Letting Keith Take My Virginity


Letting Keith Take My Virginity
Losing my Virginity

I met Keith when visiting my older sister at college. I had just turned 18 and was still senior in high school. He was a junior in college and in ROTC preparing to be an officer in the Army. I had been going up to visit “my sister” for a little over a month, but really spent most of my time with Keith. I had circled this weekend a while back as it was only a few days before my period so I was in my safe zone. I knew there were risks, but I really did not want my first time to involve a condom.

I got to campus around noon on Saturday and my sister instantly knew something was up from “my glow”. I confided in her what was planned for tonight. “I thought that would have already happened” she said with a grin. I continued to tell her that Keith had planned dinner at a quaint restaurant in downtown Athens and that he rented a room at a nice hotel near the restaurant. She asked if I brought protection and I told her that I was close to my period and wanted to do it au natural. I could see she did not approve but understood.

Later, Meaghan helped me get ready for my big night in her dorm room. Make up, hair, and dressing, she helped along the way. She lent me an the same off white tank top I wore when I met Keith and a short tight leather skirt that said she wore for special occasions. I had some strappy white wedges that matched my top. It was getting close to 7pm, time when I needed to get outside for Keith to pick me up. Meagan, hugged me one last time and slipped me a condom “just in case you change your mind.” She said ”have fun and try to relax and laugh.”

As I walked to the meeting place, I got a lot of good looks from the guys in the lobby and out front of the dorm. Little did they know what was going to happen tonight. I know I was beaming as Keith pulled up in his Ford Ranger truck. I saw Keith’s eyes light up when bahis siteleri canlı he saw me, “Damn, you look fantastic!” Keith said in a very excited tone.

We pulled into the hotel and parked, then walked across the street to the restaurant. Dinner was fun we ordered a ton of food, but neither of us were that hungry. We tried things and both of us were so nervous we were clutzy. He spilled his glass of water and I knocked my salad bowl on the floor when I tripped getting up for a bathroom visit. We paid the bill and then went to check into to the hotel. The attendant asked if we had luggage and we embarrassingly said “no…..” as we looked at each other and smiled. We got our room key and quickly made our way to the elevator with me doing my best to quickly walk in heels (something I was not used to doing). I stumbled over the elevator threshold and we both broke up in laugher when the doors closed. We tried to kiss, but we were giggling too much.

When the elevators doors opened, I took my heels off and I ran barefoot with Keith to the room. We got into the room and Keith pushed me up against the wall kissed me as he started to undress. It was not more than a minute later that we were both naked. We were still giggling as he tried to pick me up, but almost dropped me as he threw me on the bed.

It was a blur as we felt each other up, but my body was incredibly ticklish. Wherever, he touched I giggled. Finally, Keith had a enough and he went down on me. My sexual response finally overrode my nerves as Keith’s mouth worked his magic. I started to moan loudly as my laughter turned to full out sexual desire and arousal. Keith knew I was close to cumming and teased me by licking and sucking everything around my clit except my clit. Finally, I begged, “Please! I need to cum!” Keith had mercy and within minutes I was trusting against his mouth in an amazing orgasm.

I tipobet güvenilir mi caught my breath and Keith laid next to me gently caressing my naked body. I felt his hot rock hard dick pushed against my leg. We both knew what time it was and I whispered with a grin “take me, like you wanted to take me the first night we met.” Keith did not need to be told twice, but he was patient and got on top of me. His dick was pressed between our pelvis’ as we passionately and expectantly kissed. I remember clearly him get getting up on his hands and sliding his hardness to my virgin opening. He rubbed my clit with his cock introducing me to one of many new sensations that I would feel that night. His cock head felt wonderful as he started to enter me. He pushed and boing! His cock slid right out and over my clit! We tried a second and third time, “we giggled as this was not as easy as we thought.” We adjusted position, determined to keep it in the missionary style, and I brought my legs up a bit. Keith looked into my eyes as I positioned his oozing cock at my opening once more. He pushed and met resistance, it felt good but wanted him in me fully. I said, “don’t be so gentle, just push it in” with that he pushed harder and my hymen gave way. I am sure my expression changed, and a small whimper escaped my mouth. Keith stopped and knew it was hurting me. He asked if I was OK. I said yes, just let me relax for a second. As the initial pain subsided, I asked “please slowly fuck me”. I could feel his rock hard cock fully penetrate me as our pelvis’ met. I could tell Keith enjoyed what he was feeling and was so happy he could be the first to enjoy me.

Slowly we picked up the pace. There was soreness as he fucked me but it was combined with the pleasure of being filled. It was only about a minute since he entered me, and he pulled out saying he wanted to hold off. tipobet giriş This gave both of us a chance to catch our breath. I looked up at him and he knew I wanted him to resume. This time entry happened much more naturally as I now started to physically enjoy the sensations of his cock in my vagina, although the soreness was still there. I started to moan as he slowly fucked me with nice long deep strokes. I knew he was getting close and wanted so badly for him to cum in me. I looked right into his eyes seeing him lose control. “Yes, Yes” I moaned letting him know I wanted him to cum. Finally, Keith grunted and drove his cock deep into me and just moved slight back and forth as he shot his cum into me. His body convulsed and I thrusted up trying get every inch of him deep into me.

Keith collapsed on me and we hugged and lightly kissed. “That was fantastic” he said. We rested in each other’s arms with his spent cock inside. After about a few minutes (much longer than we had sex) he gently rolled off of me. I felt a lot of cum ooze out from inside of me. He bent over to examine his work on my pussy, and said “oh fuck, you bled”. I wanted to tell him that it was expected, but did not want to make him feel stupid. I sat up and saw a huge wet spot of our love juices and my blood on the bleach white duvet. We cleaned up and went to sleep; our first time sleeping together.

I woke up at about 4am and noticed him sporting a night-time woody. I startled him when I touched it and he awoke. I whispered “do you want to fuck me again?” I got on my hands and knees so we could try doggie style (Meaghan’s favorite position). Keith was all into that, and this time we fucked he lasted a lot longer. I too, enjoyed it physically a lot more, not to the point of orgasm, but it was very pleasurable having him grab my hips and trust into me. Keith came in me again and we again collapsed and fell asleep until the sunlight woke us up.

Addendum: A day latter when I had expected to get my period it did not show up. I was nervous, even went out and got a pregnancy kit. It was not until Friday of that week I got it. The next time I saw Keith, I was on the pill.

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