Lonely Fam!ly Fucks


Lonely Fam!ly FucksLONLEY FAM!LY FUCKSThis is a story about a desperate fam!ly that was all alone. The mother left the father about a year ago, the son was always single and the s!ster had been single for about 4 months and they were having no luck hooking up. They didn’t know why. They were a good looking fam!ly.Stan (the father) had short dark hair; very clean cut. He had broad shoulders. He kind of looked like your typical gag card poster boy for over the hill. You know the ones where there’s a hot guy on the front saying, “you won’t get this anymore now that you’re over the hill.”Kalvin was a freshman in college (the son). He was the pretty boy type. Long blonde hair down over his ears, perfect skin, not too tan, not too pale, thin face, blue eyes, average build.Then, Lily, who was 18 and a senior in high school (the daughter) … Wow. She was thin, DD, long down hair all the way down to her back, 5’6”, 120lbs, perfect ass, baby blue eyes, not a scar, scratch, blemish, mark on her body, she was sexy and she knew it but, since her boyfriend she couldn’t find anybody worthy enough for her perfection.Kalvin was always shy and didn’t know how to talk to girls no matter how much they threw themselves at him and Stan’s wife left him for a d**g dealer with more money.It was a normal Saturday and everybody was home. Dad was off work and the k!ds were off school. Normal breakfast all except Stan just now noticed how perfect his daughter’s ass was. She was wearing the same pjs she always did. T-shirt with no bra and her underwear. She came down for breakfast and bent over the get the cereal out of the bottom cupboard and Stan just found himself stuck staring at her ass. It almost seemed like she did it on purpose she was waving her ass back and forth. Stan tried to snap out of it and he told himself, ‘Come on Stan, I know you’re hard up but, that’s your daughter.’He shook his head and focused on his breakfast. He looked up again and seen her hard nipples from the morning air coming through the kitchen window and blowing on her huge tits and he found himself staring again. He was caught back in his trance.Except this time, he got caught. Lily was staring right back at him and noticed him staring. “Dad.” Lily said. He replied, “Yah honey.””Are you alright?””Yah, I was just thinking.””While you were staring at my tits.” She laughed. “No, it just looked like that.” Stan said with a slight cough looking back at his breakfast a little embarrassed. Stan couldn’t get sex off his mind and he got the idea it’s alright to check out your daughter if you don’t get caught again… right? So, he asked her, “Hey honey, can you get me the sugar right next to the bowls there. I didn’t put enough in my coffee.”She said, “Sure dad.”She bent back over to grab the sugar in the cupboards. Her ass practically in his face. He just admired and actually got a little close and took a whiff of her pussy with his eyes closed. It smelled exquisite. After the whiff he just imagined what it would taste like. He opened his eyes and looked around her.Damn… Caught again.His daughter was looking right at him. She started to giggle in shock, “Damn Dad. Perverted much today. Holy shit.” She handed him the sugar. She laughed a little again saying, “You need to get laid.” He said, “Tell me about it. Where’s your br0ther?” She said in a smart ass tone, “Why you want to stare at his ass too?” She laughed a quick high pitch laugh. Stan just smiled and said, “Are you going to crack jokes all day or are you going to tell me where your br0ther is, smart ass?””Where do you think he is? He’s sleeping like a lazy ass.””Who you calling lazy? It’s 10:30 and you’re just now waking up.””Touché.””Why don’t you go wake your lazy ass br0ther up and tell him to start on his job hunt, since he didn’t do it yesterday?””Ok dad.”She left the kitchen after pouring her cereal and went to run up the stairs.Stan just couldn’t help himself, he peeked around the corner and watched her ass as she ran up the stairs. It was almost like slow motion. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek right cheek. Stan almost popped a boner so he went back in the kitchen.Lily ran into Kevin’s room and opened the door and there was her br0ther sleeping with the covers off and a HUGE erection. He slept naked and he must have thrown the covers off in his sleep because, he was bearing all on his back. She couldn’t help but stare in awe. He must have been 9 inches, at least.There it was laying over his stomach and Lily was actually kind of already horny from her Dad staring her up, even though she hated that fact. That’s how it was. Well there she was just staring at her br0ther’s huge 9” juicy cock laying over his stomach. Her boyfriend was maybe half that size. She never seen one so big before. She wanted nothing more than to just run in and jam it in her mouth and just suck him dry.She got wet thinking about it.She slowly crept in his room. Caressing her breast wanting to touch it so bad but, she was afraid he’d hit her. They’ve gotten into fist fights in the past, so it wouldn’t be uncommon. She had to touch it though. So she crept right next to him and ever so lightly ran her one finger from the base right next to his balls to the tip.He opened his eyes slightly and seen his s!ster standing there. He muttered, “Did you just touch my dick?”She said quickly and definitely guilty, “No.” He fully woke up, “WHOA, WHAT THE FUCK?! I’M NAKED!!! CAN’T YOU KNOCK?!” She played it off and laughed, “Come on, it’s not like nothing bursa escort I’ve never seen before, jerk.” He replied and uncovered himself, sitting on his bed with head down trying to wake up. “Yah, I’m sure you have, slut.” She slapped him in the head and snarled, “Don’t call me a slut, faggot.” She was trying to start a fight with him, hoping he’d fight her naked… And it worked. He stood up while punching her leg, “Bitch.” he said slightly raising voice. “FUCK YOU! ASSHOLE!” she yelled slapping his face.He tackled her and she was getting really hot because his face was buried in her double D’s and his enormous cock was right under her pussy. She was getting really fucking wet and she couldn’t believe herself for getting all hot and bothered by her older br0ther. She actually bit her bottom lip, grabbed the back of his head and acted like she was trying to pull his hair but, really she was digging face right between her tits. He pulled away and got off of her, “Get off me, slut.”She wasn’t going to let him get off that easy. So, she leaned forward as soon as he turned around and gave his ass a huge painful pinch. He turned around with his now half erection and said as he came at her.”This is weird. Can I at least get dressed before I kick your ass?” She giggled out, “No.”As Kevin came at her to shove her on the ground she ducked slightly and opened her mouth and she got a lucky shot. Kevin’s hard cock went right in her mouth and he fell right on top of her jamming his dick down her throat. They were both shocked at first. Kevin immediately got to his hands and knees and before he got up he noticed Lily was sucking and swirling her tongue around. He was frozen he didn’t know what to do. He was slowly taking it out and then he heard her moaning and she was just letting it sit in her mouth and was using her tongue like crazy and licking it all around. He didn’t know what to think.She grabbed his ass and started pushing down on it. He was by this time all the way back to a 9” rock hard boner. Lily wanted this more than anything. She was so fucking horny. She moved her head sideways and pulled it out and said, “Kevin, I know it’s confusing. Just don’t think about it. Just do it.”He just looked at her as she put him back in her mouth and grabbed his ass pushing down and encouraging him to fuck her face. So he did he laid his legs back flat and kept his hands on the ground and starting shaking his hips to fuck her mouth. She was moaning like crazy and grabbing his ass viciously. Kevin started picking up speed fucking faster and faster.Just then they heard, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” It startled them and Kevin got off of his s!ster and their dad was there turning around with his one hand in the air.”DAD!” they both said. Stan turned around with and said with a tremble in his voice, “What the fuck were you guys just doing?””Ummm, ummm, ummm.” was all they could manage to say.”Lily, were you just sucking off your br0ther.” They couldn’t say anything because, they were caught red handed. “Holy shit.” Stan said as he walked downstairs. Lily ran after him and caught him on the stairs, “Daddy.” she said almost whining. “Lily, I can’t believe what I just saw.” She yelled back, “OK, SAYS THE MAN WHO WAS LOOKING ME UP THIS MORNING!!”Stan said in shock, “OK, imagining is one thing, but actually doing it. That’s fucked up.” “Oh, so it’s ok to think about fucking your daughter but actually doing it with your br0ther is something totally different. Is that what I’m hearing?”He just stood there because, he knew he’d been stumped. All he could do is go back down stairs. Lily had to think of something fast while he was still pondering. So, she ran up to her room and ran past Kevin’s room she said quickly to him as he was still naked and now limp standing in his doorway, “Come with me if you want me to finish you off.”He ran right behind her into her room. She hurried into the back end of her closet where she was hiding a dirty French maid costume her boyfriend bought for her on Valentine’s Day.As she was getting it out of the closet Kevin was looking in and asked her, “What are you doing?”She responded, “I’m going to fuck you and Dad.” She said casually.”Wow… Okay… So, when did you became the fam!ly call girl.” She aggressively replied, “Look, I’m a girl and I have needs. I haven’t been fucked in like 5 months and I’m getting tired of playing with myself. We’re in the middle of nowhere and the one hot guy within like 100 miles broke up with me and you and dad are the only other hot guys I’ve ever met because we never leave this god forsaken place.”He looked like he kind of understood and just said, “Oh… Okay.” Lily sighed, “So, do you want in or not.” Kevin hesitated for a few seconds and looked around thinking, “I want it.” She smiled and kissed his cheek, “Thought so.” She hurried up and put on her slutty maid outfit and her shiny white high heels and motioned for her br0ther to follow her downstairs. Right in the middle of the stairs she stopped her br0ther and began whispering to him, “Okay. Here’s how it’s going to go. I go downstairs and seduce him wait until we’re well into it and I’ll give you the signal.””What’s the signal.””I’ll say, ‘yah baby, do you like that tight pussy?’ Then, that’s the ok to come in and join… Okay?””Okay.”She gave him a passionate French kiss and ran down the stairs to the entrance of the kitchen where she seen her father was sitting at the table with his head in his hands. She made a sexy entrance and said bursa escort bayan in a seductive French accent, “Hello, Stan.” Stan looked up and shook his head, “No Lily, this is wrong, please stop.” She ignored and continued with the role play, “What’s wrong Stan, Don’t feel like letting the maid dust you off and who is this Lily? It’s just you and me don’t you remember me? I am Sophi.” He still protested, “Lily you’re my daughter, we can’t do this.” She broke her character and let out a sigh followed by a rant, “Dad, you haven’t been fucked in a year and I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound conceded but, I’m a hot piece of ass, daughter or not. We are 10 miles from the nearest house nobody knows us around here because the only time we leave is for work or school and we’re all single and need sex. Why don’t you just drop your boundaries and just fuck me. I don’t care how you do it, call me whatever you want. If you have to pretend I’m not your daughter, then do that. I don’t care how you do it. Just do it! I saw you staring at my body this morning, don’t you want a closer look, maybe that would help.”She pulled down the built in bra on the maid’s outfit and let her DD breast fall right out of the cup. Stan was not protesting and he was caught back in his trance and she knew it. She said innocently and beggingly, “It’s okay daddy…. Touch ’em… Go ahead daddy, touch ’em, they’re yours.” He looked up at his daughters face and then back to her porn star like rack and slowly reached his hand out grabbing one breast and letting it sit there. She spoke to him like a c***d that just took a feeding bite, “There you go, doesn’t that feel good. Go ahead, feel them, play with them, do whatever you like daddy, I’m your bitch and I like it, it’s okay.”He slowly slipped his fingers around her nipple pinching it as he reached for the other breast and she straddled him in the chair and her mini skirt went up exposing her hairless pussy.Her breast was now in his face and he almost had no choice due to lack of room but, to start using his mouth. He put one nipple in his mouth and started sucking and she arched her back moaning f0rcing him to fill his mouth with her breast. When she straightened her back again. He switched off sucking the other one. Then releasing and flicking her hard nipple with the tip of his tongue and then she grabbed his face and began kissing him as she reached underneath unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his zipper.He began breathing heavily as she reached under her and began stroking his cock through his underwear and motioning like she was riding him, bouncing her juicy tits in his face as he began sticking his tongue out getting them all wet as she stroked harder and faster.Then, she quickly like a flash got down on her knees and pulled out his 7″ erection. Average but, she couldn’t wait to get her br0thers 9” cock deep in her cunt. On her knees she pulled down his jeans and underwear and went straight to licking his cock with no hands. She looked up at her dad as she asked him as his cock just flopped all over her tongue and face as he looked down on her and asked, “Am I a bad girl daddy?” He looked at her as his cock throbbed with that sentence, “Yes sweetie, you’re a very bad girl.””Then slap me with your cock daddy, slap my tongue and face and tell me I’m a bad girl.” Stan grabbed his cock and did just that. She stuck out her tongue and he gave it a few swats and said, “Bad girl, you’re a really bad girl.” He smacked her cheek a few times and said, “Now suck my cock, you bad girl, that’s your punishment, you’re grounded to suck my cock.” She replied, “Ok daddy, whatever you say.” Then, she grabbed the base and began sucking fast. Then, she began sucking harder and stroking the other half. Stan was obviously enjoying it because, he just let out a moan, closed his eyes and tilted his head back and let out a, “Oh, yeah baby. That’s good. That’s really good.” She stopped sucking but kept stroking, “Oh, yeah daddy, you like me sucking your cock.” He looked down and smiled, “Yes baby, I love you sucking my cock.” “My pussy feels even better… Wanna try?”He didn’t even respond. He stood up and practically threw her her stomach bent over the table and said, “Spread your legs sweetheart, and let me in that pussy baby.” She was really turned on and wet by her dad’s sudden aggression. She just submitted and let out a pouty, “Yes daddy, anything for you daddy, please fuck my pussy, please.””No problem sweetie.” He swirled his cock around the inside of her wet lips and then slowly inserted his penis. Immediately she let out a painful but, pleasurable moan as he bottomed out inside her. He asked, “Do you like that baby?” She whined, “Yes daddy.””Yah, you like daddy’s fat cock stretching your pussy.” She moaned, “Ooooooh yes daddy, fuck me with that huge cock. Yah baby, do you like that tight pussy?”That was the signal. Kevin came walking in cock hard and huge as ever. Stan slowed down a little bit, not knowing what to think, but, just as Lily planned he was too in the moment to care and Lily said, “Come on Kevin. Stick that cock in my mouth.”Kevin gladly obliged and he went to the front of the table where his s!ster’s face was just in the right spot and stuck it in her mouth and starting fucking it. Lily, now double stuffed, was in heaven. Dad in her pussy, br0ther in her mouth, she couldn’t help it. She climaxed right away and came all over her dad’s cock. This gave Stan a boost and he heightened her orgasm and started escort bursa railing his daughter which opened up her mouth as wide as it would go to where her moan wasn’t even muffled anymore she was in a full blown body high.”OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH DAAADDYYYYYYYY I’M CUUUMMMMING.” Kevin pulled out to let her finish her orgasm induced sentence. “OOOOHHHHHH YAH DADDY FUCK MY PUUUUSSSYYY!!!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!”Stan grinded his daughter’s pussy one more time and he knew he did good because he felt her pussy pulsating as she went totally limp with her head in her arms and moaning so softly.Then, he took command like a porn director, “Kevin get under your s!ster, it’s time to give her a new experience.”Lily was in such ecstasy she didn’t even protest. Stan was so strong he just picked up his little girl and held her horizontal as Kevin climbed on the table and got underneath her. Then he perfectly set her down on top of his son’s cock and told her to ride him. She wilfully obeyed as she laid on top of him and started pumping his massive rod and began her moaning again. Stan ran and got a step stool and set it up in front of the table as he climbed stepped up on it and asked his daughter, “Can you clean me off baby? When your done make sure you put a lot of spit on it.” Still drained from her massive orgasm she said, “O.K. daddy,” as she opened up and invited him into her mouth as she slowly went up and down on her br0ther dick.After a couple minutes of sucking all her cum off her father’s cock. He stepped down off the stool and went behind Lily and opened up the table drawer where he conveniently had some lube stored from when him and his wife would fuck on the table when the k!ds were at school. He stepped back up on the stool and lubed up his finger and rubbed it around on Lily’s bouncing asshole and she asked, “What are you doing daddy?” He casually responded, “Well baby, I’m going to fuck your ass.” He could tell she got scared because, even though she was still fucking her br0ther her ass tightened up. He reassured her, “Don’t worry baby, daddy’s done this before, just relax. You’ll love it. I promise.”Trusting her father, she relaxed and so did her hole. He gently inserted his finger and it made her start grinding her br0ther’s cock and he loved it because, Kevin let out a pleasurable moan. Then, slowly and gently he started fingering her virgin ass and daddy was right. She did love it because she started working towards her climax again.Just then, Stan said, “Okay honey, you’re going to have to stay still for a second.” She stopped and looked back and encouraged him by saying, “Please daddy, punish my virgin ass, I’ve been so bad.” He didn’t want to be gentle after that and she asked for it. So he rammed his cock straight into her virgin hole and she shrieked in pain and almost cried out, “OWWW DADDY THAT HURTS!” He replied heartlessly, “It’s supposed to. You’re a bad girl, remember. It’s a punishment.””OWWW DADDY!!!! OWW!””Stop crying and just keep fucking your br0ther and you’ll like it. I promise. We’ll make you cum again.” She submitted again, “OK daddy, I’ll obey.” She started bucking with 2 cocks in her. Kevin commented, “Damn s*s, dad’s cock is making you so tight.” “Thanks Kevin… Your cock is so huge. I’m glad it fits my tight pussy.””Fuck me harder s*s, please.””OK” she accepted and started fucking hard. Every time she thrust back, she got a cock deep in her ass and when she came down, her pussy was fully impaled by her br0thers huge cock. Her father was right; this was amazing for her. She kept fucking harder and harder and then, “OOOOHHHHH MY GOD I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! COME ON! GIVE IT TO ME!!!! FUCK MY HOLES!!! YAAAAHHHHH!!! OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOHHH!”Just then as soon as she came her dad stepped off the step stool. Grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the table and Kevin and down on her knees and ordered, “Open up.” She obeyed again and open her mouth still in her orgasm and moaning as her father tilted her head back by her hair and stroked his cock till he shot the biggest load of cum ever in her awaiting mouth as he repeated, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” When he finished he said, “Don’t waste baby. Swallow it.”She topped that. First, she gurgled a little bit and let some run down her chin. Then, swallowed the rest. Just then, Kevin reminded her, “I’m not done yet.” “Do you want to try my ass Kevin.” He got off the table very giddy with a smile, “Do I?!” He bent her over the side of the table and said, “Open up that ass s*s. I’m going in.” She did just that and he pushed straight through the hole and she began moaning again as he fucked her ass like a pussy. All you heard in the room was her moaning and his hips slapping her ass cheeks as he pummelled her with all that giant cock in her tight recently unvirginized hole. He held on to her hair and rode her like a whore horse. She just screamed, “YES, YES, YES, YES FUCK MY ASS KEVIN!!!! FUCK YOUR S!STER’S TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!!! YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!” He pulled out and f0rced her like a rag doll onto his cock by her hair into her mouth and asked very politely, “Suck my cum out s*s, suck it out.” She wanted to and she did. She deep throated all nine inches like a ravenous slut till he came down her throat, seconds after she started. She gagged on it and the leftovers came spewing out of her mouth onto her glistening sweaty breast as she moaned in relief as he pulled out.They all sat around for about five minutes catching their breath and finally Lily announced, “That was fucking awesome.” Stan and Kevin just nodded their head in agreement still breathing heavy and replied, “Yah.”The End

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