Love Is a Drug Ch. 01 Pt. 09

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He had been walking. Just walking and walking for what seemed miles, until the anger dissipated with his tired legs. He couldn’t understand why. Theo and Andy? Although, he had a hunch that Andy was the one who had propositioned him, and poor submissive Theo couldn’t run from his persistent wheedling. Andy could be strong willed and he knew he wasn’t the type to take no for an answer.

He balled his fists as he stopped dead, ire boiling in his stomach again at the thought of his filthy hands all over his lover. He suddenly lost control, bashing his fist into a nearby tree, imagining it was that smug gits face. Theo had admitted to him it was true and that he had led him on, forcing himself to defend Andrew, but why?

He was becoming more and more suspicious over Andrew’s behaviour and lies. He sat down on a park bench, watching two swans glide gracefully side by side. ‘I bet they never have this problem, loyal to each other for life.’

He jolted as his phone rang in his pocket, already having received five missed calls from Theo. He found himself calm enough now to maybe let him explain. Lifting it out of his pocket he checked the caller ID. It was Andy’s number. Scowling, and barely suppressing the urge to throw it in the pond, he grit his teeth and pressed end call. He wasn’t in the mood to hear his feeble excuses right now.

Signing deeply he wandered back to the flat, hoping Andy had the sense to stay out of his way, and at least he could let Theo say his piece on what really happened. He trusted him more than that deceitful arsehole.

* * *

The paramedics arrived not too long after the call, piling out and rushing to the body slumped against the wall.

Andy stood up; all he could do was watch with the small crowd of spectators that had gathered suddenly.

“What’s his name?” The young raven-haired man asked, as another checked his pupils and pulse.

“T… Theo, Its Theo, Curtis,” Stammering.

“Theo, can you hear me?” He then asked the unconscious, the other older man with a greyish beard nodded his head as he took his fingers off the side of his neck.

“Is he alright? He’s not..?” Andy panicked, looking down in horror at the pale boyish features.

“You are?” The elder paramedic asks.

“I’m Andrew. His… friend.” The word didn’t even mean anything after what he had done.

“Ok Andrew, he’s fine. Pulse a little slow, but he’s lucky. We just need to get him to the hospital immediately.” He then concentrated on putting pressure on the wound.

Andy watched as his friend was placed on a stretcher, oxygen mask put over his face and then pushed into the back of the ambulance. He looked up as something caught his eye. A curtain swayed as if a breeze had swiftly disturbed it. He saw a shadow cross the window, moving quickly before he could get a proper look. “McGiffern?” He questioned.

“Sir?” He was brought back. “Would you like to go with him?” The older man stood, almost following his gaze.

“Yes,” was his instant reply and he climbed in as they shut the doors, speeding off down the road.

* * *

Arriving home, finding the main part of the flat empty, he threw down his keys abruptly as his suspected that the two were at it again. Paranoia maybe, but what did they expect? He stalked down the hall and pushed the bedroom door so hard that it flapped open and hit the wall.

The bed was how it was, freshly made this morning, everything in place. He huffed then turned to the spare room, again finding it empty, with the window slightly open. He brushed his fingers through his hair and wondered where they had gone. His first thoughts that they had gone looking for him and would probably be back sometime soon.

Letting his body relax against the chair, his long locks falling over the back like a curtain, he found another opened bottle and started to drink, releasing his fury as the liquid soothed into his bloodstream. After a fidgety few minutes he stood and started clearing the dinner things, keeping his mind occupied for the moment.

* * *

At the hospital, Andy paced like an impatient tiger, his heart filled with remorse as to why this had to happen. He had to call HQ and find out.

At every passing doctor or nurse he would lift his head expectantly, waiting for news, but none of them was for him. In fact they were for a woman next to him who had a grim look on her face. She was being asked to go somewhere so they could talk in private, and once she had disappeared, her anguished howls filled the ward.

“Fuck,” we winced, knowing who that could have been. Blood curdled and rushed from his face, sickened and faint.

Grabbing a coffee, although something stronger wouldn’t go amiss, he sat down again, nursing the plastic cup of what looked like brown grit in his palms.

‘Calvin!’ He then thought as he lifted his head to see a man at the vending machine that looked just like him, only shorter and with spiky hair. Maybe that’s what he would look like if he had shaved and cut his hair? He had to let him know what had dikmen escort happened, and his last call was ignored, but he knew he would get the blame. He wasn’t exactly his favourite person right now. Maybe later, when he’d found out how Theo was doing.

“Mr Standley?” A female voice called, making his head snap around quickly.

“Yes?” He stood, at least a foot taller than the short young woman, his eyes glancing downwards as she told him how he was.

“Seems he was lucky. The shot missed any major arteries. Either he had ducked out of the way or he turned quickly, catching the right side of his chest. He’s lost some blood but nothing critical.”

Andy breathed out hard. He had saved him! If he hadn’t called him in the street then it would have hit the perfect target. “He’s gonna be alright?” A smile crawled onto his thin lips.

“Yes, you can see him if you’d like, he’s woken from the anaesthetic.”

“Thank you,” looking up clasping his hands together. ‘Was it in the spiritual force because Theo has saved someone that it was returned? In that Convent, little Hope and Lillie? Strange things, miracles can happen.’

“Hey,” he whispered walking slowly to injured who was propped up in the bed, a large gauze dressing placed on his chest. He looked healthier than he had not too long ago.

“How are you doing?” He pulled a green plastic chair closer, and sat down, leaning forward.

“I’m fine,” replied hoarsely, swallowing slowly before he spoke, his mouth obviously dry.

“Good.” He sat back, but Theo’s eyes looked down.

Since he had walked in he hadn’t even looked at him. Andy sensed something was wrong. Maybe it was him? That he didn’t want him there after what he had done, and said? He lifted up the jug on the table by the bed and poured him a glass of water, reaching forward to offer it to him. “Here, you’re probably thirsty.”

He took it and drank slowly, still not even a flicker of a glance towards the red-head. Not even thanks.


“You must think I fell off a Christmas tree,” he mumbled from under the hair that covered his eyes.

“What?” Andy looked up, quite puzzled by his randomness, thinking that perhaps he had hit his head when he fell.

“You know,” gazing into the clear liquid that magnified his fingertips through the glass.

“I don’t, wait that incident?”

“Was no accident Andy and you know it.”

“I had nothing to do with that, I…,” he sighed deeply.

“Really, then why has he come after me again? Too damn bloody close to succeeding this time round! What next, third time lucky?!”

Andy shuddered in his seat, avoiding his hot gaze.

“I might as well stand on the roof-tops and spread open my arms. No obstacles, a nice open target eh?”

“No Theodore, don’t say that.” Andy went to stroke his hand but stopped as the eyes flashed at him in anger.

“They are starting to ask questions. The police may come to get a statement, probably link me to that run in last week. You may as well leave me now. I’m no use to you or Cal anymore.”


“Just leave me alone!” He snapped. Andy caught his bitter tone and stood up, looking back before leaving.

Once he was outside he pulled out his mobile phone. He had to get to the bottom of this and he knew who he’d find there. The phone rang a few times before the smooth voice answered.


“Ah Andrew I was hoping you would call.”

“Listen, I thought you said ‘Plan Eagle’ was abandoned,” a hushed tone and turned as someone walked by.

“That is correct. I decided to approach this differently and to do what you agreed.”

“Right, then why is he laying in hospital with a bullet wound?” It went silent, and then the man breathed slowly through the earpiece.

“Seems someone has disobeyed orders, and I know who. He is alive I take it?” He asked coldly and calmly.

“Yes luckily I was there to save the day.”

“Well that’s all we need to concern ourselves with. I shall see to this misunderstanding right away.”

Andy moved again, further away from nearby ears. “The police are coming to the hospital, they will pull him in.”

“Then get him out right away before they do. Take him somewhere safe, I want no more harm to come to him. I can’t bribe them with any other information Andy, it has all dried up. Will call you as soon as things are arranged again. I’ll request Calvin to come here. I will call you in time.”

He hung up brashly and Andy growled in frustration, banging his head back against the brick wall and closing his eyes. He wanted out, but feared it was too late.

* * *

Lorenzo shook his head and picked up his office phone.

“Boss?” The man said smarmily, a little breathless as he was receiving a massage from one of his women.

He poured out a dry sherry and proceeded to take that smile off his face. “You have disobeyed me.” He stopped, smelling the drink before sipping it.

The other man shooed the girl away and sat back on his luxury elvankent escort sofa. “How? Boss I…I…”

“No excuses or bullshit, you went against my wishes YET AGAIN! You hired McGiffern to do a hit didn’t you?”

“Hey I was only thinking it was for the best! Stan…”

“…Leave Standley to me, I am more concerned on keeping his colleague alive.”

“Yes boss.” He shakily waved to his bodyguard to light him a cigar, blowing out the smoke, trembling at the harsh threats. He had to be careful, to watch his back. A horses head on his pillow was not what he wanted. He had to comply and he knew he could already be in deep shit. Or he will receive that shot too.

“Good, we have an understanding. Now I will signal when ‘seize plan’ will go ahead. You will get your men and break in, knock him out and bring him to the club. I shall meet you there and bring Mr Walsh with me,” he smiled evilly. “I’m sure then I can persuade him to join the team.”

“Yes Boss, my boys will be ready.”

“Don’t forget he has to be alone. Make sure that great ape is nowhere near him, he doesn’t know what the next step is.” Hanging up, he grinned, walking around the office and nodding his head.

* * *

“Joe, I need you right now.” His voice sounded urgent. “Be here in ten minutes, I need you to take me and Theo home.”

“Right away Andrew.” He answered.

He regretted not bringing the car this time, taken Theo here himself rather than calling for help. Cursing himself as he walked back into the building, sneaking past the staff, and back to the ward. Theo was laying back, eyes half closed, but they flickered open as he saw the familiar man walk towards him.

“I thought I told you to piss off,” closing his eyes again.

“I have to get you out of here,” he said, tugging his arm to coax him out of bed.

“Are you mad? They will think I have something to hide if I just go.” Theo pulled back, wincing at the pain.

“Look, the shit has already hit the fan. What are you going to tell them huh? That you were moonlighting, that you got someone accidently shot! That’s manslaughter on another list of charges?”

“I didn’t kill anyone,” he hissed.

“The fucking cops don’t know that. McGiffern was well out of earshot by the time they had arrived.”

“Great, so apparently I’m armed and dangerous now?!”

“Yes.” He dropped down on his knees next to him. “If you stay here you will be caught and sent to prison, you really want that? To be away from Cal?” He lowered his voice to barely a whisper.

“Not if I drag you down with me,” He snarled.

Ouch! Andy recoiled back, glaring at the stubbornness in his stance.

“That hurt Theo. You know what they will do to you in prison? A young ‘pretty’ boy like you?”

“No, enlighten me please Andrew,” sarcasm rolled off his tongue.

“They will violate you, hurt you, bully you, until it feels so unbearable that you can’t think of a reason to live.” His words were shocking but true.

Theo turned to look at him, eyebrows arched inward in horror and despair. He swallowed hard as he felt a shot of fear of the inevitable grip him.

“I’m sorry but prison is not a place for you. It will destroy you.” His face turned to sympathetic, tinged with a hint of concern. “Do you understand?” He gripped his hand tightly and Theo nodded slowly, his throat moved as he gulped. Andy looked intently into his eyes, trying to make him see sense. “Good. Now where are your clothes?” He looked around, peering into every cupboard to find them.

“I think they put them in a safe or something. I have my phone and keys in my jacket.”

“Shit.” Andy spun around, biting his fingernail in frustration. Theo was just wearing a pair of undesirable olive green hospital PJ bottoms. “Wallet?” He then asked.

“I left that at home.”

“Good, then they can’t identify you.” Andy stood in thought for a moment, his attention bought back as a nurse came in the room.

“Still here?” She smiled placing a small box on the table and taking out two small pink pills.

“What are those?” Andy asked with a frown.

“Just some strong pain killers for Mr Curtis.”

“How many does he need, I mean, how many times?”

The nurse looked up and smiled again, pouring some water in the cup. “Why so interested?”

“Oh I thought about doing some training, being a nurse or something.” He grinned, lying through his teeth. Theo stifled a laugh as he could think of nothing more amusing.

‘Red a nurse? More like a doctor of madness!’

“That’s great!” She turned, handing the pills that he popped in his mouth, taking the water to wash them down. “Well, about every four to five hours for the maximum dosage, depending on the strength of the medicine, and how much pain he’s in.”

“Ah right.”

“But it’s also addictive too, so we need a low dosage for his kind of treatment. It’s also used to treat drug addicts.”

Theo spit out the water, choking at the same time as balling up in pain.

“Morphine?” emek escort Andy kept a straight face.

“Yes, hey you are a fast learner,” she said, patting the patient’s back as he wheezed for air.

“Went down the wrong way,” he croaked and gasped, pointing to his throat.

“You ok now?” She asked, being one nurse that actually cared. nodding and breathed slowly, leaning him back in the plump pillows.

“When will he be ready to leave? I’d say he’s in good shape,” Andy enquired ignoring the stare from the man in question. He didn’t really want to use force, not with this lovely young girl that he had slightly charmed, perhaps even fancied a bit.

“Well I have to check with the doctor, see how his wound is healing, and make sure the bleeding has stopped. He will be prescribed some more drugs and then he should be fit.”

“Great! Well I need to get his belongings.” He looked around as another nurse came in, telling off the girl for idle chit-chat with the patients. Andy didn’t like her, she looked stern and a jobs worth.

“Nurse Crawford you are needed in Ward Three. Mrs Wilson needs her bed linen changed as she had a little accident again,” she scolded, glaring down at her.

“Be there right away, Sister Marsh,” she obeyed a bit startled, rushing off to do her work in the geriatric block.

The older yet tall lady stared at the two men. She picked up the board hanging on the end of the bed and studied it closely.

“Miss, I require Mr Curtis’s clothes and belongings, we’re getting out of here. Where are they please?” Andy said matter-of-factly, yet politely.

“I’m sorry but I cannot allow you that access.”

“Oh really, why is that?”

“Yes.” She looked them both up and down. “Not the first time we’ve gotten sorts like you here.”

Andy’s face burned a fiery red, grabbing the woman by her arm in a spilt second and holding her close. A hard object pressed into her back, his hand clasped over her mouth to stop her screaming.

“Now don’t shout, or I will be forced to use this.”

Theo shot up, not believing what he was seeing. Andy had a gun, and it was pointing right into the woman’s back. “Do you understand?” He growled into her ear, using his husky voice to scare her more.

The lady nodded. “Good, now all I need to know is where Theo’s things are.”

He took his hand from her mouth, keeping the gun pressed hard against her, warning her not to scream for help. Theo just froze in the bed.

“They are in the safety deposit box, just a few doors down,” she breathed, petrified.

“I want you to get them. I will come with you make sure you don’t squeal,” his tone was low and vicious.

Theo had never seen this side to him before, and he found himself motionless as his gruff voice carried across the small room.

“Ok, ok!” She held up her hands and backed off. “If it’s just his clothes, then don’t hurt me please.”

“That is all darling,” Andy grunted again. “Theo,” he waved the gun at him, motioning for him to get out of bed.

Andy looked at the nurse and she led him quietly to where they kept the personal belongings, pointing to a door that had a number of his ward on it. “Open it, come on!” He flashed the gun at her as she groped for a key, almost dropping it as her hands shook.

Once she opened it Andy grabbed the jacket, shoes, shorts, and the small plastic bag with the keys, phone and cigarettes inside. Pushing her out of the door, he covered the gun with the clothes and led her back to the ward, where Theo was barely standing, staring in astonishment.

“Here,” Andy chucked his clothes at him, but it was too late. The alarm had been raised that someone suspicious had entered the building, calling all security. Both men pushed past the nurse, almost tipping her over. Theo grabbed the bundle and ran after Andy; pass the corridor where the frantic staff flocked. Turning into a side room, they backed against a wall. A smell lingered in the air, something horrid.

“Great fucking plan!” Theo said out of breath and still in a considerable amount of discomfort. “Now what?!”

“Ok we have to quietly get out, look.” He pointed as they had entered another room, cold and eerie, with two available stretchers just sitting there.

“Oh my god, you’re fucking joking! I am not getting on that, which I will point out has had a dead person on it.”

“You were pretty close to being in that position so what you complaining about?” Andy’s eyes narrowed with banter in his tone, backing him up to the mortuary wheeled bed.

Theo’s elbows touched it as he backed in and shot away like it had burned him, giving it a bloodcurdling glare.

“No way, no!” He shuddered.

“How else are we going to get out of here? Besides you are wearing hospital pyjamas,” voice fading into a chuckle.

“Not bloody funny,” he shivered, eyes searching the room, his arms wrapping around his chest.

“Look I can get this on.” Andy plucked a long white jacket from a hook beside the door. “And pretend to be a doctor. You get on that and I’ll cover you up from your head, feet sticking out like you’re a corpse.”

“Andy please don’t say that word!” Theo felt someone walk over his grave.

“Ok, pretend to be dead.”

“Oh god I hate this, I hate you.” He stared at the stretcher dubiously.

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