Losing my V-Card – Vanessa


Losing my V-Card – VanessaSaturday night, high school homecoming football game. My friends and I were hanging out before the game, drinking some vodka out of water bottles and smoking pot in the backyard. We had a block walk to the field and were getting plastered. We stood around, talking shit and talking about girls we would want to hook up with. Only one of us has had sex and it was with his girlfriend of about 2 years. The rest of us were very jealous. Nobody knew about my experience with Aunt Patty, so as far as they knew I had just made out and felt up a girl. It wasn’t cool to be at the game before it started, and we showed up fashionably late, about ten minutes into the game. We made our way to the student section, each of us smuggling more vodka in out jackets. It was cold enough to see your own breath, and most students were drunk or getting drunk that I saw that night. My sister Jennifer was a junior at the time. While I was talking to some of my friends, my sister and her friend approached us and pulled me aside. They knew I had drink and wanted some. We made a couple rounds of pulls from the bottle, and had some laughs. Her friend, Vanessa, was very cute. I had been very attracted to her for a long time. She was average height, but had amazing hips and what always appeared to be nicely shaped, but not large breasts. Nice lips and great eyes, long brown hair. She was one of the sexiest girls in school. She made a few jokes about me being “her man” and my sister took some pictures of us. I was enjoying it, and being drunk was not shy to hug her back or crack some jokes. They walked away and Vanessa gave me a kiss on the cheek before they did. I immediately ran and told my friends.They had the usual teenage responses, “Oh she wants it? or “Are you gonna fuck her?”. Nearing the end of the game, our team was losing. We started to take off and I got a txt from Jennifer. “Partying tonight?” We didn’t have anything to do, so she invited us to her boyfriends house. Three of us went over there, not needing more alcohol since it was a kegger. We were welcomed at the door by some upper classmen. Got our drink on, hit a bong a couple times and played some ber pong. Never had been to a party that much fun. While I was playing beer pong, Vanessa approached the table and headed to the other side. She was being very flirtatious with one of the k**s we were playing, my friend and I cracking jokes about how she was trying eskişehir escort bayan to make me jealous. She was wearing a loose fitting v-neck sweater and tight jeans, with black boots. She looked great. Down to the last few cups, she was on the other end distracting me by blowing kisses and flaunting her ass. Turning around to bend over or playing with her back pocket. It was time to hit the last cup, and she was looking at me. My friend pumping me up for it, I looked at her eyes and she stared back. I actually made the shot, looking at her the whole time and she just cracked a little smirk and I got mobbed by my partner.Having celebratory drinks, a few minutes after she approached me and whispered in my ear, “Come here…” I followed her as she walked to the other side of the room. She turned her back to the wall and gave me a very sexy look. I got really close to her and asked “What’s up? Did you like that shot?” “Yes very nice.” Some more witty flirting went on, and she opened a closet door and pushed me in. I turned around in the dark and felt her body pressing mine. We started to make out. Very tenderly and passionately. I pressed her up against the wall to kiss and suck on her neck, and slipped my hand up her sweater. She was not wearing a bra, I asked her about it and she just said “No panties either.” My dick felt like it was about to bust out of my jeans, as I pressed it against her belly. Her hand slipped down my pants and grabbed my cock. Her leg wrapped around my waist as we dry humped. She pushed me back and told me to find a bedroom. I tucked my boner in and went upstairs, walking into the master bedroom. I left the door cracked and sat on the bed, preparing myself for anything. I heard her walk to the door and open it up. “Jeremy?” “You got it”. She walked in, locking the door behind her and took off her shirt. “Why the fuck are your clothes still on?” I unbuckled and pulled my pants down, laying back as I ripped them off. Then pulled my crew neck off right before she climbed on top of me.I spun her over on her back, caressing her tits as we made out. Her hand pulling down my briefs, she again started jerking me off. I sat up and took jeans off. I took a peek at her pussy. It was trimmed, shaved except for a tiny patch above her clit. I slid my hand from her belly, down to her pussy and just rubbed it. She said to put a finger in, so I did. So warm and soft. I had never touched a escort eskişehir pussy before. It was already as wet as can be. After fingering her with one finger for a while, I tried to slide two in. It fit but was definitely stretching. Vanessa pulled my fingers out and I laid on my back. She put my finger by her mouth, looked me in my eyes and put my middle finger in her mouth. Sucking the juice off it. That was soo hot. I had never even thought of that before. She asked if I had ever done this before. I just told her no. She straddled my waist, my cock had become slightly softer, but still aroused. I felt her pussy sit on it, pressing it against my belly. She leaned in to kiss me, but went down and sucked on my nipple. Also feeling great, she kissed and licked her way down to my cock. I had shaved a day before, very self conscious about pubes, and she commented about how she loved it. Our fingers intwined, she put her mouth around my cock. Sucking it in and out. She couldn’t go as deep as Patty, but she had skills. Sucking my balls and humming while she did. Focusing on the tip. She pulled up to kiss again, and I spun her on her back. Doing the same to her, after more kissing. Sucking her tits, her belly button. Kissing the inside of her left thigh, then her right. I inched closer and closer to her pussy, before finally licking her pussy. This was the first time I had done this too. She was fucking my face as I stuck my tongue all the way in. Moaning and grinding her pussy in my face. She grabbed the back of my head and kept grinding faster. I was tonguing her as fast and well as I could. She moaned for a little longer and squeezed my head between her legs, and told me she just came. Now my cock was hard as a rock. She told me to fuck her. “I don’t have a condom” but she was on birth control, and told me not to use one. So she spread her legs, I got in position. Her pussy looked amazing. Her skin so fair and soft. Her pussy wet and pink. Seeing my cock next to it was so arousing. I took my cock and placed the tip on her clit. I slowly slid the tip in. Her pussy was very tight. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I slid in very slowly. Vanessa was nodding and looking at my cock going in her. “Fuck me, Jeremy. Fuck me please” I added more pressure, getting about half my cock in. As I slid back out slowly, her nails dug into my arms. I slid in a little deeper. This felt fucking amazing. Better than I could ever eskişehir escort imagine. He pussy was so damn tight, and I could feel every wall gripping my cock and our bodies became one as we danced under the sheets. Rolling around and moving in sync, there was not as much in and ut fucking as there was me having my cock in her pussy at different depths and us moving our bodies together. It was instant chemistry. I felt like I was going to cum after about ten minutes, so I pulled out. I was a little nervous, because I knew I would be embarrassed. “Are you gonna cum?” “No I just need a second, I don’t want to yet.” She sat up and said, “I already came baby, whenever you want just make sure it’s in my pussy” Her kissing me got my mind off my dick, and she straddled me, now laying on my back, and sat down on my cock. She was in a squat position as she lowered herself down. When she got all the way down, it was the first time I got balls deep in her. She put her knees down and grinded on my cock. I know now that she was stimulating her g-spot, as I tweaked her nipples, then would reach around and grab her ass. her nails were digging into my chest and shoulders, as she laid on top of me and kept fucking me. She let a high pitch squeal go, I knew she was cumming again. Then she looked up at me. Her hair was a mess, hanging in front of her eyes, glowing from sweat. She was damn gorgeous. I grabbed her head, my hand wrapping under her ear and pulled her in to kiss. We made out and we rolled onto our sides. She got back on top of me and told me to cum when I was ready. We had been in the room for about 30 minutes. She straddled me again and was bouncing up and down, I fucked her back. I felt ready to cum again. My cock started tingling and she could tell I was going to. She leaned forward and kissed my neck, then worked up to my ear. I felt my cum shoot into her pussy and her breath in my ear. Two great feelings. I lifter my ass off the bed, lifting her up slightly as I jizzed. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. So much better than any ejaculation I had before. When I finished, my cock stayed in her for a little longer as she slowly swayed on it, then it slid out limp. She rolled over and we laid there for a while, talking about it. She said I was one of the better fucks she had, and she told me she only had sex with three other guys. She knew I was a virgin. She went to clean herself up, and came out and sat back on the bed. She looked at my cock, shining from our juices, and sucked it clean. We got dressed and returned to the party, where I was met by applause because everybody of course knew what happened. It was a great way to become a man, my friends all jealous for a long time.

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