Liberal House

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When I was twenty-one, I stumbled on a party downtown. I had been drinking at a bar with friends and I had missed the last public bus home. This wasn’t the first time this had happened and as usual I had elected to walk home. It was summer, the night air was cool, and the walk helped me sober up. It was a typical Friday night for me. This night; however, would set me up for life financially.

The city was so quiet at two in the morning. I walked along a familiar route, moving from street to street, and entered a really nice residential area. Towering trees lined the streets and the houses were old but very well maintained. It was an influential area of town. Most of the houses were locked into low interest rate mortgages. Being only a hop and skip from the main downtown attractions, people were lined up to move into the homes. I loved the area. It was where I had gone to high school. An ex-girlfriend lived nearby and I knew the streets well.

I was feeling pretty good at the moment. The alcohol in my system was lowering and I smoked a cigarette and strolled down the sidewalk. Life was pretty good and that evening I had met a new girl in the bar. We had flirted enough that I was feeling pretty horny. Sadly she had left with her girlfriends and I was feeling rather put out.

Up ahead I could see several cars parked along the street in front of a lovely home. As I got closer I could hear music playing and spied a few people outside on the lawn smoking. As I walked up a couple of the people called out to me.

“Hey, buddy! Where you headed?” said a rather drunk fellow. He was holding a beer bottle and teetering a little bit.

I stopped and smiled. The other four people turned to see who the man was talking to. Three very attractive women, I would guess their age to be in the low-forties, were drinking wine and smoking those long very thin cigarettes. The other man looked to be in his fifties.

The fellow who had spoken to me was probably in his thirties. He waved me over. With nothing better to do, I shrugged and crossed the lawn to join them.

I took a drag and nodded to the group. The three women were stunning for their age. They looked fit and tone. They wore summer dresses and had lovely long legs. They were all brunettes and I admired their forms.

“Evening folks,” I said.

The drunk fellow smiled and tried to hug me. I stepped back and laughed.

“No thanks, dude. I’m good.”

“Aww,” he slurred. “No one wants me tonight…”

The second fellow snorted. “You’re too drunk, Mike. I warned you.”

The three women exchanged smirks and sipped their wine.

“Drunk? Nah. I’ve only had a few, Brian. I’m good,” he took a slug of beer and belched. I could see the women grimace at him. “I just need some pussy, man!” He grabbed his crotch for emphasis.

I laughed. This guy Mike was pretty fucked up. I turned to the others. “Hi, having a good night?”

The women nodded and sipped their wine. Brian kept an eye on Mike before addressing me. “Yeah, pretty good party. Lots of fun.”

“Mike here looks pretty drunk. He gonna be okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got him.”

Mike tottered a little before righting himself. He squinted up at the house. The front door was wide open and the music I was hearing was coming from inside. It was a trance kind of music. Not what I would expect for a house party. Mike took a step toward the door but Brian moved in front of him. “Fuck off, Brian. I know my wife is in there fucking some dudes. ‘snot fair, fuck. I want some.”

Brian shot me a look before responding to Mike. “Shut up, Mike! Watch what you say!”

The three women exchanged looks and looked me over. They seemed pensive to me and I raised an eyebrow at them. They smirked at me and then started toward the door, tossing their cigarettes away. “Come on, girls,” said the tallest of them. “Time to get this party started.”

Mike was mumbling to Brian and trying to move past him. I was watching the girls saunter up the steps. They were putting a little more sway into their asses than you would expect, and one looked back at me and smiled. Because I was watching them, I stopped watching Mike. I heard him make a noise and then he blurred into motion beside me. I turned to see what he was doing when he tried to punch Brian. He missed and swung completely around and his fist struck the side of my head, just missing my ear.

It was a solid hit. I saw stars, felt myself falling, and I passed out. I was KO-ed by a random punch. The first time I had ever been punched and apparently I was a light weight.

I regained consciousness sometime later. I was lying on my back and raised a hand to the side of my head. I felt an icepack there and looked around. I was lying on a small twin bed in a strange bedroom. The door was open and three people were standing there looking in. It was Brian and two girls my age. They wore thin, white, silk robes which stopped mid-thigh, and clung to their ample breasts leaving nothing to the escort dikmen imagination. They wore bright red lipstick with dark hair pulled back on their heads in stark contrast with their milky white skin. They looked a lot like the girls in the Robert Palmer video ‘Addicted to Love’ that was currently all the rave. It had to be intentional.

Sitting on the bed beside me was a lovely older lady, also wearing a thin, white, silk robe. Her blond hair was tied up on top of her head, with loose strands everywhere. She looked a little Scandinavian to me. Tanned, beautiful, with full lips and bright blue eyes. She had a lovely smell to her. Rich and wholesome. It was tantalising and vaguely familiar.

Brian smiled at me. “Sorry, buddy. Mike hit you good. I think he broke something in his hand. That’s one hard head you have.”

The woman sitting beside me on the bed tutted and pulled my hand away from the icepack. “Just leave it there, honey. There’s a bit of swelling, there’s a dear.”

I blinked at her. She looked to be about forty-five. Her bathrobe was open a little in the front and I could see the healthy swell of her right breast. The left side of her nipple was exposed and I could see a smear of red lipstick on it. I couldn’t stop looking at it and I heard her laugh and then adjust her robe and cover herself up. I looked up at her, ashamed at being caught.

“I’m a doctor, honey. You’ll be fine. Poor Mike has been taken to the ER. He broke his thumb. The idiot. Just lie back.”

I caught a light hint of an accent in her voice. Maybe Swedish. I looked at the door and Brian. He had both his hands around the girls and was clearly holding their bottoms. He nodded at me. “You’re in good hands, my boy. My wife is one of the best.” With that he sauntered away with the girls. They both smiled at me as they walked away.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m okay, I guess. My head hurts a little.”

“I’m Melody, by the way. You’re in my house in a guest room on the main floor.”

I looked around the room. It was tiny like most of the rooms in the houses in the area. It was tastefully decorated with a bird motif. The bed was pushed up into the corner and I could see an armoire and a small dresser. I looked back at Melody. Her robe had opened up again and I admired her fully exposed right breast. It was gorgeous. Then I glanced down and realised the bottom of her robe was barely covering her groin area. Long firm thighs rose up until what I wanted to see was obscured behind the robe. I saw a glint of red lipstick on her inner thigh.

“Hello?” she chuckled. “You must be feeling all right if you are checking me out, young man. What’s your name?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. I’m Steve.” She hadn’t moved to cover herself up this time.

“And where do you live, Steve?”

I told her and she raised an eyebrow.

“A little far away, don’t you think? You were walking home?”

I told her about my night and how I normally walk home after the buses stopped running.

“I see. Well, you should rest a bit longer. I’ll come back and check on you. Do you want me to call you a cab?”

I shook my head and instantly regretted it. Pain stabbed through my head. Melody made a sound and leaned over to adjust my ice pack. The front of her robe slipped completely open and her breasts swung free. Her globes hung from her chest like perfect tear drops. Her areolas were dark pink and puffy. Hard thick nipples jutted out with a little puckered indent in the middle. Both nipple bore traces of red lipstick. They were beautiful.

Melody adjusted the ice pack and leaned back. She noticed her breasts were bare and laughed. “Sorry, Steve. The girls keep popping out.” She didn’t move to cover them and I kept staring at them.

I felt I should say something. “They’re gorgeous…”

She reached up and lifted them and squeezed them. She drew her fingers forward and pinched her nipples. “Thank you. I’ve admired them myself.” She let them go and I watched them jiggle and settle and sway a little.

“You have lipstick on them,” I muttered gazing at the prominent nipples. I had never seen such perfect breast before.

Melody looked down at her breasts and tutted again. “Oh dear. So I do.” She wiped at the lipstick, but it was persistent. Her breasts looked so soft and inviting. I watched her move them about and wipe at the lipstick. They bulged and swayed and I watched her areolas tighten and crinkle around her nipples. “Well, it won’t come off. Nothing to do about it.”

I tried to tear my eyes away, but I couldn’t. I had many lap dances in my life, but they all paled to having Melody sitting next to me rubbing her perfect breasts in my face. I wanted to touch them and I even moved my hand a little and then stopped myself.

Melody was watching me. “You want to touch them, don’t you?” she whispered. Her voice sent a shiver through me. It sounded husky, sensual, inviting.

I felt a stirring escort emek in my pants. Yes, I wanted to touch them. I wanted to squeeze them, play with them, and suck on them. Then I remembered Brian. “Um, your husband is nearby.”

A gentle lilting laugh escaped Melody. “He’s probably balls deep in one of those young girls by now. Go ahead, touch them. Doctor’s orders.” She stuck out her chest a little toward me.

“He’s what?” I said startled.

“He’s fucking them right now, dear.”

“You’re okay with that?” I stammered.

“Dear, those two girls were pleasuring me when you got knocked out. I was so close to coming. But duty first! Go ahead, touch them.”

I lifted a hand and reached out a little stopping short. This had to be some kind of test. She’s tricking me. No one does something like this!

“Touch them!” she ordered. I could see a new look in her eyes. She looked aroused. She licked her full lips and left them parted. I looked at her breasts and gently brushed my hand against the left one. She drew in a sharp breath but made no move to stop me. Emboldened I pressed a little harder and then caressed the outer side. She was so warm and her breast so soft. “Both hands,” she murmured.

I reached up with my other hand and cupped her right breast. She seemed to sigh a little and pressed her chest forward into my hands. I ran my fingers over her breast enjoying the feel, the gentle feel of them. They had weight and I lifted them slightly. I watched her nipples rise up and I ran my thumbs over them. The thick nipples were harder than I thought possible.

“Pinch them,” she hissed.

I looked up at her face, hovering just above me. Her eyes were half-lidded, her eyelashes thick and fluttering. Her breasts were inches from my mouth and hung from her chest. I brought my forefingers and thumbs around and put her nipples between them and gently squeezed them. She made a soft moaning sound which encouraged me. If she didn’t want this, she would have said so by now. I pinched them a little harder and she moaned again.

“Fucking harder. Pinch them!”

Her vulgarity was unexpected and it thrilled me. I decided to throw caution the wind. If she wanted me to pinch them, I would. I clamped down on her nipples, pressing the hard flesh together. She grunted hard. I looked up and saw a broad smile on her face. It was not unlike the look on Marilyn Chambers’ face in porn movies. It was twisted to the side and spoke of pleasure.

I watched in shock as Melody fumbled at the bottom of her robe. She spread her legs and suddenly her pussy was in full view. She wore nothing under the robe. Her pussy was trimmed down to short little blond pubic hairs. She drove her hand between her legs and rubbed her slit. The musk of her pussy filled my nostrils. I could hear how wet she was. She lifted her hand and I saw her clit protruding from its hood. She rubbed it and moaned.

I could feel her nipples growing harder between my fingers, although I didn’t think it possible. Her areolas were crinkled around her nipples. This woman was panting now. I knew my pinching of her nipples turned her on somehow. I knew what to do and I twisted her nipples hard. She cried out and her hand flew over her clit and pussy. I felt a drop of liquid hit my face. I tried to reach it with my tongue but it was too far up my face.

I looked up at Melody. She was staring intently at me with a look of pure animal lust. I had never had a woman look at me that way and I felt pre-cum ooze into my underwear from my rigid cock. Her hand continued to fly across her pussy. I looked at her breasts and worried I was hurting her nipples. I still had them twisted around about ninety degrees. The surrounding flesh of her breasts was puckered deeply.

Melody growled and suddenly she was moving. I blinked and released her nipples. She ripped open her robe and threw a leg over my chest. She straddled me and then started moving her groin up towards my face. “Eat me, you fucker,” she growled. “Eat my fucking cunt!”

I had no choice. She crabbed forward on her knees and then dropped her pussy and full weight onto my mouth. Her taste and aroma filled my senses. The beautiful taste of pussy washed down my mouth and down my throat. Her pussy was drenched and my mouth filled with her nectar. I forced my tongue out and lapped at her pussy and she shuddered. She scrambled for my hands and raised them back to her breasts. I groped for her nipples and twisted them violently around as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure and I felt her pussy contract around my tongue.

I felt a scrape against my nose and opened my eyes to see her rubbing her clit with her fingers. Her hand flew in a blur. I pushed my nose clear of her pussy and breathed in deep. I could see that I had her nipples twisted around more than they probably should. I squeezed them and felt her shudder on my mouth.

I licked her harder, driving my tongue deep into her pussy and lapping at her lips. I twisted escort eryaman her nipples again and she cried out longer and harder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed. “Eat my fucking dirty cunt you fucker. Eat it! Fucking eat me!”

She was bucking on my face. Grinding her pussy hard into my mouth. It hurt but I didn’t care. She was lost in her pleasure. Thank God I could breathe. Her clit was fully exposed. It gleamed white against the bright red of the inside of her pussy. I wanted it and I forced my mouth up and over it, pushing her fingers away. I flicked it with my tongue and then inspired I sucked on it hard. Really hard. Part of me wanted to punish this woman who was physically fucking my face with her groin. She had no regard for me, just her pleasure. So I sucked as hard as I could.

She came in an explosion of sound and liquid. I had heard that some women could squirt. I assumed it was all bullshit and probably just pee. A loss of bladder control or something. Melody squirted onto my chin and throat like someone had turned on a high velocity hose. I felt the force of it. It was like getting hit by a water pistol. It jetted, once, twice and three times. The amount of liquid was startling. My collar and shirt were soaked. I knew one thing. It wasn’t pee. This liquid had squirted out of her vagina.

She was still coming. I lost track of time to be honest. It went on for ever. And she was vocal about it. She was screeching over and over. My face was mashed up against her pussy, her clit still sucked in hard. She was hurting me with her groin. I wasn’t sure but my nose might have been broken with her thrashing. So I bit her clit. Not hard. But not softly either. A nip. But hard enough for her to know I was still there.

She came again. She squirted again. Only twice this time. I was soaked. If someone had emptied a bucket of water on me, I would still be drier. She was still vocal. She was calling me all sorts of vile things. She promised she would do all sorts of nasty things to me, usually involving my ass, my dick and balls. She screamed at one point she was going to cut them off and wear them as a trophy. She even said she wanted to shit down my throat.

That disgusted me enough that I bit her clit harder. I really clamped down on it with my teeth. And I twisted her nipples harder. I think I might have intended to rip them off if I could. It’s hard to say. This woman was seriously grinding my face at this point. I was enthralled she was coming so hard, but fuck I was starting to get truly pissed.

She came again and then slumped forward and struck her head against the wall. Suddenly there were people there. They lifted her off of me and laid her down on the bed. I scooted over to give them room. One of the people was Brian. I was suddenly sure I was about to die but he grinned at me.

“Jesus, son. That was fucking impressive. She’s fucking passed out cold! Look at her!”

I blinked at the people in the room. The two girls Brian had left with were there, buck naked. They had helped Brian-also naked—to lie Melody down. Another man I hadn’t met, was standing naked in the doorway. A woman was behind him looking around his shoulder and jerking the guy’s engorged dick. What the fuck was going on?

One of the Palmer girl was sitting on the bed next to me. She was naked and stunningly gorgeous. Her breasts were massive and I could see her pussy lips spread open and wet. She reached out a hand and wrapped it around my neck. Suddenly she was pulling me forward and kissing me.

My eyes grew round as her tongue dove into my mouth. Then she was licking my face. She grabbed one of my hands and pressed it into her groin. “Fuck me, baby!” she whispered. “You are so fucking hot.”

I tried to look around. Brian was lightly slapping Melody on the face trying to wake her up. The dude in the doorway was watching me and Palmer girl. The other Palmer girl was moving toward me, playing with herself.

The second Palmer girl spoke to Brian. “Move her to her bedroom. Jill and I are going fuck this guy.”

My eyes grew wider. The first Palmer girl, I know knew was Jill, grabbed my hand and forced a finger inside her. I obliged her and drove my finger inside her. Brian lifted his wife in his arms and struggled toward the door.

“John,” he said to the guy in the door. “Go someplace else.”

“What? Why, this is fucking hot. Did you see that guy own your wife? Fuck, man. No one has ever got her off like that. She passed out! Un-fucking-real! I’m close, Brian. Andrea here has got me close!”

“No, fuck off. Let Brian have fun with the girls. He’s earned it. He doesn’t need you jerking off in front of him. Now move, she’s getting heavy.”

I watched them leave. The woman Andrea tugging the other guy away with his cock. I was alone in a room with two stunning girls. They were thin, fit, with at least C cup breasts, they gap between their legs revealed trimmed pussies. They were gorgeous and focused on me.

The bed settled as the second Palmer girl crawled up on the bed. She went immediately to my pants and started unbuckling them. Jill was sucking on my tongue and I was loving it. I didn’t know what was going on but it appeared I was in a house that catered to sex. I was in heaven.

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