Love Making With Cousin Brother – Part 3


Love Making With Cousin Brother – Part 3eliminadoeliminadoeliminadoHere I continue with our story…….After the fun we had on Raksha Bandhan , my brother’s birthday was coming up and I knew I had to do even better than last time. So I went a read some of his fantasies from his diary where he wrote about some of his sexual fantasies. Well he loved women in skirt and wanted to always and also mostly penetrated me while I wore skirts. There was one fantasy which I knew would make him go wild. Actually I always wondered about it many times. But if you as any girl the prospect of anal sex is scary . A few of my classmates had experienced it and said it requires slow and gentle approach from the guy and I was sure I was gonna be okay with bhai fucking me in the ass for the first time.But that wasn’t gonna be enough. The sex had to be special and so I planned to do the love making on the building terrace , which normally remains locked. Sex under the stars is something amazing and thinking about it made me wet.So I got things preparing as soon as bhai left for office. He was a little sad that I didn’t wish him but I knew this night he would never forget. I paid the watchman to give me the terrace keys and to not allow anyone to come to the terrace. I took the inflatable air mattress to the roof and put up some candles and dim lights. For just experimenting I tried to put my dildo slowly in my ass to understand what to expect. It was a tight fit a not much went in but I had some fun before bhai came home with my vibrator and dildo.Then when it was evening bhai came back but we did not talk so much. He thought I forgot but at around 10:00 pm I went to the terrace and changed my clothes. I put some icing cream on my boobs and covered it completely and put some jam on the tips from the jam squeezy and put it near the bed . I also had some lotion so that it can act as a lubricant. So I had white icing cream with some jam on top covering my boobs, a white pleated short skirt no panties and white calf length boots with heels. I then gave him a call and told him to come to the roof and lock the door behind him.I heard the door of the terrace close and lock and I saw him come towards the side I had setup. He came an saw me sitting on the mattress holding up a small cupcake with happy birthday written on it and a single candle. I said “Happy B’day..!!! make a wish” to which he blew the candle and I fed him the cupcake and he kissed me with cake in his mouth and we started using our tongue. He then said he wanted to taste me and started licking my boobs with each lick he took cream in his mouth and we kissed and shared the cream. The spread the cream over my navel and neck and licked me up to down. It was one of the most amazing things I have experienced.After he was done he took the jam squeezy ad put jam on my pussy and licked me deep. I squirted before I knew it and could hear him enjoy everything. This went on for some time and slowly I started moving to his cock. I cover it with jam and started licking slowly and had his cock head licked .I then licked his cock body and sucked his scrotum and I heard him moan with lust and knew that he would cum load when I would give him a blowjob . So I put some jam in my mouth and took his cock deep in my mouth.He held my hair and my jaw and bent his knee bursa escort and started thrusting in my mouth and fucking my mouth. I could feel his cock in my throat back and I was choking but he did not stop and I was drooling from the sides of my mouth and he came soon in my mouth. His warm cum in my mouth started mixing with the jam it started swallowing it. I was staring at him and he at me as I swallowed his cum.I realized that his cock wasn’t going limp after the cum shot, when I realized he had taken Viagra before the sex. He winked and I slowly got up and sat on him and slowly put his hard cock inside my pussy. It was pushing my pussy walls making it tight and I was getting wet. His cock was hard and very rigid and I could feel it deep inside me as I moved up and down on him. His hands were on my hips making me bounce. When I stopped he sat up with me on his lap and started thrusting fast.“AAAA …. AAAAA.!!!” I moaned loudly and got a nice pussy pounding. After sometime we switched positions and he inserted from behind in doggy style and fucked my pussy. He was performing like a professional fucker and made me scream with ecstasy.When he was done I turned around and with a wicked smile I asked “Want to try something new..?”He was confused . So I said ”You fucked my mouth and my pussy what else is left..?”I saw a lustful gleam in his eyes as he understood and as I passed him the body lotion to put on his cock for smooth entry. After that I relaxed my butt and I could feel his cock entering my ass slowly.“Slowly bhai… AAAaa… oooohhh..” I could feel his cock pushing my tight ass. He was slow and gentle his cock was inside and it was tight. I was fingering my clit to feel nice and slowly bhai started thrusting and I moaned loudly… “AAAAHHH….AAAAAA…!!!!”.It was the first time I had anal and my cousin brother was gentle and he fucked me.“Teri gaand bari mast hai” he said as he fucked me nicely. It was a different sort of sex… but it was very good. After sometime he took his cock and alternately put it in my ass and the pussy. After a long time he came inside my ass and I put a finger in my ass and licked my finger which had his cum on it. Thick ,white and yum.It had been 2 months since our relationship and we had gotten much closer. But now my cousin brother’s wife had come to stay and hence we had stopped our relationship for a while. My brother now slept in his room and this went on for a month like this. Only once did we have sex when bhabhi was not at home and had gone to buy something. It was a quickie as she came back in 10 minutes and I remember sitting there with his cum still in my pussy as I spoke with bhabhi.The twist came when the second month of her visit she started telling me about her relationship with bhai and how things were not the same. She suspected an affair but I was quite and tried to brush it all away. The conversation then one day shifted to the neighbor uncle who she said sometimes peeped into our home and sometimes tried to talk to her. She was just a 10th pass lady so for her all this attention was new and enticing. I used to tell her to enjoy the attention but what happened next was not what I expected.One day a few weeks later I returned home from college and instead of ringing the house bell I opened the door with my keys. When I entered I heard muffled bursa escort bayan sounds from the bedroom and the squeaking of the bed and as I slowly went to towards the room I heard moaning sounds coming from inside. Since the door was unlocked so I opened to check and was completely shocked.Bhabi was having sex but not with my cousin brother but the next door uncle who she used to talk to me about. But more surprising was what happened after that. From the bathroom came out another man and this too wasn’t my cousin but was my bhabhi’s own younger brother. I had heard he would be in town soon but was surprised to see this happening. When the uncle was done, the brother took over and had sex with her. To avoid any unwanted situation I went outside and went to a friend’s place.After a few hours when I came back home, bhai was there and bhabi and her brother all chatting in the sitting room. Everything looked normal but I knew what was going on there , but I acted normal.Bhai then asked me why I was late and got angry and to my surprise bhabhi also acted annoyed with me.So I avoided any conversation and went angrily to the room and knew I had to let bhai know about what was happening. I decided to next time record the happenings when bhabhi next was having her fun.So 3 days later I got a chance and came home and opened the door again with my keys. I heard similar sounds to that day and went to see. This time the door was slightly open and the scene was similar . So I took out my phone to record the evidence. While recording my phone rang and I forgot to put it on silent. They heard me and this uncle came to the door and caught me.“Salli kya record kar rahi hai..??!” ,he said.Bhabi put on the bed sheet and came also a had a worried look and said, “Please don’t tell your brother..!!”. The man was now checking my phone and looked at me and pulled me inside the room and locked the door with me and bhabi inside.He glared at me ,“You think you’ll get away with doing this..? For me this is not a problem as your family name and your bhabhi’s name will only get spoilt. And we both know you aren’t no saint yourself.”Bhabhi started crying and sat on the bed and was begging him no to say anything and I was afraid he might have suspected my relation with my brother and would reveal it to bhabhi and would spoil my name also.Bhabhi went and begged him, “I’ll do anything just don’t tell my husband.”Now, this perverted uncle who was 6 feet and above in height and with good build looked at her and then me and said, “Thik hai I won’t say anything. But you and your sister-in-law must have sex with me.”This was a shocking revelation to me and bhabhi. I regretted having ever teased him with my body as now he wanted to have sex with me. Bhabhi tried to negotiate saying that, I should not be involved, but he didn’t listen and to avoid him from revealing anything about me I agreed to do it.Hearing me he said, “Aaj toh teri choot phar ke hi rahunga.” He then came near me took my bag and threw it somewhere in the room. He grabbed me at my butt and on hand went under my top and was pressing my boobs over my bra. He pulled me very close and with the other hand lifted me from my butt and started kissing my neck.I was not enjoying it so much and after a few minutes of groping he threw me on the bed and escort bursa started unbuttoning my jeans and pulled it down and had trouble in removing as I was wearing heels , but after some pull it was off. He then literally ripped my top from the neck area to reveal my bra.And then he torn it off from the front and started kissing my boobs over the bra and the lifted my bra of my boobs and started biting my boobs.I was moaning with pain and was slowly getting excited. He then removed my remaing clothing and pulled down my panties . Seeing me naked and clean he said,”Ufff…. Kitne time se teri gand marna chahta tha… aaj toh tu meri randi banegi”He was very coarse in his language and I was scared by what he intended to do. He said ,”Tum dono randiyo ko me aaj ek sath lunga”. After which he pulled my bhabi near him and put her over me. Me and my bhabhi were now face to face and her boobs were touching my boobs. He spread my legs and I could feel him inserting his cock inside me deep. He was big. Once in he took my bhabi’s butt and lifted it near his lips and started licking and thrusting at the same time.My and my bhabi’s pussy were being fucked at the same time. I was moaning and so was bhabhi.“AAAA …… AAAA” was what I was moaning and bhabhi was all ”OOAAAA …. OOOO … shhh” .We were face to face and me and by bhabhi were breathing on each other. I could feel her breath on my face and I feel she could too. With each moan we could see each other enjoying and as our eyes met we had some sort understanding of how women have sexual needs. In normal circumstances we would not have looked at each other in sexual ways but with all the licking and thrusting we just went ahead and enjoyed it together.And after a few minutes of good sex we started looking eye to eye and out of no where she came close as if to kiss me and so did I, and suddenly the moaning was muffled as we were kissing . She was aggressively kissing and we were both moaning as well , but with lips attached the moans were muffled. She was now exploring my mouth with her tongue and after sometime we parted and knew how much fun were having.She then bought her tongue out and so did I and we were licking each others tongue and again kissed. With all the moaning and kissing we were salivating and when we parted there was drool in both our mouths as we shared saliva. She the pursed her lips and made her saliva drop as a thin threaded stream in my mouth and I licked it up.We then forced the uncle to lay on the bed as she took his cock inside I sat on his face. He was licking me deep and my was rubbing my bum in his face. My bhabhi was grinding on his cock and we where now kissing again and then kissing each other’s breasts. We then got off him and started licking his cock together and even kissed with his cock in our mouths. He was having fun and soon he released his cum in my mouth and with that mouth , me a my bhabi kissed sharing his cum.Me and my bhabi were like a****ls and with the uncle (whose name was Noor) tired , me and bhabi continued to have fun as she licked my pussy and I squirted in her face which she drank and I also licked her pussy and licked up all her juices. We became good friends and decided to keep this a secret and agreed to call Noor over sometimes.Noor agreed not to say anything and was so satisfied that he was happy by meeting us.Keep reading and I hope you enjoyed . My next story will up soon as I further talk about my i****tuous sexperiences and brings back my cousin brother in view after the next part . So be patient..

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