LipstickI was standing on the table with my only undy worn and being inspected bymy landlady for our night session. The husband was sitting at a king sizedchair infornt of me face to face wearing a red sleeveless chudidar and redlipstick, he was a cd and was a sissy to landlady and she was thecommanding person here. To the right were sitting 3 aunties of middle age– one was wearing a small, thin n tight white blouse with an almostvisible black bra, n a white saree with dark red lipstick with a wickedsmile, may be she knoew what was to happen with me. Next to her seated alady bit fat with sleeveless top and a jeans pand ant last there was a ladywearing a yellow salwar with a low neckline and she was slowly smoking tooand puffing the smoke at my direction. To the left were seated threeslaves who were very hot, one was wearing a pink tight dress which coveredhardly her ass and dick, th eother was wearing a black nighty with whitebra and panty and the last one was wearing a bikini.This was a ceremony where I will be introduced into this family of lust andpleasure. I was commanded by her to take my undy and display my body toher husband who was sitting on that big chair. I was hesitating a bit to doso and she shouted at me- You bitch obey the orders as said, other wise youwill be paraded naked in The entire society and handed over to The brothelowner for a week to be enjoyed by all day n night like a fucking machine.Now take that filthy piece of cloth from your body and show his highnesseverything u have to give us all here. I immediately obeyed and strippedmy undy and as per their orders threw it away at the face of one lastsitting slave.landlady: slave 4 how is his panty smell to u.SLAVe4: It’s enchanting mam.landlady: hmmm now taste it, taste his precum, how is it.slave4: its tasti mam, like a nectar of salt.After the tasting was over The landlady said show ur ass depth to him Iobeyed and pulled my ass cheecks as far as I could to display it. Then Ishowed my Dick and at last I was told to pull my foreskin and show thepennis beads to him. They all seating had cameras and were taking pics andvids of my display I got more errection from this and started dripping dropby drop.Hmmmmm my my u have a nice ass bitch, now get down and pay a visit one byone to all audience. And no noice from ur mouth or else u know what willhappen to ur ass and fuck dear. I obeyed the orders and came down and thefirst madam to right side called me, while I was walking they took video ofmy moving ass – some one said – wow what an ass will make a nice sissy ofher tonight baby.The first lady with white Saree was Nandini aunty, she is a house wife andher husband is a cloth trader, she has a lot of experience in fuck sessionsconducted at her husbands cloth godown. During day time normal businesstakes place at this godown and at night its a place for enjoyment, allwaste clothes are piled in a room and they r giving slippery soft silkyfeeling to roll over them naked and have all kinds of sessions group sex,lesbo, shemales sex, even during diwali selected shemales r brought herefor either group banging or for first time ****s to be done to introducethem into shemales business.Nandini aunty does the forced sex with first time shemales at her godownsometimes her friends together do ****s of new shemales. When I came nearher she touched my wet Dick and rubbed it softly to tease me and slightlybent it down which gave me a big orgasm and I cried in pain and pleasure.aaaooohhh. huh uuhhh huh huh hmmmmm.All people present had big smiles for my teasing and moaning. Nandini- somy bitch ….u r going to become a bitch shemale, am I right? me- Yes mam.Landlady (komal madam)- u fucking ass hole, say it aloud what u r.Nandini- Yes my bitch all should hear what u say. Take this page and readit aloud. me- I am a dirty bitch and make me a whore shemale by fuckingme, I will obey and do what u ask me to do, I will satisfy all ur desiresand if refuse to do so then u all force me do it, I want u to play with mybody, please make me ur bitch slave. Nandini- hmmmmm good, so u will dowhat I will say huh…… whatever I say hmm…… me- Yes madam.Nandini- will u drink something I give u baby hmmm.Ya madam. Landlady- Nandini first let her be introduced in this then wewill have a pissing session for whole night. Nandini – ok let’s give herthe first thing of today. Reshma the second lady- ya ya let’s start,measures her front and back. Nandini- come here u filthy piece of shitfucker. SHe took a hard rubber tube and rubbed it against my balls, wow Iwas in heaven, got more errection full tight, it was a tube with oil feltslippery on my balls. Then the rubbing increased to my Dick, now it malatya escort turnedto more speed, from red tip to back of my balls near my ass hole. I wasdripping badly and wanted to cum, then suddenly Reshma held both hands frombehind and tied them with nylon rope. THe vigourois rubbing of my Dick andballs continued and was moaning and moaning like a wild a****l, as I didnot have sex for a long time may be 8-9 years that too in this way. It waslike great pleasure fast rubbing and few smacks in between. Me- madam Iwant to come please I cannot take it any more, aaahhhh I received a bigblow on my pennis pain and pleasure went in my nerves and I lost all myerrection. Nandini- baby not so fast baby u r not allowed to cum withoutour permission.Reshma is wife of a money lender and knows her skills very well. She is themain power behind sourcing young lads in this line, she gives loans tracksa persons activities and then puts a trap to make prey. The 3 cd (crossdressers or shemales) named mina, mona and tina are victims of Reshma, theyused to do cd activities alone at their rented rooms and the landlady hotall these information and Reshma, Nandini and herself discussed and decidedto black mail them and out high resolution video cam at their rooms whenthey were in office and captured their sessions for 3 months and made HDfilms, called them in a common room hall showed them their activities, theywere shocked, they wanted to leave the house, but Reshma threatened themsaying she would put it in youtube, sell it in market.The landlady said if they did not obey her she would distrot theirreputations in The society amd companies they were working. So the boysagreed, mina, mona n tina were given different times to appear, they didnot know what was to happen. Mina was called at Nandinis husbands godownat night 8 pm.The next version is from the narration of Mina herself…. It was 7.50 pmwhen I reached the given godown address, it was far away from city limits,a single storey building white in color and was covered in a boundrywall. the gate was open and no chowk**ar, and the lights were on in Theoffice to The right corner, the path way had long and thick plants andlight was dim there. My phone rang and it was Nandini- Mina what’s taking uso long to come to office, want to fuck the watchman in The bushes or what,come quickly to The right corner we r waiting u fucking bitch. Me – Yesmadam coming.Nandini- Mina tell me from when u started cd activity? Last month onlymadam. Nandini- Mina come near me only in ur underwear and remove allclothes near the door, don’t say anything and hesitate, this is ur finaltraining for becoming a shemale. I stripped all clothes and from behind Icould see Reshma picking those boys clothes and throwing them pot of thedoor in The bushes. I walked in my undy to Nandini and when I reached nearher she pulled me by holding my hips on her laps as she was seated on acoir matress. SHe was wearing a silk black Saree and a sleeveless blousewith red lipstick and lots of perfume, immediately she removed my undy andthrew it on Reshma’s face saying smell the taste Reshma darling she is ourprey tonight. Reshma smiled and took it on her hand lifted my panty andsmelled it with a deep smell and gasped- wow tasty huh, very tasty smell,then she licked my precum and gasped- hmmmmm yummy taste Nandini, sweet andsalty, we will drink all her nectar tonight. BY this time Nandini wasplaying with me forcibly, I was confused what to do – to surrender ofresist, She was squeezing my ass cheeks vigouroisly and I was gettingharder and harder. THen she told me to turn my front on her lap,and shekissed me, my god I was dripping cum full and I felt my Dick would burst.MIna the first day I saw ur video in pink western dress I wanted to fuck u,**** u, and **** u whole night. today the night has come darling, when uwill be ****d for whole night by me, Reshma and adity.They all laughed and giggled. Then came in aditi wearing a blue Saree andtight blouse with only a strap at the back n without a bra, with her boobsalmost coming out. She touched my Dick and sweezed it, hmmm nice rod bitch,she said. Thanks madam I said. Reshma- what is ur fav dress Mina me- Ilike Saree and sleeveless salwar. Reshma- Mina I brought some thing for u,let’s go to The chamber we will enjoy there. she took a bag, a makeup box,bangles, scent bottles with her. We turned left and within a yardsdistance we reached the big door, I was full naked during we were walking,and Nandini aunty was walking along with me her hands around my shouldersand sometimes kissing my cheeks. HEr Saree was touching my ass and thighsand I was feeling very sexy in this position. The cold breeze escort malatya was touchingmy body and shaking my pubic hairs around my Dick. I was feeling shame towalk naked out doors and excited as Nandini aunty was doing sexy thingswith me. Next we entered the hall from the big door opening, it was fullof dress material. At the left corner was a section full of piled sareeskept helter scelter such that it fills the corner full of sarees from floorto 2 metres high at the walls. The right corner was having chudidars ofsilk, crepe, thin synthetic, satin displayed. Next to this line wereundergarments of latex, silk, satin and nylon. Nandini handed me the bagand said iske andar tere liye kapdey hai, tujhe hum pehenayenge. See what’sinside baby. I opened it and saw a black netted satin panty (myfavourite), a nylon bra of black color and a sleeveless yellow salwar ofvery thin dupatta cloth. THe sandals ware of white color. I was so happyfrom inside but a bit nervous that what will happen for the rest of thenight.Nandini- so I like these dress Mina. Mina- ya madam I like it very much,netted panties r my favourites, and nylon bra was my dream for a long timecouldn’t purchase them personally as they r very expensive. Yellow salwarand white sandals are just perfect madam. Nandini- I have more expensivethings, just make me happy bitch and u will get what u want – drinks,d**gs, dressess, outings, I can take u to gambling dens, good qualitybrothels where u can earn a lot. Come-on now let’s get started, come withme. I was taken into a big bathroom and the shower was started, all threeof.them Nandini, Reshma n aditi entered and started wetting my body, ThenNandini applied soap on my body and made it slippery, then first Nandinistriped naked with her big boobs dangling left and right, with big nipples,and hairy pussy, she started bathing me by running my naked chest with moresoap and water, I was growing hard as a mad b**st. Nandini- ey Mina how rmy nipples, do u like them hmm.Mina- Yes madam, I love ur nipples. Suddenly Mina is slapped on her cheeksand Nandini shouts – u fucking bitch don’t u dare to say us madam we r urmistress from now n u r our slave. Mina- Yes mistress. Then mina seesReshma and aditi entering bathroom, Reshma had a cane in her hand and aditihad nylon ropes in her hands. Mina- mistress what can I do for u andothers so u r happy with me. Nandini- huh we will do everything bitch, ujust obey u sucker bitch. Stand with ur hands above ur shoulders and don’tmove. Saying this she sprayed the high speed water jet on my body and said- see u bitch now u r clean for the ceremony. Omg all body hair gone, Iwas completely hairless except my head all hairs clean, I felt so sexy.aditi- Mina darling now kneel down under the shower with ur head down. Idid as said. aditi- good girl, now raise ur hands up and stay still.Mina’s hands were now tied and she was tied by the ceiling clip hoock andlifted to 1 feet height above the bathroom floor and kept hanging.Nandini started the water key with full force and pointedit on Mina’s Dickand balls, Mina got hard on and wanted to escape started throwing her legsleft and right, twisted to her side to escape the blow of water jettorture. But she could not escape for long, as aditi was ready with Thecane, which came down on minas ass with a sound swishsssss and Mina lostall erection and shouted in shock and pain. The very next moment Nandinisprayed her Dick hard and aditi warned- I bitch take the pain on ur Dick orelse u will not be able to even walk properly we would do such torture tou, u filthy slut bitch. As the torture continued Reshma held minas Dicktightly and Nandini sprayed more and more water inside Minas Dick, thensuddenly the spraying stopped and aditi lashed Mina 5 times hard on her assand Mina couldn’t hold any water in her pennis and all water came out ofDick as if she was pissing. BY the time all water was out Mina lost hererrection again. Nandini- did u enjoy that bitch? Mina- Yes mistress verymuch. Nandini- do u want more slut. Mina- Yes mistress. Nandini- good.THe humming sound of the jet started again but this time it came frombehind Mina. SHE knew now was the time for her ass torture. Within fewseconds she could feel the cold water force into her ass and The pain andpleasure it caused at a time, her legs were shaking with pain and Reshma atthe same time was sucking Minas Dick like a hungry dog. THIS went on fornext half an hour and ended when mina came in full force in Reshma’s mouth.Mina had exhausted her juices in Reshmas mouth and THen she was untied andNandini washed and dried Minas body with a towel. then Mina was taken toThe garden area and seated on a chair and malatya escort bayan her hands were tied at the backand legs to The two front legs of the chair. Nandini aditi and Reshmaclimbed upon the three tables kept around Minas chair and took out theirundies and pissed on Mina from all directions. THE night cold breeze soondried up Minas body full of pee of all aunties and THen she was taken toThe left corner of the room.on the corner Mina was thrown on the floor and she fell on soft clothes andhat hard on again. Nandini- Mina we will **** u now all of us together ifu want to shout or cry u can as this room is noice proof and no one will beable to hear or are anything. Reshma- to become a shemale it is necessarythat u should be ****d by more than 2 persons, so we r converting u from amale to a shemale tonight. Then like wild a****ls Mina was fucked BY threeof these aunties for 2 hours. Mina wore only the top of salwar and The brabottom was naked and **** was started by Nandini, she was very fast andhard and within few minuted Mina came but Nandini tore her salwar while shewas fucking Mina. now Mina knew she couldn’t take any more and trued toescape, but couldn’t as door was locked. Reshma- u slut whore, u will bepaying very badly for this u see cum sucking bitch. THen Reshma pressed abutton on the wall and The seacet door opened and Mina could see threemales standing in sexy thin underwear in The room in semi circle.First men was wearing a yellow underwear it was so thing Mina could see theballs and Dick clearly fwom a distance, the second man wore red colourunderwear, it was completely netted and Mina could see this man had a bigsized Dick and The third man was wearing a black undy which was tight andhardly covered his ass and Dick. Reshma – now Mina u want to run away nago have a run he he he he he, they will not let u run bitch they will ramu, ha ha ha ha ha. But before that its my and aditis turn. comeon guys,hold this slut fucking bitch till we fuck her to no limits then u all takeher to ur limits. Mina could do nothing as two men held her both handstightly and uhet third one took sn injection and out it forcibly on Minasass and pressed the medicine on her body. Mina felt dizzying effect on herand at the same time she did not lose consiousness but felt a kind ofdosing affect which made her feel like she was in heaven, her body did notpain but she felt coldness and lightness in her arms and legs, and she wassmiling at all people. Now she was d**gged and the effect was starting.Mina was taken to The makeup room dressed in a white thin dupatta Sareewith a thin white blouse and a nylon red bra and white sandals, with silverwhite lipstick and a lot of perfume in her ass and Dick. She was made towear red bangles with white bindi. THen she was taken to The **** corneragain and The three men were already lying on the soft n silky clothescorner. aditi came behind Mina and lifted Minas Saree to show all Minaswhite net panties and slowly opened the front portion of Minas panty to lether Dick spring out for Reshma for a ****. MINA was in a high sometimesgiggling, sometimes losing the balance a bit and laughing a lot due to thed**g. Then Reshma came forward took her in arms gave a long mouth to mouthkiss. THEN she smelled Minas armpits and licked them wet, rubbed her tonguefrom Minas thighs to underwear. After this from behind removed Minas pantyand Reshma kissed Minas balls.aditi throwed the panty to those men and said- guys have a smell of thisfresh slut and taste her juice she will at ur service after we finish. Mensmiled and one by one smelled and tasted and were enchanted by Minas beautyand precum taste. Reshma took Minas balls inside her mouth and made themwet. Mina was moaning u*********sly and laughing and her precum wasdripping. Reshma collected the big drops of Minas precum on the tip of herright hand first finger and applied it on her lips to make it moist andremaining precum she put on her tongue and gulped saying – hmmmmm tasty andsalty. Now Mina was full hard and Reshma came between Minas legs towardsher ass and kissed Minas ass opening, due to this kiss Mina hot a verystrong orgasm, was about to fall but aditi and Nandini already held Minafrom both hands. Then aditi n Nandini bent Mina forward so that her ass isexposed and held her in that position for Reshma to suck. Reshma put somehoney and slowly sucked Minas ass and slowly dug deep into the whole, andMina gives 3 orgasms in a dosed condition which makes the men hard on.After the ass licking Minas Saree was lifted to her hips and She was laidstraight on her back, then Nandini and aditi both held each of Minas legsat 90 degrees upwards to show Reshma Mina’s ass hole and hanging Dick withballs. Reshma took a strap on in her right hand and held Minas Dick withleft hand and messaged it fast, when Mina was hard Reshma forcibly insertedthe dildo into Minas ass, she tried to move but aditi and Nandini held hertight.

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