Living next door to a new neighbour


Living next door to a new neighbourMy wife Jenny and I recently moved from the South West to the Midlands to a small village. We have been married for just over a 27 years, Jenny is 49 and I am 52. She is quite attractive with a curvy figure but doesn’t tend to show herself off much. She has great tits and legs but likes to keep them well covered!. Over the years we have a good sex life but Jenny has always been a little reserved and generally quite shy in talking about her fantasies and things. I have asked her many times about her exes and past sexual exploits but she doesn’t like to say much and tends to get embarrassed and say she can’t remember, likewise whenever I try to turn the conversation to anything kinky like threesomes as a fantasy she tends to clam up – so all in all not she’s not been particularly sexually adventurous.During the first few days at our new house we had been so busy we hadn’t even seen any of our neighbours, however on the first Saturday morning one of us had to go next door drop off some post that had been sent through the wrong door, I was busy so Jenny offered to go round. After 15mins or so I wondered where she had got to so I looked out of the upstairs window and saw her standing in the doorway talking to a young black guy. He looked in his early twenties and was a tall athletic build – quite a good looking guy actually. I could tell by looking at her she looked quite flustered but seemed to be locked into conversation with him – her eyes never seemed to break from his. When she returned she seemed very happy and almost nervous, like a teenage girl with butterflies!. I asked how she got on and she explained that she had met David who lived with his parents and sister, she said he worked at a local company having just graduated from uni, and that he was 26. I remarked that she had certainly got to know him quickly and she just blushed and left the room saying she had things to do.Anyway I never thought anything more of it until that evening we had sex and I noticed she was soaking wet, without any real foreplay, and as I fucked her she came really hard and loud which was slightly unusual for her.A few days later Jenny was working from home for the day and I was at work as normal. When I returned at 6 pm I noticed she was dressed in a nice low cut short summer dress, I commented on how sexy she looked and she simply said ‘oh well I like to make an effort now and again’. When I went through to the kitchen I noticed two empty coffee cups on the side, I asked if she had guests and she said that she had seen David in the morning and invited him round for a coffee, he has Wednesdays off work so was at a loose end. She mentioned again what a really nice guy he was and also slipped in that he is single. Again that night we had sex and she was soaking wet and very horny.The following morning as I was leaving she told me in passing that she would be home from work early but was going running with David, to stay in shape she has always enjoyed going out running, I’m not sure what it was maybe the way she said but it crossed my mind that there was something more to this than just a going out for a run but I didn’t say anything.So that evening I returned from work and David and her were standing in our kitchen having a drink, they had been for their run and were just chatting, I had only seen him eryaman escort from a distance but now up close he was quite striking in his appearance, he was tall not that broad but very fit looking and extremely black. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and shorts showing off his great youthful physique. Jenny introduced us and we had a quick chat, and with that, he said he had to leave and he left. During dinner, I asked how the run was and she said great, they were going again. She also slipped into the conversation that David had offered to give her a lower back massage, for about 10 years Jenny has been suffering from pain, apparently, David had done sports science at uni. I felt my cock twitch as I imagined this young black guy getting his hands on my wife, even if it was only her lower back. She asked if I was ok with it but not to let the cat out of the bag I agreed with a kind of distant yeah, if it helps but I hope he knows what he’s doing (what he’s doing, he knew exactly what he wants to do and I hope I’m not wrong by the sounds it so does Jenny.) She said they would go for a run together late afternoon Saturday and then he would give her a massage when they got back – she said he had a table set-up and as we had building work planned our house and still had boxes stacked all up and no carpets so she had suggested she should go over to his house, she obviously didn’t want me around but little did she know I would be away on Saturday anyway.The following day at work I had mixed feelings, strange excitement that my wife seemed to have the hot’s for this black guy 23 years her younger, but I also had nerves thinking what is actually going on.I had planned to be away Saturday night with my friends for golfing on excursion Sunday, I hadn’t gotten round to telling Jenny, she wouldn’t have objected but I had just forgotten to say anything. The next day Jenny rang me at work, she said she had been speaking to Lynn, Lynn is my friend Colin’s wife, Lynn had told her I was going to be away at the weekend, she asked was I going to be away? I told her I would be heading off Saturday afternoon and be away overnight for a bit of a golfing first thing Sunday but I apologized for forgetting to tell her, she was fine with it and said she would be keeping herself busy. Saturday slowly came and round and now I had a dilemma, this was the day of Jenny getting her massage, the thought of it hadn’t been out of my mind, the excitement of what she would be getting up to was too much for me, I devised a plan and I made my excuses to my friends that I wouldn’t be going with them. I left the house on Saturday afternoon and told Jenny I was off with my mates as planned, however, instead I drove to work and parked my car and took an unmarked van from the company fleet. After waiting for the longest two hours of my life or I drove back home and parked in a lane near the house I knew this is the way they would go for their run, they wouldn’t see me but I would be close enough to see them, and obviously she wouldn’t recognise the van I was hiding in. After thirty minutes I saw them come round the corner and I ducked out of sight – I noticed immediately that they were appeared very close and were both chatting and laughing. As if they had know each other for years. After 40mins or so they returned in the other direction, so I left the van escort eryaman and walked into a field that is behind our houses and I know I would be able to hide in a small cluster of some trees. I had a great view of the back of our house and more importantly the back of our neighbors, as the houses back onto open fields and a few trees nobody ever bothered to close their curtains.I watched patiently as it started to get dark, I saw our bathroom light go on and the silhouette of Jenny pottering around and go into the shower, then after a while, the lights all went out and she headed round to David’s. After 10mins or so a light came on at the back of the house – result, I thought, I had been praying his bedroom was at the back!My heart was in my mouth but once again luck was on my side, as I’d hoped they didn’t close the curtains and left the light on – I watched clearly as Jenny removed her top down to her bra and laid face down on his massage table – It was then hard to see exactly what was happening and she was partially out of sight but I could see David crouching over her doing his massage – all innocent so far I thought. After another 15 mins of this I was starting to get bored, then I got the shock of my life, I saw Jenny turn over onto her back and lean up towards David who was bending over her – slowly their lips met in a passionate kiss. As the kiss continued his big arms wrapped around her a few minutes later leaning up again she removed her bra, he removed his top and she was rubbing his naked young black chest, next she reached forward and removed his jogging bottoms and boxers in one go – his long heavy cock sprang free and I could see it was rock hard, as was mine by this point. I watched in amazement as she took the end of his cock in her mouth and started to suck him – he threw his head back as she placed her hands on his buttocks to pull him in. After a short while he reached down as I saw her lie back – he removed her knickers and cast them aside – my stomach turned over at the reality of the very shy mother of my c***dren giving herself to this young black stud.So, I was watching from the darkness my wife laid back and spread her legs to offer her married pussy to him. I watched eagerly as he leaned forward and moved his hips towards her pussy, I couldn’t actually see his black cock enter her but It was obvious what was happening, I was also aware that he hadn’t put a condom on – she was on the pill but nevertheless she was letting another guys unprotected cock into her pussy.In my view of the window I could just see his arse raising up and down as he pumped his long cock into my wife. From what I had seen his cock looked to be as longer than mine (9 inches or so) but much thicker, I watched as his pace increased, he was really pounding her now, she must have been going wild.After a few minutes he lifted off her, I saw his cock come into view still rock hard, next she stood up into view and pushed him back onto the table, with one move she climbed onto him and lowered herself onto his cock, now this time I had a fantastic view. She began to ride him, her breasts bouncing in full view of the window as she fucked him like crazy. After a few minutes, I saw her throw her head back, give a few short powerful thrusts then slump forward to kiss him – she had just orgasmed on this young man’s cock.I eryaman escort bayan saw them both stand up and kiss deeply, his cock now hanging limp but it was slick with their juices – when I saw this it dawned on me that another man had just pumped his seed into my wife, my stomach churned again as I watched my wife kiss him passionately – her pussy full of his cum.Next, I saw the bathroom light go on as she obviously went to clean herself, then to my disappointment he closed the curtains. I expected she would head home now so I headed back to my hiding place in the van and moved it to a place where I could see our house, but she wouldn’t see me.It was now getting late. I sat in the van for over an hour and still she hadn’t come out of his house. I wondered whether they were fucking again. Some time after this I must have nodded off, I awoke at 1 am to see lights still on in his house but none at ours. Maybe she had gone in and gone to bed whilst I was asleep. I sat for another half hour then saw his front door light come on, followed by the door opening and her appearing. As she walked out of the door she turned back to him and kissed him deeply – in the full view of the street, I know it was the middle of the night but anybody could be watching. I was amazed by how her inhibitions seemed to have disappeared. As they said their goodbyes she headed back to our house.I did my best to sleep but I had a restless night in the van I awoke early the next morning, I then drove back to work to collect my own car, it was the longest day of my life I headed back home for a time she would have expected me.I arrived home Jenny was pottering about in the kitchen we chatted as normal, she asked about my night, I asked what she had been up to. She told me that she and David had been for their run, then he had given her the lower back massage he had promised. I asked more about this and she just said it was good, really helped her back pain. I joked and said how was it having a young man’s hand on your body and she just laughed it off – but noticeably blushed.That evening we had amazing sex and I noticed she seemed to be extremely horny – in fact, she came really quickly and screamed loudly. Skip forward to the middle of the following week. My head had been spinning all week, what should I do, should I confront her?. However, I had also had a constant hard on every time I flashed back to watching David fuck Jenny and watching them kissing. On Thursday she worked from home. Mid afternoon she sent me a text at work asking how my day was going and telling me she had finished her work so was off out for a run with David. I literally couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the afternoon imagining what they may be up to. When I got home she had showered and changed and was cooking tea. I went upstairs to change and decided to have a quick snoop in the laundry basket. I dug deep down and buried under various other clothes found a pair of sexy lacy red knickers laid at the bottom of the basket – I recognised them as ones I had bought her for valentines day last year, the moment I touched them I could tell they were still warm as I picked them up they were heavy and as I unfolded them the crotch matted and thick of another mans cum I lifted them to my nose and smell of cum was overwhelming. She had been fucked again today and obviously had these knickers on throughout – my cock hardened instantly and I sniffed at her the cum stained knickers again – my god what was happening to my innocent wife but as I was having the best sex we’d had for years why worry and long may it last….

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