she must come to him and confess so that they could prey together. In the beginning Lucy simply didn’t understand what they were talking about but it wasn’t long before school yard talk and her own natural development caused her to fully understand that something between her legs was awakening and it WAS a throbbing itchy. Every week her father would call into his office and ask her if she’d had any bad impure thoughts, had she touched herself of thought about any such things. The pressure grew on her until one week she finally confessed that she had thought some bad things, she’d held a mirror between her legs to have a look to see what was happening and she’d touched the place where the itch was, she confessed.”Good girl,” her father told her, “God will forgive you your sins,” “You must be punished of course and then we will prey and you will be forgiven.” Her father would then take her onto his knee, facing away from him, pulling her back to him he would force open her legs with his and smack her innocent young pussy. At first Lucy was shocked but as this was the only attention that itch ever got it became a source of relief. Lucy’s father regularly examined her internally convincing her these examinations would reveal any signs that she or anyone else had been touching her bad places.The examinations and the pussy smacking had continued right up until Lucy left home to go to University. Listening to the other girls in college and open to the wider world it soon became apparent to her that her father was not doing God’s work but was just a pervert who got his jollies from touching his daughter. Released from this burden Lucy set about making up lost time masturbating and trying to get herself laid. Try as she did there was always something missing, simple sex just didn’t get her there, she felt like she needed to be bound, tied up so that she could not resist, she needed to be released from the feelings guilt and shame by being bound and thus helpless to her inner carnal desires. She’s tried tying herself up and masturbating but it just wasn’t enough. She’d tried acting like a slut and giving herself to anyone who would shag her but that didn’t get her what she needed all she got was a reputation as a slut without the feeling of release she needed by being used as a slut. An intelligent girl, she realised that her desires were complex, she didn’t fully understand herself. She want to be abused but she also wanted to be owned and cherished as a prised possession.Living alone she buried herself in her work, depressed she was resigned to a life of un-fulfilment. That was until Jack came into her life. They’d met in the college coffee shop when he sat alongside her and canlı bahis introduced himself. They met for a coffee a few times that week and chatted everyday on the college email, chat which had rapidly drifted along a certain theme. Jack had probed her with searching questions that caused her to blush, he’d told her how much he wanted her and in which ways he wanted her. Excited but frightened by all her previous mistakes she’d resisted his advances. She’d made up her mind that, on the following Saturday if the opportunity came she would give herself to him, hopeful he would take back to his place after the drinks party arranged for him at the local pub to meet all the staff. She wanted to make herself as desirable as possible to him and had taken care to note his preferences during their week of titillating email exchanges. She’d never shaved herself and although she had tried to discover his preference in that area during their exchanges she’d not managed to discover whether he liked his ladies au- natural or shaven, she had however learned that he liked his ladies to be pantiless. Saturday came, she looked at herself in the mirror, her skin was so white it was almost blue, the fine furry covering of auburn hair on her pussy matched that on her head. Should I shave it or should I leave it she pondered. Running her fingers through her pubic mounds she pondered. She’d seen a million pussies on porn sites and her covering was, comparatively, really quite sparse, so sparse you cold see her slit through it. She made decision, she’d leave it and take a razor in her handbag should she learn anything later on. She fixed her hair and re-fixed her hair and tried this dress and then another dress getting more and more nervous as time drew near. It was time to leave, she was worried about not wearing panties but she knew that she had to do it; lifting her dress she took off her panties. She lowered her dress tugging at it in a vein attempt to make it extend lower providing as much cover for her naked innocence as possible. The thought of walking through the streets and sitting in a room with other people with no panties on excited her and it frightened her. She knew she was going to do it and she didn’t believe she was going to do it at the same time. It was time – as soon as she walked out of the door of her apartment she felt the cool evening breeze dance across her damp pussy lips. She bit her tongue. Oh my God she thought, how will I get through this. Every nerve end in her pussy tingled. She could feel her juices start to flow. Running back inside her apartment she grabbed some tissues filling her handbag after first mopping up the excess juice running down her inner thigh. Walking down the high street she felt like everyone was turning their heads to look at her, “don’t be stupid” she told herself, “they cant see anything they can’t know.” Inside the pub her eyes scanned the room until they came upon his. He was smiling at her, Lucy blushed. Jack walked over to her and taking her hand he led her to the bar and got her a drink. She felt like a celebrity, so proud, this important and distinguished man had attended her showing the room full of people that she was someone he held in regard. Of course it was his special night and he couldn’t stay with her one on one all night, he had to attend to all the guest there. Lucy couldn’t take her eyes off Jack as he mingled with the room. Would he ask her back to his place, should she tell him that she was willing just in case he didn’t ask. She wanted to sit down but with no panties on she was too scared to.It wasn’t long before Jack came back, again always the gentleman, making sure she was OK. The room was full and noisy. He leaned over bring his mouth to her ear. “You look fabulous,” he told her. Lucy blushed. “That’s a pretty dress, I hope it’s keeping you warm should you need it to,” Jack said smiling and winking at her Taking her hand, “would you like to sit down over there,” Jack asked? Lucy hesitated. Biting her lip she lowered her gaze to the floor. “Have you dressed like daddy Jack like his ladies to be dressed,” Jack asked teasingly. Lucy nodded. “I’ll stand here, you go and sit over there facing me and when I nod open you legs slightly so that I can see,” Jack commanded.Lucy’s heart came into her mouth. The mixture of fear and excitement made her head giddy. It was like an out of body experience as her body walked itself across the room and sat down. Her heart was pounding, what would he make her do, would he make her humiliate herself in front of all these people? Her eyes darted from side to side – was anyone looking – who was looking? Jack was smiling at her, his head nodded, it was time. Slowly Lucy parted her legs, she immediately felt cold air run across her hot wet hole. She looked at Jack’s face, his eyes burning into her sex, his face beaming with a smile. She was only exposed for a few seconds but it felt like hours. I was all so naughty, dirty, slutty, it was making her pussy tingle and throb even more, she could feel her juices trickling from her hole and she could do nothing to stop it. Jack beckoned her to return to him. “Oh baby, you don’t know what that does for me, my dick is so hard it hurts,” he told her as he took her hand and placed it on top of the bulge in his pants. Lucy could feel the heat of throbbing b**st that was restrained beneath. “Dip you finger in your juice I want to smell you,” Jack told her. Lucy gasped, it was like layer upon layer, every word, every gesture added another layer of intensity to the moment, Turning to face the bar hiding herself from the crowded room Lucy carefully lifted the front of her dress and scooped her finger into her wet slit. Raising her hand she offered it to him. Jack took her hand and brought it to his face. Lucy watched as his nostrils flared drawing in the scent of her sex. Jack then took her hand to her face offering it to her like it was something of exquisite value to share. Lucy smelt herself, she knew the smell, it was sweet, musky, sexy. Jack took her hand back and put her wet finger into his mouth. She felt his tongue rasping and sucking on her finger making sure every last molecule was tasted, savoured and swallowed. Lucy couldn’t take her eyes from Jack’s face, his face spoke a thousand words, she was in awe and so happy at the amount of joy he got from the smell and taste of her sex. “I need to go to the bathroom,” Lucy announced. “No, not yet,” Jack told her. “But I need to pee,” Lucy replied as the pressure from the beers filtered through. “No we can leave now, hold it in until we get back to my place,” Jack told her. Lucy’s mind raced, what was he doing to her, what did he want her to do? She groaned inwardly, OMG, the possibilities of how depraved this man was made her shiver. All those years of thinking she was a freak for fantasising about bahis siteleri having weird and dirty sex, thinking she was the only one, could it be that Jack was as dirty as she was?Lucy waited at the bar, whilst Jack went around the room saying his good-night to his new friend and colleagues. It seems like ages as Lucy stood waiting frightened to drink her drink as the pressure grew in her bladder. Jack finally returned and taking Lucy’s hand he led her outside. As soon as the doors opened and to the cold evening air Lucy felt it between her legs highlighting the plight in her bladder. “I don’t think I can make it,” Lucy told him. “You’ll be OK, we’ll be there in 10 minutes,” Jack told her hurrying the step. Lucy hurried along squeezing her piss hole muscles as tight as she could to quell the flow. Each time she relaxed a warm dribble of urine would run down her inner thigh. “I’m not going to make it I need to go and I need to go now,” Lucy cried with an unmistakable sense of urgency. Jack wanted the watch, he wanted to play with the flow, he wanted to see very detail but for that he needed light and bright light but he knew the show would be over before it began unless he did something quickly. “OK, in her,” he told her as he pulled her into a shop doorway.”It’s OK, nobody will know what you’re doing just raise your dress out of the way and let it go,” Jack instructed. Lucy looked over Jacks shoulder at the pedestrians walking past. She bit her lip with excitement, she was shy and embarrassed at the possibility of being seen but also excited her at the same time. Splaying her legs slightly she raised her skirt and pointed her pussy towards the shop door. Jack took her arm and pulled her around. “Piss towards me I want to watch,” Jack instructed. Lucy groaned, the humiliation of being watched taking a piss, the potential embarrassment of having a passer by seeing her most intimate moment. Her mind raced as she juggled with the juxtaposition of so many conflicting emotions. Those thoughts and emotions tended to keep a tight seal on her sphincter but physics and gravity would have their way and with a splutter, then a splash a then a torrent her piss hit the ground and bounced up. Lucy watched as Jack stretched out his hand placing his forefinger in the flow. She looked at his face once more seeing a picture of absolute glee. Lucy wondered what else this man had in store for her, what depths of depravity would he take her to?The torrent turned to a splatter then a dribble. Jack took Lucy’s head in his hand and bringing his lips to hers he kissed her tenderly, “that was fabulous baby, I loved it” he told her. Restored to the comfort of an empty bladder, Lucy took Jacks hand and they slowly walked back to his place. Neither spoke, both were deep in thought, Jack was planning what he was going to do, Lucy was wondering what those plans were!Arriving back at his apartment Jack took Lucy straight into his bedroom. The first thing Lucy noticed was that there were cords tied to the head-board of the bed. Jacked pulled Lucy into his arms and closed his lips around hers. Lucy sighed inwardly as she sunk into Jack’s chest his strong arms around her holding her tightly, his lips on hers, his tongue dancing with hers. So much had happened in such a short time, so much more was about to happen, she was frightened, embarrassed, excited but more than anything she was ready, ready to do anything he asked, ready to be anything he wanted her to be, she was ready for the test and she wanted to be tested. Jack sat on the end of the bed with Lucy stood in front of him. She watched as he lifted up her skirt exposing her womanhood to his gaze. Again her eyes were focused on his face for any clues as to his thoughts, she was worried that he might be disappointed that she hadn’t shaved. Jack looked up and smiled at her, “you are beautiful, you’re pussy is beautiful, I want to kiss it, love it, make it my own, I want to own it,” he told her, “can I own it, will you give it to me to own, to use, to cherish,” Jack asked. Lucy nodded shyly, these were words she’d yearned to hear. She wanted to be told what she MUST do, to be owned and used, if someone else owned her she was free from guilt and free to enjoy being used.Jack slowly undressed her until she stood naked before him. Stepping back he stood there for what seemed like ages as his eyes mapped every inch of her body. Lucy trembled as she watched Jack undress, she gasped when his trousers dropped to the floor and she saw the throbbing bulge in his underpants and gasped again when he took off the final layer releasing the angry b**st from its confines. Her eyes were riveted to Jack’s erection, his hot, throbbing man meat hanging at right angles from his groin. It looked so big, so red, so hot, so angry. The purple head of his knob-end peeked out from the end of his foreskin and clear liquid oozed from his piss slit and dripped to the floor. What would he do, what would he make her do, the options were both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Jack walked behind her. Lucy stood motionless. She jumped when his arms suddenly embraced her, his lips nuzzling into her neck, his hands cupping her breasts pulled her to him. Her brain mapped out a picture in her head of the hard, hot pole pressed into her back and throbbing to the beat of her heart. Jack pulled her lips to his, Mmmm, sooooo sweet, she thought.. She felt the hot pole sliding down her back as Jack bent at the knee then came up bringing his erection up between her legs. Lucy was in sensory overload as she felt Jack’s hot hard man meat throbbing at the entrance to her love tunnel. Jack took her hand and placed it over his cock pulling it into her slit, pressing the soft purple helmet into the pulsing clitoris. Lucy wanted it inside her, she wanted to feel full, every nerve end in her body pleaded for penetration. Enter me, fuck me, put it in NOW her mind shouted hoping to telepathically urge Jack on.Just as Lucy had convinced herself that se was about to be entered, Jack pulled his dick out and turned her to face him. Holding Lucy’s face in both hands, smiling at her, Jack looked into her eyes, “you are beautiful, a rare and beautiful girl, I want you, I want you to be mine, I want to own you, I want you to give yourself to me, will you do that, will you give yourself to me, to own as my very own?,” Jack asked. Oh yes, yes, yes. Lucy said to herself without speaking; biting her lip, she lowered her gaze and nodded. Jack lifted up her head and bringing his lips to hers he kissed her. Lucy felt the passion through his lips, she’d never been kissed like that before, she didn’t know a kiss could say so much.Looking straight into her eyes, Jack placed his hand on her head with just enough pressure to convey his desires. Lucy slowly went down to her knees, her face coming directly opposite and bahis şirketleri inches away from Jacks throbbing cock. Holding the shaft of his cock Jack painted Lucy’s lip with the love juice oozing from his piss slit. He watched as the young girl tongue slid between her lips to taste him. Lucy opened her mouth willing him to enter. Jack pushed forward groaning when he felt Lucy’s tongue lapping at the sensitive underside of his knob end, he felt and savoured the pressure as she sucked on him. Jack steadied the girls head with his hands as he slowly fucked her mouth. He fought the urge push it in deeper, he wanted it in up to the hilt, his whole body ached to feel his knob end sliding down her throat. He somehow knew she couldn’t take it down her throat but he was patient, there was time, he would train her and there was still a whole list of things he wanted to do with her that didn’t need training, just some encouragement. Lucy could feel Jack’s balls slapping at her chin, she was shy but she simply couldn’t resist the urge to feel them. Tentatively she cupped a hand under Jack’s scrotum weighing them, feeling their weight she wondering about the volume of baby making seed they held. “Oh baby, that’s just sooo good, Daddy is loving this sooo much, I’m gonna cum baby,” Jack groaned. Jack needed to take the head off the load, she had other holes to fuck and Jack wanted to savour what was to come, he wanted it to last a long time, not be over too quickly and so he needed to give up his first load to take off the pressure. Lucy felt Jack’s whole body stiffen and shudder, his cock pulsed violently in her mouth before blasting a load of thick man juice to the back of her throat. Caught unawares by the volume of the load and the speed at which it hit her throat, Lucy coughed and spluttered as she gulped it down as quick as she could before the next load came. Finally after what felt like an age the flow stopped and Jack’s limp but much satisfied cock fell from her mouth. Raising her to her feet Jack kissed her forehead tenderly, “that was fabulous sweetie, thank you, now it’s your turn,” he told her.Jack took hold of Lucy’s arms and lay her on the bed. Lucy lay there wide eyed, watching, wondering what was coming next. Splaying her legs apart Jack crawled in and lay between them bringing his face on top of Lucy’s pubic mound. He nuzzled his nose through her soft downy pubic fur, his nostrils flared as he drank in the musky sweet smell of her womanhood. Lucy jumped a little when she felt his tongue enter her love hole, probing deep inside then rasping it’s way up her slit onto her sensitive clitty bud. Mmmmm, she murmured as a warm blanket of bliss covered her as Jack suckled on her clit just like she’s suckled on him. She smiled as she savoured his attention. His tongue slid down and again entered her love hole before sliding down and probing her most private place. Lucy’s eyes opened and darted fro side to side as she pictured in her mind Jack’s tongue trying to squeeze it’s way past her tightly puckered anal ring into her bum hole. She felt his hand manoeuvre beneath her and then his finger slowly push past the defence of her tightly clenched anal muscle and enter her rectum. Jack’ pushed his finger in up the knuckle before returning his attention to suckling Lucy’s clitty bud. Lucy closed her eyes, bliss it was bliss, the feeling of fullness in her rectum accentuated the warm tingles coming from Jack’s ministrations to her cunny.Much as Jack was enjoying munching on Lucy’s womanhood, his thoughts were on what he had planned to come and his dick had got the message and was now standing to attention.Sliding up Lucy’s body, he suckled her breast for a while before bringing his lips to hers for a long lingering passionate embrace. Jack slid off the side of the bed. Lucy lay there watching and wondering as he first took her wrists, bound them with a cord and tied them to either side of the bed, then tied a cord to her ankles and pulled her legs up over and above her he tied each ankle to each of the corner posts on the top of the bed.Lucy closed her eyes, what was he going to do, whatever it was there was nothing she could do about it. She felt her body relax, yes she felt embarrassed with the sex gaping wide open to this man, a man old enough to be her father but she felt relaxed at the thought that she at his mercy to do what he liked with her, she was released from any shame she might feel at doing dirty things.Lucy watched as Jack climbed onto the end of the bed and positioned himself, his face directly over her open and very available holes. She felt his fingers open her cunny exploring inside, she felt his hot breath on her holes as he smelt her before licking up the full length of her slit from bum hole to clit, she then felt his finger pushing past her tightly closed anal sphincter deep into her rectum. She smiled inwardly, she liked to idea of a man wanting to examine and explore her, it was somehow reassuring that she had something he liked and valued. Lucy closed her eyes again, she felt the heat of Jack’s knob-end as he stroked it up and down her sex gently stabbing at her holes as he passed. Her cunny hole was as wide as she could make it inviting him, urging him, he bum hole was tightly closed, frightened of the unknown. Lucy gasped audibly as Jack’s hot, hard, throbbing meat slid into her. Careful not to frighten her, Jack slowly worked his cock inside the young girl until he felt her cervix. He lay there for a while savouring the feeling of Lucy’s hot, wet, tight pussy squeezing his shaft, milking him, urging him to release his baby making seed deep inside her. Gradually and carefully Jack quickened the pace. Each time Jack’s pubic bone hit Lucy’s clit a bolt of electric tingles rippled through her body taking over from the central and constant pleasure ripples coming from Jack’s cock massaging her love tube. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, Jack groaned as he banged her deep and hard. Ah, ah, ah, ah Lucy mewed in unison, her head swimming as she drank in and savoured every tingle from every nerve ending. She was on the edge of the a abyss when she felt Jack’s finger enter her rectum, that did it, that took her over the edge to a place where time stood still; she then passed out. Jack held back as long as he could but he could feel his balls bubbling and knew they were about to blow, he knew the girl wasn’t on the pill but his whole body ached to empty his seed into her womb. Drawing on every ounce of self restraint Jack pulled his dick from her womb and thrust it past her anal ring deep into her bowels. His back arched, his body stiffened ands shook as his balls emptied themselves deep inside Lucy’s rectum. Gasping for air Jack looked down as his expired cock was ejected from the girl leaving two gaping holes to his gaze. He knelt back on his heels and watched for a while as Lucy’s rectum slowly rejected his seed pushing it out to trickle down onto the bed. Jack smiled, his mind raced at the possibilities, how many ways, how many different things he could do with this girl, it was going to be good so good he thought.

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