little brother take care for sister


little brother take care for sisterAs they dont have a college at their village my cousin sister came to our town to study . She stayed at our place . This all happened when i was in 12th and my s*s was in b.Sc final year . Talking of her she is thin and her figure is 32-24-30 and older a year or two . We dont talk much as most of the time she used to be on her phone .One weekend my parents decided to go to on tour and as i don’t like going places i stayed back and she also refused as she had a exam on Monday , so they left us and both go . I never had any bad intentions for her .As we were alone we decide that we would sleep in the same room . At around 2 pm i woke up at some noise and found its just a rat and when i was sleeping again my eyes fell on my s*s who was sleeping next to me and had faced towards me . I saw her breast region as she was breathing . I got damn horny by seeing this . I was in a fix as she was my s*s and my conscience was stopping me from doing something wrong .After a crucial fight my horny feelings won and i decided its now or never . I decided to make my move and put my hand on her breasts and pretend to sleep . Seeing bahis şirketleri no reaction from her , i put my hand inside her v-cut tee .Seeing no reaction . I put my lips on her and kissed her , her lips tasted just awesome , this woke her up and she tried to push myself but i was in no mood to stop and continue to do it after few mins to my surprise she stop resisting and started enjoying . Seeing this i kissed her more passionately then move my neck to her neck region and she was so turned on that she bite me on my shoulders . I didn’t cared it and continued kissing her neck .I was so turned that moment that i tore her tee and removed her pants and there she stood nude in front of me , i still masturbate picturing that moment , and removed mine and become nude and i began sucking her boobs and she was moaning hard and was pushing me towards her boobs holding my hairs .After 5 mins of sucking i move towards her vagina kissing all her body on my way to it . I put my tongue in it and began exploring it , after 4-5 mins of sucking an licking she had her 1st orgasm . I cleaned it my tongue , it tasted bit salty though .She then pulled me towards güvenilir bahis her and kissed me and then we were cuddling , kissing . She then asked me to put my thing inside as she cant wait to feel it . Listening that , i without waiting i pushed my erected dick , that was waiting since i tore her tee but was waiting for her approval , into her vagina . Not much of it entered her , i then realised she was virgin . I pushed a bit hard and a 2 inch of my penis was in her . She screamed loudly , and as nobody was home not much of a problem of getting caught , and tears rolled out of her eyes .I consoled her and wipe her tears and put my lips on her and then pushed hard and most of my penis was in . Realizing she lose her virginity she hugged me tight and i got aroused an began fucking her like mad . She hugged me even more tightly this time . I cummed in 5 minutes or less inside her as i could not control myself to put my penis out .I lied beside her and was kissing her and we were cuddling . After 4-5 mins my penis again got erected and i again pushed inside and this time she was enjoying it . This time i fucked her canlı bahis like 15-20 mins pausing in between to kiss her and suck her boobs which between had turned red due to my sucking , as i dont want the fun to end soon . I again cummed inside her and she had cummed 3-4 times in between that . We lied exhausted and sleep hugging each other . We had another session when we woke up .We bathed together that morning and i noticed her vagina had swollen . I asked her if its paining and she replied not much and then she kissed me under the shower .We decided that we will be naked this whole day till my parents arrive . While she was in kitchen making breakfast i went behind her and was cupping her boobs and she kissed me and we just did the foreplay there . I made her sit on the slab and licked her pussy and then fingered her while kissing and fondling her boobs with my right hand .I then carried her to my bedroom and we had another session till afternoon . We then ate the breakfast as lunch and then were cuddling on the sofa . I helped her cook dinner and while having dinner i made her sit on my thigh with she facing towards me and my penis inside her .That night we did not had sex as my parents would have return the next morning and we don’t want to look tired as if something has happened and just sleep naked together. We still fuck when we get the chance and have quickie when parents are around .

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