Long Fiction


Long FictionI glanced at my boyfriend nervously. He’d been very quiet for the past half hour, just sitting and staring out the window, like he was waiting for something. It was making me really jumpy. Usually when he was really quiet that meant he was either upset or thinking very seriously about something—both very, very bad things, in my opinion. Cautiously, I sat down by his knees and nudged him gently with my head. “Hey.”He looked down, startled, and the look on his face told me he wasn’t upset. “You look like a teenage girl waiting for her first date to show up.” I teased quietly, resting my head against his thigh. “Do you want to talk or something, or do you want me to start setting dinner out?”My boyfriend stared at me for a minute, uncomprehending. “You… wait, you made dinner? I mean, I didn’t hear you moving in there, I…” He groaned and rubbed his face, reaching down to scratch my scalp. I purred happily. “Dinner sounds wonderful, lovely. Thanks.” He shook his head hard and stood, offering me a hand in a gentlemanly way.I took it, keeping a hold on him to tug him towards the kitchen. “What were you thinking so hard about, anyway? I thought we agreed not to let work follow us home unless it was an emergency. Or were you really waiting for your date?” I squeaked as he smacked me very lightly upside the head. “Ow. That was a legitimate question.”He shook his head at me in consternation. “No, no it was not. If I had a date, you’d know about it since you’d be the one I was taking. I just… had an idea. That’s all.” Midway through setting the plates and glasses out, I paused, nervous again. “Just working out the details until…”“Until the sun sets.” I finished, warily backing towards the fridge with the cups in my hands. Part of our contract was that if it was nighttime, unless otherwise stated beforehand during the day, I was his, in all senses of the word. ”Should I be worried?” Not quite daring to take my eyes off of him, I started digging though the fridge for drinks. “The usual, right?”“You are so troublesome sometimes.” He hummed, settling down at the table and drawing lines across it with his fingers. “I know what your limits are, you can just relax. I know that you have serious trust issues, but come on—I’m your dom. You sort of have to trust me.” His eyes flicked up to mine and narrowed, sending shivers down my spine. “But, you might not want to eat a lot. I know you don’t like fucking on a full stomach.”“Trusting you wasn’t in the contract!” I denied loudly, and he laughed. I had to smile when he got excited about the lasagna I’d made from my mother’s recipe. Though the sun set during the meal, everything was quite peaceful between us. He didn’t mention anything about the scene he was planning during the meal. Afterwards, I started picking up the dishes from both of our places and brought them to the sink. “Do you want me to wash these?” I asked, glancing back at him.When I looked back at him, I froze. As soon as I’d turned by back on him, he’d become the Dom. His eyes were dark and predatory behind his glasses, and his body was relaxed in a way that I thought only jungle cats could pull off—completely loose, and yet ready to dash after prey the very next second. “You know what? I actually do. But, don’t start just yet, I want to get you outfitted. Come, slut.” I dropped to my knees and my eyes went to his heels, my head bent submissively as I crawled after him to the bedroom. Once there, he pulled out the “toy box” from under the bed and started going through it rapidly. “You know, you totally ruined my plans for tonight.” I flinched and hunkered down to the ground. I was a sub because I loved to please—making my Master irritated before we even started the scene was not a good sign. “I was planning a banquet, actually. I wanted to see how much fruit I could fit inside you without you cumming or starting to scream. It would have been so pretty… My little sub all dripping with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, gagged and bound in a little ball, all her slutty little holes exposed… Ah, but I guess that will have to wait. Let’s see… Hm. Ah, here we go…” The sudden fierce lust in his voice made me hunker down further, shutting my eyes and staying quiet, as though I would escape notice if I made myself as small as possible. Not likely.I heard his rifling stop and he sighed in irritation. “Clothes off, slut… Really, I shouldn’t have to tell you this by now.” I squeaked and started ripping at my clothing, wriggling out of my button up and slacks in a few seconds, leaving my panties and bra buried in the pile. “Fold them, idiot, don’t just leave them there… I swear, you’re so s**tterbrained…” I scrambled over to the pile and shook them out quickly, folding my shirt and pants neatly and not knowing what else to do, set my underwear neatly on top. I crawled back to where I was, head down and cringing a little. “Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you….” He growled, the annoyance building in his tone. “Up on your knees, head raised, legs spread, muğla escort arms in front of you. Make sure it’s comfortable, you won’t be getting out of that any time soon.” I got into position quickly, toes pointed and back slightly arched. “Hm. Better.” He grunted.I blinked rapidly as I felt him strap a spreader bar to my ankles, followed by my wrists being cuffed together with leather. I squeak when he snaps clamps onto my nipples, and lets out a low whine as he clips a line of them down from my breasts to my hip bones, making my abdomen sting. I try very hard not to struggle as he pushes in a gag—my favorite, the one shaped like a very thick, short cock—and he nods in satisfaction as I whimper. He digs through the box again for a minute, before pulling out a huge vibrator, one of the bigger ones that I am able to take. “Hold still,” He warns, before quickly slathering it in lube and shoving me. I grunt as my back hits the ground, and his slick fingers grab my leg to keep me in place as he shoves it inside with determination. “Would you relax, almost done…” He scolded, before grabbing our seldom-used chastity device, giving the toy one last shove and clicking it on high before forcing the cold metal shorts onto me. “Alright. That’s it. You’ve got two minutes to adjust to that before you get to the dishes, starting—now.” Then he sat on the bed and watched me.After a minute or so, he urged me to my feet. “Come on, you useless little slut. Chores time.” I wobbled after him glumly, going back to the sink, taking three tries before I manage to get back on my feet. I’d slipped the first two times, smacking my head on the kitchen tiles, but my Master hadn’t moved from the table. “Go on, wash. You ruined my plans, slut. Of course tonight would be the night you decide to cook a fancy meal.” He mutters in disgust. I shut my eyes to keep myself together and start washing. I had just wanted to do something nice for him, he’d had such a crappy day… It was difficult because the toy was distracting buzzing away in my pussy and my hands shook in the leather cuffs, my legs were spread uncomfortably wide and I nearly slipped and fell several times when I shifted trying to make myself more comfortable. When all the dishes were clean and in the drying rack, I fell to my knees gratefully and crawled to my Dom, nuzzling at his feet and ankles. “Done? Hmm. That was a bit too quick. I still have to punish you for fucking up my plans for the night. Alright, slut, come on.” He sighed and headed for the bathroom, me stumbling after on my knees and bound hands.He gestured for me to get up on the bed, and I cried out through my gag when I tried to and fell off. “Oh come on, you aren’t that short…” He insisted, glaring as I tried a few more times and slipped back each time. The bed was just too far off the ground… I settled on my ass and knees, wincing as the vibrator pushed almost painfully against my cervix, looking up and whimpering. I cringed away when he glared at me, and yelped as I was picked up by the back of the chastity device and thrown on the bed. “Alright, hands and knees. Can you at least do that by yourself?” He snapped. Carefully I positioned myself with my knees on the edge of the bed as he liked, my ass up in the air while my head and shoulders were down on the bed. After a second, he pressed a bell-ball into my hand, almost like an apology. This made me even more nervous than before.“Alright, slut, here’s how it’s going to go. I’m going to spank you fifteen times. You make a sound, and I’ll punish you afterwards. I’m not going to stop except to ask if it has been fifteen yet. You nod or shake your head, if you’re wrong, we start again. Do you understand?” I nodded, my cheek resting firmly on the comforter. “Alright. Don’t move, no sound, and keep an ear out.” I held my breath. The first strike was a shock, and if I hadn’t been holding my breath, I would have cried out. He was quick and methodical, slapping my ass on the left, then the right, then the left again. Within a few strokes my mind was on the fritz, and not in the good way. An extra hard slap was administered and I let out a choked scream. “You’re being especially irritating tonight, pet…” My dom growled fiercely, and I cried and tried to pull away as he dug his nails into my ass. “Has it been fifteen yet, girl?” Almost tentatively, I shook my head. He seemed to be in a horrible mood despite of my culinary efforts, and as his sub I guess it was my job to take it… “Alright then, when I say the number we were on, you nod, okay? One… two…” I tensed and listened hard, raising my head a little. I had no idea what number we were on… nine, maybe…? “Seven… eight… nine… You fail, slut. The answer was eight.” He sighed and his hand left my hip. “Ugh… I really don’t have the energy for this. Disciplining a disobedient slut is not really what I want to do right now, though there’s no doubt you deserve it.” He took off the spreader bar and rolled me over to tug off all the clips, me squeaking with escort muğla each removal. Unlocking the chastity belt and yanking out the buzzing toy, he tossed the vibrator onto the dressed and made a shooing motion. “I do realize though that using you would please you too much, so go take a shower. Keep everything else on.” On shaky legs I put down the bell-ball carefully, stumbling off of the bed and hobbled toward the bathroom. “No getting off!” He yelled after me, and I groaned softly.When I got back, curls wet and stomach still red from the clamps, I found him settled against the headboard, stroking himself slowly. After debating to myself for a moment—he hadn’t seen me come in—I got back on the bed and reached for his cock with my bound hands. When I touched him, his eyes snapped open and he yanked on my wrists, making me sprawl onto my belly. “Did I say you could do that? Impertinent slut.” He didn’t seem as angry as before, but he still wasn’t happy, either. I nuzzled at his thigh and whined. “Not like you could give a blowjob with that other cock in your mouth anyway.” He grumbled. “Alright, ass up, girl. The faster this is over the faster we can sleep. I want this day to be over.” I shut my eyes, getting into position and blinking back tears. I was failing…Taking a minute to take off my gag, he gave my ass a stinging slap and my entire body jumped. “You’re so fucking hopeless sometimes…” He sighed angrily and I grunted when my Dom entered me, most of the lube being washed away in the shower and my pussy feeling sore and abused from the huge toy. “You’re so loose, slut… Can’t you tighten up or something? I’m pretty sure no one could get off from this…” I winced at the prominent boredom in his tone.I sniffled and buried my face in the pillow, not wanting him to see me cry or how much his words hurt me. “I’m sorry, Master,” I rasped out, making an effort to clench my inner muscles and keep them there. “This slut apologizes. She wants to be tighter, she does, but it…” I tensed my shoulders and I felt him slow the pumping of his hips and I cringed in preparation of his displeasure. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I don’t know what’s wrong or what happened or what’s pissing you off so much beside me, but… I’m really, really sorry.” I could feel the tears coming faster and I clenched my fists into the blanket, trying not to sob as he stopped completely. “I’ll get better, I swear…” I whispered.Very gently, he pulled out of me and wrapped his arms around me, sitting me in his lap, my back still toward him. “Okay, calm down, hey… let’s try something different, alright?” I flinched as he tried to turn me around. “Rosewhip.” I gasped, and he froze. Rosewhip was this week’s safeword to stop completely. “Can I… I’m sorry, I’m just all stretched out because of the toy, please, can’t I just blow you? I mean… that would be easier, you’d get off–”“You wouldn’t, though.” He interrupted pointedly, his hands still settled on my waist. I blinked rapidly to get rid of the tears brimming in my eyes as he quickly removed my wrist cuffs.I shifted uncomfortably, trying desperately to blink away my tears and make my voice level. I hoped my shaking voice could be blamed on the bondage and fucking. “Yeah, not really… Um, not really all that into it right now. Great scene, really, but I just… Sorry. It would just be easier, I mean, it’s like what, eleven o’ clock and we both need to sleep, right? We both have work tomorrow, so…” I trailed off, not knowing what to say. I heard him sigh right next to my ear, and I tensed my body, moving to get my legs beneath me so I could get up. “I think I may be PMSing, actually,” I gasped in a high voice.Very carefully, he began to extract himself from me. “I’m sorry,” I tried again, cursing my cracking vocals and staring at the comforter through blurry vision. A moment later, though, he was back again, with a fluffy blanket that he wrapped around me and held my shoulders gently, respecting my physical boundaries. “Um, did you still want…” I asked in a wavering voice.“You know seeing a girl cry is the biggest turn off I have,” He said matter-of-factly, and I tried to crawl away. I’d rather sleep on the couch then face the fact that when he needed a sub most, I’d failed him miserably. He immediately caught me by my hips and pulled me back, and I buried my face in a pillow that I managed to snag. “I’m… I was really rough with you tonight, and—I didn’t mean to. I know you hate that, and I wanted to say that I was never upset with you.” He said softly, and I waved at him slightly, trying to get him to drop it.“PMSing. Not your fault.” I insisted, my voice muffled because of the pillow. “I wish I could be of more help, but I’ve just been really clumsy in general today, and… Gah. Sorry.”“Stop fucking apologizing,” He said sharply, and my shoulders came up. “That! Why do you keep doing that?! I’ve never hurt you seriously, have I? I’ve never hit you, as you asked. What they hell is your problem? Contrary to popular belief, a relationship muğla escort bayan like this takes some serious trust. We’ve been doing this for months. Why do you flinch every time I come close?!” He was angry. Like, really angry. He was usually so mellow…“Why are we having this conversation? I’m PMSing, this isn’t going to end well,” I said mournfully, still buried in the pillow. I felt his hands form fists on my hips and tried to keep from cringing, but I’m not so sure how well it worked. “I’m sorry.” I repeated, moving to hug the pillow to my chest and taking a deep breath through my closing throat. “I’m just PMSing really fucking bad right now, and I know you hate it when girls cry, and I’m trying to stop, but it’s not really… working? It just may be for the best if we save this conversation for later.”“No.” My eyes became wide as I was turned around and pushed back, landing on my back with a bounce. He tugged at the pillow in my grasp, and I held on, clinging to it. “Where’s my stubborn little pup, huh?” He whispered, successfully taking the pillow from me and wrapping his arms around me. “You don’t need a fucking pillow; you have me.” I whined and rubbed at my eyes, and he shoved my arm away and kissed me insistently until my arms twined around his neck. “I shouldn’t have been so rough—I didn’t want you to cry. I wanted to push you past your limits and get you in subspace, but… I… fucked up. I won’t do it again, promise.” He whispered against my mouth, and feeling a bit more grounded, I pressed forward for another kiss.“Okay. Sorry I’ve been such a woobie lately. PMSing is a bitch, even more so than me. Uh, can I try to get you off again, please?”He stared at me with something bordering on disbelief. “You… you’re serious. Why? Neither of us are aroused and it’s like eleven at night. I would think you would want to sleep.” I stared at him unblinkingly. “…Well, if you’re sure you want to. I’m going to bring you off too, you know.”I nodded, rubbing the last traces of moisture from my face. “Only if you want to. You’re the dom.” He rolled his eyes and smiled slightly. “I’m just feeling like a really bad sub right now, want to make it up to you. Okay?”“You and your equivalent exchange…” He clicked his tongue, lifting himself up just enough to resettle himself over me, and I moaned as he slid inside me again. “Fuck… okay, fuck that, I lied, the kegals are doing their job…” I laughed hoarsely, pushing myself up to kiss him. “Here, this will…”I gasped as he grabbed my ass and hauled me upright into his lap, and I squirmed and whined as I forced myself to clench hard. He gasped and I saw his eyes go a little wide, and I hugged him tightly and nipped at his ear. “Master, fuck yes! Take me, take your pleasure… ah!” I cried, and he snarled, taking a second to stick his fingers in his mouth and reach down, shoving two into my ass, fucking me from both sides. “Aahh, Master, Master please!!” I moaned, one of my hands buried in his hair, the other scratching at his back.“My girl… mine, mine, MINE.” I heard him hiss, and I arched my back and came as he bit me. I struggled to control my twitching pussy, but it was impossible—but apparently it didn’t matter much. I gave a woozy moan as I felt his cum splatter all over my insides, and my body went limp as he pulled his hand loose from my ass. “Fuck.” He gasped, his voice cracking slightly.“Mmgn. Knew it was a good idea.” I whispered, already half asleep. I groped blindly for the antibacterial we kept on the bedside table, but he got to it before me, and cleaned the sweat and other fluids off us. “I love you, Master.” I sighed, falling back and snuggling down into the bed.“Would you still love me if I get demoted?” I blinked myself awake and looked over at him. This time, he was the one wincing, looking to the side in consternation. “Ugh… I mean, that idiot Carson was spreading rumors at the office again, and… well, if it gets to the boss and he believes it…” I sat up and hugged him tightly.“Always. I told you my limits and what pisses me off. You getting demoted has nothing to do with that—you know I’m not with you for your money or your ambitious nature. To make a relationship work, you’ve got to stay together through hell and high water, and all that. That was what was bothering you? Don’t worry about it.” I kissed him reverently. “Besides, I make just as much as you. If you want me to help financially—““FUCK NO.” I squeaked as he grabbed me around the waist and dragged me up to the head of the bed, holding me in his lap stubbornly. “I have a thing called pride, I don’t know if you’ve heard if it… keeps people from asking directions on road trips and admitting when they’re wrong. The day I let you help support me is the day hell freezes over.” He set his chin on my head thoughtfully. “I’ll move to a smaller apartment or something.”I looked up at him. “You know you look sorta like an emo Doctor Who when you get all thinky like that, right?” He gave me an unimpressed look and I smiled. “You’re going to be so fucking tired tomorrow.” He grumbled at me and grabbed the blanket, tugging it over us and crushing me to his chest until I squeaked and laughed a little.“So will you. Fair’s fair.”“Equivalent exchange, you mean.”“Pfft. Go to sleep.”

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