Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago

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Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago

In the 90’s I got fed up with Arizona and my X and decided to head to Nevada and work in the gold mines. Central and eastern Nevada had many mines and finding a place to work was relatively easy with the years of experience with the big yellow machines.

I settled in north central Nevada and bought a place outside of town at the end of the pavement bordering BLM land. It was quiet with fenced property that had it’s own well and multiple out buildings, a shop and garage.

I dated multiple ladies in the area and town had 5 whore houses if no “free” pussy was available. I got invited to a friends place for a poker game that turned quite profitable for me at the end of the night I was $500 to the good when I quit and decided to spectate for a while.

My friend also decided to watch for a while and asked if had any knowledge of guns in general and I told him I was a fair hand. He drug out a 9mm Ruger automatic he had bought and couldn’t figure out how to load. His lady friend was standing next to him while I was looking the pistol over and I felt she was watching me more than the gun. I ejected the magazine and slid the action open to see if a round was in the chamber. I heard her take a quick breath in and I looked up to see her staring at me like I was a genius. I slid the magazine back in and chambered a round and set the safety. I handed him the gun and told him not to shoot anyone and he was ready to go. He left the room to put the gun up and his lady, Carmen sat down across from me.

To describe Carmen I think statuesque would be fair. She was probably 10 years older than me with a very pretty face and she filled out her clothes in an awesome fashion. She had on a scoop necked blouse that showed a decent amount of cleavage and an above the knee skirt that showed off her shapely legs. When she sat down I noticed her raise her skirt a couple inches and faced right at me with her legs spread a couple inches showing a good amount of thigh. She was wearing some thigh high stockings with garters extending down to hold them up. We sat and yakked for quite a while and Ed her old man said he was getting back in the card game. I told him I had enough to drink and would pass. I don’t gamble when I have a buzz going and told him I’d just visit with Carmen. I was enjoying the view I had up her skirt and she got up a few times to refresh my drink and the view kept getting better. She would come over with my drink and bend over in front of me and give me a nice view of her breasts down to her nipples which appeared to be quite large and sticking out. She excused herself to use the restroom bahis firmaları and when she came back she hitched her skirt up more, spread her legs and gave me an awesome view of her panties. We sat there and talked for quite some time and all the while opening and closing her legs and rubbing a nipple through her blouse.

I decided to leave and stood up and rearranged my hard on that came from the show Carmen had been giving me. Ed got up from the card table to walk me out and Carmen latched on to my arm rubbing her breast on me and I could feel her nipple sticking out. He asked where I was headed and I told him the Pussy Cat for a beer. He said don’t pay for that pussy and I told him I was dating one of the girls and didn’t pay for it. Carmen gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “she didn’t charge” for her pussy and kissed me on the cheek.

I had arranged to have a vasectomy the following Friday and headed to Reno to get that done. I decided shooting blanks was better than wearing a rain coat for sex and didn’t want to pay anymore child support. The procedure was much faster than I imagined and other than getting a hardon while the nurse shaved my balls, very uneventful. They required a sperm sample 3 times over the next month. The 2nd showed clean and Cheryl my lady from the Pussy Cat let me start having sex with her bare back. More about her later in the story.

I headed into Reno for the 3rd sample and decided to stay over night at a truck stop/hotel east of Sparks that had a primo steak house. As I was driving in it started to snow serious and when I checked in the desk clerk told me I got the last room. As I headed out to the room Carmen came walking through the doors. She grabbed me in a big hug and she rubbed her crotch on me and gave me a big open mouth kiss with lots of tongue. I asked where her old man was and she said she had been shopping in Reno and he was back home. She said she needed to check for a room and I went with her to the front desk knowing they had none. The clerk told her they were full up and she said she didn’t want to drive home in the snow storm. She looked at me and asked if I would have room for her and I said sure…big smile.

We headed across the parking lot and the snow was already 6″ deep. I told Carmen she probably made a good decision on staying over and she said snow or no snow she wasn’t going to pass up a night with me! I just smiled and said she could help gather my last sperm sample.. she looked at me with a surprised expression and asked if it hurt, how long before I had sex, did it feel different and yes she would be glad to help.

We got to the room and it kaçak iddaa had a single queen bed. Carmen exclaimed just right and sat down to disrobe. To better describe Carmen she was 5’6″ tall, really nice legs and bubble butt, 36C tits and shoulder length dark blonde hair. She took her boots off and removed her blouse to reveal a bra that was overfull. She turned around and asked me to unhook her. I unclipped it and let it fall while reaching around and cradling her boobs and rolling her nipples until they stuck out proud. She was sighing and a little moan escaped her. She said she was horny as hell but wanted to take a shower and wash her pussy and butt.

I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and lowered her panties again?? I asked her if this was planned and she said Ed had told her about the vasectomy and the samples I needed to have checked and she had been planning to meet up in Reno. I asked how Ed and her sex life was and she said “non existent” and their relationship had been mostly platonic the last couple years as he is 10 years older than her and couldn’t get it up. I asked what she did for entertainment and she said she was “Bi” and stayed away from guys. She asked how I felt about that and I said she needed to find satisfaction where she could. She smiled and said even the Pussy Cat?? Cheryl I asked ?? and she smiled and nodded her head. They had been friends before I got to town and shared a lot about me during their saphic encounters.

She waltzed into the bathroom and I asked if she needed help washing her back..or front?? She said no, she needed to really clean herself and this time she didn’t want a distraction but I could dry her and apply skin lotion. After 15 minutes of laying on the bed naked and not touching my hard cock she asked me to come dry her off.

What a sight..she was very fair skinned and took a hot shower and she was glowing pink. He areolas were a shade darker and 3 inches across with erect pink nipples. Her pussy hair was a shade darker than her head. It was trimmed to a V and thick but her pussy lips and clit hood were bare, pink and sticking out. She maybe 50+ but she looked 40 and sexy as hell!

I took the towel and started drying each foot working my way up to her waist liberally kissing all the skin I could. When I got to her ass I toweled into her anus and then spread her buns and licked her hole. She squealed and said oooh that feels good. I finished her back and kissed her on her neck and around her ears and she said her snatch was going to be dripping if I kept this up. I turned her around and dried her boobs with liberal massaging of her nipples and dropped to my knees kaçak bahis to attend to her pussy. She was dripping and I blew and licked at her lips and clit hood and she started rocking her hips and holding my head in place. I told her to tell me what she liked and she said if she didn’t like something she would tell me.

My knees were killing me on the tile floor and I stood up and took her to the bed. I had her sit on the edge so she could suck on me and she asked if we could 69 as she was very horny and wanted me to eat her until she orgasm’d at least once..I gave her the sample bottle and told her when I ejaculated aim at that..she said she would get my cum in the bottle. We laid side by side and I commenced to lick and kiss the sweetest pussy ever. Her clit came out from under her hood and grew about half an inch and very red. I licked around it at first and down to her hole which was dripping like a faucet.. I stuck my tongue in and could feel the beginning of her wash board leading to her G spot.

Then the phone rang..I was tempted to ignore it but Carmen said answer was Cheryl and she wanted to know what I was doing?? I said hang on and I handed the phone to Carmen. Carmen started to turn red and I said it’s Cheryl and talk to her while I finish eating you. She took the phone and I got down between her legs and started eating her. I went back to licking around her clit and putting my thumb in her pussy and my finger rubbing her ass. She was squeaking and moaning while talking to Cheryl . When I sucked her love button she started to cum hard..her pussy was leaking on to my finger at her ass hole and I shoved one and then two fingers in…She moaned oh my god and dropped the phone..I could hear Cheryl asking if she was OK? but she just laid there jerking her hips off the bed and saying how good that felt eating her and fingering her pussy and ass!

I picked the phone up and said Cheryl are you still there?? She said yup she had her hand in her pants fingering her own pussy. Carmen spun around and took my cock and the bottle and started sucking me like no other..she could do more with her tongue while deep throating me to my balls and in a couple minutes I let lose with the biggest load of my life! Carmen failed to lift off my cock to aim at the bottle and I figured she swallowed it but after three big shots she lifted off the head of my cock and spit it in the bottle. I thought oh well it was mostly sperm and those little swimmers would all have a smile!!

I got back to talking to Cheryl and she said that’s the first phone sex she had and wished Carmen was there to share it..Carmen could hear and was shaking her head no way!

Let me know what you think? This was my first encounter with a cougar other that H in Nam and maybe I’ll finish that someday??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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