LOOK WHO’S WATCHINGMasturbation is not only fun but it is healthy for you. But according to your mother it will cause you to go blind, right? Well, I grew up hearing that all the time and I found out after jerking off a helluva lot that I never went blind. Of course I do have to wear glasses now but that has nothing to do with my jerking off. I also found out that if you jerk off while someone else is watching you it is a lot more interesting and a lot more exciting. And I also discovered that when I jerk off when someone else is watching I also cum a helluva lot more.The first time I ever did this was actually with my own step sister when I was about 18 years old. I was in my bedroom (we had adjoining rooms with a bathroom between ours – they call it a Jack and Jill bathroom) and I was lying on my bed with the lights off and just started playing with myself when my sister went in the bathroom to shower. I guess she didn’t know I was home or even in my room because she left the door, which was open half way, open. I didn’t say anything and just lay there could see her clearly watching her get undressed. She was the same age as me and nicely developed with perky 34B tits. As soon as I saw her bare tits I grabbed my half hard cock and immediately started stroking away. As I started to get close to cumming I closed my eyes and tilted my head back for a minute or so and then as I started to cum I opened my eyes and looked towards the bathroom and to my surprise my step-sister was standing there peaking through the 1/2 closed doorway to the bathroom with her fingers of her one hand obviously in her pussy watching me as I came all over myself. As our eyes met she gasped and then slammed the bathroom door shut and I just continued to keep stroking my cock like crazy. I never thought I’d stop cumming. At that age your reservoirs are full of cum but I swear I must have pumped out twice as much as I had ever cum before.For days we never canlı kaçak iddaa mentioned what happened and in fact we barely spoke to each other. About a month later we finally got a chance to talk to each other. We went into her room and sat down and had a “brother sister chat face to face”. At first it was awkward but we finally managed to face each other and somewhat awkwardly talk about it. She told me when she was about to turn on the water to the shower she hear some grunting noises coming from my room so she turned and saw my door opened and looked in. When she saw me lying there jerking off she admitted she had seen me through her own door once and had masturbated while I was showering. So when she saw me jerking off her pussy juices immediately began to flow so she couldn’t help but watch me and rub her clit. But she didn’t think I would suddenly look up at her and it scared her to get caught and she was so quickly embarrassed that she slammed the door shut and ran. But she also admitted that she retreated to her bedroom and lay down on her own bed and after a few moments began to masturbate herself. She said it didn’t take too long before she had her own orgasm while thinking about how much cum she saw coming out of my cock and how red my cock looked. So we assured each other that we both enjoyed seeing each other’s bodies and masturbating.All the time that she was telling me this my cock was stirring in my shorts. I was wearing a pair of gym shorts but was also “commando”, something I always did around the house. Needless to say my cock was beginning to edge its way out of my shorts. I leaned back in my chair just enough so my sister could maybe catch a glimpse of its head sticking out. She was sitting across from me, also wearing shorts and with a halter top on and her tits bulging out nicely on the sides. To see if see could see my cock I faked a “I’m tired” stretch backwards so I could kind canlı kaçak bahis of push my cock out a little more, which it did, and sure enough her eyes went right down to it and widened. Then she looked back up to me with a little grin and did a little stretch of her own with just one hand behind her back as her other hand “accidentally” unhooked her halter top string and one side of her top dropped down exposing one of her tits. With a little “oops” and a smile her finger slip into her mouth wetting it then slipped over her exposed nipple making it stand up. Well, that sure was enough for my cock to wake up completely. It didn’t need my hand to come out of my shorts on its own. Before I had a chance to pull it out of my shorts it was standing straight out and rock hard. I started to move my chair closer to my sister but she used her foot to push me back and told me to stay back and just watch from a distance like before. Before I moved back I told her I had one thing to do first and reached out and grabbed her shorts by the waistband and pulled them right off of her. She didn’t resist at all; in fact she even lifted her butt up to help. As I went sit back down she told me that fair is fair and grabbed my shorts and did the same to me.Now sitting face to face I pulled my shirt off and told her she might as well take the rest of the halter top off, which she did, slowly, just to tease me. Sitting there, both naked, me with a hard on and her with her nipples both standing up, we looked like the perfect couple. Only thing was we were two 18 year olds sitting in our parent’s house playing adult games. If our parents came home we’d be shits creek. But we didn’t give a damn. Right now all we wanted to do was satisfy out needs and urges. And right now my urge was between my legs and it was throbbing. I looked over at her and she kept looking at my eyes and then down at my hands and cock to see what they were doing. bahis siteleri canlı If my hands were busy she wouldn’t leave their movements. So I started to move my balls around playing with them and pulling them up and over my shaft. Then I took my other hand and stretched my cock to its fullest length. I pulled my balls down towards my ass and my cock towards my chest and this seemed to excite her even more. I could see her fingers playing at her pussy opening. As my cock got to its full length and hardness I was able to bend it down towards my ass and push it to the opening of my ass. I couldn’t get it to go in but rubbing it all around the area got her going even more. Her fingers dove deep into her pussy and then brought that pussy juice straight to her waiting drooling mouth several times while her other hand was constantly playing with her tits and nipples. I could see from her motions that she was dripping wet and had mini orgasms several times. I was about to cum and I wanted to make sure that she was watching when I did. To do that I adjusted my position in the chair and put both of my feet on the corners of the chair. The chair was kind of small so that really made things tight for me but also put her focus centered on my crotch which was about 3” from my face. So I began to stoke as hard as I could. At that moment my cock was not only the hardest and longest it ever was but it was also the closest its ever been to my own face when I came. I could feel the load building up in me and I knew it was going to be big. I looked over at her and her eyes were fixed right on my cock and at that moment the first load spewed at and hit me right in the forehead. I kept stroking and it kept spewing. At first I started to count but after 7 or 8 spews of cum I stopped counting and gave up. I just kept cumming. So I just kept stroking until I went limp. I looked over at her and she was thrashing away like she was being tortured to death but enjoying every moment of it.Since then we have shared several moments where we have watched each other. Whether we are at home, at the beach, in the movies, we don’t care, we just love to masturbate. You would think we were both born of the same blood.

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